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Dream Interpretation: Renovation 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Renovation? Discover the significance of seeing a Renovation in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Renovation appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This dream symbolizes a need for change or improvement in your life. It may indicate that you are ready to make some changes in your personal or professional life. Renovation can also represent a desire to start fresh or to let go of the past.

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🧭 Direction


Think about what areas of your life need improvement or change. Are there any relationships, habits, or situations that are holding you back? Consider taking steps to make positive changes in these areas. This dream may also be a sign that it's time to let go of old patterns and embrace new opportunities.

❤️ Feelings

Renovation in a dream can evoke a sense of anticipation and excitement. It signifies a desire for change and improvement in one's life. The feeling of hope and possibility arises as the dreamer envisions a fresh start and the opportunity to create a better environment. There may also be a sense of empowerment and accomplishment as the dreamer takes control of their surroundings. However, renovation dreams can also bring feelings of uncertainty and anxiety, as they involve the unknown and the potential challenges that come with change. Overall, this dream elicits a mix of positive emotions, such as hope and excitement, along with a hint of apprehension.





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11 Jun 2024

My crush
Old friend


I was at my house living with my parents and I got to have my old friend group over. The area around our home was getting renovated so there were giant holes in the ground and some of it spread to our yard. I think my friends and I were doing karate moves. I left to smoke weed and while I was gone they kissed one of the girls I had a crush on and I felt left out. I got high on weed and had a hard time keeping up with them while they were doing cool moves. Eventually I got sober but most of them left by then and it was getting dark. I was hoping to get a kiss from my crush because she got to stay later than the rest but I didn't have the courage to ask

30 May 2024



Mum and I were renovating the house, there were white/grey floorboards and barely anything in the house. I went to the Leisure centre down the road in Newhaven, to check the gym prices. There was a massive staircase with 2 rowing machines going down. Lewis was on one of them and he saw me when he came down, did a double take and I smiled. He didn't smile back and seem to ignore me. I went home sad

10 May 2024

Building (Place)


In my waking life my mom just purchased a co-op and is currently going through a renovation process. My my dream it was the most vivid and realistic dream i had of one of my long term goals of building my own mansion. Ib the dream i was choosing furniture, finishes and fixtures. My mom and sister where also choosing thier favorite finishes for their home. My desire is to build 3 homes on one property- for me my mom and sister. In my dreams it was happening full force. I felt the joy of it finally happening. There was no doubt, or uncertainty about the circumstances. It hardly felt like a dream. It felt like my real life situation but for wealthy circumstances truly want and believe is coming my way.

28 Apr 2024



I was in my old house with my parents. I was thinking of ways to update the look of the house. I wanted to turn the garage into a bedroom. My parents were not listening to me. I was thinking of paint colors like a light purple or pink. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. There were a bunch of people in the garage taking a class on how to renovate but the teacher wasn’t saying anything helpful. I just wanted everyone to get out of my house.

27 Apr 2024

New Home


Me and my family just moved to a new place, idk where it was but the new house we were living in was being renovated for some reason. Every day at random times a green fog would randomly appear and if you were outside you had to get inside and put on a gas mask unless your house or the building you were in was airtight. One day I was just outside with someone I can’t remember who it was but that’s when the fog started to appear, everyone started panicking because it was so early in the morning and the fog had never appeared this early before so we weren’t prepared, our house was being worked on so we had to look for a different place to hide. I ran into a small shed with a window and put on a gas mask that our mom made us carry around. I kept seeing people running around in a panic and dropping dead on the floor bc of th fog and then a boy ran into the window begging me to let him In so I did. The boy seemed familiar but because of the fog I couldn’t really tell who he was, I slowly start loosing consciousness and fall asleep. My dream then jumps to a different day, the sun is shining and there are reports from the government that there are no signs of the fog appearing today so everyone is outside celebrating and having fun. Our home was finally finished and so I was in my room trying playing my guitar even though I can’t play In real life but in my dream I was also learning to play but on that day I could play really well. My mom walks in and tells me to go pick up my sister up from school because they had an event after school to celebrate the fog wasn’t there today so me my dad and my brother decided to go and pick her up together. The school was just like a 10 minute walk from our house so we decided to go walking, I decided to bring my guitar for some reason idk why. We said bye to mom and headed to the school for my sister, we arrive at the school and there are so many people outside running around, there are vendors and games for people to play, it was so peaceful but something felt off. We get my sister and decide to get some food so we get in line, a few minutes later the sirens go off and we get alerts on our phones saying that the fog has appeared, we all start panicking and we look around trying to find where to go, here was a jump cut in my dream then we were inside a building, it looked like an office so maybe we were inside the school but idk. The fog slowly started seeping into the room but it wasn’t too bad because a few of us had gas masks so we shared with others also. Someone used a fire extinguisher and that cleared the gas from the room we were in but since we had already inhaled a bit of the gas we weren’t feeling well. I don’t know how long had passed but it felt like hours, the smoke had not cleared yet so we were all trapped there until it left. Our phones didn’t get signal so we couldn’t even communicate with the people outside. We were running low on supplies and it was getting hotter in the room and out of nowhere the power goes out. This is where my dream started getting a bit more weird. We start seeing apparitions of random things and some were familiar to others and they said stuff like “my son or daughter drew this” the gas was messing with our brains at this point or at least that’s what we thought. We were looking in the office for something to eat and in a suitcase we found meat and vegetables, we all start eating it but a few minutes later our stomach started hurting and we all had to use the bathroom. Also while we were eating we were talking about what could be causing the green fog and the residents of this new town we moved in started saying it all began when construction of our house started which was about a year ago or something like that. Thwy we’re all suspicious of us especially my dad because I’m my dream he worked for some big corporation, suddenly we all had to use the bathroom because of the food we ate earlier and ran out the room looking for a bathroom. I found a bathroom that was available and as I sat down there were papers on a counter next to the toilet and so I grab them and turn on the flashlight on my phone and the papers mentioned th company my dad worked for and after that I woke up.

22 Mar 2024



I had a dream that Samuel‘s mom and dad tried to move us back to Jones, which is our old house that we were supposed to live in that they already moved us out of which was something I was kinda OK with, but not really then I realized it wasn’t Jones at all removed in another place again, just for her to prove that she was good at renovations house didn’t even have a roof yet, and it was way too much house for me and Samuel she even had two famous people from a home renovation show come to show how great she is at renovations, whenever I tried to bring this up with Samuel I told him I don’t wanna move. You can’t let this happen either tell him we’re not doing this or I’m leaving and Samuel told me well then just leave I lost it at his mother. I told her she was toxic, controlling manipulative and only used her son in front of the cruise and everything. She desperately tried to talk to the camera and try to tell them I was crazy but I but I told her don’t try to go for them for help I’m talking to you. She told me I had attitude I was like yes I do have attitude. This is 🦄Emily🦄 this is me. This is me not controlling myself for your son after I went up, one side down the other, it was night time now and we were sleeping in the house that she was renovating without a roof both sleeping there me, Sam, Sam, 🐔Mom🐔, and 🦉Dad🦉 after the aftermath Sam’s mom came upstairs with a sappy note and a playlist of songs that made her son think of her I tried to see what bullshit she was trying to tell her son and then doing so it activated the playlist. She heard it and came upstairs thinking that her son was listening to the playlist trying to plead her case that I was the problem and that she was just trying to help, Sam woke up and I lost it again. I told her you were not trying to help you’re doing this for your own gain to show how good you are and you’ve been nothing but moving us around and using your son for your own glorification and I’m done with it, I called her a toxic and she walked away. I went to close the door to apologize to Samuel he stopped me from closing the door. I just wanted privacy to tell him I’m sorry he said no I told him sorry and that I’d see myself out out of his life and he agreed and he took his mom side.

17 Mar 2024

New Job


I had this dream emember pieces and moments not the complete dream it starts off with the people I consider my family but their related to my daughters dads and treat me like I am one of their own his uncle is like my brother his grandmother is who I see as my mom first thing I remember is (my brother and his wife his mother and my kids his son and his brothers kids are all moving into this new place and as we're trying to get the living room ready for renovation the kids are being over active so we tell them to go to their room and we their leaving someone knocks at the door and I go to answer it and it's my daughter's dad who passed away I open the door and ask him what is he doing here and he smiles and replied I came to see you and when I turned around everything was gone and all there was as far as I could see top to bottom solid bright white I couldn't tell the floor from the wall everyone everything Else just vanished the next thing I remember is seeing a couch and me and him walk over to it sit down and I place my head on his shoulder and we just sit there him holding me me my head on him for what seemed like hours and I tell him Im scared he told me not to worry that I'll be ok and I cried to him please Don't leave me please when he says I love you and I'm never gonna leave you I'll always be with you i remember telling him I can't do this without him I remember is him telling me I'm gonna be just fine he'll always be with me and he loves me the last thing I remember him saying after that is she's so beautiful

6 Mar 2024



I dreamt that I needed to take a favourite, beautiful dress to a seamstress to have it altered. I had a favourite seamstress, who unfortunately lived a three-hour flight south, in another state, and who was living in the house I rented when I lived down there. I had been very unhappy in that house, I had suffered a lot of abuse and was terrorised there in real life. But the countryside was beautiful and so I was happy to travel that far for a perfect outcome. Next, I was sitting in the living room of that house, watching the seamstress and an older man negotiate the price of my dress alteration. He wrote it on a brown paper bag, the bag was for the dress to be posted back to me to my northern home address. He had negotiated a great price, but I had to stay for an hour or so in the seamstress's house and do some ironing for him (in real life I had actually taken in ironing while living in that house.) Then the old man left. So I began ironing and chatting happily with the seamstress and her elderly mother. I noticed many improvements and small renovations to the house, it was much prettier than when I had lived in it. It was very much a pretty old ladies house now, full of lace and pretty tiles, knickknacks and doilies, and more open rooms. They took me outside and showed me the much improved garden too, but pushed me around in a wheelbarrow so I wouldn't have to walk. I was really loving being back there, and had a positive feeling there now.

4 Mar 2024

Parking Lot


I went to the movies with Pooja and Tenisha. We went to town by car. It was a lot of hassle to find a parking garage. It was also difficult to find a spot in the parking garage, but we eventually found one. We went to the exit and there was a very long escalator to the outside. It was the longest escalator I had ever seen. We went to see an unknown French movie. But the movie seemed familiar and very similar to Spirited Away. I saw Yubaba in the movie, but no one believed me when I said it was a spoof of Spirited Away. I was very frustrated because I was sure the movie was stolen. Then I started doing renovations in my house. We had to paint the walls and sealed the cracks. One of the corners was very bad and there was still an old sealant layer on it. I pulled off the old caulk and it was super slimy. There was a lot of slime coming off the wall. When that was cleaned I saw that the holes in the corner were too deep and large to fill.

28 Feb 2024

New Job


We were living in a small village,the place where we used to live when we were just got married. My husband is a doctor so he need to go to a remote place before he started his carreer. The remote island where some earth quake are often happened. But it's kinda different than what happened in my waking life, the place was so different. There were a new mining place that was quite been objected by the villagers there because it's dangerous and could trigger a higher scale of earth quake, but the mining still going. The mining company also do some city developments, but the building they made seems fragile. Every body knows it but just keep the mining going becouse they needed the city development. I remembered walking arround the whole village and met my aunt's family. They're poor and in bad financian situation in my waking life, but not here. They even had 2 pharmacies and 1 bakery shop. That's impressed me oddly. I was having a terrible headache, that my husband bring me to the ER. The ER room were so narrow, they said it's just on a renovation. They located near a place looking like a mosque, but it connected to a villager's house which had a pharmacy. They said the villager's pharmacy were a strong building since the mining company didn't build them. Since the hospital's door were connected there, some of the employee often pass through there when they go home. Back to my own headache at the ER. When I recovered already, I thanked all the nurses and doctors, which is all my husband's friend there. They're about to close the ER for a while. I'm heading home with my husband, we went by the villager's pharmacy place I've mentioned before. Suddenly a great earth quake occurs. The ER and hospital building were shook so hard that all the people go out side, while the villager's pharmacy didn't shook at all. The ER employees went there to see us, we suggested them to just close the hospital immediately and just go pass the villager's pharmacy becouse it's saver. They insisted to go again inside the hospital building. We finnaly left the villager's pharmacy, the owner were so kind and friendly. When we just left that place, suddenly the hospital and the ER building collapsed. My husband shocked, then suddenly the villager's pharmacy were collapsed also. We cried immediately, remembering our friends are trapped there. Then we go as far as we can, we didn't find any vehicles to use so we went quickly, walking. We passed through some new avenues, builded by the mining company. There were some shops and a lot more, a business and trading center. They seem still operating even a terrible earth quake had collased half of the city. My husband then said he need to come inside one of the shop, andI just wait outside. Then suddenly another earth quake hitting again. I yelled at my husband to hurry up and get away from the building. But the building suddenly collapsed before my husband even came out. I shocked and cried a lot. I run everywhere looking for help. But even all my friends there are missing. I cried so hard. Then I wake up.

4 Feb 2024



The guy that I am talking to, was in need of wanting to have a serious conversation with me about our relationship status. We seemed to be in a house that we just got and was making a lot a renovations. People were everywhere. I just wanted to flirt and be sexually but he insisted on a serious conversation. He wanted to change things and told me he was speaking to his mentor about us, who happened to be sitting near us but I didn’t realize. I finally agreed to take the relationship serious and actually try. Since he was also finally ready to stop playing games. In the dream I also saw his son that he has from another relations. And the child was so attached to me and calling my mom.

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