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Dream Interpretation: Audience 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Audience? Discover the significance of seeing a Audience in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Audience appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

Dreaming of an audience represents your desire for attention and recognition. It may also indicate a fear of being judged or evaluated by others. This dream symbolizes your need for validation and approval from those around you.

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🧭 Direction


Are you seeking validation from others in your waking life? It's important to remember that your worth is not determined by the opinions of others. Focus on building your self-confidence and self-worth. Don't be afraid to express yourself and your ideas, even if they are different from those around you. Trust in your own abilities and talents.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of being in front of an audience can evoke a mix of emotions. It may bring feelings of excitement, as being on stage can symbolize a desire for recognition and validation. However, it can also trigger anxiety or fear of judgment, as the audience represents the scrutiny of others. This dream may reflect a longing for acceptance or a fear of being exposed. The emotions associated with this dream can vary depending on the individual's relationship with public speaking or being in the spotlight.





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Dreams of users containing the word Audience

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10 Jun 2024



There was some even that I don’t know going on there was old stage in outside the color of my dream was black and white and in the back stage in the left side on the stage I had a lot of stuff with me and I was stress and tired and overwhelmed until I give it away because some of the stuffs wasn’t mine so I had a lot of baggages with me it’s like purse but big size one of dark one was mine and the light grey one was my friends whom I know from my current college class and also I had stuff of like a lot of papers and document also bed sheets and other stuff too in in my back and my bag was ripped out so I really need to give it away for professional knitter to fix it but I had to unload the stuff first so I did I give to my friend her stuff then I gave the stuff of her friend too I was careful to not give away my stuff accidentally to her but I didn’t then I gave my ripped pretty bed sheet that has flower picture on it and he fix it then I gave my ripped bag to him to fix and I put the fixed bed sheet on my bed and I was relax after that and happy. My bed was located in front of the stage there was another bed to and chairs in front of the stage my bed was in the right side in the middle my bed size was medium but the bed was wide for 2 person bed type there was people sitting and watching the stage but there wasn’t any performance in that stage but there was busy people going back and forth in the stage.

7 Jun 2024

Famous Person


I felt as strong 💪 as Kanye West Yeezus when he was on stage at the 2016 Grammys I feel I'm as good as him everyone cheering me Ye that's right Ye

7 Jun 2024



I was working on something with a group of people and then suddenly a band showed up to perform. It was a band I later found out I didn’t care for. I was being forced to stop what I was doing to listen and view the live performance. Someone had to be outside though on rotation I think. Eventually, I was pulled away from the audience and pushed to be the one outside. After a while I started running around to different shops (it was like setup like a strip mall) and different rooms. I mingled briefly with people I knew in classrooms before running again. Eventually, someone was after me but couldn’t catch me. I didn’t go back to the place I initially started in

13 Apr 2024



I'm on stage dancing to swan lake. I've never danced before but somehow I knew all the steps. I can hear the audience awing as spin and jump at just the right moments. Just as the song ends the room changes. I'm driving listening to music as the turns become sharper and the speed increases. Suddenly and harshly the car jerks to the opposite side of the road and I crash into a river.

13 Mar 2024



So I had a dream about a person that sexually harassed me today. I was in a hotel with my cousin and my boyfriend, I was asleep in the same room as my boyfriend and shared a wall this guy that said he was a superhero. When that happened it was the days after I spend time with my cousin's friends and him, we had so much fun and then when I came back to the hotel, I was just waiting for my boyfriend, but before Damian came back , the guy knocks the door and said that he was just like trying to make friends. Suddenly I don't know why, he grabs me by the breast and he starts to like, touching me and I'm like, I don't want anything, the problem is that he was super more strong than I, and then he tried to make curfews with me and my friend, he started to control over some of my life. I asked my boyfriend for help because I made a mess on the bed and I had to clean it, it had red stains in it, so I used that opportunity to escape and tell Damian what was going on, and he accepted to help me. The last day we made a panel that I was part of, a panel that was supposed to talk about how super heroes have the ability to make normal people have power without having, but unfortunately I didn't feel like I could, and I told the person that was directing the panel that I got harassed by the superhero. She gave me the small smile and said "this is your story, you can do whatever you want with it, and if you want to tell them, tell them, don't stay silent." So I said "good morning to everybody here in the UA. This was supposed to be a place where everyone feels safe... Well I didn't anymore. " And and then I told everyone that I got sexually harassed, and the audience was shock, so I was crying and the presentator came to comfort me and then my boyfriend, and then I woke up.

21 Feb 2024

Being Late


I was driving around with my sister and her fiancé. It was late and night and we were trying to find a place to park. I see him pull onto the street we needed to be on and then he put it in reverse and backed up. I got confused and a little worried that he was going to hit another car with how quick he backed up. It was also raining pretty hard so on top of that it was hard to see. He backed up and turned around and went into a parking lot that was further from the place we wanted to be. It frustrated me that we would have to walk in the torrential down pour but I just wanted to get to the place we needed to be. I started walking then realized I was by myself. My phone went off a couple of times and I got excited to see that it was from my crush. I intentionally left him on read because I thought it might provoke him to start a conversation. Even though I couldn’t see what he sent, I kept getting so many notifications from him. So I started to run and then it felt like I was filming a movie. I was running in the rain in slowmo and I really had the audience’s attention. I get to the place and it was a coffee shop I used to go to when I was younger before I had dance class. Except all the other buildings were different or unmarked. I walked into the coffee shop and it felt different. I went to go greet them and there was an older woman sweeping up behind the cash register and a younger woman who was also doing some busy work. As I opened my mouth to speak the older woman said something about closing that I didn’t quite hear. I asked her to repeat herself but as I looked up at her, her face wasn’t there. I could see her head moving with what she was saying but her face had disappeared. It was still hard to hear her and infocuse my attention to where her mouth would be so I could try to read lips. But they were gone. I could see her jaw moving in a motion that she was still speaking but her face was blank. I then ask her to relate herself again and this time I turn my face away so that my right ear is closer to her as a way to distract myself less with her missing face. But when I looked back everyone was gone and the shop was completely void of anything at all. I walk out and try to make my way back to the car in the rain but like before I was running in slowmo like I would be if I was in an intense drama movie. I turn around and see someone running as well. Not after me but towards me. He bumps into me and I fall on the wet pavement hard. I open my eyes and he’s looking back at me with a malicious look. I know he did that on purpose I just don’t know why. Then I start to see a light and I shift my focus to where it’s coming from and it’s a huge truck barreling down the side street. I quickly roll over to the sidewalk just in time to not get hit by this truck. At that point I knew it was a dream and I didn’t know what else to do. But I ended up waking up from my phone getting text messages

9 Feb 2024



I was in a limelight performing, and some people in the audience started booing And I smiled at them and said those are my hater’s

28 Jan 2024

New Job


I had sex with Musiq Soulchild. But, First I ended up at my grandmothers house with my mother. Little did I know she was leading me into a trap, my siblings were already in there. I got to door my uncle was standing there with is van blaring music. Like a movie soundtrack. He told me that “the other kids didn’t make it, I know you want but here you go” he opens the door and I get sucked into house. The stairs were long and creaking, I made it to the top and was greeted with the smell of: bake chicken, greens, cornbread, cake, green beans, and potato salad. My grandmother was just like stuck cooking but didn’t seem bothered by it. I said “hey” and she just started making my plate. Even tho the rest of house was a never ending trap. One of the side rooms had people sick strapped to the bed wanted to get out, the living room people was watching tv and rambling. And other craziness, I got my plate and went to the back porch and saw soooooo many parked cars. I took a chance in going downstairs letting my food on the steps. The food look so good but my body was GOING OFF telling me not to eat it. I go downstairs and is welcomed in this larger church setting, crème walls and red pews. All filled up with people I know, people I don’t know, famous artist and extended family. Everyone is talking and mingling like they don’t know about the chaos upstairs. My mom was surprised to see me and darted towards me but was stopped by the pastor starting. The pastor starts saying “Secrets are no more, come up to sing” my body alarms told me that it was after in the Chior stand than in the audience, I listen, now viewing the congregation. It’s much larger now but secrets started to come out as we are singing “songs” we were just singing peoples secrets. A couple of my deep secrets came out and i stood there and admitting because I wasn’t afraid anymore. People apart of my secrets, especially my mother, followed me outside of the church wanting deeper answers. Now we are back in my grandmothers backyard with all the cars. This limo pulls up, I get in trying to avoid the questions and my mother, a drag queen and my siblings all get in this limo with me. My mother tries to be scary and demanding about shaming me for dating this Drag Queen. I tell her OFF and everyone I that limo OFF besides the drag queen. I get out and realize we didn’t leave the backyard. The. That’s when Musiq Soulchild comes out and offers me to take me away from this hell. He was towing cara as a side job and one of his cars was underground. The opening was full of rust and barnacles, I was about to drop down until he seen a car that was the perfect size to get away. Throughout this ordeal, we did share eye contact and during that eye contact memories of our past, with one another, started to come up. It was like we were old lovers and saw each other again for the first time. We got in the SUV and people came after us. Running trying to stop the car from leaving, being broken out of a trance. He stayed calm and we dashed out of there, as soon as we left the parking lot it was like we were already on the highway entering Maryland. That whole ride we talked, laugh and caught up. I got to a house that I remember vividly, it was his home. I was so elated to be back in his house and safe. He picked me up over the treshhold and carried me all the way to the bedroom. Were we had some of the most nastiest, fantastic sex people dream of. Then I woke up .-.

28 Jan 2024



I had a dream and there was this big show going on and they invited random people from the audience to go up. I was one of the people invited to go up we were supposed to build up our side of a small tower so we could climb to the top. It was me and this ransom guy and I put up the piller and so did he but on my side then there was a black seed thing on the ground and I poured water on it and is started growing and growing non stop it was in a cup that tipped sideways an so instead of growing up it was growing out towards the audience and down the aisle so I started pulling it back up onto the stage one lady who I believe was the shows manager did not look impressed. Then it changed and there was this big dance happening like prom everyone was wearing really fancy gowns and driving up in limos. My sister fern took this really fat guy who was supposed a friend and she liked another guy. My best friend miriam and my mom were there and we were at a food stand and serving drinks and such. Miriam really wanted to join the party because she had friends there so I told her to go hang out with them. Then me and my mom were the only ones at the stand and we were running out of drinks this lady came over wanting a sprite but we only had more expensive mini cans and so my mom stuffed them all in a paper bag and sole them for the normal drink price. Then my mom left I think so she could get more drinks. And I was alone at the stand and there were other stands around me and i remember watching everyone dance and feeling a melancholy like feeling because I wanted to go out and dance and make friends but I knew I needed to watch the stand. Then people kept coming up and talking to me. I ended up making friends with these two girls, miriam came back to the stand for a little bit but I told he that she should go back and join the party and have fun for me she said okay and left again Then the stands were closing and alot of people had left the party though there were still some people left. Then I went and found some people that I apparently knew and they were teasing me over something. Then those girls came back and saw me and we all started talking and they told me it was actually one of the girls birthdays and I felt so bad cause I'd spent barely any time with her and so I think we were good friends and I told her I'd make it up to her. She told me that I could make it up to her by making her or getting her a cake and started listing the different types of cake. I couldn't keep up so I was pulling out my phone to record what she was saying and kept telling her to hold on because I wouldn't be able to remember what all she wanted off the top of my head. She didn't wait for me and just kept listing I finally got my phone ready and she stopped I asked her if she could repeat it for me and she said she would just send it to me in a text. Then we were all in this big group chat and 2 guys said they'd also text it to me but they didn't have my number so the girls made a group chat with all of us and they were all racing to text it first and I knew one of the guys his nickname was sunshine. Then we were all at the church because that's where the dance had been at. And everyone was leaving, the girl ended up texting it first and the boys were disappointed that they didn't get there fist. And one of them had only been seconds behind her text but had miss spelled a couple words because he'd been typing fast and everyone was teasing him about it. Then there was more to the dream but I can't remember it anymore.

4 Jan 2024



There was a lot going on in my dream. My play brother and I were having a deep discussion about what was going on in the world. We were trying to figure out the answer what we were talking about. So we started walking towards the car to get a book maybe the Bible for clarification and there was a snake in the field. My brother caught the snake pretending to be a stick. Picked it up and threw it in the field. The snake was skinny and black and when he threw the snake, the snake started coming towards me and going around me in circles super fast. Then I was suppose to sing at a church convention and I really didn’t want to be there. I ended up talking with some church artist who are well known in the gospel world. I was hanging with them sitting with them in the audience during the performance.

31 Dec 2023



I had a dream that I went to a theater show and I was being accused of not purchasing my seat to be at the show and my family was at the show in the audience. When I showed the personnel that worked there my ticket, they said they didn't find my ticket and when I looked through my phone to show them my ticket, I had showed up to the show on the wrong day. The date of the show that I was scheduled to be on was March 31st. 3 months after the date i was at the show. While looking through my phone for my ticket, I accidentally showed them a picture of myself nude and they were very upset and accused me of showing them nude photos.

30 Dec 2023



My mom took my friend, brothers, and I to a symphony. While everyone was getting settled, I took a moment to stand at the edge of the stage and just admire the setup. Without thinking, I took a hit from my vape and immediately felt everyone's eyes on me. Embarrased, I went to sit in my seat. My mom leaned over and said that there was a no smoking policy. As the concert started many of the audience members pulled out their own instruments from under their chairs. I was shocked because nobody had tonld me this symphony was interactive. Both my brothers pulled out trombones, even though my youngest brother doesn't know how to play at all. I felt very left out and again embarrassed that I didn't have my trumpet. I sat for a bit listening to the music, but many of the audience members were playing badly. I sounded like middle school band practice, not a beautiful symphony. I got up to find where my friend had wandered off to. She was in an alcove past the sage. She'd found some extra chairs and was sitting, playing on her phone, and hitting her own vape. I sat beside her and hit my vape. We began joking about how bad everyone sounded and how our high school band sounded better than this. Eventually the concert ended. My friend went home and my mom took us to an air bnb that had its own exotic animal enclosures. There was a gorilla, and some wolves. Also some regular house cats. Apparently all the animals were friendly and we could interact with them. My mom thought it would be fun to bring them all out to the big play enclosure together but i thought it would be a bad idea. The owners of the air bnb had left a note saying to keep the animals separated, but mom said it should be fine if their all friendly. I was petting one of the orange and white tabbys in the play enclosure when the gorrilla came bounding out. I was terrified. I became even more terrified when my mom brought the wolves out. I wasn't afraid of the wolves themselves because I love wolves and k ow how to interactwith them, but I was afraid of them fighting with the gorilla and hurting each other or us in the process. But thankfully they were all okay with each other. The gorilla decided to go inside the house and grabbed some celery from the counter and sat down for a snack. I stayed outside with the wolves and cats for a bit before going in. I wanted to go to my room but the gorilla was blocking the way. I was nervous getting close to it because it was so massive. Even though the owners said she was friendly, I knew better than to let my guard down around any wild animal even if it was tamed. They could still be unpredictable. I inched my way around the gorilla to get to my door, but before I could enter the room it grabbed my arm. It was a gentle grab, but it still scared me. I stood still for a moment, before asking what it wanted. She then pulled me into a big hug and gently patted my head. I was a bit shocked but it wasn't as scary as I thought. I actually sank into it and hugged the gorilla back. It was a little stinky but not as stinky as I though it would be. Eventually the gorilla released me from the hug and I wasn't so afraid anymore. Then I woke up.

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