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Dream Interpretation: Witch 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Witch? Discover the significance of seeing a Witch in your dream πŸ’€ - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Witch appears in your dream βœ…

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πŸ’‘Possible meaning

This symbol signifies feminine power and dominance. It suggests feminine energy inside of you needs to be expressed and allowed to use its ability to leave a mark. Sometimes you rely on others for their opinion; however, it's time to take charge and build your own experience.

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🧭 Direction


Sometimes our dreams act as premonitions or warning signs. Understand how your dreams make you feel. For example, if there is a fight against a witch in your dream, it indicates there is feminine energy inside you that you are not accepting and fighting against.

❀️ Feelings

The dream of a witch may evoke feelings of fear, unease, and uncertainty. It symbolizes the presence of dark forces, manipulation, and the unknown. This dream may leave one feeling vulnerable and powerless, as the witch represents a figure of evil and malevolence. It may also suggest a need to confront and overcome one's fears or to be cautious of deceitful individuals in waking life. The dream of a witch can be a reminder to trust one's instincts and to be aware of hidden agendas.





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21 May 2024



My face looked like a witch

12 May 2024



I had a dream about me being Sabrina the teenage witch and Harvey, my lover was betraying me by lying saying he loves me but I knew the truth that he didn’t really love me. It was all taking place in a mysterious magical forest where there were dildos for trees and monkey men. There was this trial that I had to go through in the forest to donate money to a charity that was needing help. And that’s where my dream ended.

10 May 2024



I had a dream that a man was holding me down and had me tied up. He was going to hang me. I was going to get hung because they said I was a witch. They found out I wrote a letter to God and was not happy about it. My sister was crying and she was forced to read the letter I wrote to God out loud during my hanging. After she read the letter they hung me and my body disappeared. My soul went into a book. The judge had the book in his hand and he put a check mark next to my soul and said " great , we have one sacrifice complete " πŸ€―πŸ˜•

27 Apr 2024

Locked Door


I'm outside with people. We're hanging around and having fun. I somehow get behind a door. People are screaming that a witch is coming. So, I stay behind the door hoping that she doesn't see me. She doesn't. She leaves the building that I'm in. I close the door. We start singing Christian songs. She opens the door and seems angry we're singing Christian songs. There are two witches. We keep singing Christian songs while they're chasing us. I become alone in a room and one of the witches finds me. I try to crawl out of the room but she's right behind me. I scream for my grandma. She grabs my arm and drags me down an hallway to a lock door. The other people are inside. She turns the lock to the number so they can open it. I wake up before they can open it.

8 Apr 2024

Make up


I had a weird dream where I had to enter a witch mansion with a companion. I don't remember the exact reason but it seems like i vonluntarily entered it to get some kind of information. The companion's identity also changed over time. When I start entering the mansion, it's like a labyrith. This witch is a blind witch as she had her eyes separated from her body and hanged somewhere in the house for supervision. So when I and the companion navigated ourselves through the house, i always felt like there are a pair of eyes watching us. At certain point, we heard an annoucement that the witch is not here, we needed to find her at my aunt's house. I knew the way there but I didn't know where we were. There was a large open window leading to a rice field. When we tried to see whether we can jump down, the companion who was now a close male cousin said that it was too high that we may hurt ourselves tried to jump down. We then remembered that there was a cherry blossom garden in this mansion that we knew how to get back from. We then went to a spa with a lot of girls, this spa seems to connect to the garden. At first, the spa looks very relaxing and enjoyable. I befriended with a girl and ask for a way out, she said she knew a way which was through two supermarkets connecting to each others. One was for citizens of these mansion only and the other was for normal people. She said we could pretend to return a specific drink and sneak out that way. I spoke to my companion - who was now my best friend and she said we should rather climb out to the cherry blossom garden as per our plan. We then went up to the make up section of the spa where we sees other girls but they seems a lot more vain and competitive. This make up section has windows where we can climbed out to the garden. I found an old friend, haven't met her for a long time but from my memory, she always made very irrational decisions, like some of the worst decisions i could think of. She had turned herself into a moiturising bubble machine. I was horrified, this is a kind of body horror. When I spoke to her, she can only see the bubble patterns to confirm her reaction. I could imagine what she thinks when she made that decision, that she would be the most modern and perfect beauty in this competitive catty environment. But her technology is now out-dated and she was put under a make up table. I spoke really gently to her at first but one of the catty competitors told me that the old friemd didn't recognise me. So i spoke harshly to her like i did once long time ago in the past. I felt guilt and woke up.

18 Feb 2024



I was seeing demons and crazy things on people. It felt like I had schizophrenia, and I had mentors that were like witches and wizards helping me β€˜harness’ this power in seeing these demons. It started to get really bad where everywhere I went I saw them and I felt like I was going insane so I want back to mentors for help and I started to see them change and their faces look different and scary and I kept screaming and screaming and they tried telling me what to do but their faces just kept scaring me so I just closed my eyes and tried not to think about it but the demons were in my head too when I closed my eyes. And then the mentors said that one of the other mentors that touched my hand was evil and made the visions I saw worse so they lured him in to try and capture him and kill him so I didn’t see the demons so much anymore but everything was scary and I couldn’t focus on anything I just screamed and curled into a ball because I didn’t want to see the demons and scary faces of the people around me

31 Jan 2024

Light (Not Dark)


I had a dream where I went to a halloween party at school. It was in the cafeteria. Then, I exited by using the right door and left. I went into my old room. There, I took a nap. Once I woke up, I quickly remembered the party and put my dress on that looks like for a witch. It was mostly black and purple. I went back to the cafeteria, and it was empty but the lights in the school was still on.

20 Jan 2024



I was sent to an alternate universe by a witch but i didnt find out till later. Everyone knew me but thought i was crazy and the biggest difference was we never moved states and some family members didnt like me as much. The few who did believe me went on this long journey i guess to find the witch in this universe. We ended up accidentally going back in time but it worked out in the end because we found the witch and did all the necessary things. I woke up as i was being transported back to my universe.

14 Dec 2023

Make Out


I was a witch standing in a foggy forest I had on a black ring with white words on it I couldn't make out what it said but there was ghosts circling me asking for help and screaming to be free

19 Nov 2023



A witch chased me trying to eat my fingers and I protected my brother as we ran out of foodworks after we got rid of the lock on the door then we ran while the witch chased us and just as we where gonna escape I woke up

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