Deceased parents

Deceased parents

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💡Possible meaning

This symbolizes the parts of yourself that were developed by your childhood upbringing. These parts can either be positive or negative. In case you have a dream where your parents, who are now alive, appear dead, it signifies that you need to become more independent and self-reliant.

🧭 Direction

Learn from the wisdom or folly of your family and your parents. They had an incredible impact on you that has shaped you into the person you are today. It is also time to become confident and self-reliant in fighting your own battles rather than looking to authority figures to handle your conflicts for you.

❤️ Feelings

The dream about deceased parents can evoke a mix of emotions such as sadness, longing, and nostalgia. It may bring up unresolved grief or a desire for their presence and guidance. This dream can also trigger feelings of love, warmth, and a sense of connection to the past.

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