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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Getting Married?
Denys Chumak

Denys Chumak

13 Sep 2022

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Getting Married?


Wedding bells can be the sweetest experience for some, as they are looking to start a new phase of their life with the person they hold dear to their heart. However, if you don't care about the wedding, then a dream as such could mean a lot of different things, so don't worry and beat yourself over the dream. Instead, let's figure out what this dream is all about.

Whether you are busy running around planning the wedding or don't have the slightest interest in wearing that ring but are still seeing the visions of veil rings and partners, then a dream of getting married meaning can be a lot different than you imagined. The subconscious works in various ways; it communicates when you sleep, trying to bring your focus to the things you are either running away from or will soon encounter in life. Most of the time, dreams show us what we are anxious about. For example, if you are planning a wedding, stress and anxiety will soon dwell; with them, you dream about running away from the marriage or preparing for it even when you sleep. Likewise, if none of this is true, it could symbolize other things that may happen in your life.

Here is the spiritual meaning of getting married in a dream

  • desire to have a happy married life
  • reflects the responsibilities you shoulder
  • warns about any health-related issues
  • loss of freedom

Dreamed of Getting Married?

What does it mean to get married in a dream? Dreams are sometimes the form of the emotions or states we go through while awake. For example, if you are going to get married soon, marriage dreams will pop up while you sleep. This is because of either excitement or stress about the upcoming wedding. The subconscious mind is bringing them up in dreams to work through the entire process and calm you.

If you are single and dream of marriage, it doesn't necessarily imply your desire to tie the knot. On the contrary, this dream could signify what marriages mean: Commitment. You are currently embarking on some commitment in waking life. The responsibility here could be something your life has presented you with, a new opportunity at work, a new project, a new relationship, or completely abstract, like incorporating a new habit or changing your lifestyle. Your subconscious is presenting it in the form of marriage, so you become aware of your role in this relationship.

Dreaming Of Your Own Marriage

Dreaming of getting married indicates a desire to have a happy and loving life with your partner. It signifies fortune, development, and togetherness with the one you love.

To see yourself getting married but feeling anxious or unhappy about it could reflect a lack of freedom and pressure. There has been a lot of anxiety in your life, and perhaps you are looking for someone who can relieve it. The dreams also symbolize responsibility. You will soon learn about being responsible, and the person beside you will help go through the things together.

**Meaning of seeing your own marriage in dream but already married in waking life could signify an unhappy married life. Certain aspects of your wedding bother you. It reflects dissatisfaction with the current life scenarios or relationships. Work on resolving the issue with your partner to connect with the lost happiness in the relationship.

Dreaming About Wedding Preparations

Dreams about marriage and wedding preparation could hint towards your own special day. You are either getting married soon or are busy preparing for it in waking life. The subconscious is simply running through all the chaos you go through during the daytime, so it organizes and makes some sense. If this is not a scenario, then wedding preparation could signify a desire to collaborate with others, possibly your partner, to get together and start preparing for your upcoming big day. The dream also represents inner peace and harmony in the near future.

Dreaming About Getting Married To Someone You Know

Dream meaning of getting married to someone you know signifies a harmonious and welcoming change in life. You are at a point where you would like to explore your niche and limits. The dream also symbolizes assistance and guidance from that someone in the vision. You feel restricted and confined by your thoughts or those around you and would like to explore all the dimensions life offers. A new beginning is just a few steps away; use your knowledge and talents to choose the life path.

Contrary to this, if a person in the dream is someone you harbor romantic feelings for, it's time to initiate with them. Try to hold a conversation and get to know them better to know if the future you dream of with them will not be based on your fantasy.

Dreaming About An Ex-Partner

A dream about an ex does not mean that you have some romantic feelings towards them. This is one of the most common dreams, but it is wrong to interpret it as getting back with them. So let's decipher what does it mean to dream of getting married to your ex.

There are some traits or characteristics you liked about them. It may also symbolize missing the lifestyle you had with them. You inadvertently draw a comparison between your current and your ex, trying to find what you liked about your ex-partner and dislike about your current. However, this does not mean that you want to get back with them.

Seniors Dreaming About Marriage

If you are a senior and dream of a marriage, it could suggest good fortune. You will be blessed with good luck in the long run.

If you are an individual who lacks discipline and determination in doing things, dream meaning getting married, could suggest attaining the resolution you always wanted in life. It signifies memories, accomplishments, and important moments in life. This also reflects confidence in your abilities, which you lacked before. It brings forth your emotions and expanded awareness.

Dreaming Of Others' Marriage

A dream about marriage where other people are getting married is considered a good omen and is a harbinger of luck. It suggests that good things are on their way. Significant changes are happening that will lead to victory. This dream can be a great motivation for you to live life fully and with more hope. Happier and brighter days are ahead!

A dream of someone getting married could also hint toward a part of your life that is being ignored. Your subconscious projects that area as a dream, trying to pull your focus. Commit yourself to reap the benefits.

Dreaming About Your Sister's Marriage

Sisters' marriage dream meaning can be positive and signify massive good luck for all upcoming endeavors. Furthermore, it suggests a relationship with someone caring, loving, and warm.

Contrary to this, it could signify wasted efforts or loss if you are unhappy about this situation. You are repressing some emotions, harboring resentments and hostility towards others. The dream points to the feelings kept hidden or ignored for a long time. Your old habits and thinking patterns are coming in way of progress. Be more expressive about your likes and dislikes. Thinking patterns are difficult to change; however, there is always hope in trying harder.

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Dreaming About Your Family Members' Marriage

To see a family member getting married dream meaning is accomplishment and completion. It indicates emotional balance and stability that will soon enter your life. You will receive some recognition and prestige for the work done.

Alternatively, seeing a family member get married could signal a huge obstacle blocking your path. Your overindulgence in foolish activities has led to you a point of destruction. However, you are trying to amend mistakes made in the past, but it will not be an easy task.

Dreams About Friends Getting Married

A dream about marriage of a friend is not always a good omen. It could signify vulnerability and desire for comfort along with pointing to significant issues in your life, financial, health, or emotional. Work on cleansing yourself from any emotional baggage. If facing some health issues in waking life, this dream signals the progression of these ailments, so it's bests to get a health checkup.

This dream also signals a new perspective. Start carefully thinking from all angles; you will find things in the same spot never witnessed before. It's time to let go of old things and welcome new situations in life. Take a leap of faith; this may be your chance to excellence.

Marriage With The Wrong Individual

To dream about getting married to the wrong individual could signify bad decisions in the past or near future. You have not been on your best behavior and made the wrong calls. It also represents insecurities in life. If possible, try to correct your mistakes and not allow your emotions to rule your judgment.

This also represents some unexpected gain. This marriage could signify your growth and potential. Focus on the goals, the big picture. Learn to deal with your emotions and not allow relationships to dominate you.

Secret Marriage

To dream of getting married secretly to your partner could point to your carelessness. It is a warning sign of narrow-mindedness and pettiness. You are becoming rude and are watching things with a skewed perspective. It also indicates that others will undermine and belittle your talent and knowledge, making you feel stressed and uncertain about your life choices.

The dream also suggests a connection with someone, perhaps the one in your dream or someone who shares similar traits. So naturally, you want to start with this person all over again. Besides this, you will find yourself blessed with good fortune and wealth.

Forced Marriage

Dreaming about getting married forcefully could signify a fear of getting into a commitment or taking over responsibilities. You feel overwhelmed by the demands placed by others, either in your personal life or professional. You are aware of your shortcomings and know taking up a certain project will build a lot of pressure, and you would want to get out of the situation.

This also signifies suppressed feelings finding their way to the surface. Some relationships are suffocating, and you sincerely wish to cut them off. Your happiness is repressed by others, leaving no room to breathe. Invest more time into your well-being. It's just you who is responsible for your happiness.

To Dream About Your Partner Getting Married Elsewhere

Seeing your partner marry someone else hints at a lack of communication. Fault can lie with either one of you. Maybe your partner is not showing enough compassion or emotions in the relationship, or you could be holding things inside. The dream signifies the things or relationships that lack quality and emotions.

On the contrary, this also indicates how strongly you feel about your partner. You fear losing them to someone else. The dream also shows marriage with your partner; however, you need to start feeling confident about yourself and your love. Work on fixing any kinks in your relationships. Make the right calls and connect with your partner as much as possible.

Dreams About Running Away

A dream about running away from your wedding could denote losing control over the relationships or the work. You are scared of the permanence that may arrive in your life soon and will run away from responsibilities and obligations. You are afraid of committing to a single task and will attempt to shelter yourself from the hard reality.

If you feel good about this dream, it could signify newfound self-esteem and confidence. Opening up to others is far more liberating than you previously thought. Learn to put down the emotional wall, as it will stop you from achieving freedom.

Final Note

Weddings are considered the crossroads of our life, and seeing them in the dream is a pretty common experience. This union brings in new circumstances, habits, and phases, positively impacting your life if carefully handled. Marriage will transform life for better or worse, so it's natural to feel anxious or stressed about this big day.

What does it mean when you dream about getting married? If you are preparing for your wedding in real life, it signifies being overwhelmed by them. Learn to stay calm about situations. When surrounded by stressful conditions, focus on the good things this union will bring. Planning a wedding could be a big task; however, there are always people you can rely on. Your life will improve as days pass by, making this your best decision.


To understand the meaning of getting married in a dream, focusing on what marriage signifies in your waking life is essential. Wedding dreams are most common occurrences for women than men, probably because this union could change their life in more than one way.

Dream of getting married meaning can vary from country to country or from religion to religion. Each of these offers different interpretations. The dream could have more than one meaning, but which one is for you? How would you know that? To understand the exact meaning of the wedding dream, look up a professional dream analyst. Here at DREAMAPP.IO, we have a dedicated team of professional dream analysts who will get in touch with you and work on understanding your subconscious desires, warnings, or any other situation your dream is pointing to. Even the scariest of dreams can have the happiest of meanings behind them.

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