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Dream Interpretation: Bunny 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Bunny? Discover the significance of seeing a Bunny in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Bunny appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

A bunny in a dream symbolizes innocence, vulnerability, and fertility. It may also represent a need for tenderness and care. Alternatively, it could indicate a fear of being preyed upon or a desire to escape from a situation.

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🧭 Direction


Think about the context of the dream and how the bunny was behaving. Were you holding it? Was it running away from something? This may give you insight into what the bunny represents in your life. If you feel vulnerable or in need of care, seek out support from loved ones. If you feel like you need to escape a situation, consider what changes you can make to improve your circumstances.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of a bunny may evoke feelings of innocence, playfulness, and joy. It symbolizes fertility, new beginnings, and the need to embrace one's inner child. This dream may also bring a sense of comfort and warmth, reminding us of the simple pleasures in life. The bunny's presence in a dream can signify a desire for companionship and a reminder to approach situations with a gentle and soft-hearted nature. Overall, this dream elicits positive emotions and a sense of lightness.





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12 May 2024



Oh, I had a dream I passed away, and then I saw my mom turn into a kitty cat, a really pretty kitty cat, and she looked sad, and started crying out, and I was like, what's going on? Then I turned into a scared kitten, and a bunch of stars just flashed before me like at warp speed. So, I saw a demon, and he was laughing very evil, like a maniacal laughter. Then out of nowhere, I saw demon shaped hands holding me, and I turned into a helpless little kitten crying out, screaming, crying, and it's like my mother kitty cat came up and tried to rescue me, but she couldn't, it's like some invisible force field or some bubble or something, she couldn't get to me, and then for some reason I went to hell, and then I looked a little ways, in some kind of force, where my dad turned into a bear, and along with a lot of his families, and they, it was, I heard nothing but sobbing, and he was like, you shouldn't be here, you shouldn't be here, I don't care about me, but why are you here? And then they all started crying, and for some reason, we all went to heaven, and then my mother was running towards me, and we gave each other hugs like a kitty cat could, I guess, and then my sister came out of the bunny rabbit with her kids, and her husband, and her grandkids, and it seemed like a nice big reunion.

3 May 2024



I was with Kelsey at a cafe. I was showing her pictures and u came across a picture of a bunny. I resonated with the bunny. I showed her and it made her upset

3 May 2024



I was working in a kitchen and I needed cups. I went to a delivery truck to get the cups. They were attached to tall metal stands that made them top-heavy. I had strength to tilt the truck so the cups would slide to me. The last cup fell over and I saw a spider on it. I could communicate with him and he was helping me move the cups. Then there was a beetle next to the one that fell. He was sad that it fell. I turn around and I'm in a park with a path around a patch of grass. I walked down the path and noticed there was a bunny next to me, planting flowers as he went along the path. I turn around and see a man standing at the edge of the path telling me that there was dead bunnies. Both me and the bunny I was walking with were upset

29 Apr 2024



So I had a dream about David the Rothschild. Is it typing? It's not typing. Hello. So I had a dream about David the Rothschild, and his mom asked me to be with him because I'm the only one that have hope to make him more mature. And she told me, please, I need you to be with my son because he's acting like a child. And I told her, yes, I know, and I tried to talk to him. David the Rothschild's mom asked me to please, I beg you, to get close to my son and get married to him because he needs to grow up and you're the only woman in the world that can really help him and he needs to mature because he's very childish. And I said, oh yes, yes, I know, I'm trying, I believe that we can do a lot of good things in the world together and I will do my best. And then I went back to the hotel and he had a huge, huge penthouse, a huge place in the hotel like the penthouse and it was very luxury and he had a tiger with him. So he told the tiger to put food on the tray for the guests that are about to arrive, and he gave the tiger a bunch of pastrami to organize it on the tray, and the tiger put all the pastrami in order, and he did it like a human, and then the tiger looked at the pastrami and started to eat the pastrami. So David, in my dream, that was in my dream, took a lighter and put the tiger on flames, and I was freaking out, so I took my dog, and I took another dog that was in the luxury penthouse in the hotel, and I took the bunny, there was two bunnies there, and I ran outside to try to find water to help the tiger, and then his mom stopped me and asked me to please marry her son David de Rothschild so he mature and grow up She said I’m the only woman in the world that will be able to change him I told her that I promise to do my best . I walked back to the penthouse to talk to David and I told him We need to talk he looked at me and he said why is it? What do you want to talk about and set a meeting important can we talk and he said sure join me in the shower so he went inside the shower and he was fully naked and it was hard not to look, but I was very humble and it looked away, and I was trying to tell him how much we can change the world to be a better place as a couple and we meant to meet each other and also his mom is already blessing us, and congratulate us to be together the next scene in my dream by the way by the way, David Roschelle, he was very good looking naked he was so good looking that I felt a while and it was so oh my God so good looking I was like blushing I was literally blushing looking at him and then I woke up in my dream. It was a sunny day and I woke up in in the sunny day in London and I stubbed the bus driver. There was driving a red bus in London and I asked him and I was with JULIA my dog and I asked him where am I and he said to me welcome to London mate, and he was very powerful strong will dream and everybody call me missed the child which was really incredible and I also saw a bunny in my dream. I saved two bunnies in my dream from the fire.

17 Apr 2024



yeah I was dreaming that I was watching the vegan teachers content and she turned into a bunny rabbit and it and I was like it explains why she is a total vegan and then she decided to hop around and start eating like rabbit food and stuff because she became a bunny rabbit

13 Apr 2024

Car Crash


I wad driving my car then the breaks went out. I hit something and it was dead. I couldn't figure it out. For some reason my license got taken away. So I moved to Ohio to be closer to my sister and her family. I had to take on 3 jobs to pay for the hefty fined that I owed. I had to get a taxi, take public transport, and get ride from coworkers. It was lot time that I had to walk along as well. My frist job was being a janitor at a school. I seemed to like it most people are friendly towards me. I just kept going day to day it seem really peaceful. There was one time that there where two scary looking demon 😈 I just talk to them like they where humans and there was no harm. Then I had to clean the bathroom I saw it was occupied by some sort of a deamon. I opened the stall and saw it was on a phone. Just typing away. I decided to come back later. There was two demons fighting each other. I tell them I know he'll was not kind to you two. I had to put some collar on them and walked them like dogs. Then the day was done. So I went to my second job at fedex or ups 🤷‍♀️. I was loading and unloading trailers. This was as same pace as superman. I didn't know that I wad that good. For some reason that day I waited for my mother to pick me up. She dropped me off at my place. Before I got out she turned into a kitty cat. I petted her and told her good night. She drove off. Afterwards I went to my 3rd job at target. I got to walk there because it wasn't far away. I was there stockings shelves. I looked up and someone had been evading me. I kept running after it. I was my sister and her children she had lots of them. I talked to all of them but they all turn into bunnies. Not too far off there wad some hole that here and her friends dug to save gas money. I saw some of her friends as well. I was like yeah they all love target. They went shopping and I paid for them. All of those bunnies went back except my sister. She stayed until closing time. I wad going to get a ride home from a coworkers but she insisted that I got a ride from her. I had done all my closing and got a ride from her. I got home and sat on the couch with beavis and butt head. I was saying this suck chang it. We just talk over ever programs. Us three was just laughing and saying this is cool. I was transport to the enterprise. It was Jean Luke he said welcome aboard. I was expecting you. We are fighting the borg. I went on to the borg ship with the landing party. We all set up some destinations. I was chatting with Riker tell us we had to go down to the planet to distory the borg ship they where trying to take over the planet earth. We all beamed down and hide behind car. I was crouching down inorder to not be seen by the borg. I saw the botton. I was waiting for the time to press the button. I heard him shout do it. Then I hit the button and ran. Ad fast I could I was running like I never ran before. All of the borg was distory. There was the ship up in the sky that exploded. I saw my dad who was a bear and gave me a kiss. He told me we all will have a BBQ at his house. I need to go and catch some salmon. Later that evening after we went fishing we all had BBQ. Everyone was there people from the Enterprise, all my coworkers from my three jobs, my sister and her friends and family, even bevis and butt head was there. It was a huge backyard. Everyone was dancing and talking to each other's. I tell mom I miss her and my sister. We seem so peaceful.

5 Apr 2024



This dream was very different. I had this dream 2 to 3 years ago but I still remember it as clear as day. I see myself floating in a white void with gray smoke like swirls being the only thing in the void, besides me. I'm just slowly drifting while in a deep sleep, but I can feel that I'm at peace. Sensing myself at peace, it was the greatest feeling. While still dreaming I suddenly start to hear someone call my it sounds like whisper is at first but then it starts to get louder and louder. eventually this makes me open my eyes so I can find who it is calling after the third time my name gets called everything goes black then I started the first blink was nothing but a bright light and blurred visions, second blink the light is brighter and the blurred vision start shaping like people. the third blank was when I started hearing the voice calling my name but it was very muffled. Before I got to the 4th blank The voice started becoming more clear and when I opened my eyes to faces started to appear. I wake up and what looks like a surgical room with two mercenaries trying to wake me up and guided me through a mental wake up. well they were doing that all of these doctors and scientists were around me unplugging neuro plugs from my skull and spineI making sure my vital signs were okay. One of the mercenaries was just messing with me which kept pissing me off while the other one was making sure he didn't have to step up and do something since he thought my Powers were out of control, even though I still didn't know what they were. After I get cleared from recovery I get sent to bed with a group of people and we walk to our one room that was filled with military like bunkers. We all get to bed and I keep getting questioned with what happened while I was in my simulation that needed so many extra mercenaries around me. but I just tell them I don't know, roll over throw the blankets over my head and go to sleep. the next morning at 0500 hours, a hurricane alarm goes off and we all started getting up making our beds getting dressed. A tall fit Asian man starts playing music from his clock radio to get everyone excited for the day. We're almost done getting ready all together then a woman wearing a white medicine jacket with a clipboard starts calling out our names to make sure no one's missing. After she's done doing a roll call we have to put these metal electronic collars around our own necks then we line up single file and go to the cafeteria to eat breakfast. When I get to the cafeteria there's a whole bunch of adults and children there but only from the ages of 6 years old too 34 years old but we were all divided by different categories. After we finished our breakfast me and the people that are sitting with me got brought to a room that looked like it was set up like one of those chairs from The matrix. Asian man that was playing music in the morning to wake everyone up sat in the chair and all these people gather around and started attending to him. I then go with the woman in the doctors jacket and get taken to an examination room. I'm wearing a white gown sitting in a chair while I'm getting poked and prodded at quite different scientists. They are trying to get me to activate my Powers but I was having a difficult time doing that. I'm doing a physical exam and due to boredom I look out in the hallway, but to my surprise I see a group of children that look like they're around the age of seven and nine being led by men with guns. That's the last time that I ever see those kids. It's the next thing in the dream I start getting into an argument with the lady in the white doctors jacket telling her that we need to stop what we're doing because this is becoming excessively wrong, but she just ignores me. The next day in the dream I noticed that the bunk beds in the rooms are becoming more and more empty and in that morning of breakfast time I'm talking to a tall muscular Asian man named jet, a blonde Russian girl named Anaya, you're handsome but scruffy brunette man named Jackson, and my cousin Tony, trying to convince them that we need to get out of here and take the kids with us and without hesitation they were in with the plan. The next day in the dream we're doing our usual stuff and I notice these twins that are new to the groups. One twin is a girl and the other twin is a boy and the girl carries around a gray rabbit with her at all times. When I saw these twins I started feeling worried and angry. When our scheduled examinations were over I had a conversation with jet, Anaya, Jackson and Tony and we planned to leave that night. Thing skip forward to that night and we're all running down a pitch black alleyway with the kids we tried to escape with. The female twin with the bunny rabbit trips and falls from trying to keep up with us. Jet sees her fall and immediately runs back to try to go get her. Jackson is losing his mind Aunt jet when he turned around to get the girl because we were in a very specific territory that we were not supposed to be in. this area was worse than the place that we were running awat from. I keep trying to tell Jackson to calm down and to make sure the other kids hide at least while jet gets the girl but as soon as Jet got within arms reach of the girl these Bright lights like there were multiple cars lit up at the little girl and Jet. This weird gang of super mutants came out from the lights and almost killed the girl and jet. I got scared worried and heartbroken because of anything happened to those two I would have been lost. I hear guns finishing loading and saw them aiming at jet and the little girl I screamed out loud to make it stop then everything went pitch Black. We were still in the alleyway because I heard jet running towards me with the girl and he whispered in my ear thanks for saving me. Now that we got rid of this crazy gang we all made a run for it we're trying to go to the ocean but at the nick of time we get caught by the people who were trying to experiment on us. Helicopters and military grade everything just started popping up out of thin air surrounding all of us. They take us down one by one and make sure that we couldn't speak or touch anyone. They had us locked up as if we were the most dangerous beings on the face of the Earth. The next day I am so angry that I'm just screaming and yelling and fighting with every person that is a part of this facility to the point where they had to put a specific collar on me that continuously injects me with a sedative. When Anaya saw this she was not happy about it at all and kept finding a way to stop the collar from activating but when the white jackets found out they killed Anaya and locked me in a water tank with an oxygen mask and a straight jacket. I can see through the glass as if I'm looking through a window and I noticed that they were going to take the twins. And when I saw that they were going to take them my eyes turned white with fury, I break the tank that I'm in and then I start to absorb every ounce of water within a 10 mi radius formed it into a 87 foottallbody and start attacking everyone while I was slowly walking to the city. At that point I had lost full control over myself because I was full of sadness and rage. The last thing I remember seeing this dream was the government response teams pointing every weapon they owned at me firing them at me and watching all the bullets tanks and missiles turn into dust as they try to hit the water body that I had stuffed myself into

17 Mar 2024



I was pregnant. I got an app on my phone and I had to complete a challenge in the time restraint or it would corrupt my phone. I was also trying to pack a bag for the hospital because I was going into labor. Nothing I was packing was making sense and I was trying to pack everything into a pillow. I went to my closet to grab clothes but my shirt turned into a blue porcelain cat. I tried getting more clothes and they turned into yellow plastic bunnies. I packed the animal figures anyway and just went without clothes. While I was packing, everyone kept telling me that I had to finish the challenge on the app. I felt nervous because of both time restraints. I was upset with myself because I thought I had already packed a bag for the hospital

13 Mar 2024



I went to open the door to let the cat in and found that he had turned into a rabbit. When I looked around I saw that all the neighborhood cats had turned to rabbits. I didn’t think anything of it. I just thought “cool! They are all bunnies now!” Then continued to let my cat/now rabbit inside to eat.

6 Mar 2024

New Job


Title: Just a Nibble? Date: March 6th, 20224 I think we were on some sort of family vacation. At the beginning I was at grandma Robie’s New House, and I think Renn was with me, too. Later, my aunt Mariah, younger cousin Tyce, and little cousin Marley, were the ones going on the vacation. Renn came along, to be with me. We had arrived to a forest. If I remember correctly, it was called Caroline’s Forest. The reason being that at night, with the wind passing through its branches, it would moan. Not sure what “Caroline” has to do with wind moaning, though. I remember having a conversation with my cousin Tyce, asking if all his old toys were in storage. He didn’t know. As far he he knew, they were gone. Either in the trash, or with some other kid who would use them more than him at some point. After that, Renn and I walked through a path in Caroline’s Forest. It was a cute, small, path, and the trees and branches were kind of low hanging, and tight-knit, except for the available path. The branches were so low that sometimes, one could accidentally scrape us. We noticed it was getting dark, and heard the forest moan. It was a high pitched scream produced by the air blowing through the trees, but it was frightening, nonetheless. On the other side, there was a little clearing we could sit on. Behind that there was a barbed wire fence, on the other side of which there was a much bigger grassy clearing. The grass growing-semi tall. However my back was to that clearing for the rest of the dream. I faced the forest while I sat, Renn right in front of me. At some point, I realized that Renn was hungry, and needed to eat. It wasn’t a desperate hunger, though. That’s when I was made aware of a bunny rabbit that was with us. I know it belonged to someone, but I don’t remember who. Maybe a personification of the forest, Caroline. “I kinda wanna nibble on the bunny,” He told me. I knew he was being serious. This is when I realized that Renn was a vampire. However, in the dream, I already knew. I had known the whole time. The word “vampire” never crossed my mind, but I knew. “No!” I exclaimed. “You can’t do that!” “I’m not going to kill it, it’ll just be a nibble. It’s gonna be fine, promise.” Renn tried to persuade me. “No, it’s not a good idea,” I said. Renn sighed. “Fine. Then, will you let me nibble on your nose, instead?” My face flushed. “U-Uhm, s-sure…” I stuttered. I hadn’t expected that, but I was okay with it. I was just nervous with how much my nose getting bitten would hurt, and wasn’t excited about that particular area of my face getting bitten. I got out some food, and started eating what I think was a pint of chocolate ice cream. Vegan, I think. After having and savoring a few bites, Renn spoke. “Can I have a bite, now? Just a nibble?” I put the ice cream down, and prepared myself for what was going to happen. “S-Sure, go ahead.” Renn slinked over, smoothly, then, put one gentle hand on the side of my trembling face to calm me, and bit the right side of my chin. I gasped as the feeling of a sharp, biting numbness spread throughout the area. “Th-that’s so much better…” I stuttered out, referring to the fact that he had bitten the side of my chin, instead. I could feel him smile as he continued. It did hurt, but I liked it. Especially since it was Renn. I was nervous, and a bit scared, but I knew I was safe with him. I woke up with a flushed face and a heart pounding in my chest. Holy shit.

29 Feb 2024

Running away
New Job


Going through tall grass, a boy walked through to meet two paths. One that lead to a small cottage and another that lead to a tree house. Behind those were a trail I’ve explored in a previous dream. The little boy followed the trail and soon was caught by a big golden dog. The dogs said “You can’t go to the tree house young boy, now hurry back.” The boy replied back, “I’m not here for the tree house. I’m going over to the cottage.” The dog replied “Okay then, hurry along.” Then moved out of the boys way. When the boy got to the small cottage, there were three creatures inside, all resembling cartoon characters. Mouse, duck, and bunny, all dressed up in fancy clothes. The mouse was quite polite and took care of the little boy but the little boy was more interested in talking to the duck. The mouse ordered the boy to look out the window and tell him to look at the old phone on the stool. The little boy couldn’t see what was on the stool and the mouse said if he couldn’t see the stool, it meant something was seriously wrong with him. Soon the room went dark and everything glitched. It seemed like the boy’s presence alone messed everything up and tore everything apart. The mouse went to hug the boy and protect him but he was nowhere in sight. The boy was looking for the duck. While the room was dark, the boy began to get flashbacks to his past. The boy had a serious mental illness and would have terrible hallucinations regularly. He lived with his parents who were kind and loving. One day, the boy had an episode that caused him to hurt his parents and he ran away from home. He ran from Wisconsin to Michigan. There, he found his new family. Unfortunately, unlike his original family, his new family was horrible and abusive. The mother and father would yell and hit the boy for his illness. During the boy’s birthday, he went to a family restaurant party. During the party, he would roam around the establishment. During his search, he saw other young kids getting murdered in the back rooms and hidden areas. He would get many flashbacks to the blood and creepy machines/robots he saw. At school, he was walking to his classroom. He saw writing on the walls in red. He began to hyperventilate as the writing became more intense. It wrote “kill” repeatedly until the boy reached his classroom and collapsed onto the floor.

28 Feb 2024



I can’t remember most of it, but I was holding a big black bunny the whole time.

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