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Dream Interpretation: Eyelashes 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Eyelashes? Discover the significance of seeing a Eyelashes in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Eyelashes appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

Eyelashes in a dream symbolize beauty, femininity, and allure. They may also represent protection and the ability to see clearly. Alternatively, eyelashes may indicate a desire to enhance your appearance or attract attention.

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🧭 Direction


Consider how you feel about your appearance and how much importance you place on it. Are you trying to impress someone or gain their approval? Alternatively, are you feeling vulnerable and in need of protection? Focus on building your self-confidence and inner strength rather than relying on external validation.

❤️ Feelings

The dream about eyelashes may evoke feelings of beauty, allure, and femininity. It could symbolize a desire to enhance one's appearance or attract attention. Alternatively, it may represent a focus on the eyes as a window to the soul, suggesting a need for deeper emotional connections or understanding. Overall, this dream may leave a sense of intrigue and curiosity about the significance of eyelashes in one's life.





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21 May 2024



Basically what happened was that my brother Myles and my boyfriend Josh were in my room I was sat on the floor and the boys were sat on the bed and I’d decided to put some fake lashes on then Myles said can you put some on me and then I said sure but let me organise them all first so I organised all my lashes and stuff first Josh then left my room and walked to my other brother Eddie’s room. Then i said Myles let me do my other one. So I put my other fake eyelash on and then called Myles to come over. And Myles said does it hurt and is it easy and I said yeah relatively easy I just need to stick it to your eye. Then Josh walks in and says are you two done yet then and then I woke up

23 Mar 2024



Me and my family where walking down a very run down road with me, in the middle of the group ns looking like Barbie from the back. I then get called over by a nice looking old woman who asks me to go inside her house and explore for a large amount of money and I do as she says. As I enter her strange, pink, Barbie looking house, I notice that it is actually an endless maze. I then walk down the maze and try to find my way out but end up having to use trial and error to find my way to the end. When I finally get to the end eventually, I spot a door at the end and the old lady from before, but now looking livid and like a witch. She then grows her head so large as to block the door I am trying to get to with the key for it, hung onto her eyelash. I climbe her disembodied face to get the key and she begins to swing her face back and forth extremely violently and I fall off only to be caught by a fluffy cloud and it gently sets me onto the ground. I then finally get to the key and trick the witch to step aside so that I can go through the door behind her. Opening it, I see nothing but white and I smile proudly. Then the dream ends. This was a reoccurring dream of mine.

18 Mar 2024



In my dream I woke up and suddenly I was 15 again but I remembered all my life and was confused, I was quiet happy with the fact I was younger again and could change some life choices. I was with my ex partner at the time and his friend and my best friend, I told them about it but they wasn’t fully convinced. I said I don’t love him in anymore because iv already been there and done that and I grew up and he didn’t. I was telling them all about Covid-19 and the fact we all had to wear masks in the future for 2 years. I was thinking of ways I could make some good money like things that hadn’t come out yet which I knew about. I was going to eye-lash exstentions. However I was scared to make certain choices in my life just incase I didn’t meet my current partner or some things that had happened wouldn’t happen again if I’d of made different decisions.

13 Feb 2024

Sexual Assault


i had a dream my friends brother who i’ve none since i was a child was assaulting me it started off with me trying to kick him outta my room but he wouldn’t listen i gave him so many chances but then i told him “fine that’s it” and he starts wrestling with me but it was bordering sexual assault so i reach for my tazer and he keeps tryna take it from my hand the whole time im thinking he’s gonna take it n taze me but i end up getting it and i taze him in the leg but it was only enough for me to get outta his grasp after that he instantly wakes up so i taze him again in the leg the neck and his groin during this time he’s unconscious and he’s still in my room i grab my hand held torch he wakes up but he doesn’t wanna stop so i turn on the torch but i lower the flame so it wouldn’t touch him but after so long i have to get closer so i burned his hair i told him i’ll call my dad so as im running down the stairs screaming for my dad to help me he just keeps saying one second one second almost done and as i get to the bottom of the stairs and turn my head to the left i see him just washing the dishes so i continue to try and kick him out but after so long i finally grab a pair of scissors and start walking towards him i remember i had my head slightly tilted down looking a him through my eyelashes while trying to keep a serious face it’s go from serious to my trying not to smile over n over until i finally stabbed him over n over n over again after i got him outside of my house he calls his friend to come pick him up after the friend leaves i hear an alarm my dad says isn’t that your car and yup they totaled my car i got running out and see there license plate 43797 even in the dream i noticed there wasn’t enough numbers but then i woke up

8 Nov 2023



I found myself in an empty storefront. I was holding delivery bags, but I knew I was there as a customer. All the lights were on, but nobody else was there. I waited for a minute or two, looked around, then left. I couldn't find my car in the parking lot. Something inside me indicated I was dreaming again, so I went looking for someone to have sex with. It's been a while in real life, so I figured, why not. I know I'm dreaming, I can do whatever I want. I happened upon a very beautiful young blonde woman in the middle of a busy street. Everything around her was blurred, but she was in perfect focus. She had straight, bleach-blonde hair cut with cute angled bangs, plump, shiny lips, and a smile that could devour entire civilizations. Atop the city-stopping smile sat a cute nose and vibrant blue eyes with thick black eyelashes. She looked me in the eyes as if she knew why I was there. I didn't describe her body because all I could see was an extra-large baggy sweatshirt covering her from the neck down. I didn't care. Eyes locked, I took her soft face gently in my left hand, and we kissed. It felt incredible, and it looked like she felt the same when it ended. Then, I woke up.

31 Oct 2023



I had a dream that I had messaged one of my primary school classmates. Her name was Jade and I mistook her for a different more recent Jade in my life. Then I went to the mall and did what I needed to and came back home. As I was walking down my complex driveway, it was much longer than usual. Suddenly a girl who I did not know came running and said "Kyle, you were supposed to be at Jade's house 10 minutes ago!" I was so confused and didn't know what she was talking about. Suddenly a glittery blue Porsche pulled up to my gate and Jade Rawberry from primary school got out and said she was waiting for me. I said "Were you the Jade I messaged?" She said ye she said yes she said yes and then we got into the blue Porsche and Bronwyn who was also from primary school was in the Porsche driving and there was another girl that I didn't know but she was friendly. Then we started driving asking each other how we were and they were complimenting me a lot. Talking about my eyelashes and then I looked at bronwyn's eyelashes and eyelashes were very long and pretty. I kind of missed these people even though we weren't particularly close. But that didn't really matter because I had such a good feeling being around them, no nerves or anything. Then we crossed a four-way that was on our way to our old primary school and there was another car at the four-way. It was four guys that stared at me while we passed them and I stared back at them. Then I woke up

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