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Dream Interpretation: Fishing 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Fishing? Discover the significance of seeing a Fishing in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Fishing appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

Fishing in a dream represents your search for something, whether it be a new opportunity, knowledge, or understanding. It can also symbolize patience, perseverance, and the need to take a more relaxed approach to life.

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🧭 Direction


Think about what you are searching for in your waking life. Are you feeling unfulfilled or lacking direction? Consider taking a step back and approaching things with a more patient and relaxed mindset. Trust that what you are seeking will come to you in due time.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of fishing evokes a sense of tranquility and patience. It brings feelings of anticipation and excitement as one waits for a catch. It symbolizes the need for relaxation and connection with nature. The act of fishing represents the desire to explore and uncover hidden emotions or aspects of oneself. It may also signify the need for self-reflection and introspection. Overall, this dream elicits a sense of peace and contentment.





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11 May 2024



I went on a fishing trip with one my family. After fishing I went to a bar with a couple of my old classmates and my one of my old classmates that I used to like were touching me all over and feeling me up saying “I miss you sooo much, I should be around you more”. Then she proceeded to push me into a room and then onto the bed. We started making out then we had sex

20 Apr 2024



I had 3 dreams last night. 1st Dream: This dream took place in Minecraft. Which is a real-life game that I play. In my dream, my friends and I were making a server that we planned on making public. However, the girls and the guys kept arguing about the server. They both thought that their ideas were better than the other person’s ideas. Luckily, my dad came in and saved the day. He told us a story about sharing, and we all stopped fighting instantly. After that, I got a fishhook stuck in my arm. My dad got it out and I hugged him. Then, I went to explore the server with my friends. 2nd Dream: It started off with me in my bed. I felt terrible, so my dad took me to the hospital. Once we got to the hospital, I told the female doctor that I was constipated and couldn’t cough. She ran some tests and helped me with my constipation. After that, I was able to cough again. By the way, while the doctor was helping me, there was this other lady that kept yelling and saying that my female doctor wasn’t a real doctor. Even after she helped me, the lady was still claiming that my doctor wasn’t real. We both told her to go away, and the yelling lady got all defensive before leaving for the bathroom. She never came back from the bathroom, but we didn’t care. 3rd Dream: It started off with dream me watching a movie. At one point, I try to rewind so I could understand what the villain of the movie said since I didn’t hear him properly. Unfortunately, I switched from the movie to a tv show while trying to rewind. I tried to switch back to the movie, but the tv remote stopped working. So, I got up and unplugged the tv. After that, I started watching “The Simpsons” on my cellphone. As I watched them, both of our worlds started to merge together, and soon enough, I was with the cast of “The Simpsons!” I saw that Homer and Bart were trying to scam someone around Christmas time so that they could get money for gifts. I went over to them in order to help them. Surprisingly, the scam worked, but the lady that they scammed was still suspicious of them. After that, Homer tried to put a horse in the back of his car, but it didn’t work. After that, my sister and her friends came over to me and let me to a small store. The store allowed you to make your own slushy’s there, so we all made slushes. While we were making slushes, I realized that the “small store” was actually just a random bathroom out in the open. No one else seemed to notice, or care, though. After our slushes were made, we all left and walked back to where Homer and Bart were. Upon arriving, we noticed that everyone was gone. Then, we started questioning if everything that just happened was real. We all went back to the “small store” afterwards to calm our nerves. And then I woke up.

8 Apr 2024

New Job


I had a dream where it was me and a bunch of people that I know and we had a job where we had to “fish” but we would also be swiping and we was on a boat , and we had to pull things in that we would catch on a chain . And all of a sudden there was this sting ray that Specifically stayed by me the whole time we was fishing and it caught me when I almost drowned and we ended up catching like 2 cars but then the waves took em them away ; and then we had to leave and go home and the sting ray followed us all the way to the doc and I ended up picking it up and saying “thank you for spending time with me and my “family” and I said I enjoyed it so much please stay safe” and i put it back and it swam away. And when it swam away I woke up.

17 Mar 2024

Child dying
Make Out


I was in a fishing boat laying down. My fiance woke me up and i had a ptsd flashback i thought he was my ex. He walked away and i saw a tornado forming and all of a sudden my boat started moving so fast. I couldnt hold on i kept jumping up because it was going so fast. The boat stopped under a bridge. there was a teen girl there that asked about a prom dress. It was silver and blue and so pretty. She had a flip phone with a silver and blue case with a penguin on it. I was then in a big house with my whole family. My grandparemts were on a huge sectional couch. My twin cousins, my uncle, my fiance and i were sitting on a couch behind them. My grammy told me about children that died in an explosion. I built a chamber made out of glass and wood. I put a book of the explosion in the chamber. I turn around and I saw a big fire pit with children gathered around. Each of the children had a long rope in their hand. They each had to light the string on fire. The first kid put the string in the fire. The next kid touched their rope to the first kids to light their string on fire. Each of the kids did this until the last kid. The last kid threw an object into the fire pit and it exploded. All but 2 children died

3 Mar 2024



This is pretty dangerous. Oh, no, fuck it. We'll do it, seriously. I don't like doing it this way. It's probably because I'm psychic. Someone here is doing an automated... She just did that. Some chicken was making chicken soup. Some customer came in and I wanted to pay, so I thought I'd throw her a sweet shot. Well, then that's not what I wanted. I'll just have the chicken. Can I have the chicken? Yeah. No, that's a fucking tape. I don't know what's going on. I don't know what's going on. I thought she'd be like, no. She's like, it's a fucking tape. It's a fucking tape. I don't know, it was weird. I was thinking about bringing it home around that night. I was like, there's a bag of chips there, and a bag of chicken. Yeah, that's good. And then, I remember I was sitting down somewhere there, and I had all these chicken strips, like chicken from the end or whatever. And I went to go eat them, and the next thing I noticed, there was a bunch of fucking fish fucking flapping around. I was like, fucking, Jesus, that's fucking, this fucking fish for the life of me. I don't know what's wrong with you, but I don't know who you are. What are you fishing for? And then there's my mum fucking standing there with a grin on her face and saying, you fucking piece of shit, you've always been fucking big head. And I just pulled her out like that. And you? No, I was, I ripped her, because I was just worried shitty because this other woman's trying to steal my chicken. And the next thing I go to eat my chicken, there's this slimy fucking fish

17 Feb 2024



i had a dream where me and my sister and mom was fishing and my dad was on a little kayak we found and they started speaking random numbers and when they were halfway to where they were going they said 9:15 and then i woke up but i didn’t it was in the dream and we all laughed and said 9:15 then i actually woke up went downstairs to tell my mom the story and the time was 9:15

4 Feb 2024



I once had a dream about my daughter my 2nd born. And it was another nightmare, I can't member all of it but I member most of it an I member my 2 older kids at the time were bout 4 and 6 and for some reason they were walking home from school by themselves which they never did at the time. But they were walking the sidewalk of a busy street near where my mom and dad lived, and I think they were trying to get to a place they knew which was my mom's. But But me, in my dream, I wasn't aware of where they were at. I just remember they were lost and I was looking for them and I was told that they were seen walking on this major, by this main street, over the bridge, like, by my mom's house. And we went looking for them and we couldn't find them and all of a sudden we found my son and he was by himself and we were asking him where his sister was, like, where Fefe was because we couldn't find her and she wasn't with him and he said that she got too close to, um, to the edge, like, there was this big old lake by the bridge, in my dream, and in reality, like, it's a bridge that goes over a river, but in my dream, the river wasn't there, it was a big old lake, like, it was a big old fishing lake, you know what I mean? It was very deep and, uh, my son said once they crossed over the bridge that she got kind of close to the lake, you know what I mean, and she slipped in and she fell into the water and she doesn't know how to swim and so we just panicked, like, my dad and I, like, we called the fire department, the cops, everything, because we were all looking for them anyways, but my dad and I jumped into the lake, we kept getting out and jumping into the lake and we were trying to get to the bottom and we were trying to, like, comb through, like, trying to find her, trying to get her to bring her back up, you know, because we were just, we felt like we were running out of time and, um, we, you know, as much as we kept doing that, we couldn't get her, but, um, soon after, this big old, like, um, tractor or, like, truck or whatever, it had, like, a big old, like, like a, a sweeping spoon, I don't know, I think a big old net, and so they told us to get out of the water so that they could, you know, scoop the bottom of the lake and see if she's in there and, uh, as they did that, they did it a couple times in, um, the area where my dad and I kept jumping in, um, where they swept, they ended up pulling her up and I remember they pulled out of the water and she was just white, like, you know what I mean, like, pale, like, lifeless, you know what I mean, and I could just see her, like, in her outfit, like, her clothes that she would wear to school with her earrings on and she just wasn't breathing and, you know, they, I freaked out in my dream, I just panicked and, uh, I wanted to go get her and they would just, you know, do so that I couldn't touch her and nothing like that and I, I just remember, I just remember waking up from the dream and I grabbed my daughter from the floor and I kept her home from school that day, but I grabbed her off the floor where she was sleeping, like, next to my bed and, um, I just held her and I cried and I cried and I cried and I just held her and I just, because the dream just felt so real, I just, you know, I, and the bad dream has stuck with me, like, it's been, like, four years since I've had that dream and I'll never forget that, I'll never forget that dream.

3 Feb 2024



Me and my kids and Don went to this hotel by the beach and we was celebrating his mom’s birthday and it was these ppl who trying to shoot this one guy and he got shout and ran his beach into the water and his girlfriend rescued him and me and Don was looking out the window and saw it and he said baby don’t say anything and then we we seen people fishing

28 Jan 2024



I had 3 dreams first one i was about to go to school but then we crashed The other dream was that i was fishing with my brother and my dad and my uncle and then i fell into the water and the last dream was that i was kissing my crush and then went on a date and then we had a party and it exploded

27 Jan 2024



Lucid dream at my house Last night I had a very long dream. It started when I was on a boat with a bunch of people and we were in a body of water, sort of like the ocean. There was a shark around us and I think we were all trying to catch it. After a while of chasing it, I finally caught it with a fishing pole and reeled it in. Someone got it with a net, and it was finally killed. Everyone was happy that I caught it, and afterwards we tried to find land to put the boat on. We found this little beach area where there was sand and this dark cave kind of place. We got off the boat and I pushed the boat onto the sand where this boy helped me push it. There were a bunch of people gathered in this little space, including Ryan and Tessa, Laney, and Rory, and a bunch of friends. It wasn't dark out but the setting was dark and durthet along thebsand there was this little jungle woods type of place. I saw some sort of movement behind the trees and my brother saw it too. I think he ran into the woods trying to find the weird movement but then everyone there realized there were coyotes looking at us. The coyotes turned into humans, and they came and ran at us. Everyone tried to fight back, but it wasn't really a fight. I decided to walk into the woods to get away from everything, and I kept finding these dark houses. I would walk in the house, and there would be no one in there. Everything would be dark, but I couldn't really do anything. After walking through the houses, I went in this one, which happened to be my house. I was in my dining room, and my dad appeared in there. The lighting was dark, but you could still see everything in the room. I was walking around the table and there were a bunch of coyotes still in the house. I tried to kick them and fight them, but for some reason I couldn't make contact. I soon ignored them because they weren't doing anything and my dad seemed to be talking to me but I couldn't understand what he was saying. After looking at him and trying to interpret what he was saying, he soon left the room. That's when I realized something was off and my mind realized I was in a dream. I looked at my hands and walked to the chairs under the ceiling fan. It's like my brain knew I was in a dream and I could control it, but it was really hard to take advantage. Every move that I wanted to make slowly happened in a way that wasn't fully my control. I stood there under the fan telling myself to calm down so I wouldn't wake up from the dream. I turned around, and I had no clue what to do because all I was in was my house, and what the heck was I going to do? For some reason, I went in the pantry and I grabbed the Vodka. I smelled it and gagged even though the smell wasn't real. I then filled an ice tray up with it and put it in the fridge. I have no clue why I did that, but I tried to drink it, and it didn't taste like anything and I didn't feel anything. I still didn't know what to do, but I realized I had my phone, and I went up the stairs and kind of laid on the couch. I opened up Instagram and it didn't look quite right. I decided I wanted to try and summon somebody which happened to be the girl that ended our situationship or talking stage. I tried to search up her name in Instagram, but it didn't let me. I tried my hardest to think of her so she would appear next to me, but it never worked. I slowly started to wake up and the dream ended. I failed to summon somebody, but it was an experience to realize I was dreaming. It kind of hurts that she was the first person I thought of that I'd want to see in a dream. Next time, I'll have full control.

26 Jan 2024



I had a dream that I was in a classroom and a young girl and a man kept hitting me poking and prodding me, but then it got worse with them hitting me harder and harder until eventually the young man took a hook from a fishing rod, and tried to fish for me in the classroom while we’re all watching a movie eventually I had enough and I bet up the young man and took him to the police. The young girl also decided to stop after I almost broke her wrist.

24 Jan 2024



I was by a river fishing with Jesus it was bright and sunny I felt so loved

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