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Dream Interpretation: Wandering 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Wandering? Discover the significance of seeing a Wandering in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Wandering appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This dream symbolizes a feeling of being lost or directionless in life. It may also represent a desire for adventure or a need to explore new opportunities. It can also indicate a lack of focus or purpose in your current situation.

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🧭 Direction


Take some time to reflect on your goals and aspirations. Consider what you truly want in life and what steps you can take to achieve it. Try to find a sense of direction and purpose, and don't be afraid to take risks and explore new opportunities. Trust your instincts and follow your heart.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of wandering evokes a sense of curiosity and adventure. It brings about feelings of freedom, exploration, and the desire to discover new places and experiences. It may also elicit a sense of uncertainty and the need to find direction or purpose in life. Overall, this dream instills a feeling of excitement and the urge to embrace the unknown.





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10 Jun 2024

Break up


My husband is in bed with a girl who I went to high school with and myself. There are a bunch of people in the room, it is a high school reunion. My husband wants to kiss the other girl. I finally say, “ok we are on a break!” And they have sex. I yell at her that “wow people said you were an even bigger slut than I was and it looks like they’re right” I am so angry. I leave with both his phone and my phone. I go outside to a slide and find a bag of weed on a slide. I take it. I am wandering around a house and find some male friends. Greg is sharing his sober anniverssary speech and James is there too. David calls his phone and I answer and then hang up. Then I call him back on mine. He says “are you really still mad?” And I say “yes! We are still on a break!” He says fine, it’s a lapse in judgement that he had one time. He doesn’t seem remoreseful, he seems flippant. I tell him about the weed I found. He asks me me if I am going to smoke it. I say yes although I am scared of who it belongs to finding out. I go in the house and the girls from high school are there. I am filled with hate. I yell at Roxanna and she tells me I should have one of my lesbian friends make me a pie.

19 May 2024



I was at a school party it was like a lockdown of some sort and it was Halloween i was wandering the halls looking at the different Halloween decorations and going up each floor of the school until I came across my old childhood friend she seemed way too excited and happy about something her face was fuzzy but I could see that she was smiling big I felt really off about this incounter right off the bat and she said come with me I want to show u something so cool so I fallowed her up more stares and down more halls until we came across a door she looked at me again with that wide smile and we walked it he old friend who she hung out with more than me in school was there and she also looked suspiciously excited and happy there was a mirror next to my old friends friend and it was one of those wavy distorted carnival mirrors the guided me towards it and I stood in front of it I don’t remember seeing my reflection in the mirror they handed me a big syringe I was comically huge it had this thick dark blue shining liquid in it they I looked at them confused and they said go on u know wat to do and I looked at the mirror with anxiety and took a breath and plunged the syringe deep into my heart and forced the liquid into my chest it created a bulge in my chest so I pushed it down then I woke up screening with my heart racing

8 Apr 2024



First dream I was getting my blood drawn or something and just remember it was taking forever and mentioned some about how I just like cheese curds. Then I jumped to the second one where me and a big group of people all hit our dab pens at the same time and ripped them into a giant cloud. After that we went to an abandoned mall to look around the foundation because we thought it’d be cool. We were wandering around and I noticed it felt like the backrooms. Well after running around i decided to go off on my own and I found this area that was pitch black and thought that was perfect. As I’m running towards this area, 2 shadows are walking and approaching. I instantly get a bad gut feeling and run back

6 Apr 2024



dasha was skiing backwards and it was pointed out that as a person from money she had learned to do that as a kid. i was hanging out with a group of women. one of them was a witch who didn't like me. everyone was in the midst of traveling. they were going to a music festival. i took molly with some of those people. one of my friends urged me to come with them, but i didn't want to. i ended up going on a cruise to dublin (drive to the boat ended with someone getting sick). i was smoking weed on the ship and wandering around. i couldn't find my room. i had a pet puppy with me, and he kept trying to get away from me while i searched for the room. there was a mail carrier on the ship, and the puppy bit her on her ass when we crossed paths. i apologized profusely to her.

2 Apr 2024



I had a dream that I can as visiting a witches house. There were other women with me and she had invited us there. She was telling us that she was about to go through her second round of chemo. We were telling her how sad we were to hear it. I started wandering around, exploring the house. It was so whimsical. One of the hallways off to the right of the living room was pink with beautiful panel that made it look Parisian. I hesitated to walk up the stairs but looked back at her for an okay. I told her I was just exploring and she nodded and continued talking. I went into her bathroom and it was so nice. She had a big beautiful tile bathtub. I imagined how nice it must be to relax in that tub with candles. Then I walked through each room and explored. I thought about how inwoild decorate the house if I lived there. I wanted to ask her to leave the house to me if she ever died. I looked out the window of the back room and Sa had black berry bushes with white flowers and admired them. Then I saw my cousin’s son and my uncles’s son outside the window. They were running through the field behind her house and they ran up to the window to look in. For some reason they could reach the second floor from the ground. They were going to come in but I told them to behave and go back outside so they did. Then I looked down the back Halloway to discover a second staircase with wide walls and pretty floral wallpaper. She had a music room too. I could hear her in the bathroom doing a spell and I thought it must be to protect her from her cancer.

23 Mar 2024

My crush


kind of about eric ig in another universe. briefly shows me / "toni" (short for tonisha i think) meeting and flirting with him for the first time in a theater esque situation at 15. similar shit goes down and i just don't see him after being reprimanded a few months before my 18th things haven't really improved. i'm in a sort of wayward teens program and we're on a field trip. i have a rambunctious beast friend similar to kayla who takes her daily meds but still acts weird. i've mastered the art of not taking i think we're visiting a hospital or living facility of sorts, and i'm aimlessly wandering until i see a familiar name somewhere. i realize he's staying there and don't really tell bff but try to but she's busy talking with one of the male wayward teens she likes. it's kind of a race to evade both building staff and the crew watching the teens but i make it shortly after some religious folks leave the room. i'm panicked thinking he's in hospice but slowly walk in. just by my heels he goes "toni?" i think he's "quenton" in this dream but we sort of awkwardly look at each other before he smiles and we catch up and gossip and he's fine i think just staying in an exclusive residential suite bc he wants to "find himself" and i guess can afford to. at some point things get hot and flirty and kind of weird in the you're still so beautiful but all grown up way but its so sexy to me lol. in the dream some actually ?? stuff happens and bff is there and i think i was just very in real life horny lmao so my dream had a porn like scene anyways it gets back to some sense of reality when again in the dream he leaves halfway through ~activities saying he'll be back and me and best friend cry like wtf but a more normal scene in this hellscape would be i fall asleep after and he says something i can't really decipher and when i wake up he's gone and the alarms are going off in the hospital again my dream gets crazy and there's an action sequence and the hospital explodes ?? but let's say i and some other patients from either program / facility escape without jumping out of a tall ass building. bff somehow makes it out too and she's pissed at me first bc her crush didn't make it out or got bright back to the state custody but we eventually shrug and kind of become street urchins idk if i have family or she does but we spend the next few weeks kind of making the city outside of the "dishonorable youth" program. initially im trying to find him but there are no leads and bff convinces me to give up. it hurts and i wander one more night in a shady alley that's somehow relevant (lmao i think its a college bar area near where he claimed to live during the catching up scene, suggestive / creepy comments and all) and these two east asian guys ask me what a sign says and i'm like "black cherry?" (it looks like a bar) they laugh and speak another language so i walk away and decide that's it, he's gone xmas eve comes, the day before im assuming my / toni's 18th birthday and there's a sliver of hope that there will be a Christmas miracle but im starting to wake up at this point so the last actual dream part was me standing in what was kind of like central park of ny all lit up and i was looking at this really tall light post that's bulb was super bright and i pretended it was a shooting star before bff is like let's get wasted my own ending i think is that i wake up hungover as shit with this guy snapping and going "hello?" and i think he's my shooting star come true on my birthday morning so im like "quin"?? and he says "who?" as the sleepiness leaves my eyes and he's just some college guy from a bar we went to. i blink before smiling and replying "ah, nobody" other parts in the dream that were probably "in order" before my own ending but i couldn't make sense of it in a linear manner include coming back to the hospital that's now in good condition with better security and we make a joke to the receptionists about the incident months prior which makes them confused first then surprised. i think we go the equivalent of jk, oh can we get these drinks? i also think i made note of not seeing his name on the visiting sheet as an option or something so it could have been during the "where's pedo" montage alternative ending i get some sort of real closure? it's been years of no contact atp and i think nye following my 21st and i see him at the event and he sees me. i don't feel the same butterflies and anxiety but just.. weird so i go somewhere less crowded to drink water and this time he followed me. vague small talk, some awkward silences, and then we both say im sorry. and he's like why are u sorry and while i feel like i have a reason i stop and frown and i just don't know. he goes you aren't because you don't need to be and talks about the regret of ruining my adolescence and that's why he ran bc while the night was fun and thrilling it wasn't right and wouldn't end in good for anyone. like how i'm on track in community college after getting my ged (which i mentioned during small talk) and he's in therapy and trying to talk to ppl his age *awkward pained but genuine laughter* we nod and look away nervously while ppl filter in and out of what's probably someone's penthouse kitchen. the ball drop is soon and he says my name and i instinctively look despite feeling ashamed be almost a dog on call, following every command. he says something goofy to lighten the mood but i interrupt and kiss him as the countdown starts. its brief but passionate and at five i go "goodbye, quenton" and run off to the glass/window walls as one approaches. bff is there with u troubled youth boy toy who's turned it around and she grabs my hand and i squeeze back as it's the new year. there's celebration and cheer and yelling and we hug and bff asks "so what's your first resolution" looking her in the eye with a smile and refusing to acknowledge the confused but all too familiar set of eyes i'm sure is on my back "to never look back" toast, cheers, etc noises as she looks confused momentarily but shrugs and smiles bc she may not get it but she /gets it/ and i do too, finally

17 Mar 2024

New Job


I had a dream that I had two phones that were going off at the same time in the beginning of my dream I was trying to get some mail or something and my mom texted me saying I had a new screen protector for my phone even though I already had one. I was also in my apartment but once again the setting was different , I got to see the other parts of my apartment and my aunt came over to help me with something along with my family. We were laughing because I had completely forgotten that she planned on helping me out with this. Go downstairs to see a whole basement and somebody was watching, Ed Ed and Eddy. My alarms wouldn’t stop going off from both phones and it was driving me nuts later on I started watching my favorite horror movie saw and the fictional character. Adam was in it. I remember wandering around in different apartment rooms. One of them was watching The Simpsons was watching something different and I found that they were watching Saw two I got really excited about it

16 Mar 2024

High School


In my first dream, I was with Kyle and our friends somewhere on campus, and it was pretty chill yet chaotic, with so much people around. Honestly, I don’t really remember what happened but all I know that I was with him, and a friend of ours playfully teased us. In my second dream, I was with people who goes to MC, and went to my old high school, and we were all just wandering around and then things started getting uncomfortable. I saw people you know hooking up which is normal, but what wasn’t normal is that I too hooked up with a guy, and I didn’t know who or what he looked like. Once that was all over, I asked my friends what just happened, and I am pretty sure that they all looked at me and some of smiling and laughing.

14 Mar 2024



I was invited to live with the celebrity man, Markiplier, and his girlfriend, Amy. Down in the basement, I began to unzip my sleeveless vest to try to get my arm out. Mark stopped me, then I told him it wasn't for me to show him my chest, but to get my arm out and put it through the armhole. Throughout the dream, I could tell Amy didn't like me and felt jealous towards me and Mark. The way we kept glancing at each other and locking eyes. My heart would race when we locked eyes and when we were alone for a moment, he'd be close to me. I could tell he had feelings for me too. At one point, Mark took me outside and we were going to some kind of store, but I lost him because I wasn't wearing my prescription glasses. I started wandering around, trying to find him, but ended up in a store with a bunch of strangers. I started backtracking, but had trouble finding his house again, until I finally did.

14 Mar 2024



I square all glass mall building. With glass floors and walls. Feeling of wandering. Multiple floors.

12 Mar 2024



I had lots of dreams about food. I dreamt that I was setting up a hidden study room for an honors student cohort and stocking it with ready-made meals like frozen pizza. I dreamt about wandering around a grocery store and buying cookies and apples. I dreamt about being in a kitchen and deciding to whip up a batch of cinnamon vanilla tapioca pudding, and having to climb on top of counters to reach some of the ingredients. The pudding wasn't very good.

5 Mar 2024

New Job


My online friend Sarishka from Russia had come up to Shetland to meet me and to stay for a little bit. Me and her went to our new school, which was in the Lerwick Health Centre building now for some reason. We got dropped off and were about to go into the school, until Sarishka stopped me and told me that we need to have a talk first. So we stood outside the school doors where other people were coming in, and she whispered to me that she was part of this weird gang at the school and she warned me about these 2 teachers who were not going to be very nice to us, but if I stuck by her then I should be fine. I said okay in a wary and confused tone of voice, since I didn't really know what she was talking about since I'd never been to this school before. We walked in the door and just had our classes as normal until lunch time came. I was in the line to get lunch, which was at the reception bit of the health centre building, and I was counting my money whilst wondering where Sarishka was. Then this teacher with straight dark brown hair in a ponytail and glasses came up to me and started talking to me, wearing a dark green blazer. She seemed really nice and we chatted for a bit in the lunch line. I think she was that teacher from Bulgaria that I had in the online school at school thing in 2021. She then went back to her place in the lunch line and I went back to mine. Then this other teacher with slightly curly, light brown hair in a ponytail and glasses came stomping up to me wearing a long floral dress. She started talking to me rudely and I didn't understand why, and then she started screaming at me, took a hold of me and threw me out the lunch line. She then started beating me up whilst strangling me and trying to chop my hand and head off. But no one in the lunch line seemed to notice even though I was screaming at the top of my lungs for someone to come and help me. She eventually stopped beating me up and left me. I then went to the school nurse to see about my injuries. I had large scars on my neck and my hand. The nurse gasped when she seen it and asked how I managed it. I then told her about the teacher that had been beating me up and she was absolutely shocked and said she will report it immediately. She gave me a bunch of bandages and I thanked her, and then I was annoyed because I had missed lunch. School ended and me and Sarishka met up with each other again outside the door as the sun was setting. She said that she will stay here to hang out with her group of friends, and I could go home if I wanted to. I said okay and went on the bus to go home and looked out the bus window at the sunset. The next day at school, I was really hoping to not bump into the horrible teacher again in the lunch line. I seen the nice teacher and I was releaved, but then I seen the horrible teacher and was like 'Oh, no, not again'. But gladly she didn't pay attention to me this time and just left me alone, but I could feel her glaring at me. I was confused because I didn't know why she hated me so much when she didnt even know me. School ended and me and Sarishka had our usual conversations outside the door. Then, I suddenly ended up in this weird, mysterious world. I was standing on a tree lined platform looking at these floating and moving tiles that were going along all these different places. Me and Sarishka were both on the platform, and we jumped onto the tiles. The first tile was of the street in Lerwick, in the side where the bookshop is, we walked up it, then slipped through all the tiles until we got to the end. The world at the end tile was of some weird place with a view of a forest/some trees and some buildings. There seemed to be a bunch of wooden carts and stalls and shops around as well, all painted in beige and pale pink, and the sky was a duck egg blue colour with clouds. We played around happily in this world for a while, wondering how we managed to get here. Then we decided to jump back to the beginning of the tiles where we started, and as we were jumping, I teleported to this weird scene when I was in Sandveien/Sandwick, and the sun was setting. I was sitting on the steps of this random person's house whilst sighing with my head in my hands. I also went into the house of that doctor and I also saw my cousins whilst I was wandering/ running/ floating through the different lanes and houses. Then I went back to the scene where me and Sarishka had reached the street again on the tiles, and then the tiles disappeared and we just ended up standing in the middle of the street at the bookshop/old post office bit, and it was snowing lightly now. Me and her were now walking along the street going towards the direction of Don Leslie's and my house

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