Black women

Black women


💡Possible meaning

This is a symbol for your shadow feminine, representing the more primal and consuming parts of the feminine archetype. This also suggests that you need to enforce your presence or views in situations that concern you.

🧭 Direction

You are afraid of your shadow feminine nature; you need to explore and embrace this part of yourself. This will allow you to accept yourself and embrace the power within while removing the fear you normally associate with it.

❤️ Feelings

This dream may evoke a mix of emotions such as curiosity, intrigue, and perhaps even a sense of mystery. It could also elicit feelings of empowerment, strength, and resilience. The presence of a black woman in the dream may symbolize the importance of diversity, inclusivity, and the recognition of the unique experiences and perspectives of women of color. Overall, this dream may leave a lasting impression and spark a desire for deeper understanding and appreciation of different cultures and identities.

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