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Dream Interpretation: Environment 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Environment? Discover the significance of seeing a Environment in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Environment appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This symbol reflects your life in general. It shows you your life's direction and the path it will continue to take as long as you are in that environment. It also symbolizes your mental state, your current life situations, and how you feel about it.

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🧭 Direction


Analyze your current place, the situation you are in. Check to see if you are in a space that allows you to grow both emotionally and physically. If your environment is hampering your growth, it's time to leave and find yourself a safe place that lets you stretch your wings.

❤️ Feelings

This dream of the environment may evoke feelings of connection, harmony, and responsibility. It signifies a deep appreciation for nature and a desire to protect and preserve it. The dreamer may feel a sense of awe and wonder at the beauty of the natural world, as well as a responsibility to take care of it for future generations. There may also be a sense of interconnectedness with all living beings and a recognition of the impact our actions have on the environment. Overall, this dream elicits a sense of reverence and a call to be mindful of our relationship with the world around us.





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5 May 2024



I was at university as a student, not staff. Vu Dang, my teaching assistant during my undergraduate was there. He was teaching about the importance of exercise and environmental devotion. The lesson was in a field but there weer o ly 3 of us in class, myself and another woman and a man. The man was making claims that he couldn't do housework. I called him sexist. He got mad and said he wasn't being sexist. I said that the idea that men are incapable idiots is sexist. That his parents had done him a disservice by sending him into the world unable to care for his home, as a burden to any woman he got into a relationship with. That if he was committed to being unable to do housework then he'd better also be committed to earning enough money to ensure his life partner can be a stay at home spouse - if that's what they want - so they don't have to work and be the primary house manager at the same time. Vu and the girl applauded me, Vu clapped so loudly that I had to shout to be heard. The boy was grumpy after my speech. The wind started to pick up and class dispersed. I went into the milking parlor where my dad used to work to find my work colleagues sitting down having tea. They invited me in and I said yes but let me just grab some things. A couple more classmates showed up and two of them had colds. I commiserate with them and went to go get something from the other side of the field. As I went I could hear them talking about me, saying that I was weird and not good enough to be friends with Hannah, my work bestie. I was frustrated by this talk but I could only hear half their conversation as the wind kept blowing their words away. I wondered if Hannah would defend me if they said this in her hearing. It reminded me of the mean girls that used to be at parties when I was a teenager. I brought back my stuff, said I hoped they got better and went to the parlor for a cup of tea with my colleagues. As I was entering so were the cows, and I called them all beautiful ladies and gave them some fuss. One of them wrapped her tail around my arm and pulled me in for a hug. I had to detach myself but she trued really hard, then I went to sit with my colleagues.

16 Apr 2024

Brother in law


I dreamed that it was a global crisis and my sister my brother-in-law and all her friends and family decided to ride my vehicle because it was electric and it was best for the environment because there was strict regulations and crazy high gas prices. It was really hard but I had to put lots and lots of miles and then my sister turned to me once I'm riding shotgun saying that it's my turn.

25 Mar 2024



I was in the car with this boy who was a year younger than me and we were having a night drive. We rode by this haunted house that I had a dream about in one of my other dreams I had but I don’t remember it fully. But we rode by and then went to this beautiful light up kids play ground. It had shiny lights everywhere and fountains with led lights. There was a photographer there who took a picture of us. Then we went on with our night. I don’t remember the rest of the dream fully but all I remember is I never went home and all of the sudden I was in a forest. I knew it well in the dream but I don’t remember seeing it before in real life. I was walking my cat. And then she got lose from her leash. I went to go find her hoping that I would be lucky to find her since it’s such a big forest and I did after a good few minutes. I said “here kitty, come to me” and I squatted. But she was avoiding me. She started biting on this stick and when I got up and started walking towards her she ran. I stood there overwhelmed. Hoping she didn’t go too far and looked down the steep hills for her but she was gone. And that’s when it happened. Someone hit me in the back of my head and I got knocked out. By the time I woke up the sun was setting my vision was hazy and everything was spinning. I rubbed the back of my head. Then I looked up and there was this person who I never seen before but in my dream I knew them. “Someone hit me in the back of my head!” I looked up at them and they looked irritated at me. “Yeah yeah sure” they said. “I thought I was going to get kidnapped or something!” I said. Then they said “you weren’t going to get kidnapped” and then pointed towards this school that was at the edge of the woods. I kept thinking “what happened” “who hit me” “what happened to that boy who was driving around with me last night” I had no clue or no answers. The person who I woke up to brought me to the school. That’s where I saw Faith and Addison in the front entrance. “Missy are you ok? We were so scared.” I said “yeah I’m fine” then I asked them how they knew I was ambushed and they were like “the whole school does”. That’s weird because I didn’t tell anyone. But I thanked them for their kindness and went to the front desk to call my mom before the school closed. Who hit me? Where was that boy? And why do I have a unsettleling feeling about that abandoned house?

17 Mar 2024



i was living in this apartment with my family, on the top floor. it looked like one of the apartments i lived in as a kid in the waking world. we had some weird neighbors, but didn’t think much of it. few days later we hear a bunch of commotion going on outside. so we open the doors, and the apartments around us are a different color. they were green, like that ugly forest green color. we noticed a strange man on a latter trying to paint the apartments with a paintbrush. we closed the door and opened it again a few minutes later, and they were brown. we saw the man walking weirdly into the apartment complexes across from us. the apartments form a square in the middle, so that’s all grass and mailboxes in the middle of it. we decided to go follow the man and see what he was up to, and it was like he was possessed. in the waking world, in the sims 4 one of my favorite packs is strangerville. the way the sims get possessed by the motherplant is how this guy was acting like in my dreams. it was so weird. anyways we followed him, and ended up at a floral shop. then it changed into a gas station, and i saw that red car, and the numbers 11, 12, 13, 15 and maybe 10 were in white by the right tire. the numbers were kinda small but you could easily see them. they were scattered around like a word puzzle but in the same area. i then ‘woke up’ in my dream telling myself i need to memorize these numbers when i woke up, so i got a little notebook and pencil, and wrote the numbers down along with the color of the car. then i actually woke up in the waking world.

14 Mar 2024

Running away


My dream starts out where I'm running around in the woods away from my mother and her friend, but my mother and her friend aren't people I know in real life, and I'm running away with one of my friends, but she’s also not someone I know in real life. We're running through the woods, and I think at one point my grandmother shows up, but she's also not my grandmother in real life. We're running, and we're running, and we're running, and we climb a tree with our grandma, but she pushes us down off the tree when my mother is there, and my father, and we start to leave, and we run away again. They were mad at us for some reason, and I just want to run away, and I run away two more times I even end up jumping off a waterfall to get away, and then finally they catch me, and then my dream kind of switches the next dream is a lucid dream. we're living in this hut kind of, it's made all out of like large boulders, and there's like glow-in-the-dark paint on the walls, so when it's nighttime, it's like there's stars on the walls. Whech is what inspires me in the next dream I dream which is also lucid where I’m in my room but it’s not my room in real life it’s like a much much bigger version of the my room it’s like my dream room anyway so me my mom and my sister are in my room and we’re painting a mural I decided I wanted a fall scene they’re a bunch of fall trees and I get a little annoyed with my sister because she’s not painting correctly my mom doesn’t do much painting but she helps a lot with the direction the mural takes she makes a pathway through the woods and onto a gravel road where I had painted a beautiful brick house behind it for for the road to lead to we finally fininshed I I really like it if you looked at it it would look like a beautiful birch and aspen forest in the fall the trees are almost all yellow me and my mom maid a point to add some green trees to it it had a little pathway with some rocks in it through the trees to a gravel road which lead to a beautiful brick house with lots of windows

29 Feb 2024

New Job


I was un a new house that was unfamiliar to me. It was 2 story house with all hardwood floors. It was nearly impossible to walk quietly in that house. My bedroom was on the second floor by the stairs. I had my dog, Hermes, but he looked different than in real life. I'd invited my friend Jessica over to hangout. We'd been talking in my room for a bit, i don't remember about what. She'd gotten a call and my mom was calling me to come help her with something, so I left Jess in the room by herself. I went downstairs to help my mom with groceries but she didn't look like my mom. My mom looked like a black woman and I realized I was a black man, but I knew I wasn't really. I helped my mom with the groceries then went back up to my room. When I looked at my hands I was back to normal. Jess was nowhere in sight, but I had a feeling she was in the bathroom. I sat down in bed and put mu legs under the covers. I picked up an odd instrument from under my bed. It was like a synthesizer and a mandolin combined. I started playing a pretty little tune that I'd just made up as Jess came out if the bathroom. She looked really upset and it was obvious she'd been crying. She sat on the bed next to me and I asked her what was wrong. She told me her sister had told her that their mom did something horrible to her. Apparently her mom and sister got into a fight and her mom hit her sister. Jess was crying because she never thought her mom would do something like that. I offered a hug as consolation, but Jess got under the covers with me and pulled me in to cuddle. I layed my head on her chest and wrapped my arm around her torso. My hand accidentally brushed her shirt up and I felt her warm skin on my hand. I was about to readjust, but she put both her arms around me and held me in place. It felt so nice to lay with her like this. I briefly allowed myself to imagine how nice it would be if we could cuddle like this all the time and how I wanted to kiss her but know I couldn't. I kept glancing at my bedroom door that was open ajar and hoped that nobody in my family cam in to disturb us. I also didn't want any questions as to why we were cuddling because I had a husband. I looked up at her and was about to ask her a question when one of my brothers, Noah, walked in asking if I'd take a trip with him. He didn't ask or say anything about Jess and I cuddling but he gave me a knowing look that said it all. I rolled my eyes at him and said yes but to give me a bit to get ready. He said okay then left, leaving my door open. I turned back to Jess and apologized for the interruption and having to leave on short notice. I really wanted to kiss her and I could tell she was feeling the same way, but we both knew it was better if we didn't. We got out of bed and I hugged her goodbye and promised to talk more later and to hangout again once I got back. Then the dream shifted and I was on the trip with my brother. We were in a little town I was unfamiliar with, but it was an oil town and very old-fashioned. I don't know exactly how we'd gotten there but I think it was by bus. We were trying to figure out how to get home when I spotted a pink convertable Cadillac in the lot of a mechanic shop. The top was down, exposing the white leather seats. The shop was closed and there was nobody on the streets so my brother and I shared a mischievous look and decided to steal it. He hopped into the driver's seat amd I hopped into the passenger seat. I opened the glove box and found the keys, then handed them to my brother. With a quick prayer he turned them in the ignition and the car sputtered to life. We both cheered then sped off, heading towards home. We sped down the highway that went thought the forest and hoped to not get caught. I decided to rip off the license plate at the next stop to hopefully cover our tracks a bit. After filling up we made our way again but now I knew that people were onto us and after us. As we drove, suddenly the road turned into railroad tracks that wound and twisted like a roller coaster. We were trying to get off the tracks but the car was stuck on them and we had to just keep driving. Eventually I saw that the tracks were coming to an end and there was a barricade at the end. I told my brother we'd have to bail out, tuck and roll. So we jumped out of the car before it crashed into the barricade. We quickly ran into the train station that was nearby and laughed in our victory. We agreed to buy tickets and take the train home. The dream shifted again and I was back home, in my backyard with my dog. I was on the phone with Jess, telling her what happened, when I heard my mom pulling into the driveway. I panicked because I didn't know if she knew what happened yet and I didn't want to get in trouble, so I bolted inside and up the stairs, trying to be quiet. I'd made it quietly into my room and was about to shut my door when Hermes bounded up the stairs after me, his nails clacking loudly on the wood floors. I quietly ushered him into the room and shut the door, praying that mom didn't notice or hear. I watched the door anxiously and listened for her. After a few moments of silence, I relaxed and was glad we got away with everything. Then I woke up.

11 Feb 2024

Lucid Dream


This dream was long. I swear it could have been the same one the entire night. I was walking along a path, heading uphill. Soon, I came across a divided path. One led down into the forest. The other led up to a grassy clearing. I take that one and end up spotting a couple buildings. The one to the right seemed like a big family home, but modern-looking, meaning grey and flat. The other to the left was still being built. I realized this as soon as I climbed up to the roof and saw the cement being poured into it. Climbing down, I approached the other building to the right. Once inside, I found myself at a table. A sort of oval-shaped table. And there were other people there, too. Like five of them. They felt elite, somehow. For some reason, Eric S. was there. The elite seemed to glare at me, as if I was less than them. But when Eric vouched for me, saying I was the one who was lucid dreaming, their look turned to one of challenge. I felt like they all could have been real. Meaning that they were meeting there through their dreams. I went outside, onto the balcony, and saw a hill of pure, beautiful green. On the deck there were several broad-leafed potted plants. I looked down at my hands, then looked away, then looked at them again and saw that my right hand had distorted a little, blown up like a balloon, pudgy fingers. I knew I was dreaming. I thought of last night's dream when I looked at my hands on the stairs of my burning house and laughed at how differently distorted they had gotten this time. The scene changed and I was in my home at Piedra Azul in Chile but on the beach part. The tide was out but there were people dragging kayaks along the sand to the left of the shore to a little square storage building that was there. (That storage building does not exist in real life.) At some point I was inside that building, but I don't remember more. I woke up with a burning desire to preserve and remember this dream.

10 Feb 2024

Falling in love
Running away


I was out in the forest and helping a stranded couple with directions but then suddenly king Kong emerged and stole the woman. I followed from behind as her fiance ran away. When king Kong was busy I rescues the woman and she fell in love with me.

26 Nov 2023

New Job


I was at a farm type place, there weren't any animals but we seemed to be out in the country somewhere, I was with some lady I didn't know. Some rich women came and they wanted to buy me off from her. I just wanted to go home, I knew from the start I had to get home. I started running but the women (I never got thier names let's call them Karen and Sharon for now) started chasing me and I ran and ran, eventually I thought really hard of a hidden place in the woods, I wished for it, and the world around me turned into white hallways and I made it to a room with a forest inside, it was small but it was the comfort I needed at the time. I locked the door and hid there for as long as I could, curled up under a tree, scared and small. Eventually Karen found me and started busting down the door and all I could do was cry, stuck in a dead-end. At some point I must have passed out from it all, the next thing I knew I woke up in a bed, with my cat Kirby, but the Sharon lady was sitting over me. I was in her house. I refused to talk to her and wouldn't leave the room I slept in. She tried to be nice, acted like I was her adopted kid, tried to get me to go to the beach with her when I was homesick for the forest, she was mean to Kirby though. Kirby ended up getting bugs in his fur and in the house and she tried to take me out for a day in the city to feel better (never minding the fact that I begged for the woods and she was a bitch who wanted me to hate the woods and live in the city) and she tried to leave Kirby behind saying it would get the bugs off him too, but I knew it was poisonous to animals and she was either dangerously stupid or wanted him dead, so I refused to leave without him. She eventually let me take him with and let me put him in a dark pink zip up purse (she was too dumb to realize he needed airholes to breathe so I left the bag open enough for his head until I cut holes in it later) at some point while taking me through the city she got distracted and let go of me and I ran like the wind, I got as far as I could on foot before finding a car with a lyft sticker on it at a gas station and telling the driver that I lost my phone but if he could give me a ride I'd pay in cash. (I managed to steal the rich lady's wallet before we left, and memorized her pin number for later) the guy seemed skeptical at first but I managed to make up a story about being there for a gig and missing my bus back and he let me in. When I told him where I was going (I stated the address which is in Minnesota, not knowing how far I was from home without a gps) he told me we were in California. I handed him a couple hundred dollars and asked him to take me as far in the direction of Minnesota as he could. I used the pin number and card from the stolen wallet when we stopped for gas again later to pull out another couple hundred cause I knew I'd need a vet to look at Kirby when I got home and I bought some food and water for him so he could eat and drink and do his business while we were stopped. I left the card there knowing she'd track it if i kept using it. Then we hopped back in and kept going. The guy took me to Nevada or Arizona, before saying he had to drop me off so he could get back home. I remember before I got out he double checked saying "you better not be lying to me, not some runaway right? You got family waiting for you where you're headed?" And I told him that I did have family waiting for me, technically the truth, and he drove off into the night. I booked a stay at a motel for the night with cash, before walking along the road with my thumb out in the morning. It took a while but eventually a truck driver stopped to ask where I was headed, when I told him Minnesota he said he could get me to the border of South Dakota since he was driving a shipment to a place near there. He also had a small cat with him to keep him company so he was fine with me having Kirby along for the ride. We stopped a few times for gas and to let the cats out to eat and all that, I grabed a map and a compass at one of the gas stations on the way so I'd have a way to know what direction to go to get home. At some point I fell asleep and when I woke up he was letting me out at the border sign, he wished me safe travels, and I wished him the same, and I started walking again. It was dark, but I was so close. He also marked on my map for me where we were and I marked home. I followed the compass North and West until I got to the Minnesota border, and then I knew I was close, I kept going until I found a road I knew and ended up in a town I pass through on the drive home and followed the road til I was almost home, I stopped before getting home though at the pet hospital we pass by all the time and handed the receptionist all the cash I had left to check Kirby and debug him. I filled out the paperwork and waited there for the appointment (it was set for a couple hours later since they had an opening that day) and when he was all finished they gave me a real cat carrier to replace the torn up purse cause I gave them more money than what his appointment actually cost, and then I walked out with him, in his new carrier, and I said "let's go home" and I walked the rest of the way home. When I got there I ran straight up the hill where grandma was walking with her dogs like she usually does and she was so surprised and happy to see us and I let Kirby out and ran to her and gave her a big hug, and she told me dad was on his way home from work and him and grandpa would be so happy to see me and we went inside and she was like "look who I found!" And grandpa got up and gave me a hug too and then dad came home and as soon as he walked in and saw me he cried and I cried and I hugged him. Even now it feels like I was gone for a long time.

9 Nov 2023



Thank you. I had a dream that the plane was crashing and before that plane was crashing there was a man that was on the road and when he was on the road it was like a car coming towards some chaos and then he got out and managed to get missed by it just by a sec like just by a little bit and it was crazy and his face got hit and it was a little bit deformed but he just barely missed death and he seemed to be okay just like he broke his nose or something and then another car came by and some things fell on his legs. And then after the things fell on his legs, we were trying to call the ambulance. And I was like, damn man, it's like destiny's after you, and you just keep missing it by a little bit. And when I said that, people started yelling that a plane is crashing. And then we saw a plane above that was heading for a crash, and then it crashed a bit away in the forest. And then directly in that moment, there was a huge explosion. And from the explosion, there was right away coming some things like a piece of paper that was on fire from the sky, and it fell to my hair, and I had to remove it so it doesn't burn me. Then people yelled to cover ears to not get hit by the sound aftwr wave. I saw it coming and I ran to find a place inside but didn’t make to find one in time so I covered my ears and sat there in fetal position. I then realized that my dog Czarek who is dead in real life but appeared in my dream and was sad and looked at me scared. I grabbed and hugged him and covered his ears instead. When the Sound wave came it was crazy. I heard nothing but a peeping in my ears. Czarek liked my face to make me feel okay but I was terrified. I then looked around to see if there is anywhere to hide and saw some people in a car. Grabbed czarek and started running that way. I then woke up feeling terrified and like the dream meant something. It was crazy.. the silance of the chaos.

25 Oct 2023

High School


okay so I kind of have three dreams but I don't fully remember the first one and the two second ones kind of blended together. So in the first one, I was out in some sort of nature area, reserve, forest, something like that, and I don't recall if I got lost or if there was some sort of issue out there. There was some kind of problem that had to be solved. Afterwards, I dreamt that I was in school. It was with my old high school class and I think it was around two minutes before the class would begin. my father had put or given me a sausage roll one of my favorite ones from 7-eleven, it was one of the extra large versions which I really like. We had asked our old teacher, Maria, if we could go to the canteen to buy some food and she had said something like, then you really have to hurry. so we get down there and I'm like oh no I already have this like French hot dog in my left hand and the sausage roll in my bag that my dad bought for me So I went back into the class and then my good friend ran down there instead. I don't remember the connection or why but the teacher Maria had been really nice to me so I just went up to her gave her a hug and said thank you. And she like glanced down at me looking all like ‘what the fuck’, but i didn’t care. then I sat back down with a friend. this friend is someone who used to be my childhood friend who I stopped seeing after switching schools as a kid, so it's a bit strange seeing her in my dream. but we sat back down and she explained to me what we had to do. my friend who'd gone to the canteen came back and the class started and I had to like analyze language and such based on these like elastic strings. it was really weird Or it might have been spaghetti strings, like pasta. in my awake time I'd had spaghetti for dinner the evening before so that might have been the explanation to that one. I was really confused about what I had to do because it made no sense how was I supposed to analyze spaghetti strings and we were somehow suddenly in my kitchen, my parents kitchen, I don't live at home anymore, and I had to like pull out the top drawer next to the stove to get these spaghetti strings from the drawer. It was next to all the cutlery. I like swiped or turned to the next page kind of thing in the side of this drawer I saw they were like pencils and they were like really hard and tough and they had like different symbols and patterns on them. they were like all different lengths and had different patterns and logos and numbers when you turn them around and stuff and I somehow had to calculate something to do with all of this. Then suddenly I was sitting in the living room and I was sitting there with again this friend from earlier who was my childhood friend and her grandmother came back from the bathroom and said that she was really ill and really sick. My friend asked if that meant that she had to get an old hairdo back, which I don't really understand, that was very confusing. It was apparently for the grandmother's sake and the grandmother said yes. In retrospect, yesterday in my awake time, I visited with my sister her old apartment, and we met her old neighbour, she's an old lady, and she said that she was still sick, so maybe that's where the correlation is. going back to the dream, I then asked my friend if she still had this old turtle ring that I had given her, which in real life I don't think I ever gave this to her. it was a mood-changing ring that I just owned and I haven't seen for many years. but I asked her if she still had it. because it apparently gave good luck. she said that she didn't have it and I was like what it's like 10 years ago 10 plus years ago that I gave this to you even though in reality I never gave it to her. and lastly I dreamt that I think I was in some sort of school and we had to collect some money, save up some money. So I went out with my friends and firstly we came past the store which I think was a cake shop But I don't know for sure. it might have been a store but at least somewhere that had cakes and then suddenly the shop was like oh no we just had like a cancellation or something we need five cakes. It was really beautiful cakes and I was like, you know what? We got this. I don't remember the name of the boss lady who was there, but I used to remember it, but it's gone now, but it was a woman. my friends and I went out to I think make this cake or eat it I think it was make it and the shapes for the cake were like squares and it was sticking up in weird ways it was very confusing. We decorated them and they became really pretty, and then I had to do something after making the first two or three cakes, and then when I came back, all 5 of them were finished. we handed them in and we wouldn't get paid until they'd been like judged and stuff and then there's a timeskip. Then we like check on this app and it says that we got either 5.5 out of 6 or 6.5 out of 7 stars. So I was like, you know, we're only missing half a star. So I was like, okay, they really liked these cakes, so we're probably gonna get a really good pay from it, too. So we go up to the caste register. The woman is gone now, down there's a boy. And we all queue up with one of my friends in front of me. A friend of mine was apparently also there, and she asked like how much a chicken cost, like fried chicken or something like that. And it was apparently 30 kroner, so that's that. And this was apparently also a bakery. our attention was now directed up to this screen behind the cashier which had something to do with showing the value of coins or something and we were basically told that we wouldn't be paid for these cakes. We were like, we've gotten all these stars and we need to be paid. This is really unacceptable and we were getting mad and angry. We basically asked for this boss woman to come out and see us, and she didn't. We just got like a passive-aggressive smile, like, yeah, hmm, too bad, you're not getting paid. Um, and we never really got to solve this issue because then I woke up.

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