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Dream Interpretation: Lemons 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Lemons? Discover the significance of seeing a Lemons in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Lemons appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This symbol stands for enlightenment and healing. Despite being sour, lemons do hold a positive meaning, as they have been used for medicinal and cleansing purposes throughout our history and even today. This symbol suggests that you will gain wisdom and enlightenment, which may seem negative at first, but this will eventually cleanse your life of impurity and allow you to appreciate the sweetness of the things around you.

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🧭 Direction

Daily events

The color of a lemon is similar to the yellow and gold of the sun, which stands for insights and treasures, suggesting that you must allow your wiser self to shine through. Let the hard times you might face clean your life and help you appreciate the things that you have.

❤️ Feelings

The dream about lemons may evoke feelings of freshness, vitality, and rejuvenation. It symbolizes a burst of energy and a zest for life. The vibrant yellow color of lemons can bring about a sense of happiness and positivity. Additionally, lemons are often associated with cleansing and detoxification, suggesting a desire for purification or a need to let go of negativity. This dream may also represent a need for a fresh start or a reminder to embrace life's sour moments with a positive attitude.





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31 Jan 2024

My crush


me and one of my close friends, mina were in this elevator and we were chilling hanging out yk then my crush, (codename lemon) literally SPAWNED and at first there were two of them one was his codename lemon and he introduced himself as lemon but he didnt really look like louie (his actual name) it was weird. then louie introduced himself as louie and it felt like him, lemon disappeared as mina got off the elevator. i hit a random button and it took us to this place that looked like a hotel lobby. there was a man at the front desk chilling checking people who came and went as we laud on this couch bed type of thing, then over the radio in the lobby summertime sadness started to play and the opening line said "kiss me hard before you go". the man at the desk looked over at me and louie as we were sort of sitting there awkwardly avoiding eye contact, the man told us that it would've been so cute if we kissed/he was half expecting us to. some time went on and as the song ended i laid my head on his shoulder/chest and we just sat there for a while in silence. eventually as the song ended we looked at eachother and quietly louie said "you know, i would've kissed you i was just nervous" and all i remember doing is smiling before i woke up

22 Dec 2023



We got stuck at login on the Tesla app across the street in the ghetto. Me and mom are fighting for our lives in the very animated black neighborhood we were caught up in. I was fleeing from a replay of last night rehearsal for Chello. Someone called me out for being shit and they got reverberated at for being a 7th year senior. I took apart a little dudes doghouse and mad wit a hat. There was also another hat that was huge with disco all lining, mine just said bob. A group meeting was called, the counsellor lady said “where’s Crystal”? The little man pushed me down and I left, but I was too drunk to drive. I had a lightsaber and swereved everywhere until my mom appeared in my car. I went up a ledge and off a sign, she asked me where I was going to stop. The night after I was in a play, but I missed the musical number. The seats were full, but my professor (caryolyn) couldn’t find the sheet music and so everyone left except for my dad who was on his phone? But when I went back up the stairs I got lost underneath a house, some boys said it smelled like farts (like how I embarrassed myself by farting on the stairs in my Bible college dream) but I was crawling under the floorboards under the stage. And I reached these cars and I climbed through the windows with vr precision. And I missed the whole show somehow. Dev lemons and nick is not green came out to show their ping pong video for queef jerky. Nobody really enjoyed it, it’s like we were held captive. I left the show with the three guys who were like bruh. We went into a comedy club and say tiff leaving, I had Godbear with me and I gave her a hug. The night before I had been with Jamie and Reed, I gave him a blanket and we had a good family time.

4 Dec 2023

Back to school


I was being driven somewhere by a friend and I was feeling stressed because I had to get back to school for my mum to pick me up. We ended up stopping at a small isolated town called Renegade. It was stunningly beautiful with gorgeous houses, wisteria flowers and canals. The whole town seemed to be inside a larger building. As I walked back towards the entrance I looked across the water and saw there was an inaccessible part of town called Old Town that was full of dilapidated buildings. I continued towards the front of town/entrance and was met with a market of sort. They had many things for sale from clothes to trinkets to art, all styled after the culture of the town, but I had no money so I continued. I saw my reflection in a mirror and was shocked that I seemed older and slimmer. I continued to the very start if the town and came across a Cafe that was selling some kind of lemon drink a cowboy really wanted. I woke up just after the jar holding the lemon drink exploded.

21 Nov 2023



My dream was rather long this time. In my dream it started out very bright. Like a hot sunny day. But in real life it's getting colder on my part of the world. So in my dream I was in a movie set for Camp Rock. The Jonas Brothers were there. And somehow I was the one who wrote the Camp Rock Reunion movie. In real life there's not a 3rd movie to Camp Rock. Or at least to my knowledge. So in my dream I also got to be an actress in the movie. The whole scene was shot during the day with cabins everywhere and green grass everywhere too. The lake was a beautiful blue color. The sky was a beautiful blue color too. With white fluffy clouds and the sun shining. At first I was the only one on the scene walking around getting to know the place and my surroundings. Then everyone started running onto the scene yelling happily. In real life I have a hearing problem. So in my dream I couldn't understand what everyone was saying. So, anyway everyone started singing but me. Because in real life I can't sing. And in my dream everyone was dancing too. But me. Because in real life I can't dance. So in my dream the scene ended and my dream became night time I was back stage and there was a table with food it was a long table with a white tablecloth on it. It was in the middle of the room. And over to right side of the room was another long table with another white tablecloth and on the table was beverages with a punch bowl and it had vanilla ice cream floating in it. The punch was a pink rosy color. And there was a an ice tea jar filled with ice tea that had lemons floating in it. There was yellow and even pink lemonade with strawberries floating in them. For the food there was pancakes and waffles and eggs bacon and sausage. There was toast. There was fruit and yogurt. There was vegetables and ranch dip. There was meat, cheese and crackers. The beverages table had orange juice and milk for everyone else and almond milk for me. A vegan diet area for me. There was coffee as well with coffee creamer and sugar. There was soda. There was water with lemons, limes, oranges, cucumbers, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and strawberries floating in it. The room was a dining hall and the walls were white and so was the floor. There was tables and chairs and couches and a TV and people were doing all kinds of different things. Somehow I fell asleep in several different areas. At first on my old trampoline I had in real life at my childhood home in the backyard on the outdoor basketball court. I remember everything was the same as it was before my mom Gail sold the house when I was 21. The swimming pool was still there with the deck my dad and I built when I was 10. The covered patio was there with the picnic table. The little deck off to the side of the big deck was there with the apple tree and then next to that was the flower garden my mom and I built when I was 10. With the gazebo my mom built. And off to the side of that was my old red playhouse and the old black swing set I had. With the tall bushes as well. The plum tree was back and so was my old jungle gym. Then the scene went back to me on the trampoline in a blue sleeping bag. There was a couple of guys talking to me who looked like actors. But young teenagers though. Cute but way too young for me. Because I am 44 -years- old. So apparently the boys liked me but I told them to leave me alone. They said that I am a Jerk. I said I don't care. I'm old enough to be your mom. They backed off after that. I even remember being inside my old childhood home at one point. Everything inside was the same too. Anyway, to the next scene it was night again. And I was asleep inside of my old childhood home down stairs at the end of the house. And I remember before I decided to go to bed I was yelling and cussing at everyone on the set for some reason I was mad at everyone. Everyone tried to reason with me. But I wouldn't listen to them. In real life I have Bipolar and Manic Depression. So in my dream I was also a Witch like I am in real life. I had magical powers in my dream that were very movie like. I could see floating colors and floating shapes in the air and in the sky. I could only see dark when I saw these things. The colors were red, blue, green and, yellow. A wolf shape would appear to me a lot glowing in a beautiful baby blue color most of the time. And sometimes it would be changing colors. I saw an owl glowing shape changing colors too. I could levitate in the air too. I can't do those things in real life that I know of. Even though my fiance Andrew told me in real life he has seen me do those things. He said he can in real life too. In real life he is a Warlock. We are Wiccans. So anyway, back to my dream I went to bed in my dream on a bed then on a couch and I was not really asleep. I was pretending to be asleep. Because I didn't want to do anything or be around anyone else. I then purposely fell off of the couch and layed on the floor and then I rolled over for everyone to see me in my thong panties. And everyone was mad at me for being inappropriate on the movie set. But I didn't care. I was sick and tired of everyone changing the way I wrote the movie. They were having me kiss everyone in the movie. And I didn't like that. So eventually I got up and I went to a place outside and by that point it was day time again but the day was a cross between sunny and very dark. I found a cot tree swing bed and I layed down in it and I fell asleep in in but somehow I could see myself in my dream and I was wearing a banana costume and I was snoring very loudly. And people were trying to wake me up. And then I woke up in real life dizzy. Oh yeah and Andrew was in my dream too.

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