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Dream Interpretation: Legs 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Legs? Discover the significance of seeing a Legs in your dream πŸ’€ - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Legs appears in your dream βœ…

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πŸ’‘Possible meaning

This symbol represents progress, growth, and development and a foundation upon which all of these are built. This symbol also suggests that you need to be aware of the progress that is taking place around you. It can also be interpreted as a symbol of sexuality and your sexual pursuits.

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🧭 Direction


Think about where you have been and where you are going. The dream meaning can differ based on the way you feel about things in your dream. Sometimes we can be afraid of someone else's legs as we fear their plans will harm us. Sometimes we can also fear the loss of our legs, indicating that we need to take steps to keep our forward momentum going. Other than this, notice if these truths are present in a sexual context for you.

❀️ Feelings

The dream about legs can evoke feelings of mobility, freedom, and strength. It may symbolize the ability to move forward in life, explore new opportunities, and overcome obstacles. This dream can also bring a sense of confidence and independence, as legs represent our ability to stand on our own two feet and take control of our own path. Additionally, the dream may elicit feelings of vulnerability or insecurity if the legs appear weak or injured, reflecting a fear of being unable to move forward or feeling unsupported in one's endeavors.





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4 May 2024



I had a dream that I liked this girls nails and I said that it looks pretty and I had asked my coach if I worked on my legs if it would help since I am a long distance runner

25 Feb 2024



My legs stiff up and cannot move forward when I'm trying to go somewhere.

2 Feb 2024



I was in my childhood driveway, it was night time and cold. I saw something standing in front of me. It had a fluffy, or feathery head and shoulders, was tall and thin, with long legs that came to a point. It stared at me, and out of nowhere it began to run at me.

13 Nov 2023



My legs kept cramping. I had a hard time walking

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