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Denys Chumak

Denys Chumak

19 Jul 2023

Decoding the Meaning of Dreams About Someone


Are you curious about what does it mean when you dream about someone? Dreaming of someone or having people in dreams can hold significant meanings and offer insights into your subconscious mind. Dreaming about someone is a more prevalent occurrence than one might assume. According to the research conducted by Dr. Selterman, approximately 25% of reported dreams involve romantic partners.

In this blog post, we will explore the various interpretations and symbolism behind dreams about someone, shedding light on their possible significance.

The Symbolism of Dreams

Dreams are intricate and often symbolise our thoughts and emotions that reside in the depths of our subconscious. When you dream of someone, it can represent a multitude of meanings, depending on the context and your personal associations. Here are some key points to consider when deciphering the symbolism of experiencing people in dreams:

Personal Connections and Emotional Significance

When you dream of someone, it frequently carries emotional weight, reflecting the depth of your personal connections and feelings. To interpret the emotional significance of dreaming about someone, consider the following:

a. Emotional Intensity: Take note of the intensity of emotions experienced during the dream. Are you overwhelmed with joy, longing, anger, or sadness? The intensity of these emotions can provide insights into the depth of your emotional connection with that person.

b. Current Relationships: Assess your real-life relationship with the person in your dream. Are you close friends, distant acquaintances, or romantic partners? The nature of your relationship can influence the emotions and dynamics portrayed in the dream, as well as reflect the significance of that relationship in your waking life.

c. Communication and Connection: Pay attention to the interactions and communication within the dream. Are you engaging in meaningful conversations, experiencing conflicts, or sharing moments of connection? These dynamics can reflect the state of your emotional connection with the person in your waking life.

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Exploring Unconscious Desires and the Subconscious Mind

Dreaming about someone can serve as a gateway to uncovering hidden aspects of your psyche and unexpressed desires. Here's how you can explore these dreams to gain a better understanding of your true aspirations:

a. Unexpressed Desires: Dreams often tap into desires that are unexpressed or suppressed in waking life. When you dream of someone, it may symbolise a desire or longing that you have yet to acknowledge consciously. By analysing the emotions and situations surrounding the person in your dream, you can gain insights into these unexpressed desires.

b. Symbolic Representations: The person who appears in your dream may symbolise qualities, characteristics, or experiences that you aspire to have. They could embody success, confidence, creativity, or any other trait that resonates with you on a deeper level. By analysing the symbolism, you can understand the areas of personal growth or fulfilment that you may be seeking.

c. Mindful Reflection: Engaging in mindful reflection and journaling can help you explore the unconscious desires revealed in your dreams. Take time to analyse and reflect upon the dreams, capturing any recurring themes, symbols, or emotions that arise. This practice enhances self-awareness and provides valuable guidance for aligning your conscious desires with your subconscious aspirations.

Archetypes and Collective Symbols

Dreams have a profound connection to collective symbols and archetypes, which are universal themes and roles found across cultures and time periods. Here's how exploring archetypes and collective symbols can aid in dream interpretation:

a. Universal Themes: Certain individuals or figures in dreams represent universal themes and experiences. For example, the figure of a wise old person can embody the archetype of the wise sage or mentor. Exploring these archetypal interpretations allows you to connect with the broader human experience and tap into the wisdom, guidance, or challenges associated with that archetype.

b. Cultural Influences: Cultural beliefs, stories, and mythology shapes the symbolism and archetypes that appear in dreams. Consider the cultural context in which you grew up and the narratives that have influenced your understanding of certain archetypes. Exploring cultural influences provides a richer interpretation of what does it mean when you dream about someone?

c. Intuition and Synchronicity: Exploring archetypes and collective symbols in dreams requires intuition and a willingness to recognise synchronicities—meaningful coincidences or connections between seemingly unrelated events. Trust your intuitive sense and pay attention to any synchronistic events or experiences that align with the symbolism and archetypes present in your dream.

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Paying Attention to Context

Understanding why you dream about someone requires careful consideration of the dream's context. Here's why context is essential for a comprehensive interpretation:

a. Setting and Atmosphere: The setting of the dream provides important contextual information. Consider the location, surroundings, and overall atmosphere. Is it familiar or unfamiliar? Serene or chaotic? The setting can influence the dynamics and interactions between you and the person in the dream, offering clues about the specific circumstances or themes being explored.

b. Actions and Interactions: Examine the actions and interactions within the dream. Are you engaged in conversation, observing the person from a distance, or sharing experiences together? The nature of these actions and interactions can reflect the nature of your relationship, the level of engagement, and the dynamics at play. Analysing these details provides insights into the underlying emotions and intentions within the dream.

c. Emotions Upon Waking: Reflect on the emotions that linger after you wake up from the dream. Are you left feeling content, unsettled, relieved, or nostalgic? Your emotional response upon waking can provide additional clues about the impact and significance of the dream. It may indicate unresolved emotions, unmet needs, or a desire for closure or connection in your waking life.


In conclusion, dreaming about someone can be a fascinating and enigmatic experience. By delving into the symbolism, personal connections, unconscious desires, and archetypal elements within these dreams, we can gain valuable insights into our own psyche and the complexities of our relationships. Remember, while various interpretations exist, the true meaning of dreams ultimately lies within your own unique experiences and emotions. Embrace the mystery, explore the symbolism, and let your dreams guide you on a journey of self-discovery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes a person to show up in your dreams?

Sleep expert Alesandra Woolley asserts that if we spend a lot of time with someone, they frequently show up in dreams. It may also occur if a person is successful at piquing our interest in them in real life. The likelihood of seeing them in our dreams is higher because we think about them so much.

When you dream about someone you like, what does it mean?

"Generally speaking, if you dream about someone, it means that they have significance to you," explains Dr. Torres-Mackie. "That significance could be positive, negative, or a mix of the two, but it means that your mind holds them "in mind" even when you are asleep."

Is it true that when you dream about someone, they are dreaming about you too?

"If you dream about someone, it's unlikely that they dream about you as well," the saying goes. According to Loewenberg, since dreams are all about the self—your feelings and behaviours—if you have a dream about a certain person in your life, it's likely that some aspect of that person is already active in your life.

Do they think of you when you dream about them?

Soulmate relationships frequently involve telepathic elements or intense emotional bonds. However, not all ties are strong enough to allow for dream communication. However, if you dream about someone, there is a virtually equal possibility that they are thinking about you when it comes to fate.

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