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Dream Interpretation: Eyes 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Eyes? Discover the significance of seeing a Eyes in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Eyes appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This symbol indicates your ability to look into things more closely and your desire to gain clarity over them. Eyes are the reflection of your soul, and a dream as such indicates that your subconscious mind is trying to warn you to be extra careful with any decision you make. However, different dream scenarios mean different things. For example, if your dream eyes are looking at you, you could feel scrutinized by others or afraid that people will see your flaws.

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🧭 Direction

Daily events

If you are going through any issues in your daily life, it's better to understand the situation first and then handle it with care. Be alert when making any decision; trust your instinct and impulses. Understand yourself and become aware of your higher conscious level.

❤️ Feelings

The dream about eyes can evoke a sense of curiosity and intrigue. It may bring feelings of awareness, observation, and the desire to see things more clearly. This dream can also elicit emotions of vulnerability, as eyes are often associated with the window to the soul. Additionally, it may generate a sense of connection and understanding, as eyes are often seen as a means of communication and expression. Overall, this dream can leave one with a mix of wonder, vulnerability, and a desire for deeper insight.





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22 Jun 2024



I was going to cook dinner for friends and purchased a lobster. When I got home to take out the groceries I put the lobster out n a table and noticed that the head on the lobster looked very human. I told my dinner guests that I didn’t feel right cooking the lobster because of the way it looked. The lobsters eyes were wide and would follow me as I walked around the kitchen. My guests assured me that it would be ok that I just had to throw it in the pot of water. I told them that I did not want to boil it alive. One of my guests told me to cut off its head and then boil it but I told them that I could not bring myself to cut the head off because of the way it looked. I was so torn because I did not know what to do with this lobster, and did not know what to feed my guests

22 Jun 2024



THIS NEXT DREAM WAS FROM 2 NIGHTS AGO In my dream last night, I was in this palace that would randomly morph into my human home, like they were in the same place. There was this guy-he was kind of feminine with long hair. I thought he was really hot. I think his hair was purple in the beginning of the dream he looked just like a kid-like me. he seemed real protective of me for some reason. He had a mean personality, I liked him a lot though, I kept reminding myself "just as a friend". he had super Duper pretty eyes. I think they may have been multicolored or something. I don't know why, but he gave me dragon vibes. He seemed to get mad at everyone, but me-but he did get annoyed with me. He followed me around a lot for some reason. I was trying to teach him which shit, but I was too fucked up to really say anything (as in high) I couldn't really tell his reaction to this. like he was annoyed, but he wouldn't leave. It felt like he just kept mentally calling me cute. I met a lady online and we met up at this massive underground garage, talking about ghosts and malicious spirits. She had really pretty long dark hair and a surreal face, truly gorgeous. She seemed really nice too. We found each other through our phones. while we were walking/talking we saw a scary ghost and ran away together. Around the end of the dream, I was upstairs in my bedroom and this time, the guy from earlier-he was much older, his hair cascade down his shoulders. He had a real tall build, but a thin frame. when I got in bed, he crawled in beside me and laid on his side facing away from me. I don't know why but my body kept like unconsciously trying to cuddle him, but every time I put my hand on his waist, he snapped at me. I had to hold my hand against my chest, so I wouldn't accidentally touch him. the problem was, I was pressed against the wall and he laid so close our legs, and probably my side touched his back. I felt pretty bad- I mean he seemed really uncomfortable with touching, but his presence seemed to put my whole body at peace so it felt really nice laying next to him. I wanted to touch him so I'm not sure what's wrong with me. I'm not sure exactly what happened next but I think he brings me to some kinda alien ward jail. I don't know why I was there. I was pretty scared. He told me I wasn't allowed to leave so obviously I tried to escape, but I was too pussy to completely leave because I felt like I was in big trouble or something when I got back to my room, another bed was moved in and he was standing beside it calmly (yet his energy screamed pissed) I felt really scared. He said I needed to be punished. I needed to be spanked. I almost felt like crying. I went and sat by the foot of my bed. he kept trying to say something like don't be scared you'll like it but I didn't believe him. he doesn't even like me touching him now he wants to hit me. I think he hates me, though he looked a little panicked when I walked back into the room. I'm not sure why. I think something went wrong at his job. I wish he just give me a hug and be my friend. Why does he wanna hurt me so much when I'm obviously scared. he felt like a warden. like a pretty monster that wanted me to suffer, why did you lay next to me if he dislikes me also for some reason he had the aura of what I assumed to be a dragon he smelled like the sun feels pleasant and warm.

3 Jun 2024



This isn't a new dream, it's a more older dream that I wanted to put in the app to see what you have to say. So the dream goes like this. I dream that me and my husband were at the first house we grew up in, me and my family and my brothers. In real life he has been there a couple of times so he knows what the house looks like but we haven't stayed in one place for long, especially during the divorce, my mom and dad's divorce, but we ended up back at that house in the end. Anyway, in my dream it was me and my husband and we were in the garden, the back garden where the fruit trees are, there's a dam, a water dam that provides the garden with water and such and also there's a small shed where the garden worker guy keeps the tools and lawnmower and stuff, but it's not a very big shed, we didn't like going into the shed because it only has a door and it's very dark inside there. In my dream I remember me and my husband were over there at the shed and I was inside the shed, the door was open. Also I just want to say this was a really hard fever dream because it felt so real and I was very distressed because it felt like my waking self wanted to talk to myself in the dream, but my dream self didn't want to listen so it was like a fever dream. Anyway I was standing in the doorway of the shed and I seemed normal at first, I was beckoning my husband to come closer, but my waking self wanted to scream at him, don't go closer, that's not me, that's not me, be careful. And I, the person in my dream that was me wanted him to come closer, but he was hesitant, he was very hesitant and I think he knew something was wrong, but it did seem like me, so he came closer until he was near that I could almost touch him. He stretched out his hand and I grabbed his hand with one of my hands and I wanted to pull him inside the shed, but my dream self was very strong, my waking self was screaming don't hurt my husband, don't, it's not me, it's not me, and I woke, sleep, it was a fever dream. Anyway, I grabbed his arm and he squinted his face because it was painful, I don't know how I was able to be that strong, I, my nails pierced his skin and he tried to let loose his arm to let go of me and he didn't come right, I was very strong and his eyes travelled past me inside the shed where it was very dark, it was like this darkness that beckoned him to come in, but the darkness is also me standing there and then his eyes went wide because I don't know if he could see, but there was like this, this thing, this dark thing also standing behind me like a creature, but you can't see, it's just, it's like the portrayal of the darkness inside, portrayed as a creature that's standing over me and guiding my personality, my actions, wanting him to come into this darkness with me and I just had this evil sinister look on my face, like this pleasurable smile, like I'm going to get him to do this thing, but it's not me and suddenly my eyes started to turn dark like black and suddenly around him in the garden, my family was there, a lot of people that I know, my brothers, my mom, my dad, his parents and they were just looking at the scene standing behind him and their eyes were also dark and he, he looked at me and he was just sad that this happened and me, my waking self was just screaming at him, please don't, don't, that's not me, eventually he let, he got loose his arm from me and he stood in, stood in the doorway, he didn't step into the darkness, he was standing in the bright light of the garden, but his eyes started to close off and he just looked sad and he didn't know, it seemed that he didn't know what to do, if he wanted to go with me, that's not me or to stay there because the me that was not me wanted him to come into the shade, into the darkness, but he knew he couldn't and that was the gist of the dream.

2 Jun 2024



I begun to cry about Pei Pei thinking of her being in the city all alone this time last year with the smoke 🏭 and smog in my waking life….. I accepted the boundaries and consent of what to talk about she actually wanted me to be in love with crypto and Bitcoin refused. She asked how I was after my hospital visit a year ago and I liked that she worried about me. I just cry sometimes because I see the pain in her eyes on the internet in her pics.

1 Jun 2024



I saw a woman looking at me and smiling very creepily.she was very close to me almost hovering over me.then when i opened my eyes,she was no longer there but it seemed so vivid.

30 May 2024



I was sitting in a lobby on a white leather chair. It was light rain and the silver frame of building match the cloudly skies. A beautiful black woman decided to sit by me in same area. We had a regular conversation, and I asked her where she was from. She said she was from the ATL. She made a wide smile at me , and chuckled softly. Her eyes sparkled with her dark brown hair with honey blonde highlights. Her eyeshadow was shades of dark and light blues combined. Her lashes black as night resembled those of a raven’s feathers. She sat comfortably in her strapless white dress interested in me.

22 May 2024



I had a dream I was with my dad in a travel trailer and it was beautiful but my dad looked weird. He has sky electric eyes that glowed and a big belly. Well my dad does have a big belly but not that big. He kept bragging about his travel trailer and its name was 302. He said is credit score was going to improve because of it. Then the dream changed it seemed a familiar landscape from a previous dream. I new I was dreaming and went through my mattress to This world that I seemed to be familiar with. I went into the familiar house out then of out of the trashy backyard to a building beyond. That buildings entrance disappeared into the dark and I new trouble was in there. Like I said I knew I was dreaming and nothing could hurt me so I went in. Sure enough there were two guys who wanted to rape me but I talked them out if it sort or. I wanted to go through the building to the other side. I got to the other side with the guys by promising all sorts of stuff than ran from the guys. It was so beautiful on the other side, like an exotic jungle paradise. Then I woke up. I went back to sleep and had another dream. I was in bed and this one was different. In my dream I was sleeping in my bed I’m in at this point in time. I thought I was awake in real life. So I was laying in my bed and I felt wetness at my feet. With my husband at my side so I threw back the cover to investigate and my husbands right leg had been chopped off. He woke in my dream and freaked out. I new at this point it was a dream so I woke myself up. Went back to sleep in real life and the same dream replayed again! Woke my self up again to get out of it. Finally went back to sleep and the dream changed.

16 May 2024

Waking up


I had a dream that I was in my childhood but couldn't open my eyes all the way I could hear my parents arguing and I remember thinking I need to wake up cuz the are coming in here but I couldn't. Then my dad comes in and starts pulling my big toes really hard and I'm screaming stop it that hurts and then u wake up

10 May 2024

Best Friend


i woke up to my best friend & her man having sex on our bed i moved but didn’t open my eyes. i heard him say maybe we shouldn’t be doing this & i then opened my eyes and said sir don’t be a pussy i’ll be asleep in 2 seconds.

5 May 2024



Needing eye surgery and ripping my eyes out of my head

26 Apr 2024

Sleep paralysis


Prior to sleeping, my body sensed a flow of energy through my legs to my head, then I entered sleep paralysis. During this phase, my eyes were open and I could see around the bedroom. Two headlights appeared on the wall in front of me, but they weren’t real headlights, one on top of the other, as no way for light to come through the windows. They rotated and grew larger, looking like giant eyes. My body went into a deeper paralytic state and I fought to get out of it and wake up before the lights consumed me. It felt incredibly onomous and dark. I finally woke from the sleep paralysis and led on my back facing the closed door. Again, I got the buzz through my body and I entered another sleep paralysis. During this state, eyes open again, I watched the door handle move and the door open. A small dark figure walks in and approaches my bed. Utter terror overcame me, and I once again fought myself to wake up. This wasn’t a dream, I was awake with my eyes open but was paralysed. I experience sleep paralysis many times each week.

23 Apr 2024

Old Man


I was in a village with a few friends, and shortly after we'd been welcomed by the people of the village and shown around my friends disappeared, but in my dream I didn't even notice, a bit of time passed like a week or so and then one night in the village the village people were running or walking leaving the village and left me there alone, the I walked to this shed thing that I'd missed for the past week and for some reason I know I shouldn't open it or look inside but curiosity got the best of me and I opened it and a old man was there he was eating something, then he noticed me and jumped at me his eyes red and razer sharp teeth, after that I woke up,

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