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Denys Chumak

Denys Chumak

13 Sep 2022

What Do Dreams of Someone Trying To Kill Me Mean?


Dreaming of people trying to kill you is pretty common and signifies the dreamer's emotional state. These dreams mirror what you are currently feeling in your waking life. Although death dreams are considered a bad omen, however, there is always something hidden that your subconscious is trying to point out. So it's important to understand what each of these symbols and the emotional state that you are feeling mean.

On average, an individual only retains 50% of their dream memory within 5 minutes of waking up, out of which 40% gets quickly forgotten within the next 5 minutes. Hence, it's safe to assume a person sometimes only retains 10% of the dream memory. So if you have a dream that you still remember as clearly as day, it's time to understand what these symbols are trying to get your focus on.



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Dreams of Someone Trying To Kill Me

Dreams reflect the emotional state of the dreamer. Seeing someone trying to kill you even in a dream can be a terrifying and traumatizing experience. To dream of people trying to kill me is a manifestation of the agony and distress you feel in your waking life. It signifies the hopelessness and grief in solving the issues you are currently going through.

Dream About Someone Trying To Kill Me With a Knife

To dream about being stabbed is quite common, and it metaphorically represents betrayal. This signifies that you have high hopes for someone, but that person betrayed you. Pain caused by a betrayal is far worse than any knife wound, especially caused by an individual you trust and hold dear. This also signifies a lack of emotional support, particularly during a time of need which ends up making you feel vulnerable and unsafe.

Other than this, it also represents your fear of being cheated by your partner, either in business or a relationship, and that fear is projected while you sleep. Before choosing your partner, especially in business, do thorough research; this is one way to put your mind at ease. There could be a clash of opinions happening in your life, and it's best to find a middle ground.

Dreaming of Someone Trying To Kill Me With an Axe

Axe symbolizes conflict with somebody in your waking life. For example, are you having trouble with your personal or professional life? Dreams about people trying to kill me with an axe usually denote cutting off or chopping old relationships that are overwhelming or turning toxic. You are working hard on suppressing your anger. However, it's only on the surface, and any more pressure may lead to snapping. This dream also reflects trust issues, suggesting that untrustworthy people in your life surround you. Or simply, your past experience has led to insecurity and anxiousness, which is preventing you from getting close to others.

Dreams of Someone Trying To Kill Me With a Sword

To dream about someone trying to kill me with a sword indicates criticism, either by yourself or someone close to you. These sharp words hurt or cut your self-esteem and confidence. It also signifies something of importance that you need to tend to. However, there is a lot of pressure, either from within or outside, that is blocking you, though you have an urge or desire to break free from it. To see yourself die after being stabbed to death signifies a power struggle. This struggle does not always account for office but can be within your relationships. Make sure to explain your side of the story during this power struggle; this will help you gain more confidence and clarity over the issues that may arise within the relationships.

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Dream About Someone Trying To Kill Me With a Gun

To see a dream where a gun is killing you signifies an adventure or a journey. This may be in your personal life or professional, a new project, or a new beginning. You are carefree and very open-minded about the upcoming changes that will reflect your life. It also signifies growth and a second chance that will inevitably change your future for good.

Alternatively, this dream also suggests that you feel trapped by your circumstance. Perhaps someone in your personal life is asking for favors that couldn't be turned down, or someone in the office is pouring work, and you are struggling with saying no for fear of consequences that this may bring. Try to speak your mind, and never take up something hard for you to complete. This will accumulate stress and tension. Instead, learn to be easygoing in both personal and professional areas.

Dreaming of Someone Trying To Kill Me While I'm Pregnant

A dream about someone trying to kill me spiritual meaning while being pregnant suggests progress and self-awareness. This indicates that you are entirely aware of the consequences your actions might bring. You are very calculative about every decision you make, probably because you are all grown up and are trying to be responsible for your actions. This also opens up opportunities as people tend to trust accountable individuals more.

This dream is particularly a good omen, as it signifies your desire to triumph in every situation. This new confidence you have gained has come from past experiences, where you have overcome troubles and achieved great success. These past issues have contributed to your growth both professionally and personally.

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What Does It Mean To Dream That Someone I Know Is Trying To Kill Me?

Dreaming of someone trying to kill me and that someone is an acquaintance signifies a guilty conscience. Have you hurt the person in the dream in your waking life? If the answer is Yes, then it's your guilty conscious speaking out. In dreams, where you see someone from your waking life, it is best to analyze the cause and purpose behind it; start by analyzing your relationships and the things that bind you. Look for any unresolved issues between you and work toward fixing them. This also signifies that you are either afraid of them or doubtful of their intentions, which gets reflected when you sleep. Try to make amends with the person you see in your dream to eliminate the guilt or doubt you feel towards them and be at peace.

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What Does It Mean When Your Spouse Kills You in a Dream?

This can be one of the most disturbing dreams and suggests a need to take back control of your life. You are facing some difficulties while conveying your thoughts and actions, which has resulted in uncertainty and chaos. It also indicates you are restraining yourself from coming into the open. Alternatively, look at the relationship with your spouse. Are there any significant changes you are going through? Dreams take up the form of your waking life, especially the emotional state, and in case of a conflict or emotional detachment from your partner, you go through such symbols while you sleep.

Try to add discipline and more structure to your life. Be open about your issues. This will help get rid of the problems that you may be facing.

Dreaming That a Stranger Is Killing Me

Seeing a stranger trying to kill you in the dream indicates your own inner demon you are afraid of facing. It suggests some critical task that is going on in your life, maybe some relationship you are trying to work out or a project you want to complete that is scaring you enough to think about running away. This extreme pressure you have built upon yourself is taking a toll on your emotional health, and your subconscious mind is reflecting just that. It also demonstrates some danger or problems that may soon enter your life.

Look for the traits holding you back, work on them and try to move forward without worrying about failure. Instead, be proactive and try to catch any issue before it turns big.

Dreams About Hiding From a Killer

A dream of someone trying to kill me , especially when that someone is a killer, is very traumatizing. What most people see themself doing in such a scenario is either hiding or running away. So if you are hiding, it symbolizes a hidden threat that has either entered your life or will soon arrive. It also indicates that you sense something is wrong and are trying to hide from it instead of facing it head-on. Your miscalculation of the situation has resulted in the issues surrounding you.

This dream also signifies a disagreement that may occur within you or with those around you. You are not effectively advertising your needs and requirements, and as a result, you have difficulty relating to others. Being vocal about your likes and dislikes can resolve many problems you are currently facing.

Dream About Running Away From a Killer

Did you see a killer in your dream last night? During such dream phases, running away always works, so if this was you, let's figure out what your subconscious is trying to point at. This symbolizes a struggle you are going through in real life. These problems may be too much for you to handle, and you are looking for ways to run away from them. Sometimes these dreams are the horrifying experiences faced in waking life. For example, if you were ever stalked or are going through some bad situation, your dream recalls these moments in the form of symbols. These also point to problems you cannot fly away from.

Work through your fears, sort help from the experts so they can assist in getting rid of any pent-up fear and deal with PTSD. Problems always come with solutions; the only thing is to look and work through them. Take responsibility for your life to make it better.

Dreams About Being Killed Violently

Death dreams are always scary; however, dreams of people trying to kill me violently are unpleasant and terrifying. The symbolic representation of this dream is resistance to change. You are quite adamant about the things that are going on in your life and would never want to alter them. This is an unfavorable dream and signifies a damaging emotional state. Your subconscious is putting these emotions in front of you; however, you are not ready to let go of them.

Understand your emotions, find the ones that do not help you move forward, and get rid of them. Look for things that give you purpose, and chase them to have a meaningful life.

Dreaming of Killing Someone Who Tried To Kill Me

Dreams of killing your attacker signify achievement and win in the near future. Is there anything you are working on currently? Keep on fighting; you will overcome obstacles blocking your pathway; this is a symbol of flourishing despite the odds. Defending yourself against the attacker suggests that you must stand up for yourself and fight for your rights. You are determined to grow, and the only way to ensure is by not giving up.

If you know the person you are killing in your dream, it signifies the traits possessed by this someone that may endanger you. Try to be honest with that someone, let them know how you feel, so you can get rid of this burden you have placed on yourself.


Dreams about someone trying to kill you are scary; however, they also signify some deep emotions that we may have buried within. These dreams may point to some significant aspects of our lives that we keep buried or hidden. Nevertheless, the meaning differs from person to person. The above gives you a general idea of these scary-killing dreams. If you want a precise picture or interpretation of your frightening nightmares, DREAMAPP experts are here to help you. The dream scientist can assist with detailed and personalized meaning so you can find peace back in your life

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Dreams about someone trying to kill you are scary; however, they also signify some deep emotions that we may have buried within. These dreams may point to some significant aspects of our lives that we keep buried or hidden. Nevertheless, the meaning differs from person to person. The above gives you a general idea of these scary-killing dreams. If you want a precise picture or interpretation of your frightening nightmares, DREAMAPP experts are here to help you. The dream scientist can assist with detailed and personalized meaning so you can find peace back in your life.

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