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Dream Interpretation: Wasp 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Wasp? Discover the significance of seeing a Wasp in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Wasp appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This symbol suggests that you are feeling beset by trials and setbacks. It indicates that hardships plague you, and you seem to have no control over them. The conflict you are feeling in your current life can be externally caused by those in your personal and professional life, or caused by conflict within your own mind.

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🧭 Direction

Bad omen

It will help if you rid yourself of the pestilence that is plaguing you. Find a new environment or way to tackle your problems. Take heart; you can make it through this! But you are going to have to try something new. The old path and old habits will lead you to the same destination producing the same results.

❤️ Feelings

The dream about a wasp may evoke feelings of fear, anxiety, and vulnerability. It symbolizes potential threats or conflicts in your life that are causing you distress. The presence of a wasp in your dream may indicate a situation or person that is causing you harm or discomfort. It could also represent feelings of powerlessness or being stung by someone's words or actions. Overall, this dream may leave you with a sense of unease and the need to address and confront the challenges or negative influences in your waking life.





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9 Jun 2024



I dreamt that there was a change in my job, and we had to stop production for a while. I opened a cabinet door to look for something and there were pieces like screws and plastic bits that were there, unorganised. I was looking for part of a costume for my young adult daughter. I then walked though a door and found myself in my late grandparents’ garage. Their car was missing. We needed that car. I was told the neighbour might be working on it and that they were trying to get it back. I walked out of the back door and was in the back yard near a sectioned off garden. The car was returned but I needed it to be in the garage and it was in the back yard. I needed to drive it through the yard around front. When I started to push the car, which was quite easy, I noticed a white plastic bag on the ground that was shaped like a wasp’s nest, then I saw wasps going into it. So I tried to push the car in a different direction. The I went into the garage to get help and the car was just there. Then I awoke.

6 Jun 2024



I was hiding under a blanket trying to scream for help for my mom. I was asking her to bring in wasp poison since a nest of wasps had broken through my bedroom wall and were flying around my room. She gave me the poison and I sprayed it and killed some of the wasps but poison from the can leaked all over my hand.

29 May 2024



Wasps were stinging me as I worked outside

3 Apr 2024



I was in a house full of spiderwebs with spiders and other insects. I could not even walked because of the spiders. I decided to clean but as I was cleaning a swamp came to attack me. I saw the wasp trying to sting one of my fingers.

28 Mar 2024



Had a dream this morning about wasps infesting the dining room because grandma broke the bottom half of the front door so they started swarming in. Some got into mom’s room so me and chaela were spraying a specific kind of bug soray to kill them. i forgot that my pet bird was out and on their dresser, so when we were spraying them because they were above their TV, a lot of the spray got on him too and he started losing feathers. So, after we killed the wasps, i grabbed him and tried to wash the liquid off of him, and he slowly started talking to me, like he was saying actual words. I don’t remember what he said though. But i just held him close to me after cleaning him up and he lost a lot of feathers, he had big bald patches on his back and wings.

21 Mar 2024

Running away


i was at a petting zoo with a group of friends, again i’ve never met these people in the waking world. there was at least 4 or 5 of us, but we were just chillin and petting the animals, and one of the guys in the friend group gets ahold of a wasp nest, and breaks it on accident. we all start running around tryna figure out what to do, we knew we could hide in a patch of sunflowers to hide from the wasps, so we try finding sunflowers to hide in. we find one, but the weren’t fully grown yet, so we go back to the farm and find another patch of sunflowers, but there wasn’t enough to cover us. eventually 3 of us run over the hill and land in a ditch, almost getting hit by a red car, and the guy that broke the wasp nest is chasing after us tryna run away from the wasps as well. we eventually wander off from each other and get lost, and i was trying to find the guy who broke the nest. i found this cliffside thing with a hidden house by it. i said “chase” or whatever the guys name was. i climbed over the fence, and then i woke up. this was the second time i’ve had this dream, the first time i had it i didn’t find the house, and me and the group eventually all get stuck and stung by the wasps. we didn’t almost get hit by a car in the first dream.

2 Mar 2024



I had a dream where I was in the Middle East and there was this big hill and me my brother and two ppl who I don’t know were climbing when we got to the to we all sat down and slide down as we all got down a big avalanche started so we dug a whole and saw was the snow flew past us we all were safe and we all laughed then in that same hill but now the path up tothere had no snow the first few times I went with them all was good but when I went by my self one guy even warned me there were wasps so when I went up there were 11 wasps chasing me and for some reason I had a mirror so I could see the wasps i went down the hill a few times and finally got rid of them then I walked in a room and I reed to close a door so the wasps don’t come inside but the door wouldn’t close this door was in my other dream and even that door had issues closing then it finally closed after this all I timber is my dad coming from out side wearing middle eastern clothing saying my grand ma went ahead of us to the next town and it’s going to cost like 1000$ and I told my dad aren’t we gonna go to our home town later let’s just meet up after that I told my dad if u ever book a vacation next time only call me if there is like pre planned thing not just doing stuff in a spur then after that for some reason my friend Jenn was there with boba and I made fun of for something and after that my mom was freaking some boba so I got some but it was so sweet it was bad then I woke up

25 Feb 2024



Orange mother spider and it’s three orange baby spiders on my bed and orange mother spider was fighting with giant wasp. Wasp picked up and lifted mother orange spider in the air in my bedroom. I killed them both in my bedroom and threw my bed blanket and sheets into washing machine.

20 Feb 2024



I had a nightmare that there were wasps coming out of a hole below my belly button.

9 Feb 2024



A man in black all black and I cannot see his face all he did was stand in my doorway and when I turned to my wall and looked my at my door again The man in all black wasss lening over my bed looking at me by the way, this is like not a dream like it was like right after I woke up like it was like 20 minutes after I woke up and it was like 2 AM in the morning turning on 3 AM

21 Jan 2024



Was running through the grass trying to avoid the wasps. Then came across a garage where I was trying to find a way through climbing over cars, trucks and boats.

9 Nov 2023

New Job


I was me as I am now but younger in age, I had met a new boyfriend. I went round to his house and bought him a large dog. We talked and kissed and cuddled while his family played with the dog, his mum and female relatives and friends came into his room which was on the ground floor with a big patio door and window opened onto field. We all stood out say around watching a wasp like creature we had never seen before flying across the ceiling. The dog game running in with boyfriend little brother. They all left and we got back to kissing. We then jumped on a train on a back country lane

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