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Dream Interpretation: Seeds 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Seeds? Discover the significance of seeing a Seeds in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Seeds appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

Seeds in a dream symbolize new beginnings, growth, and potential. It represents the start of a new project or idea that has the potential to grow into something great. It can also signify fertility, creativity, and abundance.

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🧭 Direction


Think about what new opportunities or ideas you have been considering lately. This dream may be a sign that it's time to take action and start planting the seeds for your future success. Trust in your abilities and have faith that your hard work will pay off in the end. Keep nurturing your ideas and watch them grow into something amazing.

❤️ Feelings

The dream about seeds evokes a sense of potential and growth. It brings feelings of hope, anticipation, and the possibility of new beginnings. This dream signifies the start of something meaningful, the nurturing of ideas or relationships, and the belief in the power of small beginnings to yield great results. It instills a sense of optimism and encourages the dreamer to embrace opportunities and take risks. The symbolism of seeds in this dream suggests the need to plant the seeds of ambition, creativity, or personal development, and to have faith in their ability to flourish and bear fruit.





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9 Jun 2024



I was living in a house by the water with my sister, my kids, and the partner, and we had a neighbor who kept yelling and cursing at his son he canceled the sons phone plan was loud and aggressive. My sister and I planted something together I planted the seeds and put everything in and then when I went to More soil, she watched the plant and then they grown some so we put more soil. they were school buses. They kept driving too fast or tipping over and then landing on the wheels again I took some students off the last school bus that did the through top of the bus. Sometimes I was at work planning for a school show so I would be at practice with my students in the auditorium. At the end of the dream we were offered a vacation out on the water. They gave us three options. One was a simple stroll where we could wear regular clothes, the other was a beach trip where we could tan stay in the sun and go swimming in the ocean and they provided us with bathing suits bathing suit covers the third one the third one was a trip to the beach for a week, but you got to stay in this big glass bubble in the ocean and watch all the fish and you could go to fancy restaurants and everything and they provided you with bathing suits clothes, food and food and although the trip was supposed to be just for me and my boyfriend gave us clothes for the kids just in case we wanted to take themafter talking about it with my coworkers and with my partner, we decided to take the second trip and bring the kids so we could have a nice beach day and I woke up

10 May 2024

Childhood home


Plant a seed Am in my childhood home, the one I had lived for a few years during my teen ages People are coming in and out of the house to help us move our things out, and I'm planting iris seeds that blooms poppy-blue flowers using a tube-like packet It's raining and the seeds are jelly, like chia seeds 1 sprinkle them everywhere, wherever I want the flowers to be in The peach tree in the middle slope/part of the the garden is blooming, and the construction/moving workers are making admiring comments about it

15 Feb 2024

Running away


It started with a guessing game that ended with a punk bar as the answer. There was an element of trying to impress Greg that I was punk. Then we got up and left. I had long bright green hair and I was with my family, Greg’s family and Mia. We went to this pub with chalk all over the walls that was next to the punk bar (same one as before) and everyone sat in this tight little corner at the bottom of some stairs while me and mia sat with the bartender at this big wooden table. Mia got a cherry gin and I got a hot chocolate. The bartender left to make our drinks and we snuck off the the bathroom and ended up fucking. There was a screwdriver (that changed forms a lot; syringe, plastic thing like a dildo, other things I can’t remember). All that disappeared and then both out families but not mia anyone were at the Myocum house and I was in my room fucking myself with all the curtains down and the door closed but mum came in and got me in trouble and said it was embarrassing cause the cousins were over. She had my screwdriver / syringe in her hand and wouldn’t give it back. I went into lots of different rooms to try again but the doors would never lock no matter what. The doors just kept on coming loose and it really really distressed me that I couldn’t have privacy and lock a door. So I ended up asking to get some fresh air so I could run away (running away was now my goal) and she ran after me. I got to the top of the driveway and she caught up to me and grabbed my long green hair that is now long blue hair and I kept running and she held onto my hair. I yelled back at her as we ran “u can do it, pull as much as u can, pull my hair off, come on don’t be weak” and she did. So some of my hair came out in her hand and I got free. I ran! But I heard her crying so I stopped and went back because I love my mum. She was so sad that she had ripped my hair out and the main point she made over and over again was that she “loved everything about me.” She hugged me and said this so much that I was now in the wrong. It didn’t matter how much I was angry at her before, I was now in the wrong, because she just loved me. So we walked back up the driveway (we had gotten as far as the tree the cockatoos used to eat seeds off) and I can’t really remember anything after that. It included Tully, Rose, and the garage.

2 Jan 2024

New Job


Yes, sir Four big guys and they grab on my thighs Blow up my guts like the 4th of July If they keep fuckin' my butt then I might just cry Poop and semen sprayin' on my eyes He lick my dick and the cum start sprayin' Charging up my dick I'ma go super saiyan When he cum the fuckin' booty I don't do much playing Then I whispered in his ear, like hey are you stayin' He said yeah I'm not leavin' I guess he George Floyd, cause always leavin' Not breathin' he chew on my dick like a baby That's teathin' I'm fuckin' a nigga I think it's named Steven Hawkin f*ck him 'til he ain't walkin', dick stone-cold call him BBC Austin It's a booty massacre when I visit him in Boston Bought him new titties I don't care what they costin' Bitch, hop on the dick do a split Shout out Lil Baby My dick is as real as it gets, I'm not fuckin' On him if he don't have tits I'm catchin' his balls like my name Kyle Bitz There's four Big guys, they're grabin' on my thighs They blow my guts like the 4th of July If he keep fuckin' my butt then I might cry There's poop and semen sprayin' on my eyes Yes sir, that is a fact tho, take out my dick slip it in his asshole Swinging my dick through the air like a lasso Painted his face like Apollo Pocasso (ugh) But I'm not a very good artist, f*ck 'em all good 'til that Nigga farted planted my seeds in his ass like a garden The way I play with balls, you should call me James Harden Yeah, DigBar is elite, there's four big guys and I'm takin' their meat I eat the boy's butt, Then I chase him with skeet And I charge for booty, I promise DigBar Isn't cheap And I count dudes when I sleep, not sheep, get up in my sheets And I'm beatin' on my meat Bitch We got four big guys and they grab on my thighs And they gon' bust on my eyes

15 Nov 2023



I was a pilot who was alone inside a plane, like a B2 spirit plane, the plane was on air but not moving, I was not sad or feeling lonely, with me I had a clean white bag full of seeds, I was going to a long journey to a place I Cound see where, and the plane was just waiting me command to start my way, my mission in that new place would be planting the seeds,and I knew by some way that those seeds would grow.

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