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Denys Chumak

Denys Chumak

29 Jul 2022

The Top 10 Most Common Dreams and Their Meanings


What are dreams? Why do we go through them? These are some of the most common questions we all want the answer to. Unlike the complex question, the explanation is relatively simple. Dreams are a restructuring of the things we go through daily, including the combinations of images and emotions. Occasionally you may see things never witnessed before and wonder how they relate to everyday activity? These are nothing but symbolic forms of daily happenings. For example, if you feel nervous in your waking life, you may find yourself in an exam hall while sleeping, implying the nervousness and tension from everyday life.

Dreams play a vital role in our psychology and mental well-being. Sometimes they act as a warning sign, while others put your mind at peace by dropping hints about achieving the things you have been working hard so you don't lose hope mid-way. Understanding the hidden meaning behind these dreams can be a path for you to find your way back into your life.


Dreams occur during different stages of sleep. However, the most vivid and strong ones appear during the REM stage. When awake, the thoughts and processes you go through have some logic and reason behind them; however, dreams sometimes make no sense. One of the reasons is that the logical regions of our brain go through very little activity while sleeping, and only the emotional parts are functioning, which is why you may feel a surge of emotions when dreaming.

Here are some amazing facts about dreams and the characters you see while sleeping.

  1. Seeing familiar faces- Notice the characters in your dreams; they are always the ones you have seen in your waking life. Maybe your friends, family, or someone you have crossed paths with. No matter the creativity, your brain cannot construct new faces, especially during the dreaming stage.

  2. Increased creativity- Dreams can act as a booster for creativity. So many great ideas or inventions come to people when they sleep, mainly because you don't restrict yourself with logic and reasoning when sleeping, which otherwise blocks your creative flow during wakefulness.

3)Multiple dreams in a single night- On average, people go through 4-7 dreams per night, depending upon the number of sleep cycles. However, the probability of retaining them is very low, and you may only remember the most recent one.

  1. Handling the emotional trauma- Dreams act as a therapist allowing you to feel the emotions bottled up in a much calmer and relaxed manner, giving the emotive therapy your mind may need.

5)Visually impaired dream too- Here is an interesting fact about the people who are blind since birth and the kind of dreams they have. Their dreams are solely dependent on other senses except for sight. However, the dreams they go through are equally intense and exciting.


Have you had a dream where your teeth suddenly start to fall off or do you see yourself being chased by some monsters or wild animals? Frightening as they sound, their hidden meaning will put your mind at ease. These symbols are common, and most people go through them once in a while. Dreams are the combinations of the emotions and the images you see daily, put together as a movie played while sleeping. If something happens in your mind during the day, you will see its glimpses during the night. Analyzing the symbol to know what your subconscious is trying to convey is an excellent way to comprehend them. So let's get started and understand what these basic symbols mean. Here are the top 10 dreams, their meaning, and how to understand them.


It is the most common dream where you see yourself being chased by someone, an animal, a shadow, or something bizarre. This symbolizes close-mindedness, fear, and avoidance, indicating elements in your life from which you want to run away. Some of the most common dream interpretation are

  • Fearful about any upcoming event

  • Trying to repress or avoid things from the past

  • Being anxious about something

  • Being overwhelmed with responsibilities, be it work or personal.

  • Trying to break away from an old habit.

When you see yourself being chased by someone or something general, it suggests unpleasant happenings you are trying hard to avoid in your waking life. Sometimes it reflects the things that happened in the past are now catching up to you. Occasionally it also symbolizes your attempt to break away from a habit, an old relationship, or something that caused you pain and suffering. If that's the case, then chasing will symbolize your past getting in the way of this change. Breaking away from an old pattern is challenging; however, by affirming the change and accepting them, you can establish new productive habits and incorporate them into your behavior.

To figure out what your dream symbol is trying to convey, you first need to look within yourself and around you. Then, come face to face with the truth about the things you are avoiding. It could be a problem you have been avoiding for a long time and is now catching up to you. Or there could have been a change in the environment causing an alarm about your safety.

The hidden meaning of this dream may not be positive, but it's not harmful either. It should serve as a wake-up call to stop running away from the situations or problems and try to face them head-on. You may find it uncomfortable to deal with things, and your fear may get in the way; however, taking steps to fix these issues will release an enormous burden. Find a solution to the things you are running away from; to eliminate this fear. Not avoidance but facing the issues head-on will ultimately help resolve them. So stop running away, embrace the discarded side, and motivate it so it can drive you to success.


It is a common as well as the most popular dream where you see yourself taking a test. It is a clear metaphor for a challenge or difficulty that may come up in your waking life. This also signifies some new changes are coming your way, and you may feel unprepared.

Some of the most common dream interpretation is-

  • Fear of failing in life

  • Lack of confidence in pursuing something in your waking life.

  • Unpreparedness for any important upcoming event.

  • Having set the goals too high makes you feel uneasy.

Scrutiny from others.

If you see yourself taking an exam, it implies changes or challenges you are facing in your life that make you stressed or anxious. It also signifies your inattentiveness to these changes that will allow new things to come into your life. This transformation could be in your professional life or your personal. You fear you may fail, so you try to avoid them. Occasionally it's your real-life experience being projected while you sleep. For example, are you going for an exam? Your unconscious mind projects this anxiety when you sleep. Sometimes it also means you have set too high of goals for yourself, and now you have second thoughts about them.

Stop over analyzing, it is unlikely you will fail any upcoming exam or a challenge, and your overthinking is causing the problem. Take into account all the challenges you are fronting in your waking life. Identify the cause; if it's your unpreparedness for the event, resolve it by preparing for it. Stop underestimating yourself; you are at this point because you deserve to be here. If you have prepared for the things, do them just as you practiced. Take one step at a time. This way, you can create momentum for things to fall in order.


This is one of the positive dream symbols where you see yourself flying and escaping the pressure of people around you. It relates to the hidden desire to fly away from trivial day-to-day matters that may suppress you.

Some of the typical flying dreams meaning are-

Finding a new perspective in life

Gaining freedom, success, and control back into your life

Maintaining high confidence and self-esteem.

The freedom you always wanted is finally coming into your life. This independence can be in your personal life to make some new decisions breaking away from the norms of society. Or at work, handling the projects the way you want. With this newfound freedom, you will also soar in confidence and self-esteem. However, you must not just take it only as a good thing coming your way always; it could also serve as a warning that you need to be careful not to become overconfident as this will hit you back. There are plenty of options right in front of you. Make the most use of this opportunity and jump into the new transition phase.

Gain a new perspective in your life. These could be especially directed towards the things that are not working the way you want them. Allow yourself to look at situations differently and devise a solution for them. Many invisible opportunities could be hidden within the few laid before you. Consider every aspect of the possibility before jumping into them.


This is a dream related to your everyday life phenomenon. It signifies the emotions you go through daily, for example, the stress in the workplace, confidence to face the new and changing world, and disbelieving in your strength.

Some of the dreams meaning are-

  • Stress and anxiety of everyday life.

  • Loss of personal growth

  • Concern with self-image or struggling with an inferiority complex.

Seeing your teeth falling in a dream where you are either going out for an important task or sitting down could suggest that certain things in your life make you anxious. For example, you may feel you do not measure up and constantly compare yourself to others or don't think you are a good fit for your assigned task. It also suggests you are more concerned about how others perceive you rather than being just yourself. Finally, it indicates you cannot escape your life issues, perhaps you have lost something of value, and your subconscious is now projecting them in your dream.

Every day is a challenge, and sometimes we cannot handle them. Don't let these days disappoint you. Break down the worries into tiny manageable bits and work on them so you can come to a solution. Analyze your emotions carefully, and figure out what things are weighing upon you. Is there anything in your day-to-day life making you anxious? This anxiety will cost you your peace, so it's better to trust yourself and nip the problem in the bud to find peace back in your life.


Driving a car, bus, or any vehicle signifies a change coming along your way. To see yourself taking control of the car is a symbolic representation of taking control of your life into your own hands.

Some of the common dreams interpretations are-

  • Some upcoming changes

  • A chance to prove yourself by taking control of your life.

Some big changes will be made in your life. This change could be in any form, like a change in career, everyday life, change in attitude, etc. You should start focusing on the little details of your life and organizing them so the changes can smoothly follow up. You can easily handle complex tasks, and it's time to give yourself some responsibilities. This symbol also represents power, dominance, and authority. Stand up and prove to yourself and others how capable you handle your tasks. Start living your life as a mature independent person.

This dream can be further broken down based on who is driving the vehicle.

You are the one who is driving- This dream symbol signifies that you are working hard, and all of it is now paying up. Positive changes are coming into your life. It also urges you to stay alert as you are on the path to getting your life back on track.

Someone else is driving- This signifies that you have handled the control of your life to someone else. You are running on the orders someone gave you; this could be either in your professional life, where you follow the demands of your superiors without question, even if you have the urge to speak up. Or it could be in your personal life where someone close to you handles all your decisions, no matter how small or big.

Nobody likes to be controlled by others in work or personal life. Be more confident about your decisions, trust yourself more, and take charge back into your life. A new change is coming your way, be open to accepting them.


A toilet symbolizes relief, release, anxiety, embarrassment, and shame. To see yourself struggling to find a restroom while your stomach is churning is one of the most uncomfortable feelings. Additionally, it signifies your need for privacy to flush out the most embarrassing things or situations in your life.

Other dreams interpretation-

  • Anxieties and worries you face in real life

  • Looking for privacy in waking life.

You feel like others can see right through, making you worried as though they could reach out to the most embarrassing parts you have kept hidden for a long time. It also suggests that you are going through some changes in your current life and are worried things might not work out the way you have planned. What are you so afraid of? Analyze the things that make you anxious, so you can eventually come up with a solution. You have some negative emotions built up within you, and you are looking for a way to flush them out. It also indicates the anxiety and stresses these negative emotions are causing you. You are struggling hard on your own and contemplating if you should let go of the things you don't want. These could be toxic relationships or a project destroying your mental peace.

Don't keep any resentment or negativity inside of you. Instead, find ways to let them out, so it doesn't hurt you or anyone you care about. This way, you will be able to get rid of the anxiety. The privacy you are struggling to find in your personal life will only come to you when you take some action. Free yourself of the things that are weighing you down. Realize the inner tension and stress so you can finally have room to relax and breathe.


This is one of the wildest, bizarre, and most uncomfortable dreams, where you see yourself wearing very little or wholly exposed in public. However, this relatively common dream acts as a warning sign for the dreamer to put their focus on the tasks at hand.

Some of the interpretations include-

  • Honesty at the cost of vulnerability

  • Hidden insecurities that make you anxious

  • Unable to control your emotions in public

  • Feelings of guilt and shame

This dream certainly doesn't depict your subconscious desire to appear naked in public; that's what most people fear after going through such an imagination. Instead, it often relates to what you are embarrassed about in waking life. There are few things in your life, maybe something from your past, that made you anxious and nervous so much it's now appearing while you sleep. It also depicts your insecurities and vulnerabilities. It reveals you have allowed someone else to take control of your life, and that individual has been overshadowing you for a very long time. Some guilt and shame stop you from moving forward with your plans and desires, which is why you allow others to run in front even though you deserve it the most.

However, not everything this dream shows has to be taken in a negative context. On the contrary, it can signal you have what it takes to stand up for yourself. Do not let anyone else hold any power over you. Find ways to control your feelings in public and the workplace, and stand up for yourself. Stop wallowing yourself in self-pity. It's time to get out of the shell you have been hiding for so long. Face reality and the truth. Accept yourself the way you are to achieve what you want finally.


Did you go through a dream where you fell from a flight of stairs or a high-rise building? Such dreams are so vivid that you may sometimes see yourself waking up with a muscle spasm. This involuntary movement of the muscles allows you to wake up before you hit bottom. As scary as these appear, they are like any other dream symbol.

  • It reflects your anxiety, disappointment, and instability.

  • Setting high goals and hope for yourself, knowing you may not be able to achieve them.

  • Having out-of-control life

You feel like your life is out of control, and nothing you do is good enough. Look around your day-to-day life. Have you set higher goals for yourself in your personal or professional life? It is reasonable to think high and try to achieve them; however, it also creates a lot of pressure. So it's better to break down your dream in steps and follow them. There are certain things in your waking life that you cannot control, be it your relationship with your friends, family, or work life. And these make you anxious, leading to impetuous decisions. This dream can also be interpreted as a wake-up call from your reckless behavior that lands you in trouble. You to stop or hit rock bottom if you continue walking on the same path.

Understand the things from your waking life that are making you nervous. Is there anything you are losing control of? Then, try to work on these areas of your life so you can gain the lost power back in your life. Make conscious decisions and understand the consequences of your behavior. Understand your capacity to work over the things or relations that are on the verge of breaking, know your limitations, and don't beat yourself up if you are not getting the desired results.


Celeb dreams reflect the things you desire profoundly and manifest in a shape and form that fits the things you have wished for a long time. To understand what these dreams mean, look closely at what this famous person represents. What do they possess, things or qualities you want in life?

Some of the interpretations-

  • The things you desire for yourself

  • A success dream, where you are not sure how to achieve it.

  • Envious of certain people

This dream reflects some positive things coming your way. The hard work you have put in will pay off. The job you want is on its way, or the relationship you have worked on for so long will finally become better. You have the skills, talent, and high confidence level that allows you to solve problems efficiently.

This dream also reveals your relationship with the people around you and the world you live in. In short, it reflects how you put yourself in this world. Sometimes this dream also depicts your envious nature of the people around you as they have achieved what you once desired, indicating you are not getting enough recognition or respect for your work. This may make you feel inadequate and worthless despite your efforts. However, make sure the efforts you are putting in are not just daydreaming efforts. You are doing something to help you get closer to your goals. If you feel you are still not enough, it's essential to understand you cannot always be perfect. Find a healthy way to achieve the things you want. Have a clear goal, and work towards it until you reach it.


A dying dream could be unsettling; however, it's not always a negative symbol. If you see yourself or your loved one dying in your sleep, it could most likely point out to a problematic issue. However, there are other interpretations involved with this.

  • It can signify a transformation from your old self to the new version, the one you have always liked.

  • A new beginning

  • Getting out of an old pattern could be habits or relationships.

This is a symbolic ending of something like a project going on for so long or a relationship turned toxic. A new beginning is coming your way; allow yourself to break free from the old habits or patterns you have collected during these years. Remember, for something new to begin, something old has to end. These old habits could be a reason preventing you from attaining success. It also sometimes reflects a part of you that is not satisfied with yourself.

If you see the death of someone close to you, you must first understand what that person means to you. What qualities does that person have that you dislike and even have in you? Then, eliminate them to make space for new habits to incorporate into your life. Next, get rid of your inner struggles and apprehensions, as a new beginning is coming your way. Find the things hindering your success, and have a new mindset to start this new life. Your old values need to be addressed, either partially or entirely, to create room for new things. Finally, understand the feelings you go through while in the dreaming stage. These play a vital role in comprehending what you need to remove from your life or include.


There are always some most common dreams or themes that we all go through. Individually these symbols relate closely to your current life. Knowing what they mean can help you get closer to the root cause of the problems you face every day and eventually bring the solution to them. Understand these; instead of ignoring them, your subconscious may be trying to reach out to you and get you an answer to the worries you face.

Dreams are the language spoken by our subconscious mind. It may be a bit difficult for ordinary people to comprehend. Fortunately, we have some fantastic dream scientists at DREAMAPP who can help decipher these codes and symbols so you can take a deeper look at your subconscious mind.

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