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Denys Chumak

Denys Chumak

15 Sep 2023

Dreaming about Snakes: Symbolism & Analysis

Have you ever encountered a snake in a dream that was slithering toward you? A frequent occurrence that has substantial implications outside of sleep is dreaming about snakes. These dreams can be exhilarating and puzzling at the same time, so you could question what they mean. In this blog, we'll delve into the fascinating realm of snake dreams and try to decipher the messages they contain.

Dream Snakes Are Unpredictable

Dreaming of a snake might be like exploring uncharted territory in your head. Typically, these kinds of creatures stand for the untamed and wild sides of life. Just like a snake loses its skin, your dream can be a sign that you're ready for a change. This might mean adjusting to change or giving up habits that are no longer useful. Your ability to conquer challenges and pave the way for fresh beginnings is often symbolised in dreams with snakes.

The ubiquity of snake dreams in many cultures is highlighted by Tzivia Gover, a Certified Dreamwork Professional at Third House Moon. Snakes are among the common dream symbols experienced by people all over the world. Snakes consistently rank in the top 3 animals that appear in dreams in the category of dream animals.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming about Snakes

Depending on a person's culture and religious beliefs, having a dream about a snake may have varied spiritual meanings. Tzivia Gover asserts that these beings frequently take up significant real estate in our dream world. A snake in a dream may stand for transition, rebirth, or getting rid of old ideas.

A snake may also serve as a subliminal warning. It may foretell the arrival of a potentially harmful circumstance. As an alternative, it might represent a power within that longs to be liberated from its limitations.

Positive and Negative Aspects: Decoding

Your interpretation of a snake dream will determine whether it is positive or terrible. How you see things will decide how much you think they matter. If you see your dream as a sign of big changes coming soon, it could mean good things are on the way. The implications might not be as positive, however, if you get the impression that it's warning you of a threat that's about to strike. The final interpretation of the dream is entirely up to you.

As Opposites Attract, Like Two Snakes

Imagine having a dream in which there are two snakes present. This situation frequently denotes a harmonious balance between conflicting elements in your life. It demonstrates how you handle the different sides of your personality and what you want. A strong force with the capacity to both create and destroy could potentially be hinted at in the dream. Strong emotions like fury, fear, confusion, or guilt may be represented by this energy, which can also stand for internal conflict or disturbance.

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When Multiplicity Signals Toxicity

Dreams matter in every little way, and snake dreams are no different. Each component, from the snake's setting to its behaviour to its very species, adds to the overall narrative. A certified dream analyst named Lauri Quinn Loewenberg emphasises the significance of these particulars.

Every piece of the puzzle in the dream is essential. The issue or hazard posed by a toxic person increases in proportion to the size of the snake or the number of snakes present. Several snakes might also stand in for a number of harmful people, like in a toxic workplace, says Loewenberg.

Exploring Different Scenarios of Snake Dreams

What Does It Mean When a Snake Attempts to Bite You in a Dream?

In your dream, picture being followed by a snake. This scenario might make you feel unsure and confused. Unbelievably, this dream may represent something pursuing you in your waking life, like an unresolved issue, an emotional load, or a choice you've been putting off. The snake's pursuit can stand for the anxiety or insecurity holding you back from taking action.

What Does Dreaming about Black Snakes Mean?

Your fear levels may rise if you are dreaming about a black snake. This snake is very dangerous and represents fear and things that are not understood. It might act as a cautionary indication, signalling the impending possibility of a threat or difficulty. A black snake may also stand for repressed feelings or untapped power that you possess.

What Does It Mean If a Snake Wraps Itself Around You in a Dream?

In your dream, picture a snake coiling around you. The snake's actions have meaning. If you see dreams about snake attacks, it might mean the person is anxious and scared. A calm snake, on the other hand, represents recovery and rebirth. Do you feel overpowered? That feeling might be mirrored by a snake wrapping around you, signalling that something or someone is in charge. Additionally, it could denote ardour, longing, or even fear for something.

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What Does It Mean If a Snake Slithers Away From You in a Dream?

Dreams of a snake slithering away from you may reflect your waking life wish to escape certain people or situations. The fear of change or the uncertainty connected to an imminent event may also be the source of this dream. A snake retreating could also be a sign that previously repressed feelings or memories are coming to the surface and need to be faced.

If a Snake Appears in a Sensual Dream, What Does That Mean?

A snake may represent temptation, passion, or even a power struggle in a dream with sensual overtones. Conflict with the snake could be a sign of a desire for something unreachable or a fear of closeness. However, if you are beginning a new relationship or experiencing romantic feelings, seeing a snake may be a good omen.

What to Do If a Snake Appears in Your Dream?

So what should you do if you get a snake dream? Consider your dream's emotions, including any arising dread, anxiety, curiosity, or other sentiments. Think over the snake's colour, its behaviour, and its environment very carefully. Jot down your ideas, emotions, and any symbols you can recall. You can decipher the subconsciously sending messages by using this approach. If you think about it, you might understand why you do things, what you want, and what you're concerned about.


To sum up, dreaming about snakes is not just a random fantasy before sleep. Dreams show you what's going on in your mind and give you insights about your daily life. Whether there are one, two, or many snakes, each dream contains a special message that needs to be understood. If you have a dream with a snake, you should check what it means and if it can give you any guidance in real life.

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What happens when you are dreaming about killing a snake?

Dreaming about killing a snake is regarded as positive since it indicates that you have beaten an undiscovered opponent, barrier, or fear that has been tormenting you. It could also suggest that your subconscious is warning you not to blindly trust anyone and to be wary of evil persons around you.

What does dreaming about black snakes signify?

Dreaming about a black snake is frequently linked to evil, peril, or the unknowable. They could also represent a hidden source of strength or knowledge.

What does dreaming about a green snake mean?

Dreaming about a green snake dreams generally represents new beginnings, healing, growth, abundance, and good fortune. However, some people identify these dreams with negative connotations such as danger, dread, and deception.

What does it mean when you have a dream about a snake slithering away?

It can be a signal to stay away from danger or conflict. Another interpretation is that it's time to let go of anything that's no longer serving you.

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