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Dream Interpretation: Instrument 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Instrument? Discover the significance of seeing a Instrument in your dream πŸ’€ - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Instrument appears in your dream βœ…

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πŸ’‘Possible meaning

Dreaming of an instrument can represent your desire to express yourself creatively or your need for harmony and balance in your life. It can also symbolize your ability to control your emotions and actions.

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🧭 Direction


Think about what type of instrument you saw in your dream and how it made you feel. Are you feeling unfulfilled creatively or emotionally? Consider exploring new hobbies or activities that allow you to express yourself. Alternatively, if you felt in control while playing the instrument, focus on maintaining that sense of control in your waking life.

❀️ Feelings

The dream of an instrument can evoke a sense of creativity and self-expression. It may bring feelings of joy and fulfillment as you explore your artistic abilities. This dream symbolizes the desire to communicate and connect with others through music or other forms of artistic expression. It may also represent a need for harmony and balance in your life. Overall, this dream elicits positive emotions and a sense of passion for the arts.





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29 Feb 2024

New Job


I was un a new house that was unfamiliar to me. It was 2 story house with all hardwood floors. It was nearly impossible to walk quietly in that house. My bedroom was on the second floor by the stairs. I had my dog, Hermes, but he looked different than in real life. I'd invited my friend Jessica over to hangout. We'd been talking in my room for a bit, i don't remember about what. She'd gotten a call and my mom was calling me to come help her with something, so I left Jess in the room by herself. I went downstairs to help my mom with groceries but she didn't look like my mom. My mom looked like a black woman and I realized I was a black man, but I knew I wasn't really. I helped my mom with the groceries then went back up to my room. When I looked at my hands I was back to normal. Jess was nowhere in sight, but I had a feeling she was in the bathroom. I sat down in bed and put mu legs under the covers. I picked up an odd instrument from under my bed. It was like a synthesizer and a mandolin combined. I started playing a pretty little tune that I'd just made up as Jess came out if the bathroom. She looked really upset and it was obvious she'd been crying. She sat on the bed next to me and I asked her what was wrong. She told me her sister had told her that their mom did something horrible to her. Apparently her mom and sister got into a fight and her mom hit her sister. Jess was crying because she never thought her mom would do something like that. I offered a hug as consolation, but Jess got under the covers with me and pulled me in to cuddle. I layed my head on her chest and wrapped my arm around her torso. My hand accidentally brushed her shirt up and I felt her warm skin on my hand. I was about to readjust, but she put both her arms around me and held me in place. It felt so nice to lay with her like this. I briefly allowed myself to imagine how nice it would be if we could cuddle like this all the time and how I wanted to kiss her but know I couldn't. I kept glancing at my bedroom door that was open ajar and hoped that nobody in my family cam in to disturb us. I also didn't want any questions as to why we were cuddling because I had a husband. I looked up at her and was about to ask her a question when one of my brothers, Noah, walked in asking if I'd take a trip with him. He didn't ask or say anything about Jess and I cuddling but he gave me a knowing look that said it all. I rolled my eyes at him and said yes but to give me a bit to get ready. He said okay then left, leaving my door open. I turned back to Jess and apologized for the interruption and having to leave on short notice. I really wanted to kiss her and I could tell she was feeling the same way, but we both knew it was better if we didn't. We got out of bed and I hugged her goodbye and promised to talk more later and to hangout again once I got back. Then the dream shifted and I was on the trip with my brother. We were in a little town I was unfamiliar with, but it was an oil town and very old-fashioned. I don't know exactly how we'd gotten there but I think it was by bus. We were trying to figure out how to get home when I spotted a pink convertable Cadillac in the lot of a mechanic shop. The top was down, exposing the white leather seats. The shop was closed and there was nobody on the streets so my brother and I shared a mischievous look and decided to steal it. He hopped into the driver's seat amd I hopped into the passenger seat. I opened the glove box and found the keys, then handed them to my brother. With a quick prayer he turned them in the ignition and the car sputtered to life. We both cheered then sped off, heading towards home. We sped down the highway that went thought the forest and hoped to not get caught. I decided to rip off the license plate at the next stop to hopefully cover our tracks a bit. After filling up we made our way again but now I knew that people were onto us and after us. As we drove, suddenly the road turned into railroad tracks that wound and twisted like a roller coaster. We were trying to get off the tracks but the car was stuck on them and we had to just keep driving. Eventually I saw that the tracks were coming to an end and there was a barricade at the end. I told my brother we'd have to bail out, tuck and roll. So we jumped out of the car before it crashed into the barricade. We quickly ran into the train station that was nearby and laughed in our victory. We agreed to buy tickets and take the train home. The dream shifted again and I was back home, in my backyard with my dog. I was on the phone with Jess, telling her what happened, when I heard my mom pulling into the driveway. I panicked because I didn't know if she knew what happened yet and I didn't want to get in trouble, so I bolted inside and up the stairs, trying to be quiet. I'd made it quietly into my room and was about to shut my door when Hermes bounded up the stairs after me, his nails clacking loudly on the wood floors. I quietly ushered him into the room and shut the door, praying that mom didn't notice or hear. I watched the door anxiously and listened for her. After a few moments of silence, I relaxed and was glad we got away with everything. Then I woke up.

21 Feb 2024

New Job
High School


Traveled from a strange new planet to earth. There was a large space battle over earth. The Cardassian Union is trying take Earth from the Federation. There were several ships destroyed on both sides, but the Federation repelled the invaders. After the battle, we went back on earth and visited a Jewish Synagogue. There was an escivation going on with artifacts being discovered. Near the Synagogue was a high school with all walks of life attending. At the synagogue, we discussed our family history, how we got here, and what the recent discoveries meant for us. They were a black couple, an Asian couple, and a white couple at the table discussing it. Then a Jewish musican started playing a traditional instrument.

9 Feb 2024



we're performing a praise and worship song with the crowd yet it is chaotic because of the technical errors some of the musicians are not playing the instruments my guitar can't function well because if it's chord, and I feel so stress because of the situation, it just repeats it self, and I feel tired when I woke up

1 Feb 2024



I was with two guys and a girl. I liked one of the guys. He played a guitar. I was playing an instrument that looked like a combination of a guitar and a kokle. Later, I laughed with my friend Veronica about my nails because the instrument had shortened my nails.

30 Dec 2023



My mom took my friend, brothers, and I to a symphony. While everyone was getting settled, I took a moment to stand at the edge of the stage and just admire the setup. Without thinking, I took a hit from my vape and immediately felt everyone's eyes on me. Embarrased, I went to sit in my seat. My mom leaned over and said that there was a no smoking policy. As the concert started many of the audience members pulled out their own instruments from under their chairs. I was shocked because nobody had tonld me this symphony was interactive. Both my brothers pulled out trombones, even though my youngest brother doesn't know how to play at all. I felt very left out and again embarrassed that I didn't have my trumpet. I sat for a bit listening to the music, but many of the audience members were playing badly. I sounded like middle school band practice, not a beautiful symphony. I got up to find where my friend had wandered off to. She was in an alcove past the sage. She'd found some extra chairs and was sitting, playing on her phone, and hitting her own vape. I sat beside her and hit my vape. We began joking about how bad everyone sounded and how our high school band sounded better than this. Eventually the concert ended. My friend went home and my mom took us to an air bnb that had its own exotic animal enclosures. There was a gorilla, and some wolves. Also some regular house cats. Apparently all the animals were friendly and we could interact with them. My mom thought it would be fun to bring them all out to the big play enclosure together but i thought it would be a bad idea. The owners of the air bnb had left a note saying to keep the animals separated, but mom said it should be fine if their all friendly. I was petting one of the orange and white tabbys in the play enclosure when the gorrilla came bounding out. I was terrified. I became even more terrified when my mom brought the wolves out. I wasn't afraid of the wolves themselves because I love wolves and k ow how to interactwith them, but I was afraid of them fighting with the gorilla and hurting each other or us in the process. But thankfully they were all okay with each other. The gorilla decided to go inside the house and grabbed some celery from the counter and sat down for a snack. I stayed outside with the wolves and cats for a bit before going in. I wanted to go to my room but the gorilla was blocking the way. I was nervous getting close to it because it was so massive. Even though the owners said she was friendly, I knew better than to let my guard down around any wild animal even if it was tamed. They could still be unpredictable. I inched my way around the gorilla to get to my door, but before I could enter the room it grabbed my arm. It was a gentle grab, but it still scared me. I stood still for a moment, before asking what it wanted. She then pulled me into a big hug and gently patted my head. I was a bit shocked but it wasn't as scary as I thought. I actually sank into it and hugged the gorilla back. It was a little stinky but not as stinky as I though it would be. Eventually the gorilla released me from the hug and I wasn't so afraid anymore. Then I woke up.

16 Nov 2023

New Job


My teenage son, who is a talented guitarist in real life and I are outside our new music shop. We are surrounded by a huge crowd of people waiting to get in and all the instruments are open on the street outside. I am worried that they will be damaged. My son is really excited and showing the instruments to the crowd.

5 Nov 2023

Dead body


Today was such an awful nightmare that I ended up waking up from it around 8:55am, which I never wake up this early duing weekends, so I know something was wrong. My dream revolved around the political topic as well as I think was human slavery, well, the modernized version of it. I ended up being stuck on this little island thing and watched as more people that were brutally beat were dumped on the floor like trash. As I started to walk closer, one of the people in charge walked up to me and told me I was next. My dream shifted, and next thing you know I was in my dad's bedroom, and it looked like nighttime. I had a gun, and I was looking at him while crying. I told him I had to shoot him to live, and he looked at me and just smiled. I told him to find photos of his childhood, and he kept swiping until I told him to stop. He stopped on a photo of his step dad, and smiled when saying he was glad at least someone took care of him. At this point I was crying even harder, and my grip on the gun was shaking, until finally I pulled the trigger. I wasn't looking at him, I ended up looking away. And I never got to see his dead body. I could hear more voices entering our home as I cried louder, until they took me away too. Heres when the dream again shifted to a giant white building, where we started upstairs, and they told us that we would have to run until we get killed. Starting off strong, I had a good gap inbetween my captors, and decided to start heading all the way to the tippy top, when I tall obese man stopped me with wide eyes and told me that he'd love to slaughter me on his bed and cut me up. My dog suddenly spawned out of no where and I told him to attack- and he did! He was biting their leg like crazy, and I ended up getting away. But the guy said that if he were to find me or my dog, he would personally hang us and cut us open. We then continued to run, until most of us ended up in the same area, since some had already died. There was a lady underneath us (we were standing on glass) as she yelled at us all the "good" things that were gonna happen like gay's would be killed and that god would finally rule the world (which I didn't understand since I will say I am an athiest) and I could make my own connection that I don't appreciate it when people try to push their religion on others. But continuing, we started to run off as the lady screamed louder and louder at us to stop and she continued to scream that she'd catch any of us that were gay and she'd put a bullet in our heads. We climed to to the top, where they announced that even if someone's finger peaked from the top, they'd shoot us. Someone ended up falling off. Lastly, they told us that we had to carry an instrument back, and whoever had the instrument they were thinking of, they'd cut them up. Each instrument was of various sizes, and I believe I had a keyboard. They ended up picking a girl with a flute, and they ended up slaughtering all of us in a soundproof room, where my dream ended when they touched me. After I woke up, I was experiencing an unsettling feeling and I couldn't breathe properly and my perception of time was off.

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