Saving someone from drowning

Saving someone from drowning


💡Possible meaning

This symbol indicates recovery, peace, and moving ahead in life. It also reflects your struggle in preserving your life and emotions and that you will soon recover from any losses. It indicates that you are currently feeling overwhelmed by the emotions; however, you will soon find peace with them.

🧭 Direction

Accept any good fortune that will land at your door. You have managed your emotions well up until now, continue doing that, and you will be at peace. In case you have lost something, now is the time to find it. No need to be overwhelmed by the things that are happening currently in your life. Take things slowly and steadily.

❤️ Feelings

This dream of saving someone from drowning evokes feelings of bravery, heroism, and a sense of responsibility towards others. It brings about a rush of adrenaline and a deep sense of accomplishment. The dreamer may feel a strong connection to the person they saved, as well as a sense of relief and gratitude. It signifies the dreamer's willingness to go above and beyond to help others in need, showcasing their compassionate and selfless nature.

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