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Dream Interpretation: Dog 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Dog? Discover the significance of seeing a Dog in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Dog appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This symbolize unconditional love, acceptance, loyalty, and friendship. It signifies that either you or someone in your life exhibits all these qualities, and you can easily put your trust in them. Sometimes they even represent a new beginning and a new friendship.

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🧭 Direction


Pay attention to your behaviors and acknowledge those who are loyal and close to you. Nurture the relationships you have with others, as they will become your safe house when in need. Make sure to keep those who are loyal to you always around.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of a dog can evoke feelings of companionship, loyalty, and protection. It may symbolize friendship, trust, and unconditional love. This dream can also bring a sense of joy, playfulness, and happiness. Additionally, it may represent a need for companionship or a desire for more love and affection in one's life. The presence of a dog in a dream can also signify a need for loyalty and support from others. Overall, this dream can elicit positive emotions and a sense of connection with others.





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11 May 2024



It started with my girlfriend and I in the car with our dogs, when we saw a stray dog covered in oil. She stopped the car and went to go get help for the dog. While she was gone, two more stray dogs ran over. Then the dream transitioned into us at a natatoroium for some kind of event. After that was over, we had to drive home. It was a really long drive, so my parents got us a hotel room for the night. I remember I was wanting to hurry up and get home, but my girlfriend kept telling me to relax and that there was no hurry.

7 May 2024



I met some girl somewhere. We slept together (not sex, literally slept in my parents old bed when I was a kid). For some reason we kinda became enemies as she was chasing Lilah and I all over the country. I had a handgun tucked in my belt for whatever reason and used it at some point but I was never trying to harm her. She was chasing us through what reminded me of grossmont mall (a nearby mall) and trying to get me in trouble about having a gun (but she had one as well i think). She also had a dog but over time our dogs became our two friends who were like actors I've seen in movies. I think the girl I slept with that was chasing me (in more of a funny wag but she wasn't a fan of me for some reason) became Jennifer Anniston and her dog became this tall black chick I saw in another movie somewhere and my friend I don't remember what they looked like but we hopped in a truck (just now remembering that lilah was still there and in back of truck but it became an suv). We took off to the desert to get more guns and ammo but friend wanted to go elsewhere. I said we can go to the Forrest but you need to lookup where to get guns and ammo. It was crazy offroading for a bit. We then found ourselves in a type of buffet restaurant. I was trying to get french toast and waffles with maple syrup. The ladies showed up and were stealing the maple syrup so I couldn't have any and I just used another packet thing that was Nutella. It was tastey. I then was speed walking around the tables in-between families trying to evade the girl and her friend. Was hilarious. Me and friend (lilah no longer there) were chatting with the staff at counter and then the girls started arguing with them and said they were chinese and I was looking at them like, hmm, you chinese or Korean? We then took off from there and ended up climbing some stairs to the office of a counselor or something. There was a note on door (they were expecting us but not yet) someone barged in (I think it was one of the girls). The counselor guy was sleeping in his chair. He was fat so it was even more funny. He woke up and at some point became a women. We were chatting and one of the girls had Ramen and soup from restraint and was eating it. They felt obligated to share with the counselor lady as she was asking a lot. The girl said fine and poured the soup into the very large Ramen bowl and they started eating together. I thought it was odd that she poured the soup into the Ramen but they acted like it was normal and it looked fine. Soup was like broth anyways so it looked good after pouring in. That's all I remember but overall it was a very fun dream and hilarious dream and super long feeling. Like it felt like over an hour at least.

7 May 2024



My dog was killing a bird. He was biting them in front of me n other ppl and I was trying to keep they're blood off of us

6 May 2024



My mom bought a dog with antlers from another country and told me it was a delicacy there she told me to cook it for dinner and I agreed. I felt a little conflicted because I love dogs and this definitely looked like a dog, but I didn’t want to anger my mom. She especially gets angry when she is hungry. So while my mom was in another room napping, I went to try to snap the dogs legs off to start the cooking process, but I couldn’t do it. The dog with antlers looked at me with such love and trust. I sort of broke down inside with the conflict. In the end, I chose not to kill the dog with antlers. Instead I was going to keep him as a beloved pet. I knew my mom and my cat who doesn’t like dogs would be upset with me, but I steeled myself that I would deal with it for the sake of this dog. Next scene, I went to two veterinarians. I told the first about the dog with antlers and she knew immediately that this dog was meant to be food originally. She held out her hand and asked “where is the watch?” She was referring to a watch that came with this dog with antlers that had the recipe to cook it. I was surprised she knew about it. I handed it to her and she said with a smile, “good job.” She was referring to me deciding not to cook this animal and this made me feel good that I did the right thing. Then I went to see the second veterinarian who was a Korean man who didn’t speak English very well. I was trying to explain that I wanted to get the dog’s antlers removed as it could be dangerous around the home or people. The dog could accidentally skewer someone with these antlers still intact. So it was important to have them removed. Getting around the language barrier was easier than I expected and he knew what I wanted. This was going to cost me a lot of money to have the antlers removed, but it didn’t matter to me. I would do what I have to, to keep this dog. Next scene, I’m back at home playing on the floor with the dog with antlers. My sister and my old friend Devon come down the stairs and eye the dog asking what’s for dinner. I say, “I don’t know, but not this dog. I am keeping him.” My sister kind of laughs a little saying she’s not surprised. My mom then wakes up from her nap asking about dinner. I’m very nervous but trying to be strong at this point. I tell her I am keeping the dog with antlers and refuse to cook him. She seems very annoyed and angry at first, but then seems to calm down and moves on to discussing what else I should cook for dinner. We came up with a salad with Deli meats and bacon in it that her friend suggested and she wanted to try. I thought that was a weird dinner to ask for but I agreed and was just relieved she wasn’t going to fight me on not cooking the dog.

6 May 2024



i had a dream we had another dog a golden retriever and i was walking nobu, my current pitbull, and this golden retriver. Even though the pitbull did not resemble nobu, it was a much larger gray pitbull, i felt he was my current dog

3 May 2024



Last night I dreamt that I owned a huge property and I had ferocious, wild, gigantic and scary pigs as guard "dogs" on my property

29 Apr 2024



I'm living in a motel and there's a knock on the door. There's 2 gentlemen standing there looking for a dog. (I'm a dog groomer in real life) I groomed the dog the day before, but I told them I had no idea what happened to him since then.

28 Apr 2024



A dog was limping and trying to attack me but I picked it up and it’s front leg was hurt badly. There was another dog who’s paws were bleeding profusely and I was trying to help the dog by pulling things out of their paws. I think it was natsu because I was pulling out fruit from in between his paw pads It was all fruit he could eat though. Then I missed a whole several hours of group and I didn’t know. I complimented someone for their really cool nice room it was red an accented

16 Apr 2024

Old Man


At the beginning of the dream, I’m in this bank that looks a lot like a mansion inside and I’m walking through these rooms where it looks like important people are having meetings with their clients. They may be bankers or maybe higher up people? But one of the men gave me a look like I wasn’t supposed to be in that area so I walked out. The bank is slowly morphing more into a mansion, and I come across this dog and it was friendly at first, but then when I was starting to play with it, it began to get really aggressive and was growling, and I was trying to hold it down so it wouldn’t bite me, but it kept getting agitated and almost bit me. And then there was a noise in one of the other rooms and it distracted the dog and the dog got up and went to go investigate it. As the dog was doing that, I’m looking outside the windows and there’s a cathedral right outside of one of them with stained glass windows brightly colored. There’s beautiful wood work around the windows that match the hardwood floors. I pull my phone out and wanna grab a picture but my hand is so shaky and I thought I heard footsteps and someone coming so I put my phone away. No one ends up coming just yet. The dog walks back out and is not aggressive with me anymore and there’s still noises coming from the room that it was in and it keeps staring at the room. I definitely feel a presence in this area. I am too afraid to see what’s going on. I’m getting concerned. I went to one of the bathrooms, which seems to be a reoccurring theme as well. I walk back out into the main area and then i hear footsteps again and see a shadow emerging from that room and an old man walks out of that room that the dog was looking at and this man is giving off creepy vibes. I don’t remember what he said to me, but I just remember feeling uncomfortable.

15 Apr 2024



A dog breed I own but a gigantic version

10 Apr 2024



I dreamed that an Asian lady with a brown dog took me on a trip across a foreign countries border. I was heavily pregnant. The ride was bumpy and rough on back roads and I was worried about the baby inside my belly. When we arrived at our destination I discovered the woman was there to give her dog away to unkind people. I felt sad for the dog and started to ask questions. The woman cut me off and told me to get back into the truck and that I must hide. On the return journey I was in the back of a van. I realized the woman had smuggled her dog, and now she intended to smuggle me and my unborn baby as well.

1 Apr 2024



I was babysitting a dog, however this dog was intelligent. After a while I could teach it phrases and actions like a parrot and I could have it repeat English words back to me.

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