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Dream Interpretation: Train 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Train? Discover the significance of seeing a Train in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Train appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

It represents a journey or the direction your life is taking. It also indicates a new course that your life will soon travel. This path will be full of knowledge and will help you reach your goals. A dream about train also suggests that you need to be open to any new ideas or endeavors coming into your life.

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🧭 Direction


Don't be afraid to move to a new path. Life is full of surprises, and this new route will take you to a more successful life. However, be more firm while making any decision in your life, as this is the only way you can reach your destination or goals.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of a train can evoke a sense of movement, progress, and anticipation. It may bring feelings of excitement, as trains often symbolize a journey or adventure. The dreamer may experience a sense of purpose and direction, as trains are associated with reaching destinations. However, there may also be a hint of anxiety or uncertainty, as trains can represent the passage of time and the need to keep up with life's demands. Overall, the dream of a train can elicit a mix of emotions, ranging from enthusiasm to apprehension, as the dreamer navigates through the tracks of their subconscious mind.





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18 May 2024



Train trip to Hakone Somehow it’s very cloudy Everyone on board(and by everyone i mean like five ppl whose foci of this story is on) this one mysterious boy He looks like a girl and a boy, is a femme fatale of sorts to them Of five, three-four die (indirectly) owing to him/them He basically spends time with all of them Kaze to Ki no Uta style(destructive short-lived rendezvous/encounter with the Fatal Beauty that turns into a gothic chase through the mists through the nights in the mansion in the woods that prompts them to go insane style) They’re recounting their encounters on their way back home(all of them are from the foreign lands I think, most from Europe) This is like the mid-70’s, 80’s ish so there’s that Tama district-like hazy and idyllic feel to everything They’re talking abt the war and how it/teh rapid westernization that happened in the region/the increased contact with the ppl caused white ppl in general to see the Asiatic ppls(mainly Filipinos, Central Asians and some Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc.) as an exotic subject of their fantasies and ‘art’ In the idyllic sceneries of the rural Tama district where laundries, banners and the forest canopies coexist they keep recounting shit on the rooftop floor of the tram train and now we’re at a part where they talk abt how the ppl who got their psyches messed up by the boy from earlier Apparently they were all writers/artists/intellectuals who promised to reunite together and start an intelligentsia club for some idealistic goals of enlightenment or just. This vague idea of ‘the better future’ and the revolution of the world for the democratic world or whatever in the recluse area/Villa(think Lion’s club but for less ppl combined with those modern-traditional Japanese architectures mixed together for those inns) of Hakone But then this boy happened and now everyone got done messed up to a degree so we gotta head back One of them, a woman from Swiss/Italy who writes novels had to go back to her country because of that Psychosis and clinical depression, on her way to recovery apparently Is much more mellow and less cheery/sweet than before Other are brothers; they’re much worse ‘cause they’re still recovering in some mental hospitals Dark dingy mansion like the Miyagino Heights Almost a murder-suicide cuz one of them just so happens to have been a tad more disturbed and had their psyche done messed up by the boy and the other was a lil possessive of his ‘crush’ oop🫢 Other is fairly well-off but now done got Serge Battour’d(aw hell nah he plagued by occasional bouts of mild melancholia and an undying unconditional love for de boy now😭bro’s only source of somewhat mild episode of melancholy is a bpd pussy nahhhh💀); still alive and well enough to talk and has retained his fair and kind disposition so all is well; rip to yo mayfly-December lover the whole chat loves yo ass Now onto the more violently affected one He done got fucked UPPP cause like after meeting him he had flashbacks of the war And his experience as an ex-legendary merc in hiding/retirement fucked him up so good he jumped into the river with his whole body bloody and gone What rly happened was that he got haunted and taken over by the ghosts from the past and this indescribable sense of imminent dread and doom And started chasing the ‘demons’ down to the river(this is like a mix of the Yumoto river and some fuckass river in the deep deep forests of Denmark or whatever after he went back home) He’s running and parkouring on the rusting metal bridges(thin bridges for those electrical cables and the ropeways and stuff) Basically his opps(his past enemies as the ghosts he hallucinates(or did he???)) got him verbally cornered and stuff by looming over and haunting and shit as The Voices™️ He evades the bullets by the hair’s breadth till certain points but eventually his limit comes and he gets blasted through his spines and shit by the shotgun shells He falls either into the nearby woods or has his body blasted into a bloody put by the opps and falls into the river/riverside All of this are speculations recounted by the living friends of his but their tones make it sound like a solemn narration in those gothic thriller novels more than anything so likely they knew what went down Another case of this and here’s the thing These two cases resembles what went down in a novel written about a decade back that became a bit of a sensation in Europe this whole thing reeks of deja vu basically Or prophetic dreams Thr train goes through like, everywhere(Hakone, the more city-sided parts with laundries hanging out, the Todoroki gorge area, the parts with the forest canopis and laundries hanging out together, and such/bed-town like parts of Tama district…) When the stories are done the peeps start getting off the trains on each stops(Hakone, Futago Tmaagawa, etc…) Galactic Express style Once there’s only a few(out of already few left) left on board and on the train’s remaining stops, I ask Hayao Miyazaki-mixed-with-Serge-Battour’d-person if I can hang out w him He says yes in this pleasantly joking, old-mannish manner After I wake up the first song that came to me was ‘And now I know how Joan of Arc felt’ song I think the boy who mesmerized the whole team was like, a ghost of a lonely who just sort of wanted company and was trying to reminisce his days with his own Serge Battour Love-starved boy, Gilbert Cocteau Who braved through the sea of prejudice in his passionate, vulnerable manner

8 May 2024



I wasn’t myself, the dream was as though I was reliving someone else’s memory. It was at night and it was cloudy and I was on an old fashioned train platform and then the next second I was in front of this old train staring into the blinding light from its headlight and hearing its horn. The next thing I knew I was looking at the wheels of the train and the undercarriage and I felt like my legs were being severed from my body and when I awoke I kept having to check to see if my legs were still there. It seriously felt like they had been cut off about mid thigh!

6 May 2024



I dreamt my boyfriend and I was on the train and he was using his phone

2 May 2024



I dreamt about me and my schoolmates were in a subway station waiting for a train and one of them was on the rails for some reason. And i told her get up there was a train coming she just didn't reply and stood there andthen got hot by the train and when we all saw her dead body we were sad and i was like : oh my god.. WHY??! i dont know maybe i had ptsd after that in the dream or something, also when she got hit by the train and then i said omg while being scared i woke up instantly.

1 May 2024



I am going to taiwan with my mum and dad, but it is funny that, we are in hong kong but we can sit train to taiwan without by plane to there in my dream.

30 Apr 2024



I dreamt I was looking for new friends in the train. I also was looking for a therapist

30 Apr 2024



me and my big brother were walking on railroad tracks that were driving like a train, and me and my dad were looking for his location and we thought based on the way the train was at we thought he is in chicago but my brother has been missing in reality

27 Apr 2024



I had a dream that I got off of a train in an old town that had stone paths that led through, and the buildings looked like old English buildings, almost, and I was wearing a plaid shirt and holding a briefcase, and I went up to a door, and I was let in by two people, an older man and an older woman as if they knew me somehow. I remember them having a yellow star on their shirt. When i was brought into their house, i could smell food being cooked and i was then told to quickly hide in their basement, they had a trap door made out of wood, they helped me in there and i waited patently. All that I remember afterwards was black, and then I was awoken. I regained my bearings and I realized that everything around me was destroyed and on fire and there was bodies everywhere.

26 Apr 2024



This dream was kinda weird. Ive been having a lot of lately. This one was creepy i saw that me and my friend were taking the train and it was going like a rollercoaster and then a person w a face mask and flowers on their hand was infront of the train so he could commut suicide and the train would stop. It happened 2 times in the dream w the person w a mask and flowers and it was scary kinda that when i woke up i couldnt move

26 Apr 2024

Phone call


Also before there was a dream about the train. I have been waiting for it on the platform with some other girls I knew. And then I went somewhere. To get water? After I was coming back, they were gone. I saw them on the other side. I thought that maybe we confused the trains. But my train came on the right platform, and they staid behind. I found a place on the train. Everything was so white and there were a lot of people and not a lot of space. But that's was okay. I took a coffee for myself and drank it from one swallow. Some people were staring at me. Especially that bold man in a black leather jacket. I have never seen him in my life or that I remember. There was a brochure. And on one of them were 2 Doctor Who. First David Tennant, that played 10th and 14th Doctor. And the other one was the new Doctor. Whose episode hasn't come out yet. I left the train. And if on the start it was sunny where I sat on the train, now it was really dark, but the snow was beautiful. I met my mom. We went to her friends house and then... And then I was on that platform again. I didn't understand what had been happening. And then, for some reasons I understood that I never went on that train. But how was this possible? I was staring on my phone while it was ringing (?) I think it was my mom. She asked where I was.

20 Apr 2024



I had a dream someone was crying in a train talking to a celebrity Then I remember seeing the world you already had your stroke

15 Apr 2024



I was with my children and rushing them because we were going to miss the train to take us in our cruise ship. There was still a minute to go but a man stepped off and told us it was too late because we had missed that train. He hurried my children along and offered us another way on but I was nervous and didn’t want to go that was because we had snuck on and hasn’t paid. We went on and pretended to be other people and he let us into the room. We were delighted because he thought that we were other people and that room was ours. My family was also on there in another room.

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