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Dream Interpretation: Gay 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Gay? Discover the significance of seeing a Gay in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Gay appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

It symbolizes self-love, compassion, and union with certain aspects of your life. It also suggests that you have entirely accepted yourself, irrespective of the opinions others may have about you. It also implies you are the leader of the leaders and will soon receive or give insight and wisdom.

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🧭 Direction


The only acceptance you need is from yourself to be happy. Open yourself to any wisdom that may come your way. This will help you obtain a better understanding of the world and life. Make use of the newly found knowledge to better your as well as other peoples' life.

❤️ Feelings

This dream may evoke feelings of happiness, joy, and contentment. It could symbolize a sense of freedom, self-acceptance, and embracing one's true identity. The dream may also represent a desire for love, connection, and positive relationships. It could evoke a sense of celebration and a feeling of being in a supportive and accepting environment. Overall, this dream may leave one with a sense of optimism and a feeling of being true to oneself.





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Dreams of users containing the word Gay

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30 Apr 2024



I went to a place with mostly gay people and im expressing my feelings or my life with George and they like telling me that im with a bad relationship and then George came mad and crying and i wanna break up with him and then i woke up

9 Apr 2024



My boyfriend and I are gay (male and transgender male) and in the dream, he said he sees me as a woman and not a man, and then he started cheating on me with one of his female friends

3 Apr 2024

New Job


I had a really jumbled up dream. I'm not sure if it was actually one dream or more that I'm just all remembering together. So in one part I was at the airport waiting for a flight and I was with my friend Katie and I can't really remember the details but it was like I was in the airport waiting for a flight but I didn't actually have one booked and then I wasn't sure how I was going to get it booked and then I tried to ask a lady where I go to book a flight but she didn't want to talk to me and now I'm remembering that at one point I wanted to go to Chicago but at another point I was supposed to go to New York to see my friend Brian but then I realized I had wasted too much time and I really couldn't go to New York and get back in time. And then the dream morphed, or maybe it's a different dream, but I was in a new place. I think it was in Spain because a lot of people were speaking Spanish and it looked European. I was my younger self like in my 20s and going around the city and going to different little coffee shops and restaurants and cafes and different places like that. And at some point I met a young man. He was really skinny and had long hair and was super kind of crazy and danced a lot and I was really really attracted to him. and we were going around the city just having fun and enjoying each other's company and then somehow we ended up at someone's house and we slept on the floor and we made love and it was really fun and in the morning he had to go and I was hoping he would call me but then I went with the girl and for some reason my son at his current age 17 was with us and again we were exploring the city and looking at bookshops and riding these weird buses and just doing all kinds of tourist things and we were having fun for a whole day but I was disappointed the man didn't call me. But on the next day he did call me and so he joined in our adventures around the city and there were all kinds of things happening. We went on some strange bus where we were on the upper deck but we were driving through an area that looked like a Chinatown and just dropping into weird little bars and nooks and crannies in different places. There was one place where people were sitting on these cushy chairs and like one woman was reading and a couple people were talking but there was like a monitor for the room who said yeah you can come in here and hang out but you have to keep moving at all times and I noticed the woman reading the book was just doing some interesting hand movements the whole time she was reading. There was also a part where we were hanging out in a bar but we were in some kind of uncomfortable chairs and just having drinks and having a good time but then these people who were in a back section that had these are really really plump comfy chairs and couches left so we moved back to that section and it was like really comfortable and homey and again we were just having a really good time. There was one part where the young man I was attracted to was hanging out with us and there was another guy there and they seemed really really close and I figured out that he must be gay or bisexual and I was really fine with that I just was a little jealous because I really wanted him to be with me. It was a very expansive, complicated, and realistic dream. but overall super super fun and reminded me of something I'd like to do like travel and hang out with people and just be kind of crazy and have a good time It was one of those dreams that was so fun that when my phone started beeping at me I really really did not want to be disturbed and leave the dream and I even turned off the phone and tried to go back but it didn't work.

23 Mar 2024



I was at a concert, and my former colleague, Cassidy whom I didn't like was there with me, he's the typical gay - very fake and 2 face and a very bitchy. And suddenly he took me flying around, and he was holding my crotch! I felt violated and creepy out, but he was very happy next to me, laughing and stuff. Someone in the group was in charge if keeping all our belongings, i was worried the whole time, by the end when everyone leaves, I checked all the bags and make sure my belongings weren't lost. But 1 of 2 items was missing and 2 of them had fo go back to find it. I was finally a bit relieved.

17 Mar 2024



I was trying to organize a bunch of boxes. I kept finding pictures of cats and people I didn't know. I went into a big bathroom and saw a chair in the shower with soap smeared all over it.i turned around and saw There was a throuple consisting of 3 men and they kept insisting they weren't gay. I looked back at the shower and saw the random cat and people pictures all over the chair. I went outside and there was a woman crying because her son died. I tried to comfort her but nothing was helping. I took her out to eat and she just hid under the table. I looked around and there were hidden messages all over the restaurant. I couldn't read any of them. We went back outside and the woman had changed her hair. She was crying again but this time it was because her hair didn't look right

27 Feb 2024



I recently did some work with my babalawo and he had pointed out that he thinks I could be a child of Shango but he also mentioned that it may add some extra steps in my initiation process because Shango has serious problems with any of his children being gay, and I was kind of scared but honestly because I genuinely think Yemoja is my head orisha instead of Shango, yemoja also sometimes calls on Shango to protect her children so he could have been picking up on his presence during this time, but I had gotten a dream a couple weeks later where I was in a village somewhere in Africa and I was in a house with a blue roof and I had just officially crowned yemoja, then I bursted out of the house in a blue and white dress accompanied with a bunch of preistes of Yemoja and they were cheering and singing as I frolicked out the door, I had also been seeing this dream from 3rd person like someone was showing me a moment of time in my life

14 Feb 2024



This dream happened in 6 scenes. Scene 1: I was washing dishes in the kitchen in the dim lit environment. While washing on the other side of the counter I saw myself standing. I was amazed and wondered, is this really me? I tried to gaze at him very closely. And I realized he wasn’t me. I looked back and looked again in the front but no one was there. I continued washing dishes. And I saw myself again across the counter. This time I reached out to shake hands with myself. This time when I shook my hand with my copy. He didn’t let me go. I started shouting my roommates names to come to the kitchen quickly. But they were taking time to come. I looked back if they are coming. But they were not. Suddenly I heard noice of their footsteps and I again looked in the front. Now my copy was gone but I had three hands. One extra hand on my right shoulder. As they came to the kitchen my third hand vanished. Scene 2: I was making sandwich for my roommate while making sandwich on put a big red bathing soap in the sandwich. Scene 3: My roommate and I were in the kitchen. My roommate was forcing the big red bathing soap in my mouth. And forcing me to gulp it. Scene 4: I was standing near staircase. I realized that seeing hallucinations like seeing myself can be sign of Epilepsy. I dropped down on my knees. I was scared. My roommates came and asked what happened. I told them that what I saw was may be a sign of epilepsy. Scene 5: Now I was in University of Lund in Sweden with my roommate. I left my roommate in the garden near fountain and I went inside the building. I was looking at map on the building and a statue. Suddenly a guy came from Northeastern University. And started talking that he sent me a request on LinkedIn(he did it in real life). I followed him to his house. When I went inside, after that I have lose of memory. I woke up naked on his bed and I saw four more guys near me talking. When I woke up I realized I didn’t have clothes on. These guys were talking and laughing and one of them were smoking. I didn’t understand what was going on. And how did I get there. I said what happened. The earlier guy said so you are awake. I said why am I naked. How did I get there. I was feeling violated. I was feeling like crying. Other guys were laughing at me. And said who is this joker. Why is he acting like that. He is such a pussy. I got up of the bed and was trying to find my clothes. Everyone was laughing at me. I picked up my clothes and tried to wear them but I failed. I crouched in the coner of the room and started crying. I saw the time it has been 4 hours since I left my roommate. I wish he had called police and I hope he is not waiting for me. It seemed that lose of memory happened because of epilepsy. And also vaguely remembered a scene where one of those fucking me. I was disoriented and was not fully in my senses. Scene 6: I woke up from my dream. In some house which was my house. I had 2 female roommates. I woke up started telling her all the dreams I watched from scene 1 to scene 5 while making bed. Bed sheet was very thin and red in color while the other roommate was opening the main door for guests to come in.

4 Feb 2024



I’m waiting with my family for my grandma to pass. Ashley from Cloudcity is there and so is her daughter who is only 16 years younger. John is there and some younger gay guys. Dawn is smoking weed. Aunt Jen is there. Mimi is there for support. Even though I don’t talk to her and ask for a cigarette in front of her, i feel a little better knowing she is there. I go for a walk. Nana calls me and says tell gramma about the inheritance. I don’t remember what else she says. I see my van and know that she is passing in here. I open the door and her stiff foot grabs me. She starts to say “Karen?” And then says “oh, Sarah” I don’t remember what I say. I hug her “gramma you’re not going yet are you?” She says not just yet. “They were supposed to take me out in a beautiful maple wood with purple trimming” she said or maybe just showed me. Owen comes behind me dressed as a girl. I can tell gramma doesn’t know who he is completely. Where’s your uncle Gary? She asks. I pause for a moment. “He died already” I say. A moment later she says “okay I’m going back to sleep” and I let her.

2 Feb 2024

High School


I was at the farm. I had my puppy, Odin, with me. He was a Cocker Spaniel. He has passed in my real life. My waking life. He was a puppy again, and he was following the kitty cats that were going in and out of the house through a hole in the wall. I was very upset about this hole in the wall because I didn't want him getting out and getting hurt somehow. He was only a puppy. So I tried to fix it myself. And when I couldn't, I tried to get my dad to fix it, and he just wouldn't. He said, Oh, it'll be all right. And I explained to him about Odin, but he didn't seem to care. All of a sudden, all my classmates from high school showed up, and we were to have some sort of luncheon or dinner party. A lot of us jumped into a bus, and the guy that was driving, I apparently was seeing on a romantic basis. And I had yelled at him to not drive so fast, because up ahead were corners and more mountain-like terrain that had curbs and needed to be taken cautiously. Because he had already driven through barbed wire fence, which almost killed some of us. One of the girls on the bus, one of the ladies I went to high school with, was upset with me that I would yell at him like that, because she felt like I did not deserve him. In fact, everybody had something good and nice to say about me, and how much I've grown up, and how handsome I've become. And girls, and obviously one of the boys, were getting at me. And I tried to explain to the girls that I'm gay, and they don't need to try so hard to get me to pay attention to them in the way that they want me to. Because I had already chosen the hottest guy in the class.

30 Jan 2024



A character from my favorite tv show proposed to me, but I’m gay. So, I said no. Then the video of me turning him down went viral on tiktok.

29 Nov 2023



I had a dream about my grandma found out that I was gay. And she chased me down as I tried to get away from her. As I can tell that she disproved of me being gay. And I hide at two of my friends places who were very understanding.

22 Nov 2023



I was somewhere with my cat, I was holding her in a cat bag. I’ve encountered a few other cats and one puppy, so I decided to rescue them by putting them in the bag with my cat. I was this gay girl, I think she was supposed to be my girlfriend and because I tend to be interested in the gay girls who are toxic I expected it to show. Anyway, when I got home I was worried about how my mother would feel about me bringing in these pets but she didn’t say much. As soon as I let the out the bag, they had a lot of energy and was running around, wanting to play with me.

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