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Dream Interpretation: Chicken 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Chicken? Discover the significance of seeing a Chicken in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Chicken appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This symbol indicates wealth, success, and good luck. It also suggests some unusual and unexpected results in your life. Often they symbolize prosperity and victory; however, it will only last for a little while. It also reflects your inner confusion, which will affect the success you have recently gained.

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🧭 Direction


Don't get too excited over your short wins. Work hard on it, and you will have a long-lasting achievement. Do not let anxiety or stress shadow your joy of winning something. Motivate yourself and turn the results into a solid success.

❤️ Feelings

The dream about a chicken may evoke feelings of curiosity, playfulness, and a sense of nurturing. It could symbolize a desire for simplicity and a need to take care of oneself or others. The chicken may also represent fertility, abundance, and the potential for growth. Overall, this dream may leave one with a sense of warmth and a reminder to embrace the joys of life.





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6 Jun 2024



December 2,2021 * I dreamed that we still lived at the house and I ordered 16 things from a site * But for some reason all these 16 things came with a car * So every time A package I ordered came someone dropped it off in one of the company cars then they walked away idk why that is * So I put my neighbor Charlamagne tha god (from MTV) on the site so he can get a car * And charlamagne told my cousin Tarron * Tarron about the facts that if you order you will get a car with your item that you need to return like within 3 days * So Tarron ordered something * He got a car and I’m guessing he went all night long driving it and drained some oil out of the car while driving it too long * So when Tarron and Charlemagne came back from their driving all night long they noticed I had one of my cars * And they drained some oil from one of my cars in a double sized hair unclogger bootle that said Ajax and I took it from them and I went through the side door of the house and told aunt Tracy (Tarron’s mom) and she looked exactly like Mawmaw (her mom, my grandmother) * she was cooking chicken when I told her what happened she started crying and she grabbed the broom and she went to go Handel it (she beat him with the broom) * This was at the house I grew up in Dream ended

28 May 2024



This boy kept shooting rubber bands at me in class. We were both sitting in desks. Then I was in a house were we were making a colorful looking water. It would change colors. Then I went into a old looking garage were there were 2 chickens walking around in the dark. They had dirty water so they had to refill it with clean water.

23 May 2024



A chicken roatser in my bed room beside my bed. I was sleeping

20 May 2024



I was dreaming driving a two way small motorcycle engine , I can use bicycle if the motorcycle is no Gasoline. Since the motorcycle has little fuel I use bicycles so that I can get my destination, until then I got tired of trampling ( padyak) I use the motorcycle engine . In the middle of my drive I saw a small snake cross to other side. I wondered if I was going to run into it or not, if I ran into him he might bite me because the motorcycle is small and my feet is close to the ground. so I stopped to remove him from the road.But I saw him stand up with many heads and different colors yellow, green , and so on.. suddenly I saw in my dream that he hiding inside the stomach of a chicken. I beat him with wood.because I can’t see any rock stone so I use wood. Then suddenly I saw in my dreams there is someone helping me a man ( I can’t see her face only hands I saw) he helped me took the snake inside the chicken's stomach and placed it on the ground so that I could continue to beat it to dream is end…..then I dream again but I don’t remember my second dream!

14 May 2024



I was at my grandma's place and I was eating flowers, then I heard a chicken act like a parrot and talk, saying something inappropriate, and everything in the garden looked really old and aged.

5 May 2024



I was cooking chicken but it got burned

29 Apr 2024



I was in a really big mall and there were two restaurants next to each other, one was less expensive with more food options and the other was more expensive but they only served seafood. My friends wanted to visit the more expensive restaurant with seafood but I'm seafood intolerant. The only way to be seated at the restaurant was to buy something. I looked at the menu and saw that they served chicken, but when I went to order it, the server laughed in my face. I got to sit down with my friends anyway without food but they were judging me. At the end we went to the changing rooms for the team gym challenge but I couldn't find any of my clothes. I was also worried I'd be partnered with someone I didn't like. But in the end I couldn't find something to wear in time so I didn't get to participate. Then I went outside to get some fresh air, but there was a cat stuck on the rock. But the locals said that the only way to get the cat off of the rock was to say 'I want Sierra's in Spanish, which I didn't know how to do, so I just picked up the cat and threw it back down onto the paved path where it was saved.

9 Apr 2024

My crush


I spend the night at my crushes house and we ate Chinese in the car on the way and he held my hand and stole one of my Chinese chicken.

7 Apr 2024



I was in some hair show but was supposed to be watching a lash class at the same time. When it was done and I was supposed to buy a package to finish but my internet wasn't working. The lady who did the class was mad. She was behind me and the person in front of me was trying to get my attention to move so she could see behind me. My friend Eli was in the hairs how and told me not to worry. I was at a table eating chicken. My dad came out of nowhere asking whose food was on the table. I said mine but he can have some. Someone showed me a video of me and the lady next to me having a good time laughing but I seemed drunk so when she tried to talk i didnt realize it and she had to tell me it was her turn...i stopped and then kept laughing

7 Apr 2024



At a high rise apartment building with my mom sister and my child, a baby girl. It was hot and sunny outside, the summer. We were outside at the pool in the apartment complex. My child had a deep open wound in the back of her neck. My mom said what is that and poked it. A pocket inside the wound exploded in my face. It smelled horrid and some of it got in my face and mouth and tasted like acid, chucks of meat. I went to get on the elevator to go upstairs to the elevator to wash my mouth out. When I got upstairs my bf was in a room that looks like a basement. Getting his hair cut by a barber. I was trying to walk past to exit to get to the door but I had to lay on my back and shimmy through hot thick metal bars to escape. He made a comment saying she looks soo good. It was a very uncomfortable feeling and it felt very obsessive and psychotic. Then I saw the picture of a McDonalds hamburger in a greasy skillet and it looked disgusting then I thought of Popeyes chicken and how it didn’t taste real.

2 Apr 2024



I was in the army and me and my 4 man crew where clearing out a school building making sure there was no threat in the school I was in a bathroom holding down my position and there was chicken sub in the sink and I ate it then I was called and I hid while I took my last bite

30 Mar 2024



On March 30th, I dream I was meeting a mink. Minks in my dream are humanoids with animal features. In my dream it's a mink dog. It was night at that time.. I asked him to make the other minks leave.. since we'll have a private discussion..and the other minks left. Then I remember I was in a family reunion.. outside in some place.. it was not dark nor bright.. there's no sun nor moon. It's on afternoon.. I guess.. or evening.. the sky is light purple.. We we're all chatting.. then there's this woman/girl.. she looks older than me.. but I don't remember her.. she's elegant and rich as they said... She said about treating my tuition on college.. or so.. So I talk to her a bit more.. Then we need farewell.. I ask her name but she was already far away.. she answered but I couldn't here it.. There's a man and a woman waiting for me.. I go into the house.. There's a grandpa and a grandma... They seem busy.. and unhappy.. I try to make a conversation yet.. they're playing.. I took an interest on the grandma.. Then I strangely rowing a boat.. in a fast pase on the raging water wave.. it's rocky and we're sliding... Then for some reason I'm rowing in a broken ice.. I thought to myself it would've been easier if they're all frozen.. Then I'm in a banquet.. There's a lot of food stalls.. It's bright outside.. And I meet a familiar face.. Aye. A classmate of mine.. She accompanied me on walking around.. I stopped on one food stall... I was looking for a chicken but there's one chicken that's odd.. they said it's not chicken.. I taste it and it's not.. close, but not chicken.. Still I took it

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