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Dream Interpretation: Tongue 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Tongue? Discover the significance of seeing a Tongue in your dream πŸ’€ - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Tongue appears in your dream βœ…

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πŸ’‘Possible meaning

Dreaming of a tongue can represent communication, expression, and speech. It may indicate that you need to speak up or that you have something important to say. Alternatively, it can symbolize gossip, lies, or deceit.

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🧭 Direction


Consider the context of the dream and how the tongue was used. Were you speaking clearly or struggling to communicate? Were you tasting something or sticking out your tongue? Reflect on your communication skills and whether there are any issues that need to be addressed. If the dream involved gossip or lies, be mindful of your words and actions in waking life.

❀️ Feelings

The dream about a tongue can evoke various emotions and feelings. It may symbolize communication, expression, or the need to speak up. Depending on the context of the dream, it can bring feelings of frustration, vulnerability, or the desire to be heard. It could also represent a desire for connection or the fear of saying something wrong. Overall, the dream about a tongue can elicit a mix of emotions, ranging from curiosity and intrigue to anxiety and self-consciousness.





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9 Jun 2024



Dream of being a female with black boots and shorts on killing zombies and being chased after by a herd. And my group slips. Then I'm in a room with a red-ish devil succubus lady while her tounge leeks out and licks up some one private parts and while she was naked and on top the the person and turns and looks at me and smiles. I feel this tingling sensation and sense I'm supposed to go over to the lady and have my way with her and dominate her but I watch her ride someone's dick and as I watched I felt the need that I was the person she was riding and I had a split image of me have an ogre with the succubus and I'm enchanted by her tail and horns. And I had the feeling she was enchanting me with a spell But I didn't and the dream changed to me walking up to a nice white house with flowers and then as I was inside the dog ran out the door full of zombies outside.

17 Apr 2024



a dream that i went to the hospital again and this time a nurse took me and two other girls off the unit we were on and gave us numbing shots in our tongues and gums.

29 Mar 2024



I was in a school but my room was Really small and I was kissing on my girlfriend but it didn’t look like my girl she kept changing appearance. Then we were in the room and someone was having sex on the opposite side of us. Then there was this battle where my arms turned into metal extensions and part of them got chopped off and formed into two metal kali sticks. I saw someone else loose a chunk of heavy metal too. We put it on the car when we shifted back to human Me and my girlfriend and another girl were driving through a dirt road to a village in Ghana. There were many African flags though inside. My girl was being asked if she seen anyone and she looked at me but didn’t say. But she looked different she said something about seeing a tutor the year prior. Then we shifted to a big room in Africa but it was in the village. Someone tried to steal my phone but I caught them before they could and kept walking. There was a part where I was cleaning shoes two big ones and little baby shoes. I needed some baking soda and vinegar so I was going to ask but I couldn’t find anyone. I was walking around and found a man in a animal mask doing some work and a big dog / wolf who was very happy to see him. There was a large poop and I was trying not to step in it. The man walked passed me and the large wolf dog got in the kennel. Its tail was wagging and tongue was all out.

25 Mar 2024



Dreamed I lived on a planet that was attacked by aliens. At first I had help and was gathered to a high ranking officer's compound where they gave me a huge room and said I'd be safe. However, everyone was alarmed and the refugees were worried they'd die. I was in the big room when a couple of maids came into the room. Suddenly we were attacked by two green pugs and two white ones, but they had long alien tongues that tried hitting us. Somehow we killed thtwo green ones, and I had to dodge the attack of one white pug and then had to choke out both pugs, which made me feel guilty. After that I had a plan to fight the aliens. I went downstairs and told someone but no one believed me. I left to do it on my own and found something like a futuristic motorcycle. I was attacked by a huge bot and it was really sad and kept running after me and shooting grenades at me. It finally self destructed and took out the door of a shop I was nearby with it.vI got out unscathed and went back to the high officer's building and talked to a lady. She told me it was my ex who sent the bot after me but since I survived, I was fine. I got angry and started yelling at them when her said it didn't matter because she had like billions of dollars through her buisness. I was like good for you! I was almost murdered because you helped my ex! And she goes, "Well what if I pay you half a million dollars?" And I think for a second and say "Can you give me a pension?" And she says "Abolutely! Just talk to my coworker!" And I calm down and say "Sure, I suppose." And then I wake up.

24 Mar 2024



I had a dream that l ate an edible and I was so high I couldn't move. I was stuck in my room and it felt like the room expanded and got bigger. It felt real and I was scared. My phone was on the other side of the room playing music and I could hear notifications going off as the phone buzzed but it was taking me hours just to get to that side of the room. I moved super slow, when I would try to keep my head up straight it felt heavy, my tongue was numb, my hands were numb, and my feet would tingle, I could hear the water dropping out of a faucet so clearly, I would see things in the room move in my peripheral view and would close my eyes constantly, I was making progress with my movements, I would try to sit down, then try to move again. When I woke up it was around 5:20 PM and I fell asleep around 3:00 PM I forgot I was laying in my bed. The dream felt so weird

17 Mar 2024

New Job


I was away for a weekend with Lotte, Ellis, Laila and more. The house was within cycling distance of Amsterdam Central Station. The house was on a kind of modern canal, but it also looked very much like a loading and unloading place for freight ships. I walked over a bridge and a quay to the house, and I blew snot into my hands. There were thousands of pieces of snot on my hands, and it was a poison green color. I was eating it all and licking it from my fingers, and everyone on the street looked at me strangely. Lotte had lost her phone. It was at the police station, but she was always not allowed to pick it up. Then we went to a supermarket near Haarlemmerplein. I didn't have to buy anything so I left through the entrance, which was actually not allowed. I walked out of the store after a homeless man. Then I walked outside past the exit and was called in by an employee. I walked in and the man asked if I had a lot of cash for change at the register, but I didn't. In the meantime, Lotte had gone to the police again for her phone. Then I saw Ellis in the supermarket and she told me that she counted the money in the safe as a job. She said that Lotte did that at first too, but she thought it was very stupid. I had some kind of cardboard case on my phone that ran a lot of gadgets, and Ellis thought that was really funny. Then I looked at the 'Find My Friends' app to see where Lotte was and I saw that my mother and Lucy were also at Haarlemmerplein. So I went looking for them with Ellis and Laila. I had a hole in the roof of my mouth, and it was always very irritated when I ran my tongue over it. Laila pointed to two people and thought they were my mother and Lucy. But that was completely wrong. These were two ugly women with very long black hair, which was shaved on the side and then bleached bangs. When I looked at the 'Find My Friends' app again, my mother and Lucy were already home, and the app apparently did not update the time before.

3 Mar 2024

New Job


My molars fell, and even though I tried to put them back, they would fit again. After a few moments of checking and checking with my own toungue, new ones had grown again, so I wasn’t toothless.

26 Feb 2024



I remember seeing a button and wario face, when the button is pressed, the tongue extends. I do not know how far it can extend to.

25 Feb 2024



i dreamed of a dog laying over me and had his tongue in my mouth

11 Feb 2024



I saw unicorn and I got to ride the unicorn it was so fun I got to eat rainbow candy and food and the unicorns taught me how to fly and they gave me a purple tongue

4 Feb 2024



I was in an apartment and I remember seeing water bugs and some type of slimy bug that had a long tongue

24 Jan 2024



Its raining, hard. Hailing. I'm sitting in my car. Just sitting. Waiting out the storm, when this giant wolf starts stratching at my passenger door. I don't feel afraid. But I am confused. I feel bad for the wolf. He's all alone and its storming so I let him into my car. He crawls into the back seat and falls asleep as I shut the door. I turn on some relaxing music to distract myself but then a man pops up from my back seat asking me to turn it off. I scream and ask how he got in here. He smiled brushed my brown hair out of my face and said that I let him in. I realized that the wilf was gone and in its places was this man. He had black hair, green eyes, and a scar that ran from the left side of forehead down to his cheek. He was beautiful. I reached out and traced his scar making shudder before grabbed my hand nibbled on my finger tips. He leaned forwarded and kissed me. Slipping his tongue into my mouth as his large hands unblucked my seat belt. He pulled back slightly so he could pull me into the backseat with him before he continued to make-out with me. He started to unbutton the front of my dress but then there was a very loud howl coming from the tree line which had him pulling back and looking out the window in frustration. He looked like he was about to say something when a loud harsh clap of thunder rang out.

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