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Customer Care - Therapist

Job Description

Have you always been intuitive and gifted in understanding and helping others with their emotions? We are looking for talented and intuitive healers to join our team on an exciting new venture helping individuals dive into the depths of their own mind!



Job type

Flexible hours


About the Company

We are DreamApp, a groundbreaking mental health technology company that helps users find relief from nightmares and unusual dreams by providing dream analysis and interpretation. If you have a history o working in the mental health field, energy work or intuitive connection, then we would love to talk with you!

Statistic First

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Connect with users virtually through text based chat to help them explore their dreams.

  • Help users make connections between their dreams and real life experiences.

  • Find solutions to mental health and dream concerns so users can find peace and confidence.

Statistic First

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Monitor interactions for possible signs of greater mental health concerns and make appropriate referrals.

  • Identify common or recurring dreams to help improve DreamApp services.

  • Work with our Artificial Intelligence team to develop revolutionary machine learning dream interpretations.

Qualifications for the Job:

Must Have

  • Fluent English - American dialect

  • Internet connection (with video and audio communication equipment)

  • Proficient typing skills

  • Empathetic and accepting personality

  • Ability to ask intuitive and open-ended questions to explore user emotions.


  • A background in the Mental Health field

  • A working understanding of dream interpretation


Depending on experience.

Relocation assistance available for those moving to the UK or USA

Flexible hours

Work from Home/Remote

If you're interested in joining our team but have not found an open position – don't hesitate to write us:

Work Purpose

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