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Dream Interpretation: Robbery 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Robbery? Discover the significance of seeing a Robbery in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Robbery appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This dream symbolizes a feeling of loss or violation. It may indicate that you feel someone is taking advantage of you or that you are not in control of a situation. It can also represent a fear of losing something valuable or important to you.

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🧭 Direction


Think about what you feel is being taken from you in your waking life. Is there a situation or person that is causing you to feel powerless or vulnerable? Take steps to regain control and protect what is important to you. It may also be helpful to seek support from trusted friends or family members.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of a robbery can evoke a range of intense emotions such as fear, vulnerability, and anxiety. It may leave the dreamer feeling violated, helpless, and on edge. The sense of loss and violation can create a lingering sense of unease and insecurity. The dream may also trigger feelings of anger and frustration towards the perpetrator. Overall, this dream can leave a lasting impact, instilling a sense of caution and vigilance in the dreamer's waking life.





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20 Jun 2024

Home Invasion


I was at my home when a group of people came to drop something off. They commenced by robbing my home & threatening me, I managed to hide my grandsons Xbox. I found out they’d killed others they’d robbed and had a machete to kill me

19 Jun 2024



My sister had a dream about me in a car with an unknown man, screaming and crying out loud. At first she could not see where I was but then she eventually followed the sounds of my screaming and crying until she saw where I was. As she was approaching the car, two men came after her as though they wanted to rob her. As she was running towards the car she woke up before she could reach me. What does this dream mean?

19 Jun 2024



I dreamt I was at my sisters house with my cousin and we were talking in the living room with her daughter there. I was distracted b'se I could notice signs that another toddler had clearly been there and just things. They must have been older than my niece by a year or two... perhaps a boy. Anyway, this distracted me from being fully present in the room. I needed the toilet and went to the corner of the room, the area that my niece normally goes to when she's pooing in her nappy, and i began pushing. My niece came over and asked me if I wanted to poo, embarrassed that i was about to do it in the corner of the living room that was not hidden, I said yes, held my bottom where a poo was starting to come out and then headed upstairs for the toilet. On my way up my sister asked me to make dessert as she was cooking dinner. In my hurry as I was holding poo from leaving my bottom and hitting the floor, I stopped and asked her what she said. I don't know who replied out of her and my cousin but I just made haste up the stairs. Once I got into the toilet,I realised it had been renovated. The theme was shiny black and silver. I opened the tap to first wash my hands and the water went everywhere. My sister came in to explain how things worked in there and handed me a towel. I think I was frustrated that she didn't tell me before hand. As I proceeded to clean the bathroom I noticed it was now also a wet room combined. I also saw kids trainers in the bathroom and wondered whose they were. Too big for my niece. My cousin came into the bathroom, he was on the phone but helped me clean. We cleaned the entire bathroom, more than what was required. When he left and I sat on the toilet, I think I heard God? And a woman talking. The woman was saying " but I don't think she will help me" and God said, "trust me, just ask". Once I left the bathroom and returned downstairs we continued chatting. Someone asked my sister, maybe even me, I don't know, if her and her husband are ready for another child. She softly smiled and gave a little nod. Once I left, I was walking down the road and a woman stopped me and asked me to follow her. I did without question but inward wonder and curiosity, she walkes ahead of me with her head the whole time. We didn't speak, make eye contact. She led me to a store and asked me if I could buy her somethings. On the counter she placed a box of cigarettes and another 2 items that I don't recall. When I went to pay the card I used didn't work. I told the guy at the till my card doesn't and that I was robbed. Suddenly I turnt to the lady that led me there and said, "you're the person who robbed me, arent you? " with tears down her face she looked at me. Didn't answer and fled the shop. I noticed she was also wearing my jacket. The strange thing about this dream is that a year ago in real life, my cousins house was actually robbed. The robbers took my coat and my card and driving licence. They were never found. And I haven't thought about this in so long.

6 Jun 2024



I was in a really big building that kinda looked like a museum, and I was looking for the exit. I had a backpack on.I was walking around everywhere looking for the way out. I then came across my friend, Vivian, and she knew where the exit was. There was a time skip and I was right in front of the exit. We walked out together and there was a group of people. Everyone had a backpack on, but we weren’t on a school trip or anything. We went to the group and stood there. There was a boy who was grabbing people’s backpacks. I think he had a gun, but I’m not too sure. He was robbing everyone he could get a hold of. Me and Vivian were hiding behind the other people in order to not be robbed. Another time skip happened and we were with a group the was just on the other side of the trail. We were hiding behind their group. Something weird about this is that we were all really calm, including me and Vivian.

3 Jun 2024

End of world


I dreamed about Nene being exhausted from work. She come and picked up Eris with three of her coworkers. One of the girls was very rude and Eris didn't want to leave but we finally got them to leave. After they left the world began to end with the creatures from A Quiet Place. Somehow I ended up in some neighborhood with this group of survivors and they had a bunker but because it had been so long half of the people left to find civilization. All that was left was a lady and her daughter this Hispanic guy, this army guy, and me. Hispanic I tried to warn the army guy not to go deeper into the bunker but he didn't listen. The army guy went deeper into the bunker and never came back and the lady and her daughter were afraid to leave so they stayed in the food supply room and hid there. The hispanic guy didn't want to stay any longer because he felt the base was compromised and he tried to get everyone to leave with him. I tried to convince the lady to come with us but she didn't want to so I left them and went with the Hispanic guy. Right as I closed the door, the little girl made a noise and then the door switched from safe to unsafe. So me and the Hispanic guy packed our bags and we're about to leave cuz it was about to start raining. Right as we were about to leave these two young idiots set off fireworks to create a distraction so they could try and rob us which in return drew the creatures to our location. The Hispanic guy told me to run and we started to climb on a roof and the two guys ended up following us and almost getting us killed in the process. We managed to survive and I think one of the guys survived as well they were brothers and we began trying to find other people. Then I woke up.

13 May 2024



I had a dream about Jillian. Jillian is my uncles step daughter. She is a drug addicted and homeless. I had a dream that she showed up at my aunts house (her mom). She was sneaking around outside and the vibe felt scary. She was doing subtle things to show my aunt she was there without showing her. My uncle didn’t believe my aunt. Jillian ended up breaking into the house, I remember my uncle wanting to warn my mom she might come and try to rob us

5 May 2024



I was living with my brothers and sisters again and mom and this beautiful house and then it came inside to robbers and I wanted to harm them. We ended up not harming them. They were still angry with me a little bit and ended up staying with us in our Beautiful home and was falling in love with my sister and with me there were handsome I was angry that my mom let them stay but at the same time I was kind of liking them back too

13 Apr 2024



Then I go next. I crawled and as I was getting near I closed my eyes, and bam! I didn't get my head separated. Then we walked and I said I wanted to go home. Silence went on. Then I saw the railway. And a mini train. We hopped on and I asked, if we're going home. She said "Yes" but I responded "Liar" Then as we're riding I saw the end of the railway and bam! We're on the highway.. I look at her, and she's looking at me. And we're about to go home. And now where on the airport. But her money is not enough for me to fly out. I cried to her. And she reassured me that she's very skilled and practical. And that she'll find ways. Then she asked me to pretend. Because he's gonna rob the shop he's working at night. But the owner is getting suspicious. When the shop is closing, she looked at me.. and I'm nervous. There's a cream on the door. We're my accomplice is. And then, for some reason we got separated. Years later. He saw me. But with another guy. I have a boyfriend. And flirting.. then he started showing of his muscles. He's a buff after all.. I told him, kinda airy are we. Then he told it to his friends that we're dating and that. And I'm quite disappointed by that. And then this friend was just observing and saying that, that's not what I like. Then there's this drama, where I confessed that it's different with him and I'm still into this friend of mine and so...and he said that if I'm only pitying him then I should go. Then we both hug and cry out. Then I remember this girl. With a long and thick hair. Got a pigtail and has a yellow tie on her hair. And got this bright red dress. And there's her friend. And she's getting her opinion about her outfit. Then she said that she want her hair change into a different style..and since it's thick there's many people/guys that try to help her.

26 Mar 2024

Getting robbed


I was in a robbery and I was getting robbed and the guy had a gun. Instead of just going with it, I stole his gun and shot him in the head. And then I took off in his vehicle, but couldn't find the exit to the parking lot, so I went over the curb and drove on the opposite side of the road to a discreet alley. That alley led to a road with peaceful apartment buildings and small homes. One small home had a grandma sitting in the porch. She had an obvious plastic mask on her face that moved when she talked. I walked over to her and she had a box of super cute trinkets that I was looking through before I woke up.

27 Feb 2024



I was at my old church with cult like tendencies that I left. A member asked me why I stopped attending and studying the Bible. I went off on her about me being free to practice faith how I see fit. I planned to go to an old friend’s house who also attended the church after church with my son so my son and I both left to go there. When we were on the way we found her and ended up in a neighborhood. The lady from church earlier appeared and we entered a random house with a hot tub inside with some old white people in it. We attempted to leave but couldn’t. We ended up in their garage and had to figure out how to escape. The lady from church left me behind and led my friend and son to safety and I got lost and was left behind. I finally escaped naked and afraid and took off to find my son. A man in a van picked me up to drive me back to safety but I ended up jumping out of his van because he scared me. I ended up running into him later as he was robbing a business. I then ran into some women at a restaurant who I begged to help me but they laughed at me and didn’t believe me. I then ran into some old coworkers who tried to help me but then a robbery happened so I ran to continue my search. I found my friend and son at a train station and my friend disappeared eventually. I kept chasing my son but I could not catch up. I finally caught up to him and he started running again and at the end the owners of the house stabbed him in the back because they claim I killed their baby or dog while we were in their house.

3 Feb 2024



So, I was Supergirl, and I started dating Batman. He was super crazy protective over me and got angry at like everyone that tried to talk to me. Also the world was possibly ending and it was up to me and some other characters in supergirl to stop it. I went to go stop a robbery and one of the characters from super was there and they were like “you’re such a hypocrite you act all high and mighty but really you’re the worst of us all” and then I flew away. Then I remembered my boyfriend in real life, and he showed up and so I had to chose between him and Batman. I asked him for 30minutes so I could go talk to Batman and call it off with him and my boyfriend kept getting super impatient and upset about it (because it was Valentine’s Day). My sister also was there and she was getting super impatient too because I had to talk to Batman and Batman kept brushing me off so we couldn’t talk and she wanted to talk to me about something too. Then the dream kind of changed and I was at this construction site/my grandmas house and there was this huge family dinner that my mom and grandma were preparing, and it was supposed to be really important or something. But anyways I kept eating and eating (mostly berries) before the dinner and I couldn’t stop myself from eating and I was getting really scared that I was going to get in trouble when it was time for the dinner. Also, while I was eating I kept overhearing this lady on the other side of this fence talking on the phone about work stuff. Then I remembered about Batman and how we still needed to talk so I had to walk through the construction side and there were super heavy things swinging back and forth that could easily kill me, but somehow I made it through okay and I was in my grandmas house again. Then my grandma had this birthday present for me and when I opened it, it was a blanket but the outside of the package was decorated with mormon things (and I’m not Mormon anymore but my grandma is) and I was worried it was going to be something like that. Then I remembered Batman again so I left my grandmas house to go talk to him and when I did talk to him I told him I didn’t wanna be with him and he got super duper upset and said he wouldn’t let this happen. Then I left and I was with the characters from supergirl again and one of them went through this trial thing that they messed up so it sped up the possible end of the world thing. Also Batman was stocking me. Then I woke up.

21 Jan 2024



So, with the dream, there wasn't really a lot of things I remember, but what I do remember is it had to do with, I think it was like, a robbery, and like, something, something gang related, something, and it had to do with candy, and they left the candy, and me and some kid, I took the gummies and the marshmallows, and the kid took the other candy, and then I woke up. That's what I remember.

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