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Dream Interpretation: Cakes 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Cakes? Discover the significance of seeing a Cakes in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Cakes appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

These are a symbol of celebration, value, and your most cherished relationships. This symbol is specific to you or those who care and support you regardless of what you do. This signifies a celebration for the people you love and value.

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🧭 Direction

Good fortune

Recognize your value and power, regardless of your current accomplishments. Cherish your relationships and celebrate yourself and others. This is a time to let go of the worries and fears and enjoy what you have right now in the present.

❤️ Feelings

The dream about cakes may evoke feelings of joy, indulgence, and celebration. It symbolizes satisfaction, pleasure, and the sweetness of life. It may also represent a desire for rewards or a need for self-care and pampering. The dream could evoke a sense of nostalgia or remind you of happy occasions. Overall, this dream may leave you feeling content and uplifted.





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29 May 2024



Students who steal and eat cakes are expected to be punished at school. I nearly vomited after eating ice cream by stealing and teachers caught me. Even my younger sister had to witness it.

13 May 2024



Cakes chocolate and strawberry also a crocodile dying on a sofa

9 May 2024



All I can remember is dreaming about lots of cakes and lots of frosting, but not feeling happy like it was a good dream or anything. I was feeling overwhelmed by it.

7 Apr 2024



I remember that I was in friend or family house and their were kids in the house too. However, I was functioning like I owned the house like washing the dishes by hand in the sink and helping one of the kids wash their hands. while other kids was in the house running in and out the kitchen. Then there were one adult it was a woman, as I want to get the dishes done I was interrupted with carrot cake, the kids and the woman was eating the cake and remember saying,” owww carrot cake”. I said with wonder in my voice, then the woman was said something about the cake. Then raising my voice and with a sarcastic tone saying,” I don’t want the cake!!!” Then the woman took the cake she had in her hand and started smearing it all over my face and my upper body once she was done she kissed me and I kissed her back. We kissed for five minutes while there were kids in the kitchen watching. After the kiss the woman walked away leaving me stunned and speechless in the kitchen. Then I wake up.

24 Mar 2024

New Job


I had a dream where I started in a whole new school, in a whole new place, with all new people. I somehow got in with the popular crowd. Now, this school had a lot of events, and there were a lot of people at this event, including the most popular girls boyfriend. Now, for some reason, this girl's boyfriend really liked me. I liked him too, but I wasn't allowed to because of social dynamics. And he wasn't allowed to like me either. So Now, this popular girl got jealous. Because Every time something special was happening for her, something special seemed to be happening for me. Even though I'd never said anything. But her boyfriend somehow knew. So, on her birthday, it was my birthday too. And the boyfriend got me a cake. But he also got her a cake. My cake was smaller and not as nice. But it didn't matter, because he got me a cake. And According to his girlfriend, only she should have a cake. Especially from her boyfriend. Now, this happens at most events. Every time she had something, I had something. I never said anything, but her boyfriend knew. One time, they were having a party at someone's house. And the boyfriend comes up to me, and he's being really sweet. And really nicely, but he's not spending any time with his girlfriend, and I'm really confused. I'm like, your girlfriend's right over there, why are you spending so much time with me? And he's like, because I like you, And my girlfriend's a little bit intense. I understand, but still, it's weird for him to completely ignore her. And me and his girlfriend and our whole group have gotten ready for this party for hours. And by us getting ready for the party, I mean we helped her get ready for the party. I had brought a really beautiful dress for her, and she really liked it. In some ways. And she was going to be very upset that her boyfriend wasn't giving her the attention she wanted. We all got drunk and at one point her boyfriend got drunker than I was and he just picked me up and walked away with me and I'm like please put me down. Eventually he stops and he puts me down in a room on the bed. He laid down on the bed next to me, and I'm confused, I'm like, what am I doing here? Why did you bring me here? Can I go? Please? And he's like, you're free to go, but, um, I don't know, I guess I wanted to spend some personal time with you. And then he kisses me. I leave. And Then I wake up.

20 Mar 2024



It’s my sister’s birthday in 2 weeks, I had a dream about her birthday cake? I was making this 3 layer birthday cake for her last minute and it had lots of characters moulded into the cake.

14 Mar 2024



This dream takes place in some kind of hotel. Me and my dad are upstairs, watching people in the streets through the windows. They are rioting everywhere due to religion. In the street, there is some kind of message carved into the road with religious symbols carved in as well. Me and my dad are convinced it is the end of the world due to how crazy everything is. We try to joke about the situation and are even somewhat dismissive. I try to take a picture of the message twice and find out later, that it got deleted in my camera roll. I also end up with a bruise on my arm. My and my dad think that it was a protest from jesus. Later on, we find out that other people experienced the same thing when they tried to take pictures. The dream then transitions into the next scene. The next part of the dream takes place in a town or city. Me and my family along with many other people are in some kind of carriage on a ride. It is Christmas time and I make a joke that it will be the last Christmas as the world is ending. There is an old woman sitting next to my sister. I think that it was nice of her to be able to experience life to the fullest. I personally feel sad that me and my sister will die young. I then start to feel like this reality isn’t real and I hop out of the wagon to go to the bathroom. As I investigate, the setting changes to be in some kind of dimly lit house. My vision is blurry and I am trying to find the door to the bathroom. I then find a door that I intuitively know is to the living room/kitchen but I walk through anyway. The setting I see I notice is a place I’ve seen in a dream before. It is a well lit area, contrasting what I was seeing before. There is a table with some food on it. As I’m investigating, I turn around and there are suddenly people at the table that I don’t know. They are very happy and friendly and don’t seem to notice that I am a stranger. I go over to the table to get some food. The food in particular is cake. As I’m trying to get a piece, I am having trouble putting it on my plate. One person there then helps me. I quickly start to feel like this reality also isn’t real. The next part of the dream is strangely enough me waking up inside the dream. I am in my normal house again. I go downstairs to tell my dad about the dream as I think it is significant and some kind of paranormal message about the end of the world. My dad is strangely enough interested in what I have to say. I then try to tell my mom, who weirdly enough already knows. It turns out I was actually telling my mom instead of my dad the whole time. When I legitimately try to tell my dad, he said that he knows already because he was listening to our conversation. I then try to tell my sister who is also strangely enthusiastic to hear about my dream. After I tell her, there is a strange person that suddenly enters our house. He is fat and very short. He comes over to me and tries to assault me. I yell for my dad and he comes over to get him off of me. He kicks him outside and I investigate to see how he had gotten in. It turns out the doors were not locked properly. (in real life my dad has a habit of not locking doors) I am angry and also fearful and lock all the doors in the house. Suddenly, I hear the knob turning to the garage door. It’s as if the strange man is trying to enter the house again. I go outside out of fear thinking that I need to get away. I notice very quickly that the the entrance to the garage is open. I then go to my car which for whatever reason, is sandwiched between two other cars that I don’t recognize. As I’m about to leave and drive away, all of the dream sequences end.

6 Mar 2024



I was traveling with my dad and my mom. I am the luckiest girl ever, and I am so blessed to have gone traveling with my mom and dad. Because I think the last time I travelled with them was when I was young. I think we went to a European country. And then the next moment we moved to the hotel, to a room, and I saw my god son. There are many other children. It looks like a school, but it's not really a school. I don't know where it is, but there's a wall full of paper bags, I think. And my godson began to climb on the wall. And he asked me to go with him. First of all, I was skeptical because it seemed so unstable. But when I was on the wall, my godson strengthened me, and I managed to climb the wall. There was part of the wall full of paper bags, and I didn't want to climb on there because it looked so unstable. But he encouraged me. And when I was on the floor, the paper bag was destroyed. And I was shocked because I thought I was going to fall. There were lots of pairs of eyes looking up at us, like in a courtyard. Then there was cake, I had cake in the dream, and it was old school blueberry cake, chocolate cake, coffee cream cake, and I already ate some, but there was another box, two other people were eating from it. A lady fed me more cake, she said I liked it so I should eat more, she shoffed the cake into my mouth without me accepting it. But I ate it. And a blueberry. I don’t know who she was but her presence was familiar and sisterly.

27 Feb 2024



I was at a convention for Deloitte, my previous employer. I went with a lot of people I went in my 1972 Volvo I owned in my early 20's. As I walked out a woman tall and full figured seem to recognize me and she brought me a left over cake from the party/convention and she said hi to me and walked it to myncar and opened the trunk and put it in there. I walked to an out door bathroom which I was parked next to. I went to urinate and had an odd interaction with a man at the urinal. I walked out went towards my car and at this time a huge crowd of people started to leave the corporate convention and so many were coming out it was a bit challenging getting back to my car even though I wasn't that far away. I got to my car and someone had put a house key into my car door key entry. I took it out and put my car key in and opened the door and I got in. As I started the car and attempted to back out, there seemed to be too many people behind the car. I ended up having to drive forward a bit, then I turned left, and I had to climb onto the curb and onto the grass. As I did that, I still wasn't able to make a full turnaround, so I kind of had to back out on the grass, on the lawn, and there was a big tree in the way. And as I backed out and made sure I didn't hit anybody, I finally was able to turn around facing the parking lot, but as I turned around, I had to kind of spin the car, and I hit a woman in her hand. She got very angry, but partly she was in the way as she knew I was trying to get out, and her hand was a bit bruised. As I drove out all of a sudden I was on a stretcher being pushed but then I was not being pushed and I was going down a sidewalk towards a hospital but not into the hospital my stretcher seemed to have a mind of its own. It took me to what was the tight side of the building if you were facing it from the back entrance. There was this steep drop and it took that way but in a very safe and cautious manner.

22 Feb 2024

Running away


I was out with my family going to a party at the park where all of sudden there was a lot of altercations going on. A group of people held us down and used us to shield them, putting our life at risk and yelling at us. From there I woke up in my dream at a house party with the same people that held us hostage. I was trying to confort myself in talking to people. Seeing a man coming my way and he was scary and had a gun on him, he was with me at all times and tried to talk a bit. But he was aggressive, I was then on the phone with my boyfriend but I don’t remember what we were talking about. The scary man overheard and walked away. From that point I was talking to the ladies who seemed sweet to feel better after going through that intense moment. The scary man came back again and was forcing me to go with him. Dragging me to the room where he want to have sex. I told him no, I haven’t even had sex with my boyfriend that I can’t do this. And putting back on my hoodies to prevent him getting me naked. The door was wide open, and I saw my sister come out of the bathroom. I yelled and screamed for help till she noticed and ran away. I yelled for help but nobody did anything till my boyfriend appeared running to me. I remembered the man had a gun and tried to stop my boyfriend from getting killed. Willing to risk it for a traumatic moment in order to prevent my boyfriend from getting hurt. I don’t remember what happened there. Next thing that happened was boyfriend was asking me to marry him with a gorgeous big heart chocolate cake till the scary man knocked his cake and wanted to fight him. I was scared because the man had a gun. In the end, my boyfriend proposed again and i cried with the overwhelming feeling that happened in my dream. I said yes, and my heart was too heavy with the scary stuff

15 Feb 2024



I was in the cast of my favorite show riverdale again, but it was really weird and warped. I was dating Veronica and Cheryl which is fine, but we had a whole secret business that disguised itself as a library. It was really fun until Veronica’s dad in the show started to plot behind our backs. I also saw my cats J and Ellie again but my cat J was wearing fake nails for some reason. I start to take them off of her very gently but her paw and nails start bleeding a lot. I go looking for bandaids and bandages for her to help her but it seems like she keeps bleeding through the bandaids. The dream then turns around to me being in the back room where all of the disposed items were in but nothing was writing it was just a whole bunch of cake going into a cake machine to pump out poisonous cake . I was tempted to eat some cake since it smelt so good but I didn’t.

12 Feb 2024



I was at my mom's house. My mom and brother were in another room. Out of three nearby buildings, two were bombed. I ate a brownie cake with vanilla icing and nuts, put my slides on, and went for a walk through the woods to that old lake I liked, however, I didn't make it to even see the lake. I got a gut feeling to run to the nearest Chinatown train station. However, the station was bombed too but the bombs didn't damage anyone or anything. I began ramming myself into the sliding doors to open them up, no one helped me and I wondered why

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