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Denys Chumak

Denys Chumak

13 Sep 2022

What Does it Mean When You Dream About Kissing Someone?


Did you dream of kissing last night? Do you think it's weird? Well, not really. Out of 100,000 dream symbols, Kisses are the most common, probably because they are embedded as a form of affection in our society. Kissing family members, friends, children, and partners is a way to show love.

Kisses are believed to be very powerful in some cultures. They are regarded as life-saving and mystical, as seen in some fairytales like a princess & the frog, and snow white clearly show the magic of a kiss. Moreover, it signifies a spiritual connection between the individuals.

A **dream of kissing someone ** could mean many different things, but it has one thing in common: you and your relationship with the other person or the things symbolized by that person. Since kisses are considered a social exchange between two people, seeing this symbol could mean a social or emotional exchange filled with messages and signs that need to be deciphered.



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Why Did I Dream About Kissing Someone?

What does it mean when you dream about kissing someone you may or may not know? It could signify a spiritual bond. It suggests thinking about your interactions. When decoding the meaning of this symbol, it's essential to check the tempo to recognize what it conveys. Depending upon the intensity of the emotions, it could mean various things, but to dream of kissing someone generally signifies happiness and contentment. It represents love, affection, and craving for the person being kissed. Most of the time, it reflects your heart's desire. You may trick your brain into thinking you are not interested in the person, but your subconscious mind will bring your desires to the surface when sleeping.

Various interpretations depend upon the scenarios you see while kissing. To know what these dreams mean, it is best to get the answers to the following questions first:

  • How are you being kissed?

  • Who are you kissing?

  • Who is kissing you?

  • What is your emotional state when kissing?

Dream of Being Kissed on the Lips

Dream meaning kiss on the lips , could indicate a passionate romance in the near future. You will soon find yourself in a sensual relationship that will let sparks fly. However, there are chances of it being just a fling.

This dream may represent a connection and a way to seal an agreement. It symbolizes confirmation. Things are working smoothly in your life, and the plans you have put in place are performing well and will bring forth some positive results. But if you don't feel happy or comfortable about the kiss, then it's most likely suggested to reconsider your course. Check your relationships; this dream may directly point at those who make you uncomfortable.

Sometimes a dream like this may not have any important meaning associated with it. It could simply be an influence of the movie or a tv show you watched before bed. However, if your dream is not an extension of the day's activity, it most likely has a deeper meaning.

Dreaming of Kissing Someone on the Lips

Dreaming of kissing someone on the lips signifies a spiritual bond. Something ethereal is trying to connect with you. It also represents approval or validation of your action, along with being in total control of your destiny.

This dream also points out your communication problem. You are holding back from telling others your feelings, probably don't want to hurt them, and end up sugarcoating the essential issues, leading to severe communication problems.

If you dream about kissing someone, and it does not go well, it signifies a lack of control. You find it difficult to reach your destination even though you can see it. Lighten up, think things through, and then formulate plans to reach your goal.

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Dream About Your Crush Kissing You

Being kissed in a dream by a crush can be an exhilarating experience. It can simply mean your attraction towards the person like they are constantly on your mind. However, you don't have the guts to ask them. So your subconscious is bringing your desire to the surface. It also signifies a desire to be loved by the crush or simply those you care about in your life to love you back.

It also signifies that you will achieve something big in your life soon. The dream acts as a reminder to keep working on it, as you will likely attain success soon.

Dreaming of Kissing Your Ex

Dreams are sometimes a reflection of your heart's desire. So if you dream about kissing your ex, it could imply that you are not over them and still hold them dear in your heart.

However, if you are in a new relationship and completely over your ex, it signifies a constant comparison you draw between your ex and your current partner. You are not feeling happy or contented with the new partner and yearn for the desires you felt when you were with your ex. Look closely at your current relationship. Understand what's missing and work on stabilizing it.

The spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex kissing you is a connection or a bond you have formed with them. Even though you are separate, the spiritual connection once created with them still exists. However, it certainly doesn't mean you must go back to them; it simply means your subconscious is processing some old information.

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Dream of Kissing a Girl

To see in a dream kissing a girl when you are a woman could represent your female archetype. Your feminine side is trying to get in touch, look deeply within and connect with the traits. If this is not the case, it could signify a recent meeting with some woman you cannot stop thinking about. Perhaps someone from your past or new who entered your life and is constantly on your mind.

Additionally, this dream could reflect your self-worth. It also suggests that you are going through changes. These can be in your relations or beliefs that can help re-evaluate the situations. You tend to be very optimistic and can efficiently work out of seemingly difficult situations.

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Dream About Kissing a Friend

Friends are all about comfort and ease, and it's not bizarre to dream about kissing a friend. This symbolizes respect, admiration, and adoration towards the friend. It shows that you have a great relationship with this person, who is very important to you.

If you fought with your close friend, this dream is a manifestation of making up with them. Your subconscious mind is trying to find ways to help you reconcile.

Sometimes it indicates your desire to be intimate with your friend. This intimacy doesn't always have to be physical; it can be emotional intimacy that you lack and want to connect with your friend in that frequency.

Dreaming of Kissing a Celebrity

Most celeb dreams you see will involve hugging, hooking up, or kissing. This is mainly because that's how we picture our relationship with them. Kissing a star can be wishful thinking, but that is not true for all. Celebrity **kissing dream meaning ** and significance is positive and suggests a connection with the celeb you saw. It signifies the unification of the energies residing within you two. Look for ways on how you connect with them, whether it is their movies, the characters they play on screen, goals, or their fitness regime. This is what you are hoping to gain in your life. Work on it.

It also symbolizes a hidden potential. You will gain confidence and self-esteem. Things are going smoothly, and you will attain some new guidance in life.

Dream of Kissing a Pastor/Dream of a Pastor Kissing You

A dream about being kissed by a pastor could symbolize forgotten memories. You had something important locked away, perhaps you don't want others to know about it, or it hinders some other work you are doing. Look closely at what you have cast away, a hobby, a friend, or a job. You are forcing yourself to forget these memories and, as a result, have accumulated grief, distress, and anger. Tap into these forgotten skills or memories; they will help gain new momentum in life.

Kissing a pastor in your dream could signify your public image, the way you present yourself to others. You don't like showing your true nature to others, perhaps due to the fear of being judged by them or simply because you want to keep certain things hidden.

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Dream of Kissing a Stranger

A dream of kissing a stranger could signify your perseverance and readiness in life. It indicates a time of self-discovery. Your willingness to move forward, but you must know yourself best to do that. Find your likes, dislikes, hobbies, strengths, weaknesses, and desires. Discover yourself first and then move forward in life.

It also suggests your willingness for a change in life. If in a relationship, this dream could indicate a deep desire to get out of it. Maybe you feel insecure and want to be with someone who makes you happy and contended. Take charge of your life, find the direction and be with someone who makes you happy.

Dream Of Kissing Someone You Know

A dream about kissing someone you know suggests living an unhappy life. It's time to review the things going on with you. You may want to upgrade your personal and professional life; this dream reflects your desire for a partnership or promotion.

To see yourself passionately kissing someone could sometimes mean that you want some intimacy with them. It represents your repressed desire to be with that person. Maybe this person is someone you shouldn't be with in waking life, and your subconscious tries to bring your closed-off desires when sleeping.

French Kissing Dream Meaning

French kissing can be quite a sensual dream. It's normal to wake up startled if I kiss you like this passionately, even in a dream. To french kiss someone could signify a strong bond. The intensity of the emotions you feel while kissing the other person represents the strength of the bond shared between the two of you.

This also denotes a time, to be honest. Don't restrain yourself; you may have to be cautious about certain things in your life, but holding back completely will cause more issues in the relationships.

It also signifies a new love, romance, or passionate affair. This dream encourages you to be open about your feelings. Let others know how you feel about them. Express yourself and get a chance at love than not being loved at all.

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Was there a chance that you woke up and had questions like- " did I dream you dreamed about me kissing someone I shouldn't, like an enemy, friend's partner, pastor, or worse, an ex"? Of course, all these dreams come with significance. Sometimes they represent the desire you have buried deep within, while others suggest a connection with yourself or those around you, which is purely nonsexual. So if bothered by a bizarre dream, it's best to understand the meaning of the symbol.

Kissing dreams are usually positive symbols and give a message about you or those around you. However, the meaning largely varies depending upon the intensity of the emotions and the people you see in your dream. To know accurately what a kissing dream means, connect with the **DREAMAPP ** experts who can decipher the dreams and bring forth the actual meaning of the symbol.

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