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Denys Chumak

Denys Chumak

02 Jul 2023

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Drowning?


When dreaming, our mind tends to sort emotions and images, you go through during your active time. It then places them in order for you to understand them better. Dreams present the experience in symbolic forms. They comprise of two major things, emotions and images. What emotions do you feel when seeing yourself in that particular situation and the characters surrounding you when dreaming? With a slight change in the environment, the meaning changes drastically.

So let us know what do dreams about drowning mean when we are good swimmers or haven't entered the water bodies since our inception into this world. When it comes to drowning dreams, there are various situations or scenarios you can see yourself when downing. Let's start with understanding each of these in detail.

What Does Drowning in a dream Mean?

Water symbolizes emotions; drowning generally means being overwhelmed by responsibilities, workload, or relationships. You must have heard people metaphorically use "Drowning" in their daily lives. Like they are drowning in work or drowning under pressure.

Plenty of things happening in our lives make us suffocate under pressure. Similarly, if you are dreaming about drowning, it could signify the pressure of the obligations placed on you. Being emotionally overwhelmed by the situations you face daily.

There are plenty of things to consider in a dream. To understand **what does it mean when you dream about drowning, ** let's first try to figure out the following questions:

  • Were you saved in the dream?

  • What emotions you felt?

  • Did you die underwater?

  • Did you end up saving someone else?

To see yourself drowning in a dream could indicate emotional challenges. This also help to understand your emotions deeply, things you have been avoiding for a long time, or whether you are being too involved in matters concerning your waking life.

It points to the need to express yourself more and make clear decisions. It's time to start anew with a total transformation, including mind and body.

Dream of Someone Drowning

Drowning can be quite a traumatic experience.** A dream of someone drowning ** can be equally scary. Not being able to save others could hit you hard, even while sleeping. This symbolizes being too involved with someone else affair. It points to the hopelessness that has placed you in a position where everything is beyond your control.

The dream also symbolizes a loss of identity or feelings. If there is any romantic relationship you are involved in, then this indicates losing your individuality and being wrapped up as a couple. This is quite common in a relationship, where it's all about giving the best to the other person; however, if no boundaries are set and maintained, this is precisely where your emotional and mental health will dive. You will feel like you have lost yourself while trying to make things work for you and the other person.

Dream of a Child Drowning

A child drowning in dreams could signify the inner child being immersed in the water around them. The dream can be quite unsettling as seeing any kid drowning can be terrifying, even if it's just a dream. This signifies being submerged in emotions and being helpless. The light you once had is slowly fading away, downing due to the water you are letting in.

The dream can also be interpreted as anxiety that you feel for your child. You are scared of anything going wrong with them, and the dream of drowning simply brings your fear to the surface. The fear is heightened if your child does any water sport, like swimming or diving. Your mind asks you to be active around them and never let your guard down when near water.

Dream About Saving a Child From Drowning

To see a child drowning in a dream is quite scary; however, if you manage to save them, it can be a big achievement and relief. The dream symbolizes an idea, thought, or information that has been overlooked. This idea ended before it could be thought upon. Gain a new perspective in life, and work and success will eventually be yours.

A child also signifies youthful creativity, and such as dream suggests someone around is trying to steal your vision, an idea you have worked hard on. Guard it against others. Do not disclose your business or personal life. Giving away too much of your personal or professional information will be harmful in the long run. Use the dream as a warning to protect what is yours.

Dream of Drowning and Being Saved

Dream of drowning and being saved mean new possibilities and beginnings ahead. However, the emotions you feel while being saved are crucial factors in determining what does drowning in a dream mean. If you are angry or sad about the fact you were rescued, it indicates an emotional breakdown. Your life is filled with situations that are grappling you emotionally. Better days are coming ahead; hang on, you will survive this too. It's time to start believing in yourself and life again. A positive surprise will soon enter.

The dream indicates difficulties in your path and your desperate desire to be helped in that situation. It's not uncommon to ask for help when in need. Learn to acknowledge what your subconscious is requesting. Strong people don't shy away from asking for help where needed. Recognize your weak moments, talk to friends, family, or experts, and seek advice so you can move on in life.

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Dream of Drowning in a Car

Dreams of drowning in a car signify a downfall of your goals and expectations. This also indicates that your own emotions are blocking your path to success. You are currently facing challenges that lead to an emotional outbursts.

Being submerged in a car indicates overwhelming feelings swaying you from your course. A little detour on your path has led you to overthink the situation, making you terrified or burdened. Instead, work on the issues you are facing in the real world.

The dream can be positive if you see yourself working on getting out of the car. This indicates despite being challenged; you are still standing strong. There are always hills to climb when you are working towards success, but don't let that stop you from reaching the top.

Dream of Drowning in the Ocean

Dream of drowning in ocean signifies that the waking life worries seem endless, and there is no way to escape these troubling situations. However, it certainly doesn't mean there is no chance of improving the problem; instead, you cannot find a way out of it.

The dream also suggests your need for support in waking life. The one person you always relied on is nowhere to be found, making you feel lost in the huge world. The thought of being alone, unable to belong anywhere without that one person, is killing you. As a result, your personal life is unstable, and the pain left by the void is drowning you both physically and mentally.

If you have recently separated from someone, talk to them, and find a proper closure to your relationship. Then, work on offloading the things that are too much for you to handle.

Dream of Dog Drowning

To see a dog drowning in water dream signify trouble in your friendship. Dogs are human best friends, and to see them drowned represents your friendship and loyalty issues. Look for the situations that have recently changed. Check on friends or those you work with to know of any change that may have seeped in. Then work on fixing and maintaining it.

The dream also shows a new growth stage in your life. You are either doing something suspicious or something extraordinary good. Be more observant, and use your intellect and power to do good than harm. The dream is a green sign to do things you have always wanted.

Drowning in Sand Dream Meaning

A dream about drowning in sand indicates instability. However, there are things in waking life that is making you anxious. You are simply going with the flow. It also shows being irrationally concerned in a relationship that is doing more harm than good. Despite knowing it, you cannot get out of the relationship, making you feel trapped and suffocated.

This dream also signifies newness in your life. You may soon undergo a transformation or rebirth. With this, you will gain awareness and freedom to work on your personal and professional areas. Work on striking a balance between your old and new self. Accept your status and live fully.

Dream of Saving Someone From Drowning

Dreams about saving someone from drowning are the total opposite of seeing them drowning. It indicates you have finally understood the emotions and feelings demonstrated by the individual drowning in your dream. You have taken a big step towards understanding your own emotions and ultimately doing what is needed for your future. Opening up to others, accepting help when needed, and letting go of things beyond your control.

You are at a point where you understand the relationship's needs and how its identity separates you. Striking a perfect balance between you and your relationship is a significant success in your life. You have come to terms with your emotions, sentiments, and personality. You are pretty honest about your needs and feelings and are not relying on others to rescue you; instead, you have taken a stand for yourself.

Dream About Drowning in a Pool

Dreaming of drowning signify arrogance, self-glorification, and bragging. You are too much into yourself; the dream warns you to tone it down. There are chances of you fabricating certain areas of your life just to show off how well you are doing. This will bring up insecurity and fear. However, if you work hard, all the things you have faked till now can become yours.

To understand a ** drowning dream meaning,** it's essential to know how to feel while being drowned. If you are surrounded by people and ask them for help, signify a pretty-looking life that makes those close to you jealous. You are oblivious to your surroundings, and as a result, these close relations are taking advantage of your situation.

Dream About Drowning in a Car

Dream drowning in car signifies pent-up emotions. You lack clarity of your thoughts and are slowly drowning in your feelings. This also points to indecisiveness, which has led to many problems faced currently. You are trying to be someone you are not. Your decisions are being ruled by feelings rather than logic. Your subconscious is warning you against that. It's time to start making judgments based on rationality.

This also signifies hurt and anger over something that happened in the past. You refuse to seek truth in any matter and quickly turn a blind eye if things are going astray. When stuck with an obstacle, you end up overlooking it.

Understand that the past cannot be rewritten; however, you can always learn from it and move forward. Work on expressing yourself freely instead of hiding your feelings.

Dream of Someone Drowning in a Bathtub

What does it mean to dream about drowning in a bathtub? A place you see every day! Well, this can be pretty scary, especially if you will be entering one the following day. Bathtubs symbolize cleansing, and a dream as such signifies your need to purify. Work towards cleaning your mind and soul.

This dream also signifies fear of authority. You find yourself in a precarious position either at work or in the personal area. Others invade your privacy, and the situation is too crowded for you to breathe. Perhaps you are at risk of losing your job or letting go of the commitment you made. Whatever the problem is, it makes you hopeless. Work on solidifying your stance. Be best at what you do so no one can challenge your authority or work.


Dreams about drowning are common occurrences for people. Despite looking like a death dream, it does not always mean actual death. The symbol can be deciphered in various ways depending on the situation you find yourself in. For example, if this dream made you uncomfortable, it could indicate a negative omen. However, if letting go of things puts you at ease, the dream can be translated as a positive omen.

Drowning dream interpretation can be easily made by experts in this field. While there are too many factors to consider, these dream analysts discuss every aspect of your dream. How did you behave? How did you feel? And so on. These can help frame what is happening in your waking life and what your subconscious is pointing out. At DREAMAPP.IO , we have experts who can do all this, so all you have to bring to the table is the symbol, your emotions, and how you behaved in the dream. With their help, even the most complicated dream can become easy and fun.

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