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Dream About Out Of Body Experience

Dream interpretation about Ghost

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I just experienced a lucid dream I think. Just tell me if it is a lucid dream and tell me your interpretation. So before the dream, it was 3am and I was so fucking tired because I barely got a good night's rest so I figured to go to bed because my eyes were shutting and there was no point in me staying up if I am just going to fall asleep since I knew my body needed a little more sleep. I think it was 4am-ish and I went to bed. Then this was my dream: I woke up and I was in my bedroom. Everything looked the same and nothing changed about it. I then looked down and at the edge of my bed, I could see a ghost but it looked like CGI and it looked AI generated but it still spooked me out and it was all scary looking enough for me to wanting to wake myself up but I couldn't. Luckily, the ghost got away and I managed get out of the covers. I felt the fan on my skin fanning me and it felt so real. I then started to become weightless, like I was in zero gravity. I bounced off of one wall to the next wall. I couldn't fully see my face, but I knew I was sleeping in my bed, or at least my body was in the bed sleeping and I felt like a spirit. I felt as if this was an out of body experience. I wasn't freaked out but I was at the same time. I felt weightless and heavy at the same time. I didn't do a reality check and all the things you needed to do to check if you are lucid. I kinda just accepted it. It felt kinda cool, but boring since I couldn't imagine anything and I tried but it didn't work, so for the time being, I went back into my bed and watched toy soldiers jumping off my bed and into an invisible abyss. Then I woke up.

Dream date:

25 Apr 2024

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Emotional tone:

The dream evoked a mix of emotions including fear, curiosity, and wonder due to the unexpected nature of the experience.


This dream was recurring 1 times last week


The dream was intense due to the combination of fear, curiosity, and the surreal experience of feeling weightless and having an out of body experience.


The dream had elements that felt real, such as feeling the fan on the skin and the sensation of weightlessness, but also included fantastical elements like the CGI ghost and the feeling of being weightless.


The dream was highly vivid, with clear and detailed sensations of feeling the fan on the skin, bouncing off walls, and watching toy soldiers jumping off the bed.


The dream had elements of coherence as it followed a sequence of events, but also included disjointed and surreal moments, such as the presence of a CGI ghost and the sensation of weightlessness.

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