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Dream Interpretation: Wallet 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Wallet? Discover the significance of seeing a Wallet in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Wallet appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

A wallet in a dream symbolizes your financial situation and how you handle money. It can also represent your sense of self-worth and personal identity. Losing a wallet may indicate a fear of financial loss or a lack of control over your finances.

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🧭 Direction


Take a closer look at your financial situation and how you are managing your money. Are you being responsible and making wise decisions? If not, it may be time to reevaluate your spending habits and create a budget. Additionally, consider how your sense of self-worth may be tied to your financial status and work on building a stronger sense of self that is not dependent on material possessions.

❤️ Feelings

The dream about a wallet may evoke feelings of security, financial stability, and responsibility. It symbolizes the need to manage and protect one's resources, both material and emotional. This dream may also bring a sense of organization and control over one's life, as well as the desire for independence and self-sufficiency.





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15 Jun 2024



I was in a luxury restaurant and I ate a delicious steak once I returned from the luxury restaurant I snacked on dumplings on the edge of the net. And amazingly when I opened my wallet to pay my money was not reduced but increased a lot

12 Jun 2024



it was winter so i had my coat on and didn’t have anything with me but my phone and wallet. i don’t know why i didn’t take my car, but i was in this huge city just shopping around and eating out. i kept loosing my wallet and coat, but eventually i just called every store ive been to and told them to keep an eye out for my coat and wallet. my aunt called me from the store she owned, and said “i think i found your coat.. is it on the lesbian bed?..”. i said “yes… that might be it…. is there a wallet in one of the pockets?”. it was silent, then she hung up. i assumed it wasn’t it, so i just went to one of the other stores that i went in. there was someone blocking the left lane to get in, so i went into the right, and the alarm started going off. everyone’s eyes turned to me and i got really embarrassed. i said “i swear i have nothing on me, idk why it’s going off”. one of the workers said “it’s fine we can fix it!” so he pulls out a manual on how to fix the entrance gate thing, and he said “huh! there’s nothing in there for that.”. i just sat against the wall and waited till i could go. eventually i somehow made it into this movie video game thing of one of the stores i lost my wallet at, it was pitch black outside of the windows and the house was 1000x bigger and it felt like i was small. i had to escape the maze. i was going around following the candles that had already been lit, looking for everyone else, and i eventually stumbled upon a section of the house that hadn’t been explored. so i lit a candle and the clothing racks started moving to the left very violently. i was scared, so i took a few steps back and there was this ski lift thing but it was with chairs and couches. it kept coming closer to me, eventually it swept me off my feet and i had no choice but to go where it took me. i found where a few other men were, so i caught up and followed them. i knew them in the dream but i’ve never seen them irl. we were supposed to light up candles to open new pathways and find the way out. behind me was a cliff from the lift, and this man with a huge chain around him and men chained onto him surrounded me. he wanted me to free him, i was about to but i realized something was off. i got closer to him and i said “im sorry but im not your father”. and he said something back to me then jumped off the cliff and killed himself, dragging all of the other innocent men down with him. i yelled for the man i was with, and he said “we gotta keep going.”. i noticed a candle on the floor next to the table i didn’t light, so i lit it up and i heard a bulldozer start coming, i ran around the corner, i dont remember what was being said but the bulldozer came through and knocked the wall down destroying everything on sight. i ran and said “hey we gotta be careful now! dont light the wrong candles or we are dead”. my view cuts to the other man who lit a candle, and sat in a chair. the bulldozer plowed through the wall and almost killed him. an ad then started playing and i woke up

4 Jun 2024



I was going out to see some random girls to hang out with and I ordered something and I forgot my wallet. I told them and they did not care but some annoying girl was there and I had to leave. I came back and said sorry for leaving. I brought my Wallet and told them I only had 5 dollars but when I opened up my wallet. The cash was replaced with these demonic cards.

3 Jun 2024



I was with my boyfriend on the way to my childhood home, when I stopped and picked up a wallet. I looked through it, my boyfriend saw the money and made big eyes, I said "No, I'm looking for the pass.", silently hoping we would get something for the honesty when we find the owner. When I found it, the owner was a person I used to know, the sister from a childhood friend. I looked up and saw her and her mother, i tolded them i found the wallet and they said that the sister is injured and in the hospital.

26 May 2024



have an idea-I want students or someone to build 3 collages-1for properties if the plant, second land connection and 3 connections with other plants. Than teaching resiliency. Someone like Raynique is supposed to present. She doesn’t want to. I feel foggy. Who was supposed to do what? I tell them to collect as many native plants as possible. I’m collecting-can’t think what certain ones are called. I ask Tiff and Dylan -from old Fort. He tells me. I ask Tiff and another about corn meal. They seem skeptical. I say it was given to me by a Native. Then I realize I can use it for my retirement. A student has joined the class and is latching on to Jeremy Zimmerman. Sigh. I tell her she seems desperate for connections. I want to buy blue corn cookies for everyone. But I forgot my wallet. Sigh. Don’t leave I tell them and dash to get wallet. What’s the fastest way. Making sure I’m not lost on Elmors road. Run into Savannah Lewis and Dylan. I’m pulling imaginary strings. One of them is that he feels like a fraud. The other is that he wishes the class were more organized. Both are corrected. I tell him how much he would have liked out old department. Activist. I think about our department now. Seems sad.

18 May 2024



Last night I dreamt I went to a mall with my dad, and we were looking for light bulbs, so I and my dad bought a small plant, I asked him what for and he said "for his new house". Then we went to my grandmothers house and she had a pet goat. For some reason I left my handbag on the porch (it was raining). My sister and I wanted to order from Mr Delivery and I realised my wallet was outside, and we noticed someone had taken my wallet and phone, but then my sister found them, across the road. Nothing had been taken but my card had been used to buy food and a homeless person just left the receipt and had written "thank you".

17 May 2024

Text message


Dreamt I was in a 2500 a week apartment in a different county on holiday. I met a man and was dating him but he didn't text me and I lost his number. I had a cat and dog but they were left outside on the balcony. When I got them in they were really freezing cold. I received a text from someone asking if I was OK. I was going to reply I'm fine. I was swimming in the sea with a rhino, unicorn and another creature. The apartment had a TV on the floor. I went out for drinks and saw a group of teenagers and parents. We all had a conversation. One of the men had a black wallet.

24 Apr 2024



me and you were traveling by a school bus and I left all of my stuff in the seat. Clothes phone wallet lunch box and I walked into this building and talked to some people and it seemed like a daycare and I wanted cereal instead of my lunch I had packed and I went back to the bus and it had been moved but the driver had just parked it down the street and I got on and checked if everything was still there. I grabbed my lunch box and my phone and walked down the street again to eat it and when I got back you and the bus disappeared. I text you and you sent this big long paragraph saying how she couldn’t stay parked. I spent days searching for you until one day I walked into this building and everything was like gray and white futuristic and they had so many rules like I had to put my nose ring up so it was hidden and I couldn’t have too many bracelets on. I was looking around and I saw all of my clothes and my Adderall in a garbage can so I started pulling them out but my wallet wasn’t in there. I was panicked at this point. You still were nowhere to be found until a long like train bed system came through and all of the beds were in a line and moving throughout the building. Everyone in it was asleep and you passed me and I screamed your name and you opened your eyes and you smiled so big. They took y’all into a different room because all of you had a large scar on your back and it said something kinda creepy but I can’t remember what it said and I was trying to talk to the lunch lady but she was talking to the girl infront of me giving her strikes. As soon as I saw you walking up to me my alarm went off.

19 Apr 2024



I had gone on vacation with my partner and friends and they had kids, I didn't, and we were running around. I had my pet cat and they had brought a pet of theirs and that was a random goat. We had kind of got off to the side of this area that ended up being the boat and we put our stuff down and I put my wallet down after going through it and then when we were back as we were about to leave, the boat was about to take us somewhere, I couldn't find my wallet anymore and my partner held one up that looked like mine but it was significantly smaller and completely empty. I was talking to the crew and I was freaking out about it but everyone seemed super calm.

30 Mar 2024



I was in the back of the homeless shelter with my ex and another guy that we thought was our friend. My ex had to go somewhere. Then it was just me and this guy doing meth. He grabbed my stuff put it in his backpack and took my wallet and my phone and all of that and walked to the homeless shelter knowing that I was going to have a hard time getting there. I was crying. Then these other two guys who I didn’t recognize came up and went to the homeless shelter got my meth and the cigarettes he took from me and brought them back to me.

28 Mar 2024

New Job


I had a dream about a new house. I had a dream about this house before and it's a really beautiful house. It's very large. and In the dream I had before, there was an old family, like 1800s, who had started the house. And he had built the library that is still standing in the house that we just moved into. Or we're about to move into. It's a beautiful little library with a very beautiful tile floor. But the way they made it had some sort of gas coming into it that was flammable. But they thought it was medicinal and helped your brain remember things. In this dream we knew of the explosive capabilities. in this dream I got to explore the rest of the house as well, mostly the living room. The house was weird architecturally, it was not a typical looking house, but it was very very beautiful. It was in New Mexico, and it was in Adobe, but it somehow was also right next to the ocean. And I'm texting one of my friends, and one of my friends is at the beach, so I walk down the beach and I find my friends. And so I start hanging out with my friends, and we're having a really good time, and I tell them my house is right there, they can see it from here, and they really like it. And I keep playing and playing and playing. I have two dreams, the first one and here's the second one. I'm going on a road trip with my parents and my grandparents. We have a different car, it's much older, it's a van of some sort, kind of like a VW van. It doesn't walk or anything, but it's a good car to drive as well, put a lot of stuff in it. So I'm on this road trip with my parents and we stop at this museum. I'm with my friends with some kid and we're hanging out in the rooms behind the museum. There's one kid who keeps trying to pull pranks on us, he's trying to pull two pranks on us. I don't remember the first one, which was when he pulled on my new friend, but the second one was a camera that was just supposed to randomly take a photo of us. I don't see how that was a prank, but I knew it was there. It wasn't hidden or anything. Later we leave the museum. We end up going to a store like, with clothes, like fabric for clothes and stuff like that. And I start just putting on a pair of clothes that they have there. I'm wearing a pink strapless top with a grignola, a pink grignola. Just like a hoop skirt. My friend tells me that we can't do that, but I do it anyways, and I encourage him to do it. So he does, and we have a good time dressing up, having fun. And I go to put my clothes back on, but I can't find which ones are mine. There's a bunch of my clothes there that I didn't put there, but they're there anyways. So I'm looking for my clothes, and I finally just grab a pair that look like mine. So, me and my dad walk back to our car, and we head back to the house. We stop at a restaurant on the way, where when we get out, someone robbed our wallet. I pick up the wallet, and there's my uncle's driver's license, and my friend's driver's license, and a bunch of photos of me, a couple kids I know, and it's just very creepy. It's like someone documented everywhere I went. It was like someone's been following me, which creeps me out. The lady comes back to her car, and this was next to the car, so I asked, told her, you dropped your wallet. She's like, oh thank you, yeah. I'm like, there's a bunch of photos of me and my family and my friends, and you even have my Uncle Trevor's license. Who are you? Stay away from me, stay away from my family. I don't ever want to see you again. I'm just screaming and yelling at her at this point, and she just seems bewildered, but I know she knows what I'm talking about. I can see the recognition, like, she nods her head, but she's still, like, dumbfounded. I head up to dinner with my grandparents and my dad. My dad leaves for something, a restroom or something. And my grandparents haven't come up the stairs yet. So, I'm sitting at this booth and I can see my friends who were in a couple of the photos. That lady's wallet too. Laila, Camilla, and Kaylee. And they're sitting in one of the chairs in one of the booths near me. I smile and wave at them, and then go back to the menu. Although I'm not really looking at the menu, but I'm looking around. I see the lady who I yelled at in her car, go up the stairs and start talking to the girls, telling them that they need to go home. And I assume that's one of their sisters or their mother or something, which is confusing to me, so I start thinking. Maybe they are one of their parents and are just concerned about where they are, but then why not honor everything i do? The woman leaves and then an angry girl comes up and starts yelling at them as well, I assume it's her little sister or something, her daughter, and eventually they get up and go with her.I had some trouble with the van getting here. I couldn't fit in it or something. So I had to live in here with my grandparents. That was an experience. My grandparents were tired and exhausted and just wanted to go home. So I'm glad we stopped at the restaurant. Because they seemed much happier afterwards. On the way back I decided to ride with my dad. I sit in the car, in the back of the van, and people start just grabbing stuff out of the car. They did when we first pulled up too, like when we first started walking towards the car. Like, people just start grabbing things out of the open window of the car. There are antiques in there for some reason, and my dad starts yelling at them. Not because they're stealing though, because they're not taking the good things. Like, it says to one person, who grabbed a very beautiful, very old music box, who's like, you have to have the certificate of authentication for that, or you're not gonna get the right amount of money. Why not take the certificate with it you’ll get much more money for it? What are you a Dumbass? And that's the end of my dream

26 Mar 2024

New Job


my sisters wedding was taking place but nothing was organized properly. I felt stressed because I still needed shoes to go with my dress and the rest of the bridesmaids were not ready. It was the day of and I realized I forgot to get new shoes and I thought to myself “wait this is a dream, I’ll just think up some new shoes real quick” and then it was like I forgot the rest of the time I was in a dream. We were all sat down at the church and they were playing a slideshow of my sister and her new husbands pictures of their life. Baby pictures, school pictures and everything in between. I got nervous again because I had a feeling a picture of me might show up and I didn’t want anyone to see it. Even though the pictures were supposed to be of my sister and her husband I just had this awful feeling an ugly picture of me doing something embarrassing was about to show. Suddenly a picture frame on the wall falls over and collapses. There was a bunch of weapons hiding in the wall behind them that were now exposed. My sisters husband got up and tried to explain and apologize to everyone but they were already leaving. I felt weird but kept quiet because I had a gun strapped to my thigh. I’m not sure why I had done this. I’m not a gun person. Then as we were all leaving the church I tap my body as if to check I have everything. I looked in my bag and I was missing my wallet. I go back inside the church but I grab my cat who I guess I had known was there the entire ceremony. He was hidden underneath the benches of the church kind of coward away from everything. I knew he was scared. I finally get a hold of him and I can feel him fidgeting in my arms. I get into my sisters car quickly with him still in my arms and I try to soothe him in the ride. We drive up to the hospital where a friend of ours was sick in. I remember saying hi to everyone else in the room except the friend who was sick. Someone had brought their dog though so my car jagger was very on edge. I had to soothe him a bunch for him to feel just a bit comfortable. The dog was a bull mastiff and still a puppy so he was very big and clumsy and just generally unaware of his surroundings. I don’t think he knew just how big of a dog he was. Jagged was terrified and I held him in my arms the entire time. I remember as soon as jagger had relaxed I looked down at him and it was almost as if I could read his thoughts or I was trying to at least. He was thinking that he could relax because I this isn’t the first time I have taken him somewhere with me. Therefore I’ll never leave him, because I won’t even leave him at home. He’s by my side through everything and that thought alone seemed to ease him. Then I woke up.

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