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I Was At Home Alone

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كنت في البيت وحدي اذكر اهلي كانو طالعين مكان وانا ودعتهم وجلست وحدي وفجاءة سمعت بالاخبار ان فيه دب بني كبير يهاجم الناس وكانو الاخبار يحذرون منه بعدها رحت للجيران عشان شيء وانا راجعة للبيت طلع الدب وبدا يلحقني دخلت غرفتي وكان فيه درج رقيت فوقه اول ثم بديت اتعلق بدولاب هو دخل معي بسرعة فقلت لازم اطلعه واقفل علي سويت حركة اني بطلع من المكان ورجعت وهو حسب اني طلعت وبسرعة قفلت على نفسي ثلاث قفلات وجلست ابكي وخايفة واخذت جوالي وظغت على زر التشغيل ثلاث مرات حق الطوارى هذا انا مسويته بالحقيقة كنت اخاف من ابوي يهجم فجاءة اخواني يتهاوشون حادثة في البيت اهرب واتصل على الشرطة يعني فعشان كذا سويت بالحب فاردت بنت وقلت لها عن الدب وكذا وعرفت انهم وزارة من الوزارات مو الطوارئ انا غلطانة بالرقم💔 فقالت هي بكلهم الحين عطيني معلومات بيتك وقلت لها والدب كنت اسمعه يحوس بالغرف الثانية فجاءة انتشر الخبر عني وصارو يدقون مشاهير ويواسوني من ضمنهم مشهور كلمني وبدا بيواسيني بس انا عصبت عليه مدري ليش وسبيت وسكرت بوجهه مع ان بالحقيقة انا اشوف له مقاطع فيديو واضحك عليها ولا اكرهه بس مدري شصار😂 وبس

Dream date:

4 Dec 2023

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Emotional tone:

Fear and anxiety were experienced as the dreamer was being hunted by a bear.


The intensity of the dream was high due to the urgency of the situation and the danger posed by the bear.


The dream felt realistic due to the vivid details and emotions experienced.


The dream was vivid with clear and detailed imagery, making the experience feel real.


The dream had a coherent storyline, with a clear beginning, middle, and end.


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سارة الحسيني

سارة الحسيني

علم النفس السلوكي ومحامي العافية


Hey Wiam! Thank you for sharing your dream with me. It seems like you were at home alone when your family went out, and suddenly you heard news about a large brown bear attacking people. Feeling alarmed, you went to your neighbors for something and when you returned home, the bear started chasing you. You entered your room, where there was a raised platform with stairs, and you tried to protect yourself by closing the door and locking it with three locks. Feeling scared, you began to cry and pressed the emergency button on your phone multiple times, which you mentioned doing in real life due to fear of your father's sudden aggression. Then, your siblings had a heated argument, causing you to run away and call the police. However, you mistakenly called a ministry instead of emergency services. When you informed a girl about the bear, she said they were from the ministries, not emergency services, and asked for information about your house. You mentioned hearing the bear rummaging through other rooms. Suddenly, news spread about you, and famous people started calling and consoling you. One particular famous person reached out to comfort you, but you got angry and closed off without any apparent reason. The interpretation of your dream suggests that it reflects some underlying fears and anxieties you may be experiencing in your waking life. The bear symbolizes a threatening situation or challenge that you perceive as dangerous and overpowering. It could represent a conflict, an emotional threat, or even a feeling of being overwhelmed by responsibilities. Your attempt to secure yourself in your room with multiple locks indicates your desire for safety and protection from these external pressures. The mistaken call to the ministry instead of emergency services may indicate a sense of confusion or uncertainty in seeking the right support or guidance during difficult times. It's possible that you feel unsure about who to turn to for help or advice in certain situations. The presence of famous people reaching out to console you signifies a desire for recognition, validation, or support from influential figures in your life. Your unexpected anger towards the famous person who tried to console you may suggest some unresolved emotions or hidden resentments that you haven't fully addressed. It's important to reflect on why you reacted that way and explore any underlying feelings of frustration or dissatisfaction that might be influencing your interactions with others. Overall, this dream highlights your need for security, guidance, and emotional support during challenging times. It may be beneficial to seek out trusted individuals in your life who can provide the understanding and assistance you require.

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