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Dream Interpretation: Sausage 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Sausage? Discover the significance of seeing a Sausage in your dream πŸ’€ - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Sausage appears in your dream βœ…

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πŸ’‘Possible meaning

Seeing or eating sausage in a dream can represent sexual desires or a need for physical pleasure. It can also symbolize abundance, prosperity, and good fortune.

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🧭 Direction


Think about your current relationships and whether you are satisfied with them. Are you seeking more physical intimacy or pleasure? Alternatively, this dream may be a sign of financial success or abundance coming your way. Keep an eye out for opportunities to improve your financial situation.

❀️ Feelings

The dream about sausage may evoke feelings of satisfaction and indulgence. It symbolizes abundance, pleasure, and gratification. This dream may bring a sense of contentment and enjoyment in life's simple pleasures. It could also represent a desire for nourishment and fulfillment in various aspects of life.





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31 May 2024



I had a dream about serving popcorn and sausage patties

31 Jan 2024

Running away


okay so this was weird. I was like, doing a script read for a play with some of my friends from college at a park on a bench but we kept bursting out into songs from hamilton. then after a while, we saw the actual story of the play, which involved eddie Murphy and his many kids invading and stealing a farm from an old plump lady. she hid in a shed after saying they could have the farm. Eddie and the kids then went down this weird dip thing towards the rails when suddenly CPS showed up in helicopters and took away the kids. Eddie was running away and suddenly morphed into ME, so I'm running down the train tracks and then find a different man standing outside a broken train. we board the train which had a fancy interior, similar to Harry Potter, and it took us back in time to 1999! we walked around for a while before seeing a second hand shop and going inside. the shop had a bunch of resident evil stuff, such as a really weird looking shirt and replica guns! it also had re1! I looked over at the counter and saw non other than leon kennedy and Albert wesker cosplayers! I told them that their cosplays were really cool but they didn't respond so I'm pretty sure they were actually the characters. anyway, after showing the lady at the counter my phone, we left the shop and headed to greggs where I ran into another friend from college. they were being bullied and harrased by a bunch of girls with cameras so I went over and grabbed the main girls wrist. I started yelling at her in a man's voice, saying how she's never to do that again and asking if she understands. I tell her to say she understands but she stays quiet. the greggs employee stops me and says I was being over dramatic, so I asked her how she would feel being followed around and recorded. she said she wouldn't mind, so I recorded her while laughing. she got upset and asked me to stop, and I did. I told her that's how my friend felt. she accepts that and apologies before asking what I'd like to order. I was about to order a vegan sausage roll before realising that those didn't exist yet, but the cat was out of the bag. I tell the greggs employee that I'm a time traveller, and there will come a time where greggs makes vegan sausage rolls. she asked if I travel through time and space like the doctor, I said I can't travel through space, but I CAN travel through time. I showed her a mini tardis I kept in my pocket, with multiple tardises within itself before revealing the interior of the 11th doctor tardis. she was amazed and asked how you spell tardis, so I showed her and she said she had been spelling it wrong. I get my food and head upstairs with my friend, but run into a group of men who said that I only liked resident evil for attention. I proceeded to spoil the entirety of resident evil 4 for them, and scolded them for not knowing the future of resident evil since they're "real" fans. I can't remember what happened after that. I think I mentioned ethan winters, but then woke up

2 Jan 2024

My crush
High School


So the dream started with some kind of high school graduation gathering in the capitol building where all of our parents were supposed to be picking us up or being there with us and my dad was really giving me a hard time about it. After that my brother and I went on a trip and it was some kind of a weird thing where we were supposed to be avoiding the river. I don't know, I guess the water was poisoned or something but there were other people there and they wouldn't give us water to drink even though they had bottled water and stuff. After that we went on a school trip with lots of other people as well and there was like banquet food and stuff and we were supposed to have everything picked up from the capitol building trip before then. So part of my trip I spent diverting my time to cleaning that stuff up and then I went back and I had an arm wrestling match with everybody around the table except for this one guy who I had a crush on. Then he took me aside into another room and tried to get my attention and he fed me a piece of sausage covered in gravy. He took me aside into this other room but there was already a family in there finishing up their banquet time. I also had a friend who was trying to buy drugs and I was trying to pay for them for him but he was having a hard time describing it. We were all crossing the bridge back from this one area back to the main hotel and my brother was kind of fooling around and I was going to jump over him but he was being weird and scared. But yeah, that's, yeah.

28 Dec 2023



I was inside of this scary, ominous, house. I couldn't see anyone or anything but there was something, or someone, watching me. I'm in a furnished atick. I'm laying in a big bed. There's an old man to my left, and his son who's in his early 40's to my right. The house is still creepy, but for whatever reason I feel comfortable with them. I turn while laying in bed to talk to the son, and the older man stabs me in the back of my neck with a freezing cold needle. I ask him why he did that, he tells me that I'm sick, and he did it to make me feel better. The dream changes. It's the early 1900's. I'm in some European country in a communist society. I live with my mother (a pretend mother, not my mom in real life) and apparently I'm a lesbian. I get to my house and theres a woman there who stayed the night. I'm very poor. Since it was a communist society, the government would drop off the supplies you're allowed for the day. I had to hide the fact that the woman was in my house. I had 2 adorable kittens. The supply delivery man knocks on the door with 2 brown paper bags, and it turns out it's just kitten food. The kittens are mean as hell, and they start scratching, biting and attacking me for their food. I tell the woman I wasn't dropped off any groceries, but that I have a little food upstairs. All I have is 2 pieces of toast, an English muffin, butter, and milk. I toast and butter the 2 slices of bread and English muffin, put them on the table, then she starts eating them. She obviously didn't stop to think that food was for both of us. She then says something about finances, to which I respond to her by letting her know that what she's talking about applies to my boyfriend. I told her my boyfriend would be here soon, and not to say anything to him about the finances. Then I wake up.

30 Nov 2023



I was in some random house in the Shetland countryside with some random people. Apparently I had been staying there for some time. One day, I decided to walk to a field which was close to the house. I stood in a driveway/car park thing outside the field, and as I was about to open the gate to go inside the field, some random demon suddenly came and swept me off the ground. I started flying high above the ground, whilst kicking my feet and trying to release myself from the demon's grip. But the demon was holding on to me too tightly and I couldn't do it, despite the fact that she almost looked like a wisp in the air, you could barely see her. So we flew even higher and ended up flying over the knab in Lerwick and Bressay. After we circled around Bressay, we came back around to Lerwick and the knab. Then the demon suddenly dropped me from a really high height and flew away. I started panicking and then I ended up falling in a crumpled heap on a concrete floor in what was supposed to be the knab. But I looked around and it looked nothing like the knab. I seemed to be in the shell of a luxury house which was still being constructed and was only half finished. There was also a bunch of other people around me. I talked to them, and apparently they had all also been dropped here by different demons as well. All of us had become weak and exhausted after flying with her, and we could barely walk or talk without losing our breath or falling down. So we just all lay in crumpled heaps on the floor. The part of the house which was constructed seemed to have a traditionally Scottish interior, with dark wood and red tartan on every surface. We lay on the concrete and wood of the unconstructed part of the house for many hours, all of us dreading the inevitable time when the demon would come back and take us again. Everytime a new demon entered the house, we all started panicking that it might be us that would be taken next, or right now. A lot of the people left until it was only me and 2 other people. We started talking until 1 other person left. Then me and the other girl who was still left started panicking about our inevitable fate. Eventually, the demon came again and took me into the sky. The other girl looked sad and waved goodbye to me. I waved to her until she was out of sight. The demon flew over Bressay and Noss and into the sea, then she dropped me from a high height again, and I was now in an unknown land which I assumed was Norway, in another half constructed luxury house. This one was a bit less constructed than the last one, and there were more random people lying around. But none of them were talking this time, they were just lying in a heap and sleeping like they were only half-conscious. I felt even more weak and exhausted now than I did before. I was breathless and felt like I couldn't breathe well. I attempted to shout out and talk to the people, but there was no response. I seemed to be the strongest one there. I managed to get myself up off the floor and look at my surroundings. I was now sitting up instead of lying down. I'm pretty sure I attempted to escape the house, but then I felt the demon pulling on my clothes and dragging me up into the sky again before I could escape. This time, the demon didn't hold on to me when we flew, but instead she threw me across the sky, and I went so far that I ended up at a cave house in Granada, Spain. I ran inside the house, which was painted white and was on a high, rocky hillside, and went into a dimly lit bedroom with no windows. I seemed to know the people who were staying in the house, and I started frantically telling them about my encounter with the demon and warning them about her. I was at a table with a 5 year old girl called Evie or Eva, and her sister. Her brothers also came to join us. They were all around the same age. Then her mother came in and started panicking and gasping when I told her about the demon. To my horror, after I had told all of them about the demon, they started acting weird and then floating in the sky, they were slowly getting possessed by the demon right in front of my eyes, just because I told them about her. I didn't know that I had this terrible power until now, so I decided that I won't tell anyone else about the demon I encountered, just in case something like this happened again. The children's father suddenly appeared, and I asked him to make me and everyone else, a bowl of porridge, and quickly. He said okay and instantly got to work by putting on the stove and making the porridge. For some reason, I had this feeling that the porridge would unpossess them. The father gave all of us the porridge and we ate it. And it turns out that I was right, the porridge unpossessed all of us, and we all breathed a sigh of relief. The family thanked me and I waved them goodbye and left the house. Then I woke up from the dream and felt scared, and I didn't want to keep dreaming that dream. It was about 9:30am in the morning. I fell asleep again and fell into a different dream. In this dream, I was in this huge shopping mall with my cousins and auntie. The shopping centre had 3 floors. The middle floor looked like Tesco, the stairs to the bottom floor looked like the stairs into the downstairs of Bolts, and the bottom floor was a luxurious palace/mansion with a massive garden and courtyard. I went to the bottom floor to do a performance with the Moranbong Band performing North Korean songs, but for some reason I was also in the Brownies and with my old Brownie group. We all started practicing for the main performance of the songs until the main performance commenced. We performed the main performance, although we didn't have an audience, but there was still a lot of clapping which came from the speakers. We bowed to the empty chairs and then went up to the centre of the shopping centre which was a massive version of Tesco's. The other Moranbong Band members went in all different directions and I lost them. Then for some reason I started going up to random people and advertising products to them. With one of them, they were talking about foods from Seoul, and then I picked up the packet of mini sausage rolls next to them, and enthusiastically said 'These sausages are from Pyongyang!'. They looked at me with a confused and annoyed face, and I gave them a bright smile, returned the sausages to them, then skipped to other customers to annoy them as well. After enthusiastically annoying all the other customers, I went up to Bryden and Liam and started talking nonsense to them whilst smiling brightly. I suddenly became very extroverted and started talking all the time to them. I talked to them and said goodbye to my auntie and cousins, then waved to them. I walked out of the automatic revolving doors and skipped into the sunny day. For some reason I had ended up in London now, so I started exploring the area

21 Nov 2023



My dream was rather long this time. In my dream it started out very bright. Like a hot sunny day. But in real life it's getting colder on my part of the world. So in my dream I was in a movie set for Camp Rock. The Jonas Brothers were there. And somehow I was the one who wrote the Camp Rock Reunion movie. In real life there's not a 3rd movie to Camp Rock. Or at least to my knowledge. So in my dream I also got to be an actress in the movie. The whole scene was shot during the day with cabins everywhere and green grass everywhere too. The lake was a beautiful blue color. The sky was a beautiful blue color too. With white fluffy clouds and the sun shining. At first I was the only one on the scene walking around getting to know the place and my surroundings. Then everyone started running onto the scene yelling happily. In real life I have a hearing problem. So in my dream I couldn't understand what everyone was saying. So, anyway everyone started singing but me. Because in real life I can't sing. And in my dream everyone was dancing too. But me. Because in real life I can't dance. So in my dream the scene ended and my dream became night time I was back stage and there was a table with food it was a long table with a white tablecloth on it. It was in the middle of the room. And over to right side of the room was another long table with another white tablecloth and on the table was beverages with a punch bowl and it had vanilla ice cream floating in it. The punch was a pink rosy color. And there was a an ice tea jar filled with ice tea that had lemons floating in it. There was yellow and even pink lemonade with strawberries floating in them. For the food there was pancakes and waffles and eggs bacon and sausage. There was toast. There was fruit and yogurt. There was vegetables and ranch dip. There was meat, cheese and crackers. The beverages table had orange juice and milk for everyone else and almond milk for me. A vegan diet area for me. There was coffee as well with coffee creamer and sugar. There was soda. There was water with lemons, limes, oranges, cucumbers, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and strawberries floating in it. The room was a dining hall and the walls were white and so was the floor. There was tables and chairs and couches and a TV and people were doing all kinds of different things. Somehow I fell asleep in several different areas. At first on my old trampoline I had in real life at my childhood home in the backyard on the outdoor basketball court. I remember everything was the same as it was before my mom Gail sold the house when I was 21. The swimming pool was still there with the deck my dad and I built when I was 10. The covered patio was there with the picnic table. The little deck off to the side of the big deck was there with the apple tree and then next to that was the flower garden my mom and I built when I was 10. With the gazebo my mom built. And off to the side of that was my old red playhouse and the old black swing set I had. With the tall bushes as well. The plum tree was back and so was my old jungle gym. Then the scene went back to me on the trampoline in a blue sleeping bag. There was a couple of guys talking to me who looked like actors. But young teenagers though. Cute but way too young for me. Because I am 44 -years- old. So apparently the boys liked me but I told them to leave me alone. They said that I am a Jerk. I said I don't care. I'm old enough to be your mom. They backed off after that. I even remember being inside my old childhood home at one point. Everything inside was the same too. Anyway, to the next scene it was night again. And I was asleep inside of my old childhood home down stairs at the end of the house. And I remember before I decided to go to bed I was yelling and cussing at everyone on the set for some reason I was mad at everyone. Everyone tried to reason with me. But I wouldn't listen to them. In real life I have Bipolar and Manic Depression. So in my dream I was also a Witch like I am in real life. I had magical powers in my dream that were very movie like. I could see floating colors and floating shapes in the air and in the sky. I could only see dark when I saw these things. The colors were red, blue, green and, yellow. A wolf shape would appear to me a lot glowing in a beautiful baby blue color most of the time. And sometimes it would be changing colors. I saw an owl glowing shape changing colors too. I could levitate in the air too. I can't do those things in real life that I know of. Even though my fiance Andrew told me in real life he has seen me do those things. He said he can in real life too. In real life he is a Warlock. We are Wiccans. So anyway, back to my dream I went to bed in my dream on a bed then on a couch and I was not really asleep. I was pretending to be asleep. Because I didn't want to do anything or be around anyone else. I then purposely fell off of the couch and layed on the floor and then I rolled over for everyone to see me in my thong panties. And everyone was mad at me for being inappropriate on the movie set. But I didn't care. I was sick and tired of everyone changing the way I wrote the movie. They were having me kiss everyone in the movie. And I didn't like that. So eventually I got up and I went to a place outside and by that point it was day time again but the day was a cross between sunny and very dark. I found a cot tree swing bed and I layed down in it and I fell asleep in in but somehow I could see myself in my dream and I was wearing a banana costume and I was snoring very loudly. And people were trying to wake me up. And then I woke up in real life dizzy. Oh yeah and Andrew was in my dream too.

11 Nov 2023

High School


In this dream my youngest son, Alex, was in a swim competition with his friends. He had on a nude one piece body swimsuit with rainbow glittery shoulder pads on. They were doing some type of skit before the swim competition. I remember going upstairs to get more camera equipment to record the smiw competition. Somehow. I missed actually seeing him compete. Next I was in the kitchen with my oldest son. Anthony. He was there and I was making some type of omelet lasagna casserole with, bacon, eggs. Sausage, Cheese, etc. It had everything in it. Anthony had a woman with him. It was not his fiance. It was his high school sweetheart. Then the scene swirched to an ex-colleague of mine, Vernetta being present. She was with a few friends and somehow we got to talking about being a presenter or topic from a workshop. We ended our conversation by play fighting. We were not fighting for real. We were just play fighting and talking during rhe fight. We had super human speed and powers. Whatever I did, she was able to counter it and vice versa. It was more like we were "wire fu" sparring. Our moves were bold and overly animated. We were talkimg while play fighting, like we were teaching this watching and debating at the same time. I remember us going back and forth doing complex moves, we were having fun and at the same time it was a friendly competition. After that I woke up.

25 Oct 2023

High School


okay so I kind of have three dreams but I don't fully remember the first one and the two second ones kind of blended together. So in the first one, I was out in some sort of nature area, reserve, forest, something like that, and I don't recall if I got lost or if there was some sort of issue out there. There was some kind of problem that had to be solved. Afterwards, I dreamt that I was in school. It was with my old high school class and I think it was around two minutes before the class would begin. my father had put or given me a sausage roll one of my favorite ones from 7-eleven, it was one of the extra large versions which I really like. We had asked our old teacher, Maria, if we could go to the canteen to buy some food and she had said something like, then you really have to hurry. so we get down there and I'm like oh no I already have this like French hot dog in my left hand and the sausage roll in my bag that my dad bought for me So I went back into the class and then my good friend ran down there instead. I don't remember the connection or why but the teacher Maria had been really nice to me so I just went up to her gave her a hug and said thank you. And she like glanced down at me looking all like β€˜what the fuck’, but i didn’t care. then I sat back down with a friend. this friend is someone who used to be my childhood friend who I stopped seeing after switching schools as a kid, so it's a bit strange seeing her in my dream. but we sat back down and she explained to me what we had to do. my friend who'd gone to the canteen came back and the class started and I had to like analyze language and such based on these like elastic strings. it was really weird Or it might have been spaghetti strings, like pasta. in my awake time I'd had spaghetti for dinner the evening before so that might have been the explanation to that one. I was really confused about what I had to do because it made no sense how was I supposed to analyze spaghetti strings and we were somehow suddenly in my kitchen, my parents kitchen, I don't live at home anymore, and I had to like pull out the top drawer next to the stove to get these spaghetti strings from the drawer. It was next to all the cutlery. I like swiped or turned to the next page kind of thing in the side of this drawer I saw they were like pencils and they were like really hard and tough and they had like different symbols and patterns on them. they were like all different lengths and had different patterns and logos and numbers when you turn them around and stuff and I somehow had to calculate something to do with all of this. Then suddenly I was sitting in the living room and I was sitting there with again this friend from earlier who was my childhood friend and her grandmother came back from the bathroom and said that she was really ill and really sick. My friend asked if that meant that she had to get an old hairdo back, which I don't really understand, that was very confusing. It was apparently for the grandmother's sake and the grandmother said yes. In retrospect, yesterday in my awake time, I visited with my sister her old apartment, and we met her old neighbour, she's an old lady, and she said that she was still sick, so maybe that's where the correlation is. going back to the dream, I then asked my friend if she still had this old turtle ring that I had given her, which in real life I don't think I ever gave this to her. it was a mood-changing ring that I just owned and I haven't seen for many years. but I asked her if she still had it. because it apparently gave good luck. she said that she didn't have it and I was like what it's like 10 years ago 10 plus years ago that I gave this to you even though in reality I never gave it to her. and lastly I dreamt that I think I was in some sort of school and we had to collect some money, save up some money. So I went out with my friends and firstly we came past the store which I think was a cake shop But I don't know for sure. it might have been a store but at least somewhere that had cakes and then suddenly the shop was like oh no we just had like a cancellation or something we need five cakes. It was really beautiful cakes and I was like, you know what? We got this. I don't remember the name of the boss lady who was there, but I used to remember it, but it's gone now, but it was a woman. my friends and I went out to I think make this cake or eat it I think it was make it and the shapes for the cake were like squares and it was sticking up in weird ways it was very confusing. We decorated them and they became really pretty, and then I had to do something after making the first two or three cakes, and then when I came back, all 5 of them were finished. we handed them in and we wouldn't get paid until they'd been like judged and stuff and then there's a timeskip. Then we like check on this app and it says that we got either 5.5 out of 6 or 6.5 out of 7 stars. So I was like, you know, we're only missing half a star. So I was like, okay, they really liked these cakes, so we're probably gonna get a really good pay from it, too. So we go up to the caste register. The woman is gone now, down there's a boy. And we all queue up with one of my friends in front of me. A friend of mine was apparently also there, and she asked like how much a chicken cost, like fried chicken or something like that. And it was apparently 30 kroner, so that's that. And this was apparently also a bakery. our attention was now directed up to this screen behind the cashier which had something to do with showing the value of coins or something and we were basically told that we wouldn't be paid for these cakes. We were like, we've gotten all these stars and we need to be paid. This is really unacceptable and we were getting mad and angry. We basically asked for this boss woman to come out and see us, and she didn't. We just got like a passive-aggressive smile, like, yeah, hmm, too bad, you're not getting paid. Um, and we never really got to solve this issue because then I woke up.

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