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Can Someone Enter Your Dreams?

Can Someone Enter Your Dreams?

While there is no scientific way of practically observing astral projection by one person into another person’s dreams, some traditional cultures maintain that this is possible. A skeptic could, of course, merely pass this off as a primitive way of explaining the occurrence of other people in someone’s dreams.

The skeptic’s point considered, it becomes more difficult to explain cases where these visitors not only classify themselves as a real person external to the dreamworld, but also give information or prophecies that later turn out to be true and verified by the dreamer after waking. Or separate people reporting the same dream with the same people telling them the same thing.

Some indigenous cultures use psychedelic substances in order to enter into a shared dreamscape while still being awake. This phenomenon has been documented in books like Pirsig’s “Lila: An Inquiry into Morals”. It may be speculated that something similar occurs in some dreamstates, even accidentally.

That being said, dream scientists have accomplished doing this by another route, involving putting dreamers into lucid states of dreaming and then using various methods to communicate back and forth between the dreamers and the scientists.

There are sci-fi-like ethical concerns regarding this research, however, as if it turns out to be controllable enough, advertisers could use it to make people (unwillingly) dream about products with powerful unconscious associations that convince them to buy them. The beer company Coors has already experimented with using this technique in early 2021.

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