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Dream Interpretation: Artist 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Artist? Discover the significance of seeing a Artist in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Artist appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This dream symbolizes creativity, self-expression, and the need for recognition. It may also represent your desire to escape reality and enter a world of imagination. Alternatively, it could indicate a need for more balance in your life, as artists often struggle with finding a balance between their work and personal life.

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🧭 Direction


Are you feeling unfulfilled in your current job or daily routine? Consider exploring your creative side and pursuing a hobby or passion project. Alternatively, if you are already an artist, this dream may be a reminder to take care of yourself and find a healthy balance between your work and personal life. Remember to take breaks and prioritize self-care.

❤️ Feelings

This dream of being an artist evokes feelings of creativity, passion, and self-expression. It brings a sense of fulfillment and joy as you immerse yourself in your artistic pursuits. The dream symbolizes the desire to explore your talents and share your unique perspective with the world. It ignites a deep sense of purpose and satisfaction, allowing you to tap into your inner artist and unleash your creative potential.





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3 Jun 2024



I was in an extreme car chase, I wasn’t allowed to know why I was after this person though. It was very action packed, until I crashed the car. Then the dream cut to me helping create a artistic outfit for Lana Del Rey. Then she wanted me in the pictures the paparazzi were taking, but I was too shy.

29 May 2024



I was a artist painter living in a foreign country. I was sent there by my home country to observe and paint. I resonated most with the children. The children seem neglected, and the adults seem to look down upon them. The children are usually alone with other children with no parents around them. There was once when a child stood in front of a moving bus that I was in. There was a scene where children danced and screamed around a bonfire. And another scene where children spaced around on a barren land seemed exhausted and hungry as if they were remnants of what's left at the end of a war. In all the scenes, I would unfold a chair and set my materials in the middle of it all, and start to paint. My method of painting was to start directly with paint without prior sketch or drawing. I also noticed that noone spoke in this dream, it was all incomprehensible sounds and facial expressions with a sense of gloom.

21 May 2024



Dreamt I was home laying in bed. My parents were in the other room watching TV. I overheard their conversation about what was on the TV. My mom mentioned watching a particular artist performing. I immediately panicked as she was watching a concert I was supposed to be attending in New Orleans. I jump up and check my phone for the date. It said 7/3. I was supposed to be in New Orleans 7/2. I am racing through the house trying to pack. I keep checking my phone to view the date. I also call my friend who I’m traveling with. When she answers I can hear lots of noise in the background so I knew she was there. I asked her why she didn’t call me and she said she arrived late as well. I told her I was catching the next flight out. I rescheduled my flight and kept brooding over missing the original one. I realized I missed 2-3 days of vacation. I’m in the kitchen and both my sons were there. They were what I believed to be playing around. All of a sudden my younger son through a ninja star at my older son. It hit him in the foot. I began to yell at my youngest while trying to help my oldest. I was able to get the star out of his foot. As we were trying to get him to the doctor, there was a young girl out front also injured. I motioned for her to come get seen. She hesitated and suggested she knew a place to get supplies. I told her stitches would be needed. She proceeded to run away. I suspected that she was illegal. She eventually came back and we headed to the hospital. We ended up at the minute clinic for evaluation. I missed my flight again.

17 May 2024



I'm in another world and I'm traveling through a portal to a similar but different world or planet with a midsized group of people. There's about 20 of us. I'm mostly amongst strangers and there seems to be a lot of people of Indian decent. I remember the guy who granted us access to the portal was an Indian man. We entered through some back room that lead us into a mall looking establishment. We all made our way into the main space where there were tables and people sitting down at them. There was some lady speaking and i could hear her through the intercome. I couldn't see her though. There was some commotion and a some machine that resembled a fire extinguisher that i saw some one using. A handful of people from the group had left back to the other world. The guy who had access to the portal had left leaving us without a way back. I remember some of the men being stressed about it. I didn't seem to mind and went on shopping. I remember acquiring a small round mirror and two small wood keyboards (musical ones). At some point i decide to go to the mens department and buying a white button up blouse. There was a male sales clerk (white man) helping me out. I remember he called me Chris when checked me out. There seemed to have been some past engagement between the two of us because he acted as if he knew me. This invoked a sense of lucidity in me i thought i must be dreaming and in another body other than my own. I also remember stealing a few sweaters. This is peculiar because I'd never do that. I remember my consciousness coming in and telling me to treat this world as my own in act in the same manner. That didn't stop me for whatever reason. I went back to where the adventure had begun where there were people seated and i changed into the white blouse i had just purchased it had huge gold buttons on them and i remember it shaped my breast nicely. I was with my friend Ashley and still remembering that i might be dreaming decided to try and wake her up not by telling her we were dreaming but by proving it to her by asking a man sitting at a table next to us who and what he say. We asked the young Asian man what he saw when he saw us. He said " i see two beautiful women" i remember being disappointed because i must have still taken my normal female form. Thus i was not able to provide evidence that we were dreaming. I fell back into the slumber of the dream forgetting that i was dreaming and excited by my new purchases and stolen goods. I remember going into a back room where there was only one guy in there looking at security screens. The guy seemed to have been my friend and we were talking as i was folding and packing my stuff into a bookbag. Then a knock came and a buch of blonde white eastern European ladys came in. I think i knew one of them and she introduced me to another one telling her that i was an artist. I began to inquire about the lady's connection to art and i remember sharing some food with the other ladies. I then found myself in a home that was mine in the orginal world i had started in. I was gathering my thungs to leave. I remember leaving the house and forgetting my keys but not worrying because they were in a small table outside of my house i started to walk and i ended up at one of my old friends ex girlfriend house. We exchanged a few words in kindness before i decided to go back and get my keys. My house was almost completely isolated and looked like a cottage surrounded by a void of whiteness. I went to the small wooden table where my keys were. The small round mirror i had just purchased was placed on top In-between the two little piano keyboards which were placed neatly ontop of one another. I remember getting my keys then looking at myself in the mirror. There was something significant about that moment for whatever reason. I then decided that this whole arrangement should be inside my house rather then outside and decided to bring them into my house. Before doing so i placed my fingers on the top piano and played some of the keys. I some how had composed a beautiful melody then thought to try the other one out. They were tuned differently but the melody coming from the bottom one was also distinctively beautiful. I thought it odd how simple it was to play and couldn't get over the beautiful melody that i was hearing as i played it. I stopped myself telling myself there will be more time for sound exploration once i get them inside. And began to pack them. I woke up in the midst of it. This dream was kinda all over the place with one thing leading to the next. I also seemed to be very easily distracted by all of the outside stimulation. I also feelt guilty about taking the sweaters with out paying for them and it was actually uncomfortable to write about that part. Anyhow the end

22 Apr 2024



People I did ayauascha with in Congo we all lived in the same neighborhood in Richmond. There was a pass for Emma and this other girl because they Ubered before the program started. There was my ex husband Thomas helping this artist called Kitty and her hot husband with the kid but he was a furry.

6 Apr 2024



I had went and got all dressed and dolled up for an event that I had a few days before and the guy I was dating at the time Kyle, knew about the event but didn’t like offer to help with like anything, makeup , hair, nails, outfit, nothing. But I got it all together. So a few days after the event I ended up in the backseat of his car, on the drivers side, and he was in the drivers seat and it was another girl in the passenger seat next to him. I couldn’t see her face or anything but I saw her hair it was long and curly, probably a weave. And I heard her voice. I do notice that it’s someone sitting next to me in the backseat but at first I’m unaware of who it is. I was listening to Kyle and the girl who he calls bestfriend next to hims conversation. She was talking about she needed her makeup done for something she had going on for her friends birthday and her nails and she was also looking at outfits on her phone. He then turns around to me and asks me how much my makeup artists, and nail tech charges and what’s her IG so he could give it to the girl next to him… and I look at him in “awe” then he turns to her and says, “I’ll pay for your makeup and nails and even your outfit just let me know how much.” I instantly said to him “bro you got me fucked up…” I got out the car, and the person next to me got out the car too. That person happened to be my sister Kayla. Kyle steps out the car too asking “what is wrong?” I told him “A few days ago, I just had an important event two days ago, and for the preparation of the event, you didn’t offer a penny! But this girl going to a birthday party, and you all hands on deck with whatever she needs? & you’re asking for my glam team for her? You got me fucked up! We’ve been dating for sometime now and you couldn’t offer support for something important to me but you gone support a raggedy ass birthday party for somebody you not even involved with? ” Kyle responded “no, don’t do that to me… like stop ! Be forreal, I’m just tryna be helpful.” I could see the girl getting ready to try to step out the car because the passenger door opened up. My sister told him “yeah man that’s bold as hell and in our faces tho?” I said to Kyle “I’m done… It’s a wrap.” And I walked away from the car and didn’t say another word to him.

5 Apr 2024



I dreamt of a famous artist that recently died. I felt they wanted to manifest and ask for help. They committed suicide and were very depressed. I also dreamt of her friends and other people that died. Would they tried to communicate with me?

28 Mar 2024



I had a dream where I had gone back to an old nostalgic house with my mother. I started asking questions and she answered them but it was very vague. There were random doors and a dog and one cat that I've never seen before. And there would be some bears representing my mother and father. There would be dragons surrounding us and there was tension between them both. they were fighting but was surrounded by everything I want. Food, games and a new house. While they were still fighting, they were transformed into bears and it looked almost like a cartoon but my mother's words and gestures seemed serious. She seemed to be trapped and held captive, As if she was trying to leave. But she snapped and told my father she didn't want him along with how she felt. He broke down and when the cartoon atmosphere faded away, my mother broke free. She seemed to be tired and Layed down next to a window. A bear which was my dad tried to cuddle her but she had sternly told him to go away and he walked away whining. A night passed at that house and I was trying to ask questions but it seemed like they were dismissed by my mother. She was in a rush and went to work while I was left alone. The more I roamed and looked into the house, there were more mysterious things and my curiosity grew bigger. I saw my ex sleeping in a room and I saw a child with their parent. I got scared and hid for a while until my mother came home. She didn't seem to care about these people in the house and starting engaging with them. Later me and my mother went to a concert of my favorite artist and it was too silly and fun to be real. It had a cartoon vibe to it and was really fun.

28 Mar 2024



I had a very odd dream with a negative undertone. When I woke up, I felt like, whoa, that was a weird dream. And, yeah, it didn't wake me up, but it was very weird. It was kind of dark, and it was in a place that I don't know, and I was dressed kind of in rags. And everyone just wanted to sleep with me. There was this dog that was outside and I was I was going through I was sitting in this one place and I looked outside and I was like wow that's one of the places that I was supposed to see that's one of the famous places. And Marek, my colleague that I like a lot, he's really nice and a very genuine person, was in my dream too. And he looked outside and he was like, oh yeah, that's one of those places and it had a dinosaur with a number 33 on it. And then I was like, oh cool. So I just started walking outside and decided I'm gonna see the place. So I went through the restaurant and around. and out and there was this beautiful courtyard and apparently there was like a theater show going on but the artists were outside just chilling on one of the benches and they were Polish and I could understand them But everybody else wasn't polished so they couldn't understand. But I didn't say anything I just listened to what they said and they're just talking about how tired they were Nothing spectacular. They're old men Not very old, but like in their late 50s, and they were just chilling in the sun and not caring about life. and there were some big swings and I just decided that I'm gonna go swinging because it seemed like a nice place to look out at the rest of the courtyard from. so I was swinging and there was this dog sitting there and he started looking at me and I thought that's a cute dog it was a kind of bulldog but I didn't see the evil in him I saw the good But after looking in his eyes, I realized that he also wanted to sleep with me. And everyone in the dream just had their, they were different kind of things but behind the eyes there were people and there was no rules. They were all just people but in different forms. So this dog wanted to talk to me, but when I realized that I just jumped off from the swing and I was running and I ran through the house, closed the doors behind me until I reached this one closet. and there was an Indian lady there and she was like hide here and I will tell him you're not here and then I was looking around and I realized that I was wearing Converse all-stars and I need to go deeper into the closet because the dog's eye is lower and the door is not so... there's a hole in the door which you can see through. So I went deeper into the closet and I was worried about spiders being there. But I just thought I will not think about it. So I put my hand down on this wood and I was just in the closet hiding. And thinking about other things and trying not to think about spiders being there. and the dog was walking around and suddenly my mind changed the dog into an older Indian lady. And she was looking around and kind of looked into my eyes while I was in the closet because there was glass doors. But she just kept walking and I don't know if she saw me or if she pretended not to see me. She really didn't see me. And then she just grabbed her jacket from the closet where I was in but she didn't look at me and went away. And the other Indian is like, hey, what he what the fuck And I didn't say anything because I was like, the lady fucking hasn't even left yet. Why is this idiot bitch talking to me right now? I can wait. So I waited a few minutes and then I answered and I was like just leave me alone and then I woke up.

12 Mar 2024

High School


I walked by this woman’s shop in the mall but it was a big store and she didn’t have a lot of things but the stuff she did have looked cool/good. This woman was a business owner (I wasn’t going to go by her shop originally but decided I should) and a part time tattoo artist. The first day I walked by it was at a mall and it was good, seen some old friends and left the mall thinking because it was a store with Middle Eastern vines to it, it was in the NE of the city. When I left the mall ut was gloomy, cloudy and looked it was going to rain, and I was actually in the SW. The next day I returned, she told me she also does tattooing. She drew a heart in the wal to show me with some kind of paste. It was lopsided and didn’t look the best. She said she would do one for me. I was hesitant but was trying to think of places that wouldn’t be seen often that she could place this heart tattoo. I thought about under my left ring finger but I did want that there because I didn’t want it to look bad with my wedding ring when I get one. So I kept trying to think of places. Some friends from high school came in, looked around and started making fun of her stuff. Those people and their friends who I didn’t know started heckling her and making her feel bad for being mediocre at what she did, so I defended her and stood up for her. The store was full of people, had cool lights going and was kind of a spectacle going on before all this. Everyone turned to look as I berated these people for making fun of someone. I didn’t scold them because I felt the need to impress anyone, I did it because I felt like they had no business telling that to someone and being mean to them. Once they left with a blasé attitude, everyone bowed to me. The woman who owned the business started tearing up and telling me she was going to do a surprise tattoo on me for free as a thank you. I was really nervous to get it done but she started tattooing the middle of my back on my right side with black ink. I already have black tattoos so I was hoping so badly that she was not using any colour. She was not using any freezing or numbing for the tattoo and it hurt but I kept going. Someone in the back yelled out that she started using numbing cream when she tattooed because she realized the pain doesn’t make it more cool. They turn out the same. The lady who was doing my tattoo had a look of like well now you tell me! I’m in the middle of a tattoo! But we kept going. I could also see the tattoo as if I was a spectator watching and not the one being tattooed. But I was. And I could feel the pain from it. She started drawing fingers as part of a hand, and it actually looked very well done. Not sloppy or messy at all. She was tattooing a right hand opening up. Like a hand palm up in a relaxed state, but opening up more, and slowly. She did the pinky finger and started the ring finger when I woke up- but I knew what the tattoo was going to be. I know it was going to be done in all black ink, a right hand, palm up, opening slowly, with a red string weaving between the fingers and maybe around the wrist? But definitely a loose red string weaved between my fingers. Then I woke up before she could finish the tattoo.

11 Mar 2024



I had a dream that my I saw in my movement class teaching assistants bio that she may work as a tattoo artist or know a really good tattoo place, so I asked her in person. She’s the teaching assistant for our class but she’s also a student, she’s a year above me

10 Mar 2024

Falling in love


Last night I dreamt that I was a artist and that I was in this huge warehouse working with a bunch of other students and our teacher had left abruptly and there was construction being done and we couldn't graduate and then this one guy showed up to help us finish and when I got there I had introduced myself and he grabbed me and swung me around and kissed me and told me that he fell in love with me as soon as he saw me and that he had a lot of money and that he would take care of me and my kids and I would never have to work again and if I wanted to leave right now with him we could go.

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