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Dreams as Therapy
The Nurturing Power of Dream Hygiene

We believe that every person can benefit from becoming dream-conscious. Our in-house ongoing preliminary research findings show that the very fact of acknowledging one’s dream and spending some time searching for its meaning can have a soothing effect. Moreover, there are


that support that working with dreams in therapy can help clients gain insights about themselves, increase their involvement in therapy, facilitate access to issues that are central to the clients' lives, contribute to establishing a safe and trusting environment, and enrich the clinician's understanding of the client's dynamics and clinical evolution.


Indeed, journaling your waking thoughts, feelings, and concerns has a proven mental health benefit, and the same appears true of your dreams. A meaningful, psychologically healthy life is an examined one, as Socrates once declared. We are confident that dreams have stayed unexamined or rather incompetently examined for way too long, it’s time to change that. On top of that, we believe that dreams serve as a unique barrier-free entry into users’ conversations about mental health which is extremely relevant in the face of stigma that surrounds the subject. People are often not willing to acknowledge that they have a mental health problem which can lead to its exacerbation.


DreamApp is here to help you understand your dreams so that you can better understand your mental state and make better decisions when you are awake.

We are aware that dreams are just the entry point. Although they have some diagnostic properties and hence can point towards a specific treatment, they are not the complete solution. We are here not to tell you, "Oh, looks like you are depressed," and send you home like that. We are building the mental health support infrastructure around dreams and sleep hygiene. Our plan is to provide a range of affordable science-based instruments that you can easily access to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilled life with blissful dreams. Here are some services we are currently working on:

The library of self-help meditations and sleep casts

It has been


that meditation is associated with improved dream recall, which is important if you want to approach your emotional health through the lens of dream patterns. Another


illustrated that meditation affects dream imagery and mood, with moods benefiting from meditation. This is consistent with


showing clinical importance of mindfulness-based protocols for remediating sleep problems and reducing sleep-related daytime impairment.

Scientific literature

is generally unanimous that meditation practices open a wider scope for understanding the unique aspects of human sleep and consciousness.


In-person therapy (powered by BetterHelp)

We provide access to counseling and therapy through our partners.

Dream movies

We are experimenting with replaying the recurring reported themes of one’s dreams. This gives you a unique opportunity to relive the experience of dreaming and get insight into emotional facets of this experience during your waking hours.
Overall, we offer hyper-personalized dream analysis tools with no barriers and mystical connotations.
Disclaimer: DreamApp subscription is not a substitute for medical advice. If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD, or other mental problems, please consult your healthcare provider.
At DreamApp, we know that dreams have real science-based potential to serve as diagnostic tools. We take dreams and dreaming seriously, and we are openly inviting sleep and dream researchers to collaborate and initiate esteemed, peer-reviewed studies that can help us build a nurturing culture of dream hygiene. That would be our dream come true.
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