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Dream Interpretation: Lake ๐Ÿ˜ด - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Lake? Discover the significance of seeing a Lake in your dream ๐Ÿ’ค - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Lake appears in your dream โœ…

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๐Ÿ’กPossible meaning

This symbol acts as a window into your unconscious mind and emotions. It reflects your emotional state, personality, and your unconscious identity. This suggests that you will soon encounter emotions that were previously hidden within you.

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๐Ÿงญ Direction


Your emotional state holds the key to everything you are currently going through. By looking inside, you will find the answers to what lies below the surface of your awareness. Use this and the power of your unconscious mind to gain insight.

โค๏ธ Feelings

The dream of a lake evokes a sense of tranquility and peace. It symbolizes emotional depth and introspection. The calm waters reflect a desire for serenity and a need to connect with one's emotions. It may also represent a need for relaxation and rejuvenation. The dreamer may be seeking a sense of balance and harmony in their life. The lake symbolizes a journey into the subconscious mind, inviting the dreamer to explore their innermost thoughts and feelings. Overall, this dream elicits a sense of calmness and a longing for emotional fulfillment.





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10 May 2024



The scene changes and I'm at a lake, or moreso standing ON the lake It's foggy, it's cloudy, and there are a few characters I know from a few fictional Chinese Xianxia/Wuxia fantasy works that I like One of the characters who is the head of a sect is being interviewed by his disciples and his sect's men as to why he successfully managed to 'come back from the dead' when he was found missing for more than a few weeks, last seen in a dangerous mountain range with known sightings of ghouls and energetic disturbances He goes on the explain that he saw the lake he is currently standing on there, and that a sage offered two tasks to complete: 1. Travel to another world, accompany a day-trip of a girl(which happens to be me) and fulfill the itinerary And 2. Get your yupei(jade pendant with his sect's crest, a very important item) and your life taken to die and be reincarnated with the person vou claim you hate but secretly envy and admire, to be seen as someone on an equal level in the way you want to be seen The person being his fellow disciple in his martial arts The sect leader says he'd do both, accompanying me on a trip through the regions of the country where I used to pass by on a train to go to therapy The area is almost entirely sunken under the ocean, with the train running on the railway raised up from the waters by bridges and the remaining parts of the cities He becomes anxious when I don't show signs of getting off the train when I said I will, but I assure him and use an alternate route to get all of them back where they came from by the end of the trip He comes back to his home world and the sage does a ritual to send his soul to the afterlife, putting the sect master in the lake His jade pendant gets dismembered, and the beads and the gems that makes it are given to the sage The sect master is relieved that his wish finally comes true, but then has a lingering thought about something about his life that he's attached to, which is the person he's trying to follow into the afterlife Then the jade pendant assembles itself right back and he's dragged back to the world of the living, the person he wanted to be with getting reunited with another person the sect master doesn't like but the person he liked does Now the scene's back to the present, and his current disciples are sort of baffled, being at a loss of reaction at the fact that their sect master is bitter that he didn't get to die, while the man himself has a hissy fit, pleading to the heavens addressing the sage by all his former titles(e.g. ' General of the ...., ... 'Keeper of the gems/artifacts') to give him another chance The scene is somewhat comedic despite the sad undertone of what had transpired

9 May 2024



Last night, I had a dream I was on a plane travelling to an unknown destination. The plane was going fast but it felt so much fun and I had alot of adrenaline. As we were coming down, the plane transformed into a jet ski on a very narrow lake. The lake had 2 lanes and alot of people swimming. As I was on this jet ski going down this lake, I saw someone go under and it worried me so I powered the jet ski and went faster so it didn't happen to me. I managed to get to the end with about 8 other people. I then found out the lake was called the death lake and you have to swim to live. Someone said the latest death was a lady being dragged to the bottom at 34 thousand feet. It scared me alot that I loved, but I rewarded myself by having sex with the guy who has been swimming the death lake for 20 years and still surviving.

3 May 2024



I dreamt I was like 30 years old again and in my home town and was out and about, driving through the streets and finally ended up at the lake Michigan... there were beach bars and I was mingling with everyine... then I went to the beach with my mom and the water was so beautiful and there was spot were there was a real dangerous rip current.then water started rising and it became a lil scary so we left the beach.

29 Apr 2024



I was at this lake with a bunch of other people and it was super deep and like slanted into the lake. We had a bunch of different giant candies that we could choose from to ride on and slide all the way to the bottom of the lake. Once you got to the bottom of the lake you ate your candy. I rode on this hard red candy and it tasted really weird.

21 Apr 2024



Dream 2 Recurring Being on the cruise, I had a dream I was going over many rocky waters ๐ŸŒŠ as they got larger and larger I had it under control we were in a loch or a lake and up ahead was paradise.

13 Apr 2024



We were on a lake, sitting off to the side, it was getting cold and a storm was rolling in so we were on our way out but I wanted to wash off the sand first. So I go across the lake but it wasnโ€™t deep enough. I make it inside to where people were waiting for a bus to pick them up. I was the first to get on but then I was trying to climb a steep wall and was getting pushed with his hands on my butt and I was screaming at him that I was going to fall and break my face so when he let me go, I was falling and couldnโ€™t hold on.

10 Apr 2024



I dont remember a whole lot of it but i do remember it was back home in NJ and my great grandmother had passed (she didnt actually appear in the dream it was just understood that is what happened). Where we used to live there was a pond/lake only a short walk away. Well in the dream the pond/lake was there but it was a lot more lush and had this walkway to a small green patch on a small hill with a small cottage sitting on it. In the dream this was where my great grandma lived and she left the house to my mom. My mom my sister and i were sorting through everything. Throwing things away and deciding what fo keep and looking at old photos. My mom had mentioned selling the place because we needed the money more than needing another house and I remember feeling like i would rather keep the house as a get away home but i remember not saying anything about it. Later in the dream i was going to go to walmart for a flash drive to save important things to so the old computer could be wiped and tossed but i remembered that i had one somewhere at the house and thag i would just use that one. So i made a U-Turn and as soon as i did the police pulled me over suspecting that i had been apart of a hit and run from the small dents in my car and i had to convince them that the dents were just from hail damage and i hadnt been in an accident. They ended up letting me go and i returned to the house.

20 Feb 2024



I was on a boat at dark with my dads cousin cousin on a lake and suddenly he just stabbed me in the back and i physically felt it

25 Jan 2024



I was in a big castle with about 20 adults. We had a beautiful view of a calm lake and big green trees and it smelt like fresh cut grass. In the evening, we were drinking red cocktails trying to guess which adult was the murderer as it was a game show.

12 Nov 2023



I am a big lover of the sea or ocean or lake or any water and i went swimming at night for the first time with my dad that is not that present in my life and we were looking for seashells and then we went into deeper water and came back and then i was about to hit myself in a big rock but i found 5 dolars instead and then we went back into a barak and i was soooo happy and i wanted to do it again.

18 Oct 2023



I dreamt of a guy who I think is my current boyfriend though I donโ€™t remember now that Iโ€™m awake but we were at a lake and he was grilling alligator steak and I was freaking out because thatโ€™s very strange to me

13 Oct 2023



Ho sognato di essere il protagonista di una serie TV e di essere in un paesaggio naturale enorme con una montagna e un lago con due pesci parlanti. Dovevo raggiungere il lago partendo da casa mia, l'unico modo era fare un salto altissimo e arrivare direttamente lรฌ.

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