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Denys Chumak

Denys Chumak

15 Sep 2023

Dreaming of Poop: What Does it Mean

Have you ever had a dream about poop? You are not alone. Dreaming of poop might seem strange, but they actually have a deeper meaning that can assist you in understanding your real life more effectively. In this blog, we will discuss the meaning of dreaming about poop and why they matter. Relax and let's figure out what these weird dreams mean.

Why Do We Dream About Poop?

First, let's discuss why we dream about poop. Sigmund Freud, a famous dream psychologist from the 1930s, studied many dreams, even ones about poop. He gave helpful ideas about what those dreams could mean. When you are dreaming of poop, it's not just random. It means your subconscious mind is trying to talk to you. These dreams often represent different parts of your life, like:

Control in Situations: Poop dreams may mean you feel like you're losing control in some situations. Your mind is showing you areas where you need to regain control.

Unsettled Emotions: Unsettled emotions can also be connected to unsettled emotions. If you have bad feelings, your dream might be telling you to deal with them and let them go.

Humiliation: Poop dreams can be about feeling embarrassed or humiliated. Is there going on in your life right now that’s making you feel this way?

Worry Over Money: Worrying about money can also show up in your dreams. If you're thinking about money, your dream might show that.

Worries About Others: Dreaming of pooping might also mean you're worried about other people in your life. Is someone's behaviour or progress a source of worry for you?

Money Stress: If you're worried about money, it can affect your dreams.

Does Dreaming of Poop Have Positive or Negative Meanings?

You may be wondering if dreaming about poop is good or bad. This is good. Dreams serve as a bridge between your waking and sleeping mental states. They provide a means of overcoming adversity and releasing burdensome emotions.

In our everyday lives, we often go through the motions without thinking, like machines following a routine. But when we dream, we access another way of being. Dreams are like real life, but they happen differently. Dreaming of poop might make you want to let go of bad feelings and problems so that good things can happen.

The Disconnect Between the Body and the Mind

Nowadays, life moves quickly and we often lose touch with our spiritual side and the world around us because of how fast everything happens, including technology, and transportation. When there is a disconnection, the mind and body become separate, leading to two different lives.

We need to make a strong effort to reconnect in order to solve this issue. If the mind and body don't interact, we might start seeing our physical selves as machines. It's a strange situation - even though we have lots of stuff, we don't feel spiritually fulfilled, and this is called the "absent body" thing.

When we dream, we go out of our bodies and go into a place that's like quantum physics. Dreams teach us to see life and the universe in a new way.

Poop Dreams: Their Universality

You're probably reading this blog because you've had a dream about poop before. Poop-related dreams are common, and they often cause us to reflect profoundly on major issues like people, the cosmos, and our environment.

The Bible mentions this as well, demonstrating that poop can stand in for hiding something difficult in life. In the Bible, when it talks about poop, dung, and faeces, it usually means that there is some kind of uncertainty or difficulty involved with these things. The Bible has scriptures, like in the book of Jeremiah, that talk about poop and what it means spiritually.

Jeremiah says that people's actions are like poop, showing that it's not a good thing. The Bible tells a story about God telling Ezekiel to bake bread using poop as fuel. This tale teaches us that we must confront and triumph over adversity.

Dreaming about your own poop

If you dream about your poop, it means something important. In Korean stories, poop is connected to wealth and money. This means that if you dream about it, it could mean that your money situation is improving. But it's important to pay attention to the details of your dream, like the appearance of the poop, its colour, and the location where it occurs.

Dream about pooping meaning often carries a spiritual significance. If life has been tough for you lately, this dream might be a positive sign. It means there are opportunities to improve different aspects of your life, such as your finances and career.

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Why does someone else's poop appear in your dream?

Have you ever noticed that in your dreams, the poop you see is usually from someone else? What a peculiar thing! Okay, let's think about it from the perspective of energy. Dreams can reveal the energy that surrounds us because we all contain it. Basically, the poop you see in your dream is like a picture of someone else's energy.

Imagine dreams like an exchange of energy - you give out energy from inside you, and you also take in energy from the world. Your dream world is like a place where you organise and deal with energetic vibrations. What you make in your dreams affects what you get in real life when you're awake.

What does it signify if you have a dream about poop that belongs to someone else? It may indicate that a certain aura has developed about you as a result of your repeated actions, routines, and thoughts. Are you trapped in a repeating pattern - maybe in a relationship, job, or mindset? Your dream is telling you to find a way out of feeling trapped and explore new possibilities.

What type of poop do you imagine in your dreams?

It's not just about who did the poop, but also about what type it is. When you dream, you might see regular poop, runny poop, cat poop, dog poop, or human waste. Most of the time, people dream about poop that is brown and solid. But different types have their own importance.

Animal Poop: Dreaming about animal poop might mean that you feel betrayed by a friend. Bathrooms are connected to money choices too, because they are about being private. So, it's better not to share lots of money information.

Stinky Poop: The bad smell might mean someone needs help with addiction or other real-life issues.

Loose Stools/Runny Poop: If you've been spending money without thinking, this dream means you should be more careful with your money.

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Does it matters what colour the poop is?

The colour of the poop in your dream can tell you more about what it means.

Brown Poop: Brown poop is the most common colour and usually means you should be more assertive with people, especially if the poop is solid. It is also connected to getting bigger and starting fresh.

Mustard Poop: Sometimes, dreaming of poop that is mustard-coloured can mean that there is some playful joking happening in your life. It doesn't happen a lot, but usually, it's not a big deal.

Black Poop: Dreaming of black poop means that you may have to face difficult people and it's important to have real and positive friends around you. Unlike real life, where black poop is considered unhealthy, the meaning of dreaming of poop black is symbolic.

Green Poop: Green poop in a dream can represent growth and new beginnings. It could also mean that we should be careful of people who say bad things about others.

Red Poop: Even though it sounds dangerous, red actually represents life, energy, strength, and creativity. Dreams, where you see red poop, suggest that it's time for you to take action and make efforts to create a happier and more positive life for yourself.

White Poop: Dreaming of white poop means you should use your energy wisely, focus on getting better, and improve your relationships. It's a sign of a person's maturing spirituality.

If you dream about pooping, what does that tell you?

In old beliefs about dreams, dreaming of poop could mean that something good might happen at work or in a meeting, like a promotion or a financial gain. But it could also mean that you feel confused or annoyed with what you're trying to do.

If you have a dream where you can't flush the poop, it could mean that you're afraid of change or struggle to finish a task because you're holding onto negative feelings like hurt and guilt.

If you dream about pooping on the floor, it means that negativity is taking over your thoughts and feelings. Dreaming about playing with poop means that you may soon have to deal with money problems in your real life and it's important to take care of them.

Lastly, if you need to use the bathroom in a dream, it could have significance for your spirit or mind. It might help you remember things you've forgotten in your life.


Dreaming of poop may seem weird, but it can provide valuable hints about your thoughts and the challenges you face in life. Use your dreams to reflect on yourself and make positive changes. Remember, your dreams are valuable for a better life, and they are there to assist you on your journey.

When you dream about poop again, remember that it's not just happening randomly. The meaning of dreaming of poop may include clues about your inner workings, emotions, and vitality. Concentration and vigilance may lead you to the key that unlocks your full potential and brings you happiness.

Connect with our specialists at DreamApp to get an in-depth poop dream meaning. They can assist you in understanding the cause and deciphering the sign to provide a clear analysis of your situation and standing.


Does dreaming of poop mean something good or bad?

Dreaming of poop is usually good. They help you connect your thinking mind and your feeling mind, so you can deal with negative thoughts and handle life's difficulties in a positive way.

Why do people feel disconnected between their body and mind in today's fast life?

The fast pace and advanced technology of modern life can make us feel disconnected from our bodies and spirits. It's important to reconnect with our bodies for a more balanced life.

Why do people have poop dreams a lot?

People are often dreaming of poop because it makes us think about important things like humanity, the universe, and our surroundings. They usually have important spiritual meanings.

What does it mean if you dream about someone else's poop?

Dreaming about someone else's poop means that you might be stuck in a cycle of doing the same things, having the same habits, or thinking the same thoughts over and over again. It says we should escape from this pattern and discover a different path.

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