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Denys Chumak

Denys Chumak

16 Oct 2023

11 Common Symbols For Dreaming and Their Significance

As per the study, the average individual spends about two hours dreaming each night, and this is a normal and healthy part of the sleep cycle. While scientists have studied dreaming for decades, there is still much they don't know. No one can say for sure if their dreams have any deeper significance.

Dreams have the ability to create intricate stories that have an intimate sense. A lot of people are keen to discuss the details of their dreams and try to do dream interpretations to reveal their significance.

Examining symbols for dreaming is the first step in dream interpretation. To begin, write down your dreams in a journal every morning. Then, highlight the characters, objects, places, events, and themes that seem important. If a dream sign seems important, explore it further.

But first, let us understand “why do we dream?” before going deep into common symbols for dreaming.

Why Do We Dream?

Dreams are like movies that happen in our minds when we sleep. Scientists have different thoughts on “Why do we dream?” Dreaming helps our brains understand and organise what happens during the day. It's like how our brain sorts memories and emotions.

Dreams prepare you for real life. They let us practise problems and challenges so we're ready in the morning. Some people think dreams boost creativity. They can inspire new thoughts and new perspectives.

Though there isn't a clear explanation, dreams appear to serve a variety of purposes in our lives. They organise our thoughts, prepare us for the day, and let our imaginations go wild. We can do dream interpretation like a hidden realm, which is fascinating.

11 Common Dreams and Possible Meanings

Here are 11 very common dreams and what they mean.

Dreaming About Falling

Dreaming about falling through the air is a common theme that has come up in dream research. People often feel like they are falling before experiencing a hypnic jerk. Hypnic jerks are sudden movements that happen without control. They can affect a specific body part or the entire body.

Dreaming About Being Chased

Being chased in a dream means that someone is feeling scared, worried, or wants to avoid something. The person chasing you, where it's happening, and what you want to do in your dream can tell you what you think is dangerous. If someone is running after you, it could also mean that you really want something, especially if you feel sure that you can overcome a difficult situation.

Dreams About Exams

If you dream about taking an exam, it could indicate that you are reflecting on your readiness, level of skill, or self-evaluation in a certain area of your life. It can signify negative things like the dread of failing, being judged, or being rejected, or positive things like development, acceptance, or validation.

Dreams About Death

Dreams about dying can make you feel uneasy. Death can mean things coming to an end, changing into something else, or starting fresh. It can also bring up worries about losing something, going through changes, or not knowing what will happen. If you have recently lost someone, dreaming about death might be your mind's way of trying to understand and accept what happened.

Dreams About Marriage

Dreaming about getting married can mean that you really want to get married, or it can show that you are combining your feminine and masculine sides in your mind. Those who want to commit to a partner have common symbols for dreaming about marriage and combining their identities and aspirations.

Dreams About Money

Dreams about money may symbolize your self-perception and social interactions. They can also show how you feel about your success, how secure your finances are, and how important material things are to you. Money in dreams can mean that someone is worried, wants more, or is scared of being poor. If you dream about swapping money, it could mean you're expecting some major changes in your life.

Dreams About Teeth Falling

The dream of teeth falling out—or, perhaps more accurately, a nightmare—occurs VERY frequently. Most people have at some point in their lives dreamed of losing their teeth and thought about what that signified. It's not surprising that when you first experience fear or trauma, your brain links it to other things that make you feel scared or uneasy in life.

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Dreams Of Being Cheated On (by your partner)

If you're in a relationship and someone cheated on you in the past, you'll remember how terrible it felt when you first found out. Your brain is linked to this and it's been labelled as 'bad'. Sometimes, when you don't trust your partner, it doesn't always mean that you don't believe in them.

Dreams Of Being Lost

If you feel lost in a dream, it usually means you are feeling worried or afraid. Actually, it's about when you have scary dreams. You feel as if your mind is playing tricks on you, letting you know, "You know that thing you're really scared of?" This is what it feels like. Dreaming about being lost can mean that you're unsure about your direction in life or that you feel like you haven't achieved anything meaningful.

Fever Dreams

You might be unaware of the fever dream meaning. It means feeling really upset and having strong feelings inside. When you have a fever, your body gets hotter and your thinking can become unclear. They may indicate a desire for change or a struggle to understand difficult conditions.

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Snakes Dreams

There is a strong association between snakes and dishonesty in popular culture, making them a common dream animal. In the past, people have associated snakes with lies in the Bible and throughout history. Dreaming about a snake might mean you're worried or suspect someone is being dishonest.

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Not all parts of your dreams have secret meanings. Sometimes, it's just sounds that you hear but don't pay much attention to, or it could be a clear representation of what's going on in your actual life.

If you want to know the important symbols for dreaming, just write them down in a dream journal. Write as if you are currently experiencing the dream again, and highlight any strange or meaningful elements that are important to the story or catch your eye.

Look at the symbols in your dream from the list above. If you can't find them there, you can use a DreamApp to find more meanings for your dreams. Visit the website, and we can help you understand what your dream might mean.


Why do we dream that lasts about two hours every night?

The average person dreams for two hours a night. But scientists still don't fully understand the exact reason for this. Dreams have different purposes. They help us deal with memories and emotions, practice for real-life situations, and inspire creativity.

Fever dream meaning.

As a result of having a high body temperature, we can experience nightmares known as fever dreams.

How to do dream interpretation?

To do your dream interpretation, begin by writing down your dreams in a journal. Every morning, make sure to write down your dreams. Pay attention to important symbols such as characters, objects, places, and themes, and highlight them.

What if the symbols in my dreams aren't on the list?

If the symbols in your dreams are not listed, you can try using a DreamApp to find more meanings. Go to the website, and experts will assist you in understanding what your unique dream symbols might mean.

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