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Dream Interpretation: Lion 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Lion? Discover the significance of seeing a Lion in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Lion appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This is a dominant symbol of confidence, pride, and power. It also represents king-like assertiveness and command. This suggests that just like the king of the jungle, you too have complete authority over your life and rule with quiet confidence due to your power and prowess.

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🧭 Direction

Good fortune

Find where your inner king lives and grow this archetype within you. Whether you are a man or woman, this is a symbol of positive pride, confidence, and assertive domination. It's time to take your rightful place in your environment as the ruler of your own life using your strength and capabilities.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of a lion evokes a sense of power, strength, and courage. It symbolizes leadership, dominance, and assertiveness. This dream may also bring about feelings of fear, as the lion represents danger and unpredictability. It signifies a need to confront and overcome challenges in life. The presence of a lion in a dream can also suggest a desire for freedom and independence. Overall, this dream elicits a mix of awe, respect, and apprehension.





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5 May 2024



I was at a Halloween party? Or we were monsters at a reunion or something… I’m not sure. But there were definitely two pregnant women. But the weirdest thing was.. someone was talking about a door.. if you go through it, find riches and be blessed with magic or some shit. But it was protected by a wizard and his lion. I remember trying to tell someone, almost warn someone, that someone else found the door. Then I recognized myself having almost like a vision through this dudes eyes. Opening the door, and finding a small wizard with no face just sharp teeth in a smile. Almost elf like. With a lion the size of a big dog. I saw the lion pounce at me, and then I was back in the party talking to the pregnant girls. The guy I thought was attacked was almost like manic trying to get ready for a drag show but just frantically painting himself blue…. And just got up and walked away. The weirdest part. It was almost like someone was searching for someone who would dream of or see the elf like creature and the lion. I found myself in a room where there was this old lady or man, I’m not sure, but they were talking about seeing them, and who ever was interrogating them hooked their eyelids to, well what I could only recognize as jumper cables. Some how, I think found myself in a crab shack… trying desperately to find a bathroom because I was afraid I was going to let something out of me. Like something was trying to crawl out of me.

29 Mar 2024



Keala and I were having a busy weekend as usual. I remember having to drive his truck and going somewhere but I came back and we got ready and I found us already at my high school I graduated from. There were a pack lions there, and a white male tiger. We started in a field. Like a baseball field I believe, we don’t have a baseball field at that school, it’s somewhere else so that was odd. Then I changed from slippers to shoes and the track meet was about to start. Keala and I were waiting around a bit and we had walked pass the runners as they were stretching on the side. I recognized some of the girls, I had gone to school with them but I wasn’t close friends with them. I remember their faces but can’t seem to remember their names. At one point I was by the two girls and their moms and they finished stretching when I heard my name from one of the girls. I wasn’t sure if they remembered me but was a bit shocked when they did. We exchanged some words, cordially greeting each other and then the announcement went off that the meet was about to start. I found Keala and asked if we could stay, but we both noticed how dark it was getting, the clouds were in circle like rings, kind of like a tornado but not really, it was like rings. There were 3 circle like shapes in the sky. It was about to storm, hard. Keala mentioned that the meet probably would get called off and we began to leave. He reached into this metal like filing cabinet and pulled out empty Pringle like containers, about 3 of them. As he was grabbing those containers one of the moms of the two girls I recognized had asked me if I had the snacks for the runners, and I said no. Keala and I then began to walk back to his truck. We were walking through a bit of grass and a bunch of fine dirt, we were kicking the Pringle’s containers like a soccer ball. I remember making the conscious decision to kick it like how I would with a soccer ball. When we got to the driveway area, I noticed the lions fighting and further out onto the main driveway, I saw a bus full of kids waiting. We were all waiting. Keala somehow found a white tiger stuffed animal and we were in a corner holding our stuff and waiting for the lions to stop. We were in their territory. Around the corner comes a white tiger. The male white tiger sees me with the stuffed animal and tries to take it. Eventually keala and I get it back before alerting the lions.

16 Feb 2024



A dream I’ve had consistently my entire life is that I’m at my childhood home playing outside with my dog and from around the fence comes a squirrel, which my dog starts to chase in circles. And I’m chasing my dog,Then comes a fox, which chases me and my dog and the squirrel, then comes a coyote, then a wolf, then a lion, then an unknown larger creature, each chasing the one before it. This goes on until we reach my front door and I catch my dog and get inside quickly. The next thing is I’m laying in bed about to go to sleep and there is a deep voice that comes from the top of my closet, which is facing me as I lay in bed. I try to ignore it and my mother insists there’s nothing there. Then I wake up strapped to a big metal chair in a mug laboratory type room with lots of switchboard type controls along one wall. There’s equipment hanging from the ceiling above me. The same voice is asking me questions I don’t know the answers to. Then to try and coerce some answers out of me, my family is presented in front of me also strapped to chairs like mine. With equipment above them. I’m told that if I do not answer correctly I will watch a laser and subsequently a drill type thing be driven into each of my family’s heads at the temple for each incorrect response the drill goes further into their heads slowly and agonizingly killing them infront of me. But I do not know the answers to the questions.

23 Jan 2024



My father, who is deceased, gave me two tickets to go see the lion King the play. My sister and I get in the train to go see the play. When I get out of the train, I realize my sister never got in the train with me. I called my sister. She says she is sick , she’s upset that I didn’t realize that she never got on the train with me. I walk around because I have time before the place starts and I go into a bar. I shouldn’t go into the bar because I’m an alcoholic. I sit at the bar and I see people who I used to drink with. I ask a couple of them if they want to come to see the lion King with me the play and they say they can’t. I leave the bar and go to get into a cab. I asked the cab driver to take me to a department store. I used to work at. We drive to the department store but before we go, the cab driver stops at a market to get out and get something to drink. I get out with him. When we go to get back into the cab, I give him my extra ticket to the play. He is very grateful and sings me a song. I get to the department store and I see friends I used to work with. I ask them if they want to come with me and they say they can’t because they’re working. I realize I have two different shoes on now. I leave the department store and I walk outside and I realize I still have three hours before the play starts. I look for my ticket for the play, and I realize I have lost the one ticket. I realize I can’t go home because then my father would realize I didn’t go to the play. In the dream I am frustrated and upset. And then I wake up.

9 Dec 2023



David and Ana are visiting us in Spain. Ana goes shopping for a CPAP. Comes back and I’m trying to help set it up. David is glued to the tv watching some lion show. We go out and David said Spain was different than he expected-poverty. Gretchen wants to go hiking but the ocean is nearby. David wants to go to an ATM but the machine is broken. We say we will meet him back at the house and go swimming in bay by the ocean

10 Nov 2023



So I was in a big house but it was like a game simulation and I came across these lions. It was quite rare to come across lions. They had to to die in the game they had to eat you and we ended up making this like big plan and it turned into like a big game where we're running around the house hiding from each other and they had to eat us but I was super super scared but I knew that it had to happen and then I just hid in the vent of the toilet for a long time and they knew that I was there and they were tormenting me outside the toilet and then I was trying to calm them and stuff. I can't remember how I died but they were like our friends but they had to kill us.

10 Nov 2023



A big lion chained in my backyard. The lion wasn’t mean or aggressive, but was gentle like a pet dog. I realized I didn’t have to be afraid.

30 Oct 2023

Holding hands


It started out as a transportation method Went into a water park Game And then broke out into group and each group had their own mission but it was never specified Travelled on a cruise to an island that had horses monkeys and lions on it and they were scary Everyone held hands and made circle And there was a hill and you didn’t know what was on the other side and so the hill said curiosity killed the cat Eventually we ran over the hill and it ended up being an ocean and it was a safe space we swam the ship and we were all connected and i started talking to the coach about i wanted to be an actor

23 Oct 2023



I was in a house and I was looking out the living room window. It was dark outside, and I saw a huge larger than life lion looking at me through the window. I went into the room next to the living room for safety, but that window was open, and it had a scream. the huge lion came to the window and I stood there, frozen. It took a claw and started cutting the screen with a smirk on its face like it had a human like intimidation intention. I turned around to exit that room, and there were bars like prison bars, stopping me from escaping. OK the context of my real life events was I was in a relationship where I was not fully attracted to the man. He just sent me a nice bouquet of roses for Valentine’s Day. I remember feeling guilty and trapped because I was ambivalent about this relationship. I was emotionally attached to this guy. I knew he liked me more than I loved him. It was that night that I received the roses that I had a dream about this lion.

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