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Denys Chumak

Denys Chumak

13 Sep 2022

What Does It Mean When You Dream About The Devil?

What does it mean when you dream about the devil? The devil symbolizes evil, the opposite of God, and therefore considered a negative omen. Most of the time, devil dreams pop up when you have a sense of guilt. These appear in your sleep to bring awareness to your life's forgotten parts. Maybe the emotional aspects you have hidden or buried. Although the dreams about the devil are not direct signs of evil, but a slight warning for any sin looming around you. Here are some of the common devil dream meanings-

  • Trick or deception

  • Negative thoughts or emotions

  • Dangerous situations that will soon enter your life

  • Being judgemental

  • Having unrealistic expectations of you and those around you.

Dreams are the result of our imaginations, which come from daily activities. If, right before you go to bed, you watch a movie or show about deception, trickery, etc., you are most likely to go through demonic dreams. Dreaming of demons' meaning can easily change based on the context. So it's necessary to note down every detail you see before sitting and searching for your dream meaning.

Dreaming of the devil represented in a woman's form

To dream of a devil in a women's form could symbolize your relationship with others and your surroundings. It signifies your failure in understanding the relationships, suggesting that you fall short and fail to understand the depths. It also describes your insecurities and a lack of awareness of many things.

This dream also symbolizes women you have hurt in real life. Look for the person you hurt with your words or actions. Then, fix the issues to live peacefully.

Other than this, the symbol also describes something unusual approaching you. This may appear completely normal and ordinary on the outside but holds a surprise on the inside. Work on gaining more control of your life at your job or in personal relationships. Have an optimistic approach, and it will lead you to great things.

Dreaming of the devil in a man's form

Dreams about demons, especially in man's form, could signify a man you have hurt in real life. Look for the person you hurt, either by your actions or words. Correct your mistake and find peace. This dream also signifies a man that may possibly betray you. Is there anyone suspicious in your life? Your dream is warning you against them. Be on your toes around them, and never let them catch you off guard.

Dreaming of the devil in a child's form

Dreaming about demons in a child's form, describe your fear of losing children. Either your own or those you are close to. When it comes to losing the child, it not only means death; it also signifies losing them to the wrong path or habits that may be detrimental in the long run. Baby devil dreams also come to the surface when you are pregnant. Maybe you will be a parent soon and are worried about your child.

This dream also signifies your passiveness and underdeveloped skills. The skills you are using to achieve your current goals are not enough. Don't let your frustration block your path. Allow yourself to learn by trying new activities rather than overthinking. You never know where these additional activities enhance the skills necessary for the major projects in your life.

Dreaming of the devil in the shape of a cat

The dream signifies a need for love and acceptance. You are currently reevaluating your life. Balancing personal and work life is important. The dream acts as a message for your need for warmth and comfort.

On the contrary, the dream also indicates the love and effort you are showering on others but are ignoring yourself in the process. You are always mindful of your surroundings and appreciate all the good things that come your way; however, amidst all that, you ignore certain aspects of yourself, like self-worth, confidence, success, and values.

The dream also spins from your subconscious mind. For example, if you are afraid of cats in waking life, these may appear to be big and frightening in a dream, almost a scary demon.

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Dreaming of talking with the devil

What does it mean when you dream of the devil talking to you? It must be a scary experience when you wake up. But don't worry; the hidden meaning behind this dream may be simply a warning for any upcoming dangers. Talking with a devil indicates that you must carefully watch the relationship you have or are building in your personal life or work.

This dream warns of the temptation that may catch you off guard. You have an image to maintain; think through any new offers before jumping in. What may appear beneficial on the surface may be harmful on the inside.

The dream also alerts you about unrealistic expectations. Take things slow; you don't always have to accomplish everything independently. Lean on others for help when in need.

Dreams where you fight with the devil

To dream of fighting demons meaning is a challenge you are fighting in real life. This challenge can be an addiction, a toxic relationship, or simply saying 'NO' to people. The challenge is great and can build or destroy relationships made over the years. So work on fighting these challenges and make new plans to help overcome obstacles.

Another meaning of this dream is victory. You will face many hardships, but success will be yours eventually. Things may seem to work against you but keep hanging on as the victory is just around the corner. Take some drastic measures, and challenge your limits to know what you can accomplish.

Dreams where you are the devil

Demon dream can be pretty scary, especially when you see yourself as a satan inflicting pain on others. To see a dream like this could represent your guilty conscious. You did something in the past, and the remorse is eating you away. It's best to confess your mistakes and come clean. This is the only way to live peacefully.

The dreams symbolize enticements. You will soon find yourself in illegal activity driven by temptation. This could be more fame, money, or thrill. Beware of such temptations, as they will rob you of peace of mind. Whatever shady dealings you are involved in or will soon involve will be discovered by authorities bringing you dire consequences.

Dreams where the devil is your friend

A dream where you see yourself as the devil's friend could signify your naivety. You are easy to manipulate and convince; therefore higher chances of going astray. The dream is a negative omen and indicates morality issues. You are unfaithful and want to achieve money and fame at any cost.

Sometimes this could also signify your need to rest, possibly from all the chaos around. You will find many possibilities to advance in life; however, not all opportunities need to be jumped on. Be careful of those around you; many will try to deceive you under the guise of easy success or other things you desire.

Dreaming about the devil but not seeing it

A dream about the devil but not being able to see it could signify deep sadness. Someone close will inflict pain, either through actions or words. These come from the place you least expect, causing you sorrow and despair.

The dream also warns of upcoming difficulties you will face from those close to you. So it's best to cut ties with them while still at peace. These could be your job, relative, or anything that may hold you back in the near future.

Most of the time, they are not dreams but experiences from waking life. You must have gone through a similar incident, and your subconscious mind is trying to replay the trauma while you sleep. Clear your heart of such sadness, or it will further take a toll on your body and mind. Let bygones be bygones, and look forward to a beautiful and brighter future.

Dreaming of the devil chasing you

Dreams of being hunted can be a scary experience; however, if your chaser is a devil himself, that is sure to set panic and stress when you wake up. Chasing by the devil can signify anxiety and fear in real life. Look for the things that happened in the past that still set fear, and work on eliminating them.

The dream also reflects your daily habits. You delay the tasks that need urgent attention. These can be the tasks at work or in personal life; the practice of procrastination has led you to lose out a lot on work and relationships. Devil chasing here symbolizes these pilled-up tasks waiting for you to finish.

This also signifies past baggage. You are currently carrying all the past mistakes and burdens. These have hindered your growth. Focus on the things that matter and move forward with confidence.

Dreaming of being possessed by a demon

Dreams about possession signify the loss of control accompanied by negative thoughts. Your life is at the mercy of someone else, as you have given complete control of your life to others. You have always been strong and independent, but along the line, your life decisions are being taken by someone else. Negative thoughts disrupt your peace and harmony.

Sometimes this dream tends to have positive meanings suggesting a reduction in stress and anxiety. For example, if you are struggling financially, doors will soon open to numerous opportunities to help you become economically independent, provided you take help from someone close to you.


If I got a devil on my phone as wallpaper, I am bound to dream about devils. The reason is continuously seeing them every time I pick up the phone. Similarly, to see a devil in the dream, the first thing to do is check if you were talking or watching any devil-related content, as they may have a considerable influence on your subconscious mind. So any time you see a devil, check if it's your mind playing tricks or if any deeper meaning is involved. Devil dreams can mean various things depending upon the context and environment. For example, some of these dreams may appear as **the devil is beating his wife, meaning ** there will be happiness hidden in the pain you encounter, despite mostly being a negative symbol.

It may become difficult for us to understand what these mean, and this is where it's best to connect with an expert who can help you know the exact meaning of your dream. At DREAMAPP, we help individuals who go through bizarre dream phenomena understand the symbols and put their minds to ease. Dreaming can be a fun experience when you know the hidden message, Happy dreaming!

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