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Dream Interpretation: Spiderman 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Spiderman? Discover the significance of seeing a Spiderman in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Spiderman appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

Dreaming of Spiderman symbolizes your desire to be a hero or to have someone save you from a difficult situation. It may also represent your own ability to overcome obstacles and challenges in your life. Spiderman can also represent a need for adventure and excitement.

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🧭 Direction


Think about what challenges you are currently facing in your life. Are you feeling overwhelmed or stuck? Consider ways that you can take action to overcome these obstacles and become your own hero. Embrace new experiences and take risks to add excitement to your life.

❤️ Feelings

This dream of Spiderman may evoke feelings of excitement, empowerment, and adventure. It symbolizes the desire for strength and the ability to overcome obstacles. The dreamer may feel a sense of awe and admiration for Spiderman's abilities, reflecting their own longing for courage and heroism. It may also represent a need for escapism and the desire to break free from the constraints of everyday life. Overall, this dream elicits a sense of thrill and inspiration, igniting the dreamer's imagination and encouraging them to embrace their own inner superhero.





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Dreams of users containing the word Spiderman

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19 Jun 2024



January 14-15 ⁃ Had discovered I’m in Japan ⁃ Living with a Japanese college student and her mom ⁃ Speaking the best I could in Japanese in classes and stuff ⁃ Groceries and cleaning fridge with JCS’s mom ⁃ Shopping center? ⁃ Harassed and chased by someone high and racist ⁃ Exits started closing the minute I pushed him away ⁃ Spiritual realm exit? ⁃ One I got to was closed off by Security and one of them stopped me with a big ass shot gun in his hands ⁃ He seemed to want to shoot me and I said, “Do it.” In response ⁃ He didn’t as he hesitated, now unwilling to harm me. Woke up after that and fell back to sleep. ⁃ Back in the college campus ⁃ Was going to classes but actively avoiding one student who identified as a “problemist?” Who had a living hive like organism in his room. ⁃ Relevance of a statue…It’s mentioned twice for me to visit and brought up by me once ⁃ There was another Japanese boy college student who stuck close to me helping me out of situations? Fighting “Problemist” student. ⁃ Ma-Pa, aka Rammy, and I met up and conversed seemingly by chance ⁃ Ma-Pa joins the party! ⁃ We did more in the shopping center which reopened again ⁃ Statue and Spider man like abilities? ⁃ “You do remember I know you, right?” - Ma-Pa (affectionately) ⁃ Signing stuff and getting clearance going in to shop

9 Jun 2024



See someone through the window, looks like they're hiding, see them climb onto the roof above me. Go to close the window and they jump down like spiderman, climb into my window and then grabs me, then I wake up.

5 Jun 2024

My crush


I had two dreams tonight. One involved a new version of Spider-Man 3 from 2007. The actors were slightly different and the story involved a lot more action and in one part of the story I reminisced about a girl I had a crush on. My second dream involved me trying to search for the movie After Earth with Will and Jaden Smith with through Netflix, Best Buy, and Google.

17 Apr 2024



I was the MCU spiderman again, except in this version I was still using Tony Stark’s suit and Miles Morales also was Spiderman. I was swinging around. Meanwhile, my aunt got captured and brought into a place where they kill random people in acid for whatever reason. They wound up killing her. Miles Morales told this to me and I traveled there and wound up killing all the people that were the cause of her death. I noticed a finger print activated door in the room and left to synthesize a way in. On my way back with Miles Morales by my side, a cop noticed us and followed us. We snuck back into our home and went into our hideout in the actic with our costumes off. The cop still traced us down and found us in the hideout, but luckily he didn’t see who we each are and he didn’t see any of our hidden spiderman gear in the hideout. He left as I formulated a device to get through the door. When I got into the door, I found Aunt May still alive and safe. I immediately brought her home and left Miles Morales to help everyone else that was there. When I came baxk the place was clear, except some of the acid somehow came to life. It slowly changed from acid to Venom and Carnage. I wound up fighting them and winning, but it severely damaged my suit. I went back home to make a new one similar to Tony’s with some help from Miles and MJ. They both warned me to be careful because it can be dangerous as we went into it. They didn’t know everything about the suit, but since Miles had a similar suit, he was able to give some pointers. The dream ended before I could see what happens next.

9 Mar 2024

My crush


had a dream i a student in London, and my teacher was actor Andrew Garfield. We somehow had each other on Facebook, i then must’ve posted something along the lines “of course the guy whose in spiderman is attractive” or something i cant exactly remember, but basically. He pulled me in his office and basically asked who I meant from the comment, it was quite flirty and I definitely had a crush on him but clearly nothing went further. In the end it was an end of a school day and there was a semi cute guy i asked to put my coat away for me and I was with my old friends Kat but couldn’t figure out who the second person was, we had to climb up to search for my coat and then i saw really big grasshopper/cockroaches that were about to pounce or fly away down, i felt scared so i climbed over them and slide down to my friend Kat. I was also talking about the whole Andrew Garfield stuff, while looking for my coat. Then the dream switches to when i’m on a bus and i’m private messaging Andrew Garfield and someone tries to grab my phone but i quickly dodge - and then they start apologising for attempting to do that, then i get off the bus and then there’s multiple cars at the car shop trying to get fixed and there’s a man with a disability so he needs like 10/16 wheels on his car but it’s broken down and it’s taking a lot of space, but he asks the girl who drives a Range Rover whose wheel has been ripped off in a way, if she can move her car more straight. It was a bit weird but yeah, that was my dream.

10 Feb 2024

Running away


I'm on a rooftop at night, I'm a marvel superhero chasing a villain who is running away from me. I don't see which one I am but the rooftops suggests Spiderman, ot Daredevil. I finally catch up with the mutant that's been running from me and apprehend it, and begin to ask questions. "Why were you spying on me? Are you planning some kind of attack? Are you working with anyone else?" Me? It says. It's you who's the villain. "Who are you working for?!!" I threaten. "Superman!" It says cowering. 'Superman is the most powerful being in the universe, when he tells you to do do it! And he told me to watch you and report back what I saw. ' Why would Superman keep surveillance on me? I'm helping people. "That's not the way he sees it. What do you call a superpowered human imposing their will on others outside the law, with no accountability?" Isn't that exactly what he does, though? I counter. "He's not human, he's Kryptonian" I let the mutant go. Who is he to play God? I may not be a hero but I'm no villain. Then I remember his name is Kal-El which means son of God.

20 Jan 2024



Me and a tall Asain man in a suit (from tiktok I think??) are running from a man in a suit that has taken control of him. he falls on top of me and another Asain taink who shows up, they start making out as we are cornered. From a hallway parallel to us my sister, elly and two white boys (again in suits, again I think from tiktok??)run over to us. As this man in the suit, possessed by it almost, attempts to get closer deadpool (who's here??) trya to kill it, but spiderman (who is also here???) talks the to the man in the suit instead. spiderman and deadpool walk away as, woolfe, frida, Kayleigh, Avery and, Franka appear. the lights turn on dimly around us and we are in chuck e cheese. I start bouncing over the man in the creature suit as woolfe and frida tell me not to, Kayleigh tells them it's not worth it and Franka agrees. I don't get hurt though, and it turns out to be really fun, so everyone else joins in. We do this for a while and then everyone but me, woolfe and frida are gone, and the 3 of us walk out. ------ there's a time skip------ Frida has moved into an apartment, I live at home, and woolfe is living on campus at a high up university. We are all close still, but woolfe and I are hanging out alone working on a short film for their uni class in the work space at the university. I agree, as I am using their darkroom for personal photography. We are talking about how weird that night was and they mention that their s/o broke up with them over the chuck e cheese situation, because they thought woolfe was lying about what they were out with me and frida for (they assumed the 3 of us had a thing). *side note: woolfe looked like woolfe, but wore glasses and had a better hair cut.* It's been a month since they broke up, we both know we like eachother, but decide mutually that it's to soon for them. Both of us continue to hang out (this part of the dream is a blur) until it's been 2 months. It's now end of May and woolfe is moving out of their campus dorm and into their own apartment, I have decided to move to Miami with Erin due to the lack of a romantic relationship with woolfe. It began to be hard being around them and I knew I'd be able to vist, so moving away felt right. I was headed home from work (job is unclear in dream) and headed to Woolfe's dorm to help them pack. When I get there I text woolfe that I'm heading up and they tell me their firend is also there to help. I respond, and then go to head in when security stops me. They ask me my dorm number and I keep trying to tell them why I'm there before I quickly say my friend is moving out and I haven't finished high school (at this point in the dream I have though). The security man quickly stops talking and lets me up. When I walk in there is a much older friend of Woolfe's on a phone call, when I turn the corner into the kitchen I realize it is Joseph Quinn. once he's off the phone I great him normally and tell him he's a very talented actor. I ask if he's okay with a hug and he immediately agrees. We start to hug tightly and continued to talk after with our arms wrapped half Hazzardly around eachother still. I tell him I'm really sorry for how shit Fan Expo was a while back for him and that it must really suck. He looks at me with a sweet smile and says, aw thank you love but it's not your fault. I tell him I still feel responsible as a fan of his work for how he's treated by those who feel akin. He rolls his eyes hugs me again and whispers, it's not your fault, don't worry. when he pulls back he's looking at me seductively. I look back at woofle and they are deliberately not looking at us. When I trun back Joseph says he has to go take boxes to the car and we kiss eachothers cheeks but I turn the worng way and hit his lips. we both kind of freeze and he starts talking again to fill the space. This time before he leaves he pulls me in and we start making out (and I mean MAKING OUT I was dreaming and freaking out at how legit it felt). I almost stop for feeling like I'm cheating on woolfe before I realize that ridiculous, as we aren't dating and Im supposed to be moving on. Woolfe leaves the room and I feel bad. Soon after Joseph and I pull apart and I tell him I'll be moving to the states if he wants to hang out again, he smile sand says of course before pulling out my phone, outing his number kissing my cheek and doing his take of the boxes. When we are done with packing, I start packing my stuff in Woolfe's dorm from the many times I'd been over. We talk and they tell me how shit it felt when they saw me kiss Joseph. We move back to their kitchen and I sit on the counter top. I tell them that it's because we never became a thing. That at any given moment I would have been theirs and they would've only and to ask. They immediately turn around and say then be with me. I tell them if they kiss me they have a deal. We start kissing and next thing you know I'm no longer on the counter, my legs are wrapped around their waist and we're walking to their room. They drop me on their bed and we both laugh before beginning to cuddle. ---there is asking through July of us hanging out and doing mundane things.--- August comes and I'm now packing stuff in my room, woolfe comes to help and we get to work. They catch something of theirs in my room and ask, what am I supposed to do if being away from you when you live where is so hard, when you're going hours away?. I come up behind them and side hug their waust, I say that it won't be that bad and we can always call, not to mention that I'll be visiting more when enough.They turns round and we have a quick small kissing moment. We decide to head over to Woolfe's place and grab pizza, we head up to their apartment, and get comfortable on the couch before we realize we forgot the pizza. Firda had texted at this moment asking to come over so woolfe and I agree that I'll go get us pizza and pick up Friday on the way (as I have a car and G licence). Firda and I get to pizzas and go to head back up to the apartment. However; there is a group for people protesting something outside the entrance. We stop as there no way to get in, frida stand to the side and I stand on one of the steps holding both pizzas in one arm and my phone in the other hand. A girl on a step below me (she is a girl from tiktok; ????) says there's a protest and steps up next to me to whisper into my ear that she can see my thighs, the skin not just the shape. I thank her for letting me know and she steps back down. Next thing I know I can feel her tracing a line along my thigh where the rip in the jeans is and moving towards my coochie. I get really tirggered and try to contact like I'm not, finally firda and I are able to get through a dn I am now trying desperately to hide the back of pants as I walk. When we get up I put the pizzas down and sit next to woolfe but when they try and cuddle me I flinch back. They ask me what wrong and I smile and say nothing at first but when frida leaves and the movie gets out on, I realize it actually triggered me pretty bad a softly whisper to woolfe they I'll tell them later. They tell me that's fine and they'll be listening when I do, but I don't tell them. A few days later we get in a massive fight over it, because theyre trauma makes them feel like me not saying it means it's bad to them. We stop talking for a bit, but we don't break up. And everytime I try to get a hold of woolfe frida says they really don't want to speak to me rn and just need time. I tell Friday hwat happens and she is automatically sympathetic and says she won't tell woolfe (as per my request) but she will tell them it was something pretty bad and that why I didn't share. --two weeks after talking to firda--- it's now the end of August, my Erin and kayleigh are in an Uber. They are going to a party but I wasnt planning on going at first. so I get out of the car and say good bye, then I change my mind. The light has just turned green so I hold on to the car and we all shout at the driver to stop he does, very close to the wall, so I squeeze into the passenger seat before realizing that his son is in it. We all agree I should move to the back but due to where we are I can't. when we get to the party at vanhorne plaza (which doesn't look exactly like it) the drivers son has disappeared and kayleigh and Erin say their gonna go do stuff and they'll text me where they are. I start talking to the driver, and we agree to hang out. Because I and a bunch of packed stuff with me I grab a tank top and we move to the tip of the act to talk. I say I'm gonna grab a belt for my pants and head into a store. He goes to get himself food. When I get back to the car he isn't there so I decide to change. I take my shirt off but I'm not Wareing a bra or dbinder so my boobs are just out. I get down to buy water and go in the store with my boobs out, when I come back out the driver is back with a shit ton of people (male and female) they all gock at me and the driver expresses how nice my torso is. He passes me the tank top I put it on and we walk around with our drinks. He says he has shrooms so he ends up doing some. I took osoem form him for myself later when he passed out and went to look for kayleigh and Erin. for some reason they were in a tap dance class where the value village used to be. I join them and when we're down I see that woolfe was at the back of this class. I go over to talk to them and they wont look at me. I tell them they have to cause in these shoes I'm taller then them. They immediately look down at the shoes then at me and say that's didn't make sense why are your aller, I agreed and we both laughed. I explained the situation and we start giving and profusely apologizing to eachother. everything in the dream looked close enough to real life that I could tell what it was, but different enough that thinking back on it is creepy.

4 Jan 2024



It started as a dream that I was w watching this savage kid that would bit others. Then he starts going down the hill where the kid goes into someone's house. My neighbors try to help me chase him down. We're chasing the kid through alleyways, corridors and even some random houses. Eventually the kid turns into a basketball. I finally corner the kid now turned basketball in a large open field in which me and my neighbors stop at a Random House to eat. We eat pizza then suddenly place fort night. We play for awhile, and I'm really good with a sniper. Apparently everyone is chill so when I shoot someone they all get angry. Did. One guy that I shot comes up to me to confront why I shot him to which I start to beat him up and shove him off a high area and he dies. Now I'm in my friends house and they are with Miguel O'Hara from spiderman and a random black chick. It'd kinda like an orgy. Me and migue are doing it. All the while it turns out I still have my retainers in. I soon take them out in which I'm very dehydrated from the reatsiners so I take them out. I look I'm the mirror and see myself without a musical record. Then the dream ends

30 Nov 2023



I was a superhero and I was in Avengers. Peter (The Spiderman) was my boyfriend and he was a wizard just like Doctor Strange. I found him after a fight having a panic attack and reminded him that he was safe at home. Before going to another mission, I hugged Deadpool, who was fully armed, and Doctor Strange told me to be careful because I could get hurt (not by hugging Deadpool but just being his friend was harmful)

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