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Denys Chumak

Denys Chumak

13 Sep 2022

What Does It Mean to Have Dreams About Killing Someone?

What does it mean when you dream about killing someone either accidentally or intentionally? Is it something you sincerely wished for to happen, or is there something completely different scenario your subconscious mind is trying to put forth? Murder dreams are always horrifying whether you are a victim or perpetrator. If in your dream you killed someone, it can indicate trouble in letting go of the past, revealing a moral predicament you have caught yourself in. You are debating between opposing views and finding it difficult to side with one.

Killing someone in a dream meaning and symbolism depends significantly on your emotions during the act. Murder dreams do not always have to be scary. Alternatively, these can indicate optimism and good faith. It shows you have finally accepted your true self and a solution to the issues you have been facing for a long time. So let's take a closer look at different dream scenarios to decode their meaning.



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Dreams About Killing Someone

Nightmares are always distressing; imagine going through something as scary as murder in a dream. According to a new study, people who wake up after going through murder dreams become more aggressive. It also focuses on the general behavior of the person murdering in the dream, suggesting that they are generally hostile, introverted, and find it difficult to mix up with people. People dream more than once during the night, and remembering all of them is not possible. So if you wake up remembering that you killed someone, it could signify a connection between you and the person just murdered or your own inner self. Whatever that is, let's dive deeply into different dream scenarios and figure out the meaning of dreams killing someone.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Accidentally Killing Someone?

Dreams about killing someone accidentally could reflect your adaptability and mobility toward a situation. It indicates your uncertainty about the things going on in your life that eventually led you to an unknown path in your waking life. This sometimes also represents a manifestation of your thoughts and emotions. Some other interpretations include-

  • The criticism you face daily.

  • Feeling helpless

You may find yourself more irritated and unnerving than usual at the joke or comments made by your friends or collogues. Practice being calm. Losing your temperament over something minor will cause you harm. Learn to take control back into your life to reduce the anxiety and insecurity within. Treat this dream of killing someone accidentally as a warning sign to make amends and improvement to take control back into your life.

Dreams About Killing Someone in Self-defense

Some of the general meanings behind the dream of killing someone in self defense:

  • Overcome difficulties and problems

  • Look for things that need more attention in life

  • Inability to deal with circumstances.

If you just dreamt about killing someone in self-defense reflects your fear and frustration, signifying some real-life crisis that will soon befall you. It symbolizes the suppression received from your friends, family, or work. On the other hand, this also reflects some fantastic opportunities that will come shortly. Some new project or a promotion that will change your life course. However, you must be prepared to accept them. Humans tend to fear changes, and dreams about killing someone in self-defense can also reflect your self-doubt pushing away the ample opportunities coming your way. Find the things or situations that are suppressing you in your waking life. Then, either learn to control these or break free, to have some room to breathe finally.

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Dreaming About Killing Someone and Covering It Up

Some common meanings:

  • Your awareness of the situations surrounding you.

  • Desire to move on with life.

  • Hesitation to take any initiative.

This dream symbolizes your hesitation in accepting the things that have already happened in life, leading to repression and suffering. These pent-up emotions are now being reflected while you sleep and, along with the negative emotions, reflect your desire to move on in life. However, the mistakes from your past are shackling you down.

You don't have the strength to face your problems and mistakes and are trying your best to hide them. However, you need to understand that hiding will only work for a little while; you need to accept your flaws to move forward. These dreams about killing someone are just your subconscious mind trying to draw your attention to the unresolved issues.

Dream About Killing Someone and Hiding the Body

Here are some of the meanings of dream about someone murdering someone else and hiding the body:

  • Hiding your emotions

  • A desire for power

  • Aggression or long-standing rage.

It suggests that you are trying to hide something in your waking life. This could be a secret or a failed project assigned to you but couldn't see through. It also reflects the desire to open up about your thoughts and emotions, which you have buried within for a long time. For example, you have been holding onto rage or aggression for a long time which your subconscious mind would like to eliminate.

Communication allows you to move forward in life. Reexamine the things that have happened in the past, and find ways to tackle these situations in the present. It also reflects your physical and emotional strengths reflecting the power and energy hidden within, suggesting that you are strong and capable enough to handle your problems and will not be held accountable for what you did.

Dreams About Killing Someone With a Knife

Some common meanings:

  • Fear about something in the future

  • Disgrace or loss of honor.

  • Regaining control of your life

A dream about killing someone with a knife reflects your hidden aggression or rage, suggesting certain aspects of the person or your personality as reflected by that someone you would like to get rid of. This stranger, as glimpsed in the dream, could be connected to someone in real life. Think about the things causing issues in your life, and then find ways to resolve them. Something in your past is cropping up trouble in the present or near future, probably in the relationship, and you would like to cut down the problem before it disgraces you. This little secret is making you vulnerable, and by cutting it down, you can get your life back on track. However, problems can be resolved only by facing them, reexamining, and hitting the root cause of the issue.

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Dreaming About Killing Someone With an Axe

If you had a dream, you killed someone with an axe; you want to chop off certain aspects of your waking life. These could be your toxic relationships, the job you have been grilling on for years, or some old habits. Other than this, it could also signify

  • Taking charge of your life

  • Struggles you have gone through in life

  • Frustration and anxiety.

It reflects the burden you carry in life that is making you disconnected and alienated. It represents the repressed emotions that you are afraid to confront. To move forward, sometimes it's best to cut or ax the past. All the frustration and anxiety can cause us to lose control over the situations and discard the things not needed. Occasionally it is okay to let go of any dismay or pent-up negative emotions. Suppressing will only induce more problems.

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Dreaming About Going to Jail for Killing Someone

If you see in your dreams killing someone and going to jail, it could reflect your subconscious mind; some unresolved issue you have with yourself.

It could also suggest-

  • Your willpower and mental stability

  • Intuition, influence, and authority.

You know the things done wrong in life, try to fix the issues, and work hard to become a better person. Your willpower, self-control, and ability to keep your emotions in check become your greater strength in times of need. A dream about killing a stranger also acts as a warning sign suggesting some hardships; this could be in your relationships or work. Use the knowledge and insights gained from your intuition to make well-informed decisions. Be more assertive about your views and demands.

Dreams About Killing Someone You Know

A dream about killing someone you know does not always directly relate to your relationship with that person. Sometimes pointing out the traits shared by that person or even old memories shared between you two that are coming your way. It also reflects that these personality traits shared between the two of you need to be removed from your life.

Common meaning:

  • Anger or aggression

  • A part of your personality

It could signify your anger and aggression towards the world or yourself, indicating the urge to kill something uncomfortable within.

It is not uncommon for the subconscious mind to show the aspects of your life through some other medium, like the person you killed. Make a note of what this person symbolizes and figure out what that indicates in your life. Take measures to curb these issues or altogether remove them from your life to live peacefully.

Dreaming About Killing Someone You Don't Know

Dreams about someone killing someone you don't know could signify a part of your personality that is well hidden and your subconscious mind is trying to point out. It also suggests that a habit you had a long time ago needs to be changed. This stranger you see in the dream reflects a part of your waking life that you need to alter.

  • Behavior or a habit

  • Battle or fight against yourself

It also signifies that you need to change some old habits that are no longer benefitting you. A conflict is going on within you; measure all the pros and cons of the situation before you decide. This unrecognized figure reflects the obstacle that is in your path. Only by fighting against this unknown figure will you get what you desire in life.

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Dreams About Someone Trying to Kill You

Dreams about violence and killing signify the emotional aspect of the dreamer. Going through such dreams can be a scary experience, and it's best to understand its underlying meaning to overcome the frightening feeling.

Here are some of the interpretations:

  • Out-of-control issues

  • Emotional damage

It reflects your concerns over others, what they think about you, and your relationships. For example, you are currently in a relationship where you are not valued enough and are taken advantage of. This also signifies hostility and anger someone else is feeling towards you, and this is having a greater impact on your life.

To understand killing dream meaning and significance, take a closer look at the relationships you have, personal or work. Which of these make you insignificant? Then, take steps to overcome these.

What Does It Mean to Dream About Killing My Boss?

Here are some examples of what dream meaning killing your boss indicates:

  • Moving on in work or career

  • A new phase in life

This symbol suggests that you are finding some struggles at work, signifying some disagreement between you and your colleagues. It also represents your urge to take control of your life; you feel threatened and are unhappy with the decisions others make for you.

However, if you get along well with your boss in your waking life, it suggests that you are not getting the growth you want, and it's time to move away from your current position or office and find the posts that allow you to explore more about yourself. Pursue the dream job or the idea that has been brewing up in your mind for a long time. This dream is a signal to do things that help you move forward in life.

Dreams About Killing a Bully

We encounter bullies in one or the other phases of life, whether in school, college, or the workplace. These characters sometimes find their way into our dreams. However, what does it mean when you kill in your dream, especially when that someone torments you? Let's see the meaning and solution to this bizarre dream:

  • Reflects on your inner conflict

  • Willpower and courage to overcome problems

  • Limiting belief

This reflects both problem and a solution. Bullies: mirror the issues you face in your waking life. However, this bully doesn't always have to be a manifestation of someone in your life; it can also represent your inner dynamics.

To kill that someone reflects your willpower and strength to confront the issues. Overcome the fear, whether internal or external, to have that ultimate growth in life. Take charge of your life, and stand against the things you don't resonate with to improve your life.

Dreaming About Being a Serial Killer

A dream about murdering someone or a group of people could reflect your dark side. It signifies that you wish for others around you to fail in their attempts, and you enjoy this downfall. Some other interpretations include:

  • Unhappy about your life

  • Desire for power

It signifies your internal motivation, suggesting a series of problems in your life. This dream reflects your poor awareness that has led to the accumulation of these issues in your life. Find all your life problems, and set a way to resolve them one step at a time. This dream also signifies a desire to attain power. Dark desires accompany the ambitious thoughts you have. Learn to control your emotions rather than people. Bring the awareness back into your life to navigate the stress and strain of work and relationships.

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Murder dream meaning largely depends upon your emotions when killing someone in a dream. If you feel happy about this, it suggests that you will soon resolve any problems in your waking life. On the other hand, if it causes uneasiness and alarms, it points to issues you have with yourself and your surroundings. Committing a crime in a dream does not always translate to hurting people around you; sometimes, it signifies the underlying issues you have been ignoring for a long time. When you fail to address them, they come to the surface with the symbols you least expect. Decoding these tricky and scary symbols may be difficult for common people; however, at DREAMAPP, expert dream scientist uses their knowledge to give you the correct interpretation of the dreams so you can fight the underlying cause and fix your life.

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