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Dream Interpretation: Meteor 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Meteor? Discover the significance of seeing a Meteor in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Meteor appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

A meteor in a dream represents a sudden and unexpected change or event in your life. It can also symbolize a feeling of powerlessness or being overwhelmed by circumstances beyond your control. This dream may be a warning to prepare for unexpected challenges or to be open to new opportunities.

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🧭 Direction


Reflect on any recent changes or events in your life that may have caused you stress or anxiety. Consider how you can prepare for unexpected challenges and be open to new opportunities. This dream may also be a reminder to stay grounded and focused on what is important to you, even in the face of unexpected changes.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of a meteor can evoke a range of emotions. It may bring a sense of awe and wonder, as meteors are often associated with celestial beauty and cosmic power. The sight of a meteor streaking across the sky can also create a feeling of excitement and anticipation, as it represents something rare and extraordinary. However, the dream of a meteor can also trigger feelings of fear or anxiety, as it symbolizes sudden and unexpected change or destruction. The intensity and impact of a meteor can leave one feeling overwhelmed or vulnerable. Overall, the dream of a meteor can elicit a mix of emotions, from fascination and exhilaration to apprehension and vulnerability.





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25 Jun 2024



I had a dream last night that we knew a meteor was going to hit the planet and extinguish life. There was a long period of more random things happening in response to this beforehand, but the most poignant bit was right before I woke up this morning and it had come down to it – impact was very close at hand and I was in a classroom like setting with about 20 to 30 other people and my boys. Many of the people there were Sikh and Hindu and Muslim and everyone was calmly hugging each other and wishing each other a good journey. I laid on the ground and held my boys and either arm and explained to them that it is going to be OK, we are going to see each other again very soon. This is the way it works. . I am your mother and we love each other so much. We will always love each other. Maybe last time you were my father maybe one time I was your friend. No matter what, we will see each other again, though we might look different. The boys seem to understand this without trouble or difficulty or upset. They smiled nodded and hugged me and we held each other as we felt the impact of the asteroid on the planet. Then we knew we had roughly 20 minutes for some reason and we just talked and prepared calmly, as did the rest of the people in the room. As I knew the shockwave was imminent , we hugged and cuddled and I woke up. Just as I was coming out of sleep, but still in a half-sleep state I heard in my head “dying is exactly thus- like what just happened. Dying is exactly like waking up from a dream.”

24 Jun 2024



I was ascending to the sky and in a certain level I heard a voice telling me there is no God but Allah and Muhammad his messenger then I returned to the earth as meteor

6 Jun 2024



I had a dream that i saw a meteor hit the earth and then explode into a bunch of little smaller meteors.

16 Apr 2024



Went to my dance directors house of the team I’m auditioning for. Her and the owner were talking to me and a few of the current girls. They said they’ve been watching me and they want me on the team next round. Armani and Kat were there and they saw how close we were. We somehow fell asleep there. Woke up to Kat watching a forest fire in the distance. She said “she’s here and we’re not paying attention ” I’m assuming she was referring to Mother Nature. Not too long after Meteors began falling from the sky. We panic. I’m started to look for a friend of mine so I wouldn’t be alone when everyone was evacuating. A big robot came from nowhere and asked one of the girls who was at the mansion with us if she would help operate or move him to make the meteors stop. He assumed she was a millionaire. A robot was controlling it? After running through the neighborhood, it turns out the meteor was only hitting one neighborhood

8 Apr 2024



There was some type of trip to a planet similar to earth. There were school buses lining everyone up. Then we were on a cruise in the middle of the ocean but there was a spy and I needed to get rid of them. At one point I was in a car driving down a steep hill with a little upward slope. When I got to the bottom the slope propopelled me high in the air, so high that I flew over the Jesus statue in sao Paolo. Then the dream changed to me being home watching a commercial that mentioned taking a trip outer space. Later on when I’m at the port I see a spaceship that kinda just looks like a charter bus. For some reason I’m fighting like an alien of sort in space because aliens were trying to ambush us before we landed on the new planet. It was like a matrix fight in outer space, nobody knew I was outside fighting because they were all distracted. Then we’re in the planet and there’s a cruise ship, we’re taking a trip around the different oceans. I meet a lady on the cruise who looked like this girl I went to high school with, esilona. I don’t know the exact details but something happens on the planet that makes us basically realize we’re all going to die. I have a vision of my family watching the news and crying for me. We are limited on the amount of mail robots, so I can only send one letter to family. I decide not to send a letter immediately since it might be better to send one before I died. The planet is going dark, and shrinking like a deflated ball from the top down. Alien critters have come out and they are eating our food. Esilona and I are on the balcony in the cruise ship, talking about life and reminiscing memories because we know we only have about 6 days left before the planet folds itself and we inevitably die. Well, it turns out that the spies are still here and they infiltrated the cruise. They actually organized a meteor to crash into the planet and kill is all. Turns out that the free tickets we all had to come here was just a ploy and all of us were on some kind of hit list. They’ve been killing people one by one but nobody knows because everyone is too stressed about the world ending. Esilona and I take it upon ourselves to find them and find out if they know how to save us. In real life, we were on a cheer team together, so in the dream, we were doing a lot of acrobatics when fighting the spies. I found a suitcase with a space laptop and sent communication to the USA government that this was all a trap. No response. Meanwhile, the entire world is watching the news daily, hoping that someone would come save us. There is a meteor shower going on between earth and where we are, and it doesn’t seem safe enough for anyone to rescue us. I suddenly because the spokesperson for the group, talking to governments on the space laptop. Clips of the conversation were shared on the news and in my visions I see my entire family sitting in front of the tv. There are candles lit, my grandma is lighting sage, my mom is holding a rosary and praying, my dad and brothers are crying and holding each other. Back on the planet we still have the atmosphere shrinking, air is running low. Esilona and I are laying in a beach looking at the sky, patiently waiting for death to come take us. That’s when I get a vision of seeing the planet from space, and I see different axis, trail of meteors, and a rendezvous point. I run to the cruise ship and yell “is anyone good with their hands?” And an couple of men say they are engineers, blacksmiths, carpenters, etc. together we try to find a way to create a shield around the cruise, hoping that it could float in space and give us more time until spaceships came to get us. It worked, and we managed to launch the ship into space. That’s when I find a piece of paper and some crayons, and I write to my family “mom, dad, Jeff, Mickey, I love you all so much. If I don’t live, know that I tried as hard as I could to save us all” and give it to the last mail robot available. That’s when suddenly there is a loud snap in space, and we see the planet burst into little pieces. Everyone unanimously voted that I was now the captain of the ship, and so I went to the front of the ship with a space costume to sit alone and look at the empty black space sky. I saw about 50 spaceships coming our way to save us so I ran inside to tell everyone to be prepared for rescue. Then our ship imploded. The force field couldn’t contain the pressure of space anymore. We all die. But then I wake up on a beach in what I think is some kind of deserted island. Turns out that the implosion took us to different timelines on earth because we fell into a black hole. The island that I washed up on was actually a military site, and the scientist there knew that I would be coming. Together we work to predict this ploy to send passengers to their death in the new planet. And I realize that my dream just looped, and now I can stop it all from happening.

22 Mar 2024



I had a dream about when the meteor struck earth killing all of the dinosaurs, so in this dream I remember there was magic and all kinds of crazy, chaotic, awesome things. So firstly, I remember some wizard placing a magical, I guess, grimoire down and he was summoning the meteor to earth. When the meteor hit, there was an epic battle that completely stopped. I remember the character I was was stuck behind a fallen boulder and trying to protect somebody. When the meteor finally struck, everybody in the immediate vicinity died except for me and this kid because that boulder that we were stuck behind actually saved us. I remember there was a massive explosion and it was just insane. Next thing I know, a few days later, me and this kid were out in town and everything was so dark and it was like a poison was in the air and we had to survive for a few days before a freeze took over the world, because of all the accumulated dust. Now, when that winter finally came, of course it was extremely hard on everybody. A mass population died. But it was so weird, because it was like, obviously ancient times, but we had modern technology back then as well. It was really weird, but I enjoyed the dream.

10 Mar 2024

Light (Not Dark)


There was loads of lights that was similar to a meteor shower in the sky and then they turned into a large ship

6 Mar 2024



I had a dream about meteors falling to the earth and an apocalypse

18 Feb 2024



I was on my way to work. It was really cold out. My co-workers kept looking up at the sky and I was wondering why until I saw a giant meteor coming down and collapsing.

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