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Dream Interpretation: Guitar 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Guitar? Discover the significance of seeing a Guitar in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Guitar appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

A guitar in a dream symbolizes creativity, self-expression, and passion. It may also represent a desire for harmony and balance in your life. If you are playing the guitar, it suggests that you are confident and comfortable expressing yourself.

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🧭 Direction


Think about what the guitar represents to you personally. Are you a musician or do you have a passion for music? If not, consider how you can incorporate more creativity and self-expression into your life. It may be time to pursue a new hobby or explore a new talent.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of a guitar evokes feelings of creativity, passion, and self-expression. It symbolizes the desire to communicate and connect with others through music. This dream may bring a sense of joy, inspiration, and the need for artistic fulfillment. It signifies the importance of finding harmony and balance in life, as well as the potential for personal growth and emotional release. The guitar represents a tool for self-discovery and the ability to express one's emotions and desires. Overall, this dream elicits positive and uplifting emotions, encouraging the pursuit of artistic endeavors and the exploration of one's innermost passions.





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24 May 2024



I was sitting on a couch with my good friend, and we were conversing with a man and his son in the room. I was wearing a robe that kept opening up, which made me keep having to close it. The sin was holding a guitar and I asked the son if he played guitar and bass. He said he did. I asked the son if he knew how to play funky bass rhythms. My friend and I started giggling a little. The son asked, “what do you mean?” I said, you know funky like “brown chicken brown cow .” My friend and started laughing but the father angrily grabbed my face and turned it towards him, and said, “my sons not black!” I was confused and jerked my face away and told him that’s not what I meant and sing the bass line for him. He realized he made a mistake and the son understood what I was asking. The son continued by playing a funky bass rhythm on his guitar. My face was throbbing with pain and was feeling angry. I was looking to find the man in isolation so I could tell him how I felt. I had a red mark on my face from where he had grabbed.

15 May 2024



I was playing guitar

10 May 2024

Text message


I don’t have my crushes phone number but I do have his Snapchat. I got a text from him though which confused me at first but then remembered that I sent him a Snapchat where you could see my phone number and I always wondered if he saved it somewhere just in case. I figured that’s what he did since he never asked me for my number before but still had it. I got a text from him that looked like an accident. It was just a recording of his Memoji but it looked and sounded like he was sleeping. I was about to tease him about it but then he sent the guitar emoji. He plays guitar and has been trying to record his own music for a bit but nothing he’s ever finished before. He has sent me little clips of stuff he’s working on though and it sounded pretty good. I put my phone down and thought to myself that I would just get to it later but then when I went to go enter my room he was just there. He was playing his guitar and he told me to sit down so he could play me something. I sat and listened for a bit and I was about to ask him about his previous message that confused me but then my cousin who just got back from school in Hawaii barged in unexpectedly which is was also happy an surprised about. Then we ended up at my aunts house with all my cousins and my brother. My crush was there too where he met my family in a casual way. I feel like it turned into a party, all the rooms felt bigger with way more people in them and all I was trying to do was find my crush but I couldn’t. I tried on so many different outfits and I hated all of them on me. I wanted to look nice in case he saw me. I had a specific outfit in mind but I couldn’t find it anywhere. That night ended without me finding him and I had assumed he got tired of waiting and looking for me so he just left and went back home 15 hours away. I went back to my aunts house and all of a sudden it started to move. Like if someone just picked up her very large house and put it on wheels. It started to move and that’s when I found my crush again. He came to make sure I was alright. He rode it out with me and I remember being terrified because it seemed like the house was too big to fit in between some of the other houses but looking the the windows I saw it actually was. That day ended and my crush eventually went back home. A few years later and I went to go visit him except it was still at my aunts house. Except it was very futuristic and updated. All the rooms were larger, I remember the living room had two levels to it in almost a loft situation. The tv wasn’t that big for how large the room was. Maybe like a standard 45 inch tv. But I looked up and there were these large wicker type baskets above me. I heard someone say they were heading over to the balcony and then I saw someone step into the basket. I thought it was a cool design but too high up and couldn’t see the tv from there. Not innovative. I went into what used to be my room and was no someone else’s and it went on forever. Her room which felt like a glorified closet or even like a fancy boutique had clothes racks everywhere that were styled neatly and fashionably. I was very envious of the room and stuff she had. I remember missing my crush in that moment for it’s been some time since we last spoke. We talk everyday so it wasn’t like us to go a few years without ever saying anything to each other. I turned on the tv and I saw him doing an interview. He ended up becoming somewhat famous for his music. The only part I heard from the interview was how he missed someone and that it’s been a few years since they spoke. I thought it might’ve been about me and thought it was weird I was just thinking the same thing as him in that moment. And before I could reach for my phone to text him I woke up.

27 Apr 2024

New Home


Me and my family just moved to a new place, idk where it was but the new house we were living in was being renovated for some reason. Every day at random times a green fog would randomly appear and if you were outside you had to get inside and put on a gas mask unless your house or the building you were in was airtight. One day I was just outside with someone I can’t remember who it was but that’s when the fog started to appear, everyone started panicking because it was so early in the morning and the fog had never appeared this early before so we weren’t prepared, our house was being worked on so we had to look for a different place to hide. I ran into a small shed with a window and put on a gas mask that our mom made us carry around. I kept seeing people running around in a panic and dropping dead on the floor bc of th fog and then a boy ran into the window begging me to let him In so I did. The boy seemed familiar but because of the fog I couldn’t really tell who he was, I slowly start loosing consciousness and fall asleep. My dream then jumps to a different day, the sun is shining and there are reports from the government that there are no signs of the fog appearing today so everyone is outside celebrating and having fun. Our home was finally finished and so I was in my room trying playing my guitar even though I can’t play In real life but in my dream I was also learning to play but on that day I could play really well. My mom walks in and tells me to go pick up my sister up from school because they had an event after school to celebrate the fog wasn’t there today so me my dad and my brother decided to go and pick her up together. The school was just like a 10 minute walk from our house so we decided to go walking, I decided to bring my guitar for some reason idk why. We said bye to mom and headed to the school for my sister, we arrive at the school and there are so many people outside running around, there are vendors and games for people to play, it was so peaceful but something felt off. We get my sister and decide to get some food so we get in line, a few minutes later the sirens go off and we get alerts on our phones saying that the fog has appeared, we all start panicking and we look around trying to find where to go, here was a jump cut in my dream then we were inside a building, it looked like an office so maybe we were inside the school but idk. The fog slowly started seeping into the room but it wasn’t too bad because a few of us had gas masks so we shared with others also. Someone used a fire extinguisher and that cleared the gas from the room we were in but since we had already inhaled a bit of the gas we weren’t feeling well. I don’t know how long had passed but it felt like hours, the smoke had not cleared yet so we were all trapped there until it left. Our phones didn’t get signal so we couldn’t even communicate with the people outside. We were running low on supplies and it was getting hotter in the room and out of nowhere the power goes out. This is where my dream started getting a bit more weird. We start seeing apparitions of random things and some were familiar to others and they said stuff like “my son or daughter drew this” the gas was messing with our brains at this point or at least that’s what we thought. We were looking in the office for something to eat and in a suitcase we found meat and vegetables, we all start eating it but a few minutes later our stomach started hurting and we all had to use the bathroom. Also while we were eating we were talking about what could be causing the green fog and the residents of this new town we moved in started saying it all began when construction of our house started which was about a year ago or something like that. Thwy we’re all suspicious of us especially my dad because I’m my dream he worked for some big corporation, suddenly we all had to use the bathroom because of the food we ate earlier and ran out the room looking for a bathroom. I found a bathroom that was available and as I sat down there were papers on a counter next to the toilet and so I grab them and turn on the flashlight on my phone and the papers mentioned th company my dad worked for and after that I woke up.

10 Apr 2024



Dreamed I was at an airport or something with my brother playing guitar hero. I went off to look around and saw something like a huge sewer/swimming pool system. There were two kittens that needed help because there were some kind of monsters chasing them. I did something to chase them off and my brother came looking for me because he was suspicious. I turned him around and yelled at him to leave me alone. I then went to grab the kittens who were suddenly scared of me. I picked them up and put them near these big intake valves and they swam in them and I saw them briefly before they were gone. I hoped they'd get out safely and turned back toward the airport and a lady found me and said they couldn't find me. That I'd have to wait till night before they could send me on a different airplane. I started walking up the stairs and then woke up.

3 Apr 2024



An acquaintance messaged me about their recent breakup. I kept trying to fix my eyebrows but they were so long and my hair kept going in my face no matter what I did. I drove out of town ended up in a department store that sold wacky pastel furniture. My ex was there and my friend who was pregnant was with me. She went to a back room to see this lady who does massages. My friend frog leaped onto the top of a bunk bed. I went back out to where my ex was and told her what just happened. Somehow while my friend was getting the massage I ended up laying behind her to keep her from laying on her belly too long. I watched the handmovements and was also doing them. After we were done I pulled out a long coarse hair from my armpit and was following then into a closet but my ex came out and showed me she had a similar grey one and we kept playing with them like they were guitar strings....I could hear music from mine.

1 Apr 2024



I was going through some boxes with random people and we found a guitar a red one with a big huge guitar And then I found another one a blue 1 and I was going through stuff. I didn't really know what these stuff was, but it was like from the great-grandparents of some random old lady that was in the dream, my Grandma. After that I started going through cupboards by myself. I found documents Piled in boxes. And when I we took a try and put the Cobb's back together, they will fell apart. And then some of the cupboard turned purple and broke apart, so I had to try and put it together and it was confusing and stressful. I told my crew that the thing would be uneven cause I had broke and then I woke up.

4 Mar 2024



I was playing guitar with Tim Henson and had all my musical compositions and songs to show and I was going to be one of the faces of Ibanez. Then I had a art show but at the end everyone was at a coachella style event I was about to start performing

2 Mar 2024



I was in the gituar store getting my first real electric other than my beginner one. This one was going to be an angry sounding electric, wammy bar, fitted with multiple knobs for sound control. This dream was set in the future, I was pretty good a guitar at this point; both accustic and electric. I knew my scales pretty well, and if not most chords. I was also looking around for pedals and a better amp for better sound. I wanted a Fender electric as my Daisy, who is acoustic, is also a Fender gituar. There she was a marron wooden electric, strings looked gorgeous on her, dark black fretboard, almost goldtone frets, she was a Fender. She sounded both angry but could switch to soft, to middle. Perfect tone and controls, weight was good, price was a little high but reasonable for a gorgeous guitar like her! Sold! Came in a solid case. Got her a dark red strap. Named her Amy. Got the amp, chord, sound, and loop pedals and we left the store so I could start playing her right away.

28 Feb 2024

Make up


Another nap. This dream seemed to take place in my future because I had all my recording equipment I always wanted because it started with me wrapping up a cover of a song. This looked like it was after either a scout meeting or I finally have a local girl scout office of my own! There were certainly a couple extra of awards on my uniform. But the dream switched to me taking what it seems to be my troop for a hike. So I have a troop now! I also don't seem to need Zara anymore and she's older anyway. Along the hike I am teaching my girls some songs and really enjoying it! We end up going back to camp to roast marshmallows and talk. I start cooking over the fire. We all relax, make up stories. I make the troop dinner. After dinner, I play some relaxing songs on my guitar. I then put everyone to bed.

28 Feb 2024



I went to a Beyoncé show but also someone was playing guitar and it was beautiful Beyoncé was paying tribute to Whitney or someone but it was both funny and so beautiful that I got choked up and almost cried There was a random meeting with Dwayne idk what about there was a cat in the toilet and I was washing the cat to get fleas off and left the cat to go get cat food and bowls because I didn’t have any But I somehow managed to leave the cat in the toilet and I said sorry and kept the cat on my shoulder after washing the cat Then my brother was trying to put some weird maggots on me that came out of his back My mom was being mean my brother said something random and I think it’s like resentment but it was direct I did not want the weird maggots coming out of him on me so I bit him to let me go because I was worried about the cat and then when I got out of his hold I panicked because the cat was gone

28 Feb 2024



It started off with me at scout camp after a long day with the kiddos, sat by the fire playing my guitar as I normally do at the end of a busy day. This got interrupted by getting asked about gifts. Someone in the group was supposed to get a certain gift but there was a mixup in the gifts witch ended up in an extra box that we kept fighting over who got what. It was really stressful. People kept blaming me but it wasn't me, it just turned out to be a big miss understanding in the end. I think I got back to my playing, trying to loose my self in the music I was making before loosing my mind. I got up from playing to go sort through my things to see if there's anything I missed but no. It turned out everyone was fine in the end but I was left tired and stressed out. I hated moving all my stuff around my tent just to prove a point.

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